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Author Topic: Coronavirus,uesfull information for fighting Virus [evolving from effected areas  (Read 39820 times)

Offline lancaIV

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I can think,but this is not official representive !  ::)

So I let other speak and write their opinion :

For urgent questions, scientists who have proven themselves in the past should actually be consulted.However, that is exactly where I want to express criticism.

You often take exactly the people who have been wrong in the past and some of whom you also know are interested.At that time, the Robert Koch Institute had a negative impact on swine flu.In other policy areas, such as the pension debate, even highly stressed people who have been proven to have massive mistakes and interests may appear again as so-called experts.Here I almost feel sick when I think of the negative social consequences.Here the cleanliness of the advisory institutions must be checked and taken as a basis for decision-making."Once you lie, you don't believe that," is already known in the vernacular.By this I do not mean mistakes I admit myself.It happens to everyone, but then honestly please.

Da habe ich mir an den Kopf gefasst und mich gefragt: Was ist das nur für ein Unwissender.

Wrong translated !
" I touched my head and asked myself: What kind of ignorant person is that? " 

" I touched my head and asked myself:  what an idiot !"  Unwissender = ( ever : ) Idiot

Speaking as Professor professional about "Lothar Wiehler/RKI " and his professional qualities wer steckt hinter der Seite ?  8)   Prof.Schiller´s team ghostwriter? eine linke "Amigo-AfD-APO"-initiative
                                                                                                                                                                   ( jetzt werden einige nachdenk  ;D  lich )

Offline verpies

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Offline onepower

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Statistics are wonderful... so long as only the bad ones happen to someone else.

Thus many have this strange belief that only good statistics would happen to them and bad ones only to others. As they say, the chances of dying in a commercial jet are a million to one but there one in one if your on that one in a million jet. I think statistics are misguided in a sense because most do not encompass enough variables which change the odds exponentially one way or another. Like in nature one small deviation can snowball producing a chain reaction of events most never even considered.

Most do not like to talk about these things because there ego must try to remain in control to satisfy there false sense of security in a world which was always out of control. There be a shit storm on the horizon ladies... you best buckle up.

Offline lancaIV

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statistics is : to make things/casualities transparent

Georges-Louis Leclerc  Comte de Buffon + Sir Francis Galton works

 + Monte Carlo operation             :

Roulette (developped by Duque de Laplace, 1. Lottery,ABSOLUTISM )

"break the bank" : 18 pair /0/18 impair = 37 cases

Invest- risc/lost-budget

1 trial :          10 units stake pair  win or lost ?                     win =20-10= +10                                     lost= budget -10

if lost 2.trial : 20 units stake pair  win or lost                       win=40-10 1 trial - 10 2 trial = 20              lost= budget -20


After each win beginning new "lowest risk cycle"

stake limit ?

Offline Raycathode

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Still you can't take life too seriously since no one ever gets out alive.

Any way Verpies know any one who knows the viruses resonant frequency
we could localy kill it and spoil things.

Offline verpies

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Any way Verpies know any one who knows the viruses resonant frequency
I do not know it, but it would have to be pretty high because the virus has a very small mass and size (100nm).  A quick calculation tells us, that in order to get the 100nm wavelength in water, you need a 15MHz vibration.

On a related note, recently I got my tooth infected (most likely by bacteria) but all the dentists are closed nowadays.  Arrrggghhh!
I tried tetracycline and azithromycin, that I had obtained for the pandemic, but with no relief from the pain.

Out of desperation I programmed my frequency generator to do a slow FM sweep from 20kHz to 3.5MHz connected to a wideband 1W ultrasonic transducer through my HV amplifier and stuck it in my mouth filled with water.  It helped quite quickly!

I'd like to note, that I skipped the frequencies, which were causing me pain during the FM sweep.  These probably were the frequencies, which evoked some mechanical resonances of my teeth, inner ear and other anatomical structures.  These are painful and probably do more harm than good (they are very individual, too).

I do not know which frequency exactly was effective because I tried almost all that my transducer was capable of.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For those that do not have programmable signal generators, HV amps and wideband transducers, I suggest just buying an ultrasonic toothbrush, filling your mouth with water and vibrating away...  maybe you'll get lucky.

Offline verpies

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This is a must see for all scientists here:

Offline onepower

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Any way Verpies know any one who knows the viruses resonant frequency
we could localy kill it and spoil things.

I did a great deal of research on the Rife technology years ago and always wanted to try to replicate some of his work. Based on what I know now I think he was credible and was decades ahead of his time. However there is a trillion dollar industry that hopes his work will never see the light of day.

Offline lancaIV

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  RNA : positive polarisation
Probably a help : Roger D. Komberg and Patrick Cramer work

Ionophorese Kazumi Masaki ( r.i.p.) low-frequency electrotherapeutic device US5133351

hydrotherapy body internal metabolism physiotherapy
Self medication is here a great health risc,hidden pneumonie and with lung function capacity losts  !
 Tip : read about pneumonia

Offline lancaIV

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Questionable !?

How much time invest to think about it ? How would I-he/she/it decide/-s ?!

Am I relevant : for my/their life /                    for my/their system ?

Global ethics teste with/-out individual/common approbation solution ! I from myself ? You from yourself ? I from my goods/bads ?   You from your goods/bads ?

One advantage from this " artificial panic pandemia ":we see the physical change from the society work process architecture and methods
Something planned for the next 2 decades accelerated or compressed in 2 weeks : ZEITRAFFER

Living by sociology standarts/class-category: with consumption quarantaene and without

minimum-optimum : existentiel

medium : culture ( " belt ", indication/signal for social class membership/participation )

pessimum-maximum :luxus ( from the name : Lucullus)

1 life on 1 planet

We know that the expression " Heroes( pl./male) and Heroines(pl./female)is today cheap,experienced by each fly when -  for their common work minimum - pilotes get applause

Commercial flying is not an "Himmelfahrtskommando" !
I do not applause the driver/pilot after using public trains or busses or taxis  ! ;)   

By the entrance/exit in future an "hat": for drop in a " bakschisch" ? ;D and "pilot" thanking : "Vergelts Gott !"

But : these actual "Hero and Heroina"- service professions are morbide professions : ROBOTICS  !
Hospitals,supermarkets,parliaments,gouvernments,churches,......... !

Daddy at home after dinner : And now the hat onto the middle of the table : I bought the "alimentation" !
         Dear family,show me the -my- compensation value !

Mother : " I cooked and served this alimentation !" and put her hat onto the middle !My compensation value ?

The grands,the childs ,.....

The Queen of Saaba her dilemma [Nathan ( or was it Salomon )drastic  solution] and Thomas de Aquino "fair recompensation"?

We are actually in an undefined mental war-situation with multiple "shoa(jewish in latin letters) ~ destruction(latin/english)" potentials !
The "virus" and the epidemy( WHO meaning pandemy) is one problem,but we have hundreds and more other problems in our little world

Wieviele Senioren "hungern",obwohl fuer diese die Rente ausreicht,die Seniorengesellschaft in Spanien und Italien ,als Beispiel,welche ihe Kinder/Enkel finanziell unterstuetzt,weil es der Staat - das Budget- nicht tut !

Studienzeit finanziert,oder dass das fehlende Einkommen der Empfaenger  kurz-/mittel-fristig etwas angehoben wird,auf Ueberlebens-/Existenz-Niveau : Papier-"Armuts-Grenze" !
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Offline lancaIV

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Is the Corona-"pandemie" dangerous ? Yes,like all virus-infections with bacteriologic "cooperation" means superinfection with pneumonia risc also known like SIRS or SARS

But,for statistical numbers understanding here as example , as base the actuall austrian flu virus season observation :

for calendar weeks 40 (2019) to calendar week 11 (2020)

for some counties the flu quasi inexistent :

fast infection registration numbers

now the actual spanish Corona-virus infection numbers per province :

for age class infection rate and mortality

from 0 age up to 59 years
9891 infection with 37 death cases

from 60 age to 79 years
6048 infections and 227 death cases

over 80
3020 infection cases and 541 death cases

what does me wondering : the low lethality quote

but going back to "spanish flu 1918/1919"

Effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions (NPI)

At this point, the currently practiced and contemplated measures of "social distancing" are to be discussed, ie state interventions from the closure of educational institutions to a complete curfew.

The different reactions of American cities to the 1918 influenza pandemic are cited as a historical example of the effectiveness of NPI. While in St. Louis three days after the first cases of influenza occurred, drastic measures were already taken to curb the spread (closure of schools, churches, theaters, bars, cancellation of public events, etc.), a large one continued in Philadelphia after the outbreak City parade carried out and effective containment measures only implemented two weeks later [13]. The consequences were dramatic: the death rate in St. Louis peaked at 31 / 100,000, while in Philadelphia it rose to 257 / 100,000, resulting in a collapse in health care. The total number of deaths with 347 / 100,000 inhabitants in St. Louis was about half of Philadelphia (719 / 100,000 inhabitants) [13]. It is completely unclear whether the experiences from the 1918/19 influenza pandemic can be transferred to COVID-19. The fact that at that time mainly young people were affected with regard to the deaths and that neither hygiene standards nor medical care in 1918/19 are comparable to today speaks more against transferability.

                                                     much but not a virologic genozid

Surprising does me the statistical statement ; flu was mainly to find between 20-40 years age class
compared to geral life expectance 1918/1919 f.e. Espanha

                                                    +-  3000/100000 inhabitants geral mortal rate per annum 1900-1920 Spain/Espanha

organ " lung" ( with pneumonie risc ) as microbiom :
« Last Edit: March 28, 2020, 11:25:53 PM by lancaIV »

Offline lancaIV

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+++ 16:50 Fauci: "Bis zu 200.000 Tote in den USA denkbar" +++"Millionen von Amerikanern werden mit dem Coronavirus infiziert werden und 100.000 bis 200.000 werden sterben." Diese Prognose stammt von Anthony Fauci, dem führenden Infektionsexperten der US-Regierung. Der Direktor des Nationalen Instituts für Allergien und Infektionskrankheiten (NIAID) trat am Sonntag in der CNN-Sendung "State of the Union" auf. Fauci, der der Corona-Taskforce des Weißen Hauses angehört, erklärte weiter, dass derzeit etwa 56 Prozent aller Neuinfektionen des Landes aus dem Gebiet von New York City kommen. Dennoch habe die Taskforce US-Präsident Trump geraten, keine Quarantäne für New York auszusprechen. Zwar wolle niemand, "dass Menschen aus diesem Gebiet in andere Gebiete des Landes reisen und unbeabsichtigt andere Personen infizieren", sagte Fauci. "Wir sind aber der Meinung, dass dies besser durch eine Beratung als durch eine sehr strenge Quarantäne erreicht werden kann". Der Präsident habe dieser Auffassung zugestimmt. In den USA gibt es zur Stunde etwa 125.000 Infektionen und 2.200 Todesfälle.

+++ 16:50 Fauci: "Up to 200,000 dead in the United States conceivable" +++"Millions of Americans will be infected with the corona virus and 100,000 to 200,000 will die." This forecast comes from Anthony Fauci, the United States government's leading infection expert. The director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) appeared on the CNN program "State of the Union" on Sunday. Fauci, a member of the White House Corona Task Force, said that about 56 percent of all new infections in the country currently come from the New York City area. However, the task force advised US President Trump not to issue a quarantine for New York. Nobody wants "that people from this area travel to other areas of the country and accidentally infect other people," said Fauci. "However, we believe that this can be achieved better through advice than through a very strict quarantine". The President agreed with this view. There are approximately 125,000 infections and 2,200 deaths per hour in the United States.

by officially 330 mio (in)habitants in the U.S.A.  this epidemiologic/pandemiologic preview  means 100 000 to 200 000 / 330 000 000 ratio

                                                                                  30/100000 to 60/100000

  What does this means ? geral life expectance from US citizen does not change more than 1 month  !                                                         

100 000 representing 1 average life = +- 79 years(male and female)

- 30/ up to 60/100000 as partial life diminuation risc less

- geral death cases age class diminuation risc ( drugs,weapon,health service,traffic,...)

when 100 000 =  79    years

then    10 000 =   7,9  years

then       1000 =   0,8  years  or 9,5 months

then         100 =  0,08 years or  1 month

then           60

or              30


So instead 79 years geral life expectancy there will be a diminuation statistical to 78,9 years in average

Offline ramset

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Lanca quote .There are approximately 125,000 infections and 2,200 deaths per hour in the United States.end quote
2200 total deaths not per hour [as of this writing