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Gravity powered devices

[-] Gravity powered devices

Solid States Devices

[-] solid state devices

[-] Free Energy Generator DZ Generator by Pierre Cotnoir

[-] Graham Gunderson Magnetic Implosion Transformer

[-] Resonance Circuits and Systems

[-] Kapanadze devices and replications

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[-] Joule Thief

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Magnetic energy devices

[-] Holcomb Energy System

2nd "law" violations

[-] Heat to electric energy conversion

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New theories about free energy systems

[-] Theory of overunity and free energy

[-] Dense aether model and scalar wave physics

[-] Understanding OverUnity

[-] The Aether

[-] The theory of energy streams

New Battery systems

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[-] Zinc Air batteries

[-] Saltwater cells

[-] Magnesium alloy batteries

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Hydrogen energy

[-] Water arc energy systems

[-] Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation

[-] Cooking and heating with HHO

[-] Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline

Electric vehicles

[-] Electric bikes

[-] Electric cars

[-] Electric boats and ships

Conventional alternative energy systems

[-] Biogas systems based on Methane production

[-] energy systems based on alcohol

[-] energy systems based on Woodgas systems

[-] energy systems based on corn burning

[-] energy systems based on plant oil

[-] energy and nutrition from algae

[-] Magnegas, Aquafuel, Bingofuel systems

[-] energy and fuel saver

[-] clean fossil fuel energy systems

[-] All other conventional alternative energy creation systems

Solar energy

[-] solar systems homemade and commercial

[-] solar cooling

Wind energy

[-] Wind energy generators

Water wave energy usage

[-] Wave (from the beach) energy


[-] Lifters

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UFO technology and sightings

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[-] Colloidal Silver Water

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