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Author Topic: Coronavirus,uesfull information for fighting Virus [evolving from effected areas  (Read 42249 times)

Offline MasterPlaster

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Covid 19 does any one know it's resonant frequency  or how we can actuly find out  or a connection that does ?
Have you heard of Rife frequencies?I use a device called Spooky2.

 The frequencies are there.

Offline lancaIV

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What about Lauric acid?  (coconut oil)
We use coconut oil for cooking in our house.   So far  I have not got any serious viral disease and I have not gone to doctor since last forty years.

I am not virologist ! And I am not part from the health administration ! I work based by numbers and facts and analyse the momentum !

You can ever do things what and which seems normal,but our ambient is sometimes "unfriendly" !

Getting the Corona-virus means not much,but in co-operation with MRSA (Staphylokokke/coccus aureus) and other bacillus you are in danger from the denominated "Superinfection" !

I remember me  the civil service time when I brought the blood probes from the hospital bed rooms to the hospital lab in the hospital subcave(KKH Dachau) ,where these were tested about staphylokokken and streptokokken numbers, not the fund but the fund quantity decides about inflammation and risc rate !

Studying the "human tests included survey" from concentration camps and military lazaretts ,also Robert Koch and Josef Mengele their work and input( both included national "VOLKSHYGIENE" rassism viewpoint) made part.

Offline lancaIV

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A research group of the pharmaceutical company Pliva in Zagreb in the former Yugoslavia around Slobodan Dokić, Gabrijela Kobrehel, Gorjana Radobolja-Lazarevski and Zrinka Tamburašev discovered azithromycin in 1979/1980.It was patented in 1981 and was available as Sumamed in the area of ​​Central Eastern Socialist Europe from 1988.As early as 1986, a contract was signed with Pfizer , which enabled it to launch in 1991 in Western Europe and outside Europe under the trade name Zithromax .

Azithromycin wirkt etwas schlechter gegen grampositive, aber etwas besser gegen gramnegative Bakterien als andere Makrolide

Azithromycin works a little worse against gram-positive, but a little better against gram-negative bacteria than other macrolides

So each SIRS case from the SARS-Covid 19 infection then in combination with Cocci/Kokken has to become analyzed

 up to final

Up today not  interestant for the society ,partially administrative "tabu" (financial responsibility   hygiene costs), this behaviour saved by ultra-low obduction/autopsy rate and real death cause survey  !

MRSA-/ and other Superinfection deaths per annum in hospitals and old people´s home  : 33000 ? 66000 ? 99000 ?           IMPORTANT ? RESPONSIBILITY ?

From pneumonia to sepsis

It is estimated that over 2.5 million patients in Europe are newly infected with hospital germs every year. Benedikt Zacher from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin and his colleagues are now presenting new figures for Germany: how common are infections we have acquired in hospitals - and how serious are the consequences for those affected?
To find out, the scientists evaluated data from a survey by the National Reference Center on the occurrence of hospital infections.
 They focused on five common diseases that together make up almost 80 percent of infections acquired in hospitals: pneumonia, urinary tract infections, wound infections, Clostridium difficile infections and bloodstream infections. REAL ?

                                                  Which EXZESSFAKTOR the RKI use in this case ?

                                                                   death with/out  autopsy case  :  15 x , 25 x, .........


                                                                       EXZESSFAKTOR : Jesus fish-factor       Virology : teleology ( less theology) without real facts

Or see we now the first global multi-resistance superinfection-pandemie ?

With great numbers cause we live in a > 7 500 000 000 habitants world where 1 per mille = > 7 500 000 habitants

It is estimated that over 2.5 million patients in Europe are newly infected with hospital germs every year.

                                                      25 000 000 in 10 years as ( Corona et cet. )-virus bacillus-cluster for SIRS and SARS only in Europe

          THINK ( not ever to becoming) POSITIVE  8) ::) ;) :)


btw: my mother got 2007 in hospital MRSA-"injection" and infection (back surgery/intervertebral discs operation) ,they are calling here these bacills "bichos"

She over-lives my father,died 2013

In german wishing "Hals-und Beinbruch ! Dabei: Kopfhoch ! Und wehe danach "nur an Krankenhaus zu denken ! " ;D  SIECHEN=Seuchen-Haus alias Bichos-Bordell

                                         Are we not all positive ?  # international positive-me too-movement

Offline lancaIV

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Ihr macht Euch Sorgen um die Alten ?!
Stationsarbeit in den 80':
Nein,dem knapp 80 Jahre altem Patienten darf keine Fluessigkeit ausser der aerztlich verordneten Menge zugeteilt werden !
Von niemanden ! Der Arzt verantwortet 100% fuer dessen Handeln !( Klar,theoretisch ! Eine Kraehe hackt .....)

Die nette Verwandtschaft des Patienten brachte Fluesiges mit und " (ver-)steckte" diese in dessen Obhut !
Nette freundliche Geste ,rechtlich mit " vorsaetzlichem Totschlag"- Hintergedanken !?
Erbvermoegen ?
Sorgen,dass diese zu alt werden vermoegen = lange Wartezeit auf Haus/Hof/Gesinde  ?

Die hohen Altersheimkosten schnellstmoeglichst verringern ?Hohe Operationskosten fuer Hueftbrueche et cer.. ,dann aber bitte die anderen zahlen/verrechnen lassen !?
Individuelle Sozialkosten mit Erbvermoegen 100% begleichen !

3000 und mehr Euros pro Monat Altenheimplaetze,200 und mehr Euros nur die Vollpension-Krankenhaus-Kosten pro Tag !
Eine offene Buchfuehrung damit jeder sieht was er wirklich leistet und was dieser wirklich kostet,gestern-heute-morgen !

Offline lancaIV

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The prognosis of pneumonia depends on various factors. Which pathogen is the causative agent, what the patient's immune system is like, and whether the right therapy has been selected is of crucial importance, for example.

People in old age or with pre-existing diseases such as of the heart or lungs generally have a less favorable prognosis than young or healthy patients.

Pneumonia in patients without risk factors can be treated on an outpatient basis, they have a favorable prognosis. The mortality rate here is less than 2%.

If in patient therapy becomes necessary, the mortality rate is given as 2 to 10%. The information is subject to considerable fluctuations, since hospital admissions are often associated with serious previous illnesses or advanced age, which in itself leads to increased mortality. It is interesting to note that the mortality rate for inpatient pneumococcal pneumonia is particularly high and is still 20% today.

In severe forms of pneumonia, which must always be treated in hospital, about 20 to 50% of all patients die.

So we can expect by SIRS and SARS ever 2-50% mortality rate by experience,from 100 cases survives from this incident 50 up to 98 patients

By agekohorte over 50 years more in the 50/50 chance/risc ratio

Overall, it is assumed that around 40,000 to 50,000 deaths are caused by severe pneumonia in Germany every year. In severe flu times, the number of pneumonia increases. As a result of flu (influenza), pneumonia can develop, especially in patients who are weakened in the immune system.

from 930 000 geral mortals per year = for 2 months                                                                    155 000 geral death number

For 2 months : Februar,Maerz  this means :                                                                                +- 4000 pneumonia deaths   -        71 infected SARS-Corona pneumonia deathcases

Seit Oktober 2019 = +- 26 observation Wochen/weeks = 285 deaths /3 =                                   -          95 infected influenza-pneumonia death cases     


                              In Germany                                                                                               >  3800 undefined pneumonia death cases each 2 months         

 from up to 155 000 - ( 18000 autopsy cases  / 12 )x2 months                                                    152 000 undefined death cases

                                                                    worthless paper for epidemologic and virologic studies


                                            Ehre wem Ehre gebuehrt                                                   Schande wem Schande gebuehrt

Wissenschaftler arbeiten an Universalimpfstoff Da sich der Erreger bei der Entwicklung der Impfstoffe weiter verändert, war auch der Impfstoff in den letzten Jahren nicht immer optimal. „In den vergangenen zehn Jahren lagen die WHO-Empfehlungen in mindestens drei Jahren komplett falsch“, sagte Welte.

Scientists are working on universal vaccine
As the pathogen continues to change in the development of vaccines, the vaccine has not always been optimal in recent years. "In the past ten years, the WHO recommendations have been completely wrong in at least three years," said Welte.

                                                                          In-/Kompetenz ! ?


Offline ramset

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On Radio here NYC USA they are saying  Birth -5 years old vulnerable [seeing cases extra needs for survival 5-12 years not so much
over 12 years...again potential issues /treatments for survival ??
will try to get more info

Offline lancaIV

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Will the social change (stress) have a psychological change over the next generations ,Genom-change ?

Bataclan/Paris -attack + visitors :  posttraumatische Streß-Syndrom" oder funktionelle somatoforme Störungen : "guppies"- fear study  : black(safety)-white( spot) generation next-effect

                                                  post-traumatic stress syndrome "or functional somatoform disorders

Is remembering more than only mental,the moment/the act  becoming positive or negative instinct behaviour ?

For us healthy people the safe production and delivery from essential goods and the buyability ( financial reserve) over the next weeks,months,semesters will be important ,

up to the time when the "surprise and impossible" moment will becoming normal and acceptable !

Who never had real body/mind/soul experience with political revolution,disemployment,bancrupcy will be impressed about the now following eco-political acts reaction !

#28 :

patent citation : Chiron Corporation  Vironovative B.V.      Norwex Holding As            Vanderbilt University       Institute For Animal Health          and sino institutions

more than 17 years re-/search

what happens after the Corona-virus quantity entree sufficient for a body infection process ( healthy I.D.S.) : possible 3 phases

Test-kit result : A.         a typical Corona-virus

While the flu is caused by influenza viruses, more than 200 different pathogens - mostly so-called corona viruses, adeno viruses or rhino viruses - can be responsible for a common cold. Since colds and influenza are caused by different pathogens, a flu vaccination does not help against colds. Vaccination against these banal cold infections is also not available due to the large number of viruses and their relative harmlessness.

                       According to the Robert Koch Institute, corona viruses have been known to cause various diseases in humans and animals since the mid-1960s. In addition to simple colds, this also includes infections with a dangerous to fatal course of the disease, for example severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

                      B.        atypical SARS1-Corona-virus       discovered by the italian medical Carlo Urbani in Vietnam

         from 2003

                     C.       atypical SARS2- new Corona-virus

Importance in the medical routine

The neutralization test is a very complex and lengthy process, since devices are required for a cell culture and the test usually takes several days.

 Cell cultures require a much greater amount of work and experience for daily laboratory work than the use of pre-made test kits.

However, the specificity of the NT reaction is not achieved by any automated immunoassay, which is why the NT is often used as a reference test for quality control.

 There is no alternative to the neutralization test when looking for neutralizing antibodies.

how many deaths shows

Serologische Reihenuntersuchungen haben bestätigt, dass Pneumocystis weltweit verbreitet ist. Bereits im Kindesalter liegt der Durchseuchungsgrad bei > 60 %. Die Übertragung erfolgt aerogen und verursacht im Erkrankungsfall überwiegend Pneumonien. Es kommen aber auch extrapulmonale Verlaufsformen vor. Das Vorhandensein von Pneumocystis führt bei Gesunden i.d.R. jedoch nicht zu einer Erkrankung.

akutes Krankheitsbild

fast and fury                                                       eine atypische A.I.D.S.-2.0 Welle

                                        What is all "Corona": from harmless to harmfull

Coronaviridae family
Subfamily LetovirinaeGenus Alphaletovirus
Subgenus MilecovirusSpecies Microhyla letovirus 1 (MLeV-1) (*)
Subfamily Orthocoronavirinae (formerly Coronavirinae )Genus Alphacoronavirus
Subgenus ColacovirusBat coronavirus species CDPHE15
Subgenus DecacovirusRhinolophus ferrumequinum alphacoronavirus species HuB-2013
Subgenus Duvinacovirus
Species Human Coronavirus 229E (eng. Human coronavirus 229E , HCoV-229E)
Subgenus Luchacovirus
Species Lucheng Rn rat coronavirus
Subgenus MinacovirusFerret
coronavirus species
Species Mink coronavirus 1
Subgenus Minunacovirus
Species Miniopterus bat coronavirus 1
Species Miniopterus bat coronavirus HKU8
Subgenus Myotacovirus
Species Myotis ricketti alphacoronavirus Sax-2011
Species Nyctalus velutinus alphacoronavirus SC-2013
Subgenus PedacovirusPorcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV)
Species Scotophilus bat coronavirus 512
Subgenus RhinacovirusRhinolophus bat coronavirus HKU2
Subspecies Swine Acute Diarrhea Syndrome Coronavirus (SADS-CoV), pathogen of SADS[14]
Subgenus Setracovirus
Species Human coronavirus NL63 (HCov-NL63)
Species NL63-related bat coronavirus strain BtKYNL63-9b
Subgenus Tegacovirus
Species Alphacoronavirus 1 (*)
Subspecies Canines Coronavirus (Eng. Canine coronavirus , CCoV)
Subspecies Feline Coronavirus (Eng. Feline coronavirus , FCoV)
Subspecies Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV)Genus Betacoronavirus
Subgenus Embecovirus
Species beta corona virus 1
Subspecies Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV)
Subspecies Equine Coronavirus (ECoV-NC99)
Subspecies Human Coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
Subspecies Porcine Hemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus (HEV)
Subspecies Puffinosis Coronavirus(PCoV) - in Black-billed Shearwater ( Puffinus puffinus )
Subspecies Human Enteric Coronavirus (HECoV) [15]
Species China Rattus coronavirus HKU24Human coronavirus
species HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1
Species Murine coronavirus (*)
Subspecies Murine Hepatitis Virus (Eng. Mouse hepatitis virus , MHV)
Subspecies Rat Coronavirus (RtCoV)
Subgenus hibecovirus
Species Bat Hp betacoronavirus Zhejiang2013
Subgenus Merbecovirus
Species Hedgehog coronavirus 1
Species MERS coronavirus (Eng. Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus , MERS-CoV)
Species Pipistrellus bat coronavirus HKU5
Species Tylonycteris bat coronavirus HKU4
Subgenus NobecovirusRousettus bat coronavirus GCCDC1 species
Species Rousettus bat coronavirus HKU9
Subgenus sarbecovirus

TEM image of virions of the SARS-CoV-2
Species SARS-associated coronavirus ( Eng.Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus , SARS-CoV)SARS-CoV-1 , pathogen of SARS [4]SARS-CoV-2 (obsolete 2019-novel Coronavirus , 2019-nCoV or Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus ), pathogen of COVID-19

Genus Gammacoronavirus
Subgenus cegacovirusSpecies Beluga whale coronavirus SW1
Subgenus IgacovirusAvian coronavirus species (Eng. Avian coronavirus )
Subspecies Turkey Coronavirus (TCoV)
Subspecies Pheasant Coronavirus (PhCoV)
Subspecies Infectious Bronchitis Virus[/color] (IBV), causative agent of infectious bronchitis
Genus Delta Corona Virus
Subgenus Andecovirus
Species Wigeon coronavirus HKU20
Subgenus Buldecovirus
Species Bulbul coronavirus HKU11 (BuCoV HKU11) (*)
Species corona virus HKU15
Species bronze male coronavirus HKU13 (Eng. Munia coronavirus HKU13 , MunCoV HKU13)
Species white-eye coronavirus HKU16
Species thrush coronavirus HKU12 (Eng. Thrush coronavirus HKU12 , ThCoV HKU12)
Subgenus HerdecovirusSpecies Night heron coronavirus HKU19
Subgenus MoordecovirusSpecies common moorhen coronavirus HKU21

The Torovirinae (genus Torovirus ) subfamily that was formerly part of the Coronaviridae is now assigned to the Tobaniviridae family.
The genus Bafinivirus , which was formerly placed in this subfamily ( Torovirinae ) within the Coronaviridae , is now assigned to the Tobaniviridae family, subfamily Piscanivirinae .

                             easy knowledge  ::)

What do the hospital teste-kits in Italy,Spain and other countries detecting ?

 Really harmpotential "SARS-2 Corona stam"  + MRSA bacillus                or           only conventional  harmless Corona-virus+ MRSA bacillus ? Do they MRSA search ?

The profile :

The presence of 2019-nCoV in respiratory specimens was detected by next-generation sequencing or real-time RT-PCR methods. The primers and probe target to envelope gene of CoV were used and the sequences were as follows:


Labor personal and equipment quality ?  " .....    require a much greater amount of work and experience for daily laboratory work ....."

The neutralization test is a very complex and lengthy process, since devices are required for a cell culture and the test usually takes several days.

 Vertrauen kann gut sein,permanente Kontrolle ist immer besser !
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Offline ramset

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Member Duncan shared this
Waiting for source info
as mentioned already a French study showed 100% result with malaria med hydroxichloroquine [rheumatoid arthritis med too]
and Azithromicine [antibiotic'any formal review info and source would be great [still waiting.....and hoping

Offline lancaIV

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PCR-positive :

we can estimate over 10% of the population as stronger SIRS/SARS/AIDS risc-group for a-/typical pneumonia :

But we also know that in the actual Corona(=Crown)-virus-epi-/pan-demie the mostly deaths =70% are male !

This is for these related age-class normal !

 pneumonie deaths ,multiple causality , actually in media specified/concentrated as SIRS/SARS

                         Now about real life :

There are no precise statistics on pneumonia as the cause of death.
Because doctors often write down a cardiac arrest on the death certificate when they are called to a deceased, especially in the elderly.
"Heart bias" is what Tobias Welte calls.

The actual cause of death is rarely recorded.
It is easier and less expensive to write down “cardiac arrest” on the death certificate than to look for pneumonia with the help of a precise histological examination.

Simple,easy solution  ::)  and cheap  :)

When pneumonia is mentioned, it generally means inflammation of the lungs caused by pathogens, i.e. infectious. Over 90 percent of cases are caused by bacteria, the remaining 10 percent are caused by viruses or - in the case of immunocompromised - fungi. An inflammatory reaction of the lung tissue can also be triggered by physical or chemical triggers. Examples are budgerigar or humidifier secretions and various medications. The term pneumonitis is also common for these non-infectious forms of pneumonia.

In 2014, a large FS documentary by the NDR showed that 20,000 people die of the flu in Germany every year. This factual statement has been repeated several times. On Austrian television (3sat), it was learned at the same time that 30 to 70 people had to be vaccinated against flu (aka influenza) so that one (!) Only (!) Infection was prevented. But 20,000 dead ?! Who determined that?
The above article tells us that there are actually only 5,000 to 8,000 dead. And that there was only one complaint, namely in the 2012/13 season so many, namely 20,000 dead.

 The experts at the AG Influenza and the Robert Koch Institute, however, kindly tell us how many people have actually died empirically from influenza. "Laboratory-confirmed deaths" from influenza in the years 2010 to 2013: 26 to 198 per season. . .

So we see an EXZESSFACTOR 100  (= 20000 /198 )  and not only EXZESSFACTOR 15 ,peak and average EXZESSFACTOR probably

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Offline T-1000

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Hi all,

As everyone are made aware of current situation and many are panicking due unknowns it is probably best time to reveal suppressed technologies.

Apart from traditional medicine which do not cure infection cause and only is using pharmacy to ease symptoms (with poisonous all side effects) there is another method which can be used to cure cause of diseases, bacteria, viruses and such. The method is called frequency healing which is targeting causing viruses, bacteria and infected cells and shattering them by the means of resonance.

Please see for things in action.

If that raised up your curiosity there is much more to see for self-education. Like the articles:

For sceptics - all that need to be applied inside bio laboratories hands-on from your infected samples to see live action.

And for people who have Tesla coils and know how to make modulation on it - you need 3 things integrated in order to affect biology:

1) The scalar field for directly interface with DNA.
2) The frequency modulated electric field (or any other equivalent field which penetrates body).
3) The correct targeted frequency for shattering Coronavirus and COVID-19 cells.

The frequencies to test on virus:

Coronavirus_SARS - 9918, 9740, 4959, 4870, 2479.5, 2435, 1394.7, 1369.6, 1239.7, 1217.5, 774.8, 760.9, 619.9, 608.7, 464.9, 456.5, 309.9, 304.4, 155, 152.2 and around in frequency ranges for mutations. The source for frequencies is from
CAFL - The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List

The carrier frequency is on 11th higher harmonics from targeted frequency starting from 1MHz.

Thanks to Rife in last century who had lifelong dedication to this research and was suppressed, jailed and robbed and died on 1971 -
Like Tesla and his vision on free energy for everyone on planet, the similar story..

Hopefully this message is useful.


Offline lancaIV

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not the actual Corona-virus is the base problem but the strong cases of infected people : superinfection
geral given as disease name Covid-19

The virus has his "Eigen"- Schwingung/vibration and by superinfection the bacilles and/ or fungi ,too  !
Only treating the " new Corona"-virus it is like to kill/neutralize of an enemy their cavallery the horses but not the armed rider !

# 38 : Rife or Clarke therapy for #52 : all the different superinfection variations = frequency cocktail

a great tool for fast diagnostical infection( or Corona virus presence)  detection success but not a medical/therapeutic solution

The algorithm was developed by Alibaba's Damo Academy research institute.Scientists have confirmed the AI ​​with data from over 5,000 confirmed cases
The system recognizes the difference between infections with the new SARS Cov-2 virus and normal viral pneumonia with a certainty of 96%.
The algorithm is up-to-date with the latest scientific findings on the virus.

By this numbers :

When pneumonia is mentioned, it generally means inflammation of the lungs caused by pathogens, i.e. infectious. Over 90 percent of cases are caused by bacteria, the remaining 10 percent are caused by viruses or - in the case of immunocompromised - fungi. An inflammatory reaction of the lung tissue can also be triggered by physical or chemical triggers. Examples are budgerigar or humidifier secretions and various medications. The term pneumonitis is also common for these non-infectious forms of pneumonia.

we get now by KI up to 96% from 10% viral pneumonia

when and how the other  >90% cases will become detectable ?

Society 4.0

With detection AI, almost all deaths can be autopsied in the future.
If the cause of death proves to be due to a lack of hospital hygiene or medical treatment errors, then this branch will be confronted with horrendous claims for damages and sharply increasing insurance risk premiums in the future!

Has been observed in the U.S. for a long time:
Loss or return of the license to practice medicine
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Offline lancaIV

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Wuhan SARS2-Corona virus wave mortality rate < crude mortality rate

Die Hype-Party is´ nun tot,mause-tot !

Sehr viel Daten-Material abzuarbeiten,aus Politik-/Kultur-Bereich,aus zwei Wochen prae/poste Corona-Schock actio/reactio


Renowned statistics expert John Ioannidis has just publicly complained that the current pandemic lacks reliable data. This applies to the information on how many people are infected and sick in which country. Estimates fluctuate whether the official figures are too low by a factor of 3 or by a factor of 300. Lethality is still not secured enough to make projections. Such uncertainties also apply to many therapy recommendations. These are bad times for evidence-based medicine, i.e. the diagnostic and therapeutic approach based on the best scientific studies and criteria. Virologists and other experts are currently only driving on sight. In view of the new type of challenge, they cannot do anything else.

Up to EXZESSFACTOR 300  ::)

Are Virologists and Epidemologists getting salaries for such a  :P  n exzellent work result ?
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Offline lancaIV

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against coccal/fungal superinfection there is a vaccina production capacity limit

The problem is: SARS-CoV-2 has developed into a pandemic, there is no possibility of importing pneumococcal vaccine. MSD explains: "We are currently experiencing an increased need for Pneumovax® 23 worldwide. That is why we cannot switch stocks between countries." Even simply reproducing vaccines does not work adhoc.
Because the production of vaccines as a biotechnological process is complex and can take up to 36 months. MSD wants "to put all available cans of Pneumovax® 23 on the market immediately".
Efforts are being made “to accelerate the next deliveries to ensure continuous availability,” MSD told

So the high risc group ( over 65 years ) will stay in isolation/quarantaene for a longer time

diabetes group ?

in emergency case :


Because very little is tested in many countries, only the average age of the demonstrably infected is known.
But there are likely to be many younger people who have also had the virus and have had no or only mild symptoms.
Among the demonstrably infected, the average age in Italy is much higher than in other countries, including Germany.
"Average age of corona cases in Germany: 45 years, Italy: 63 years," tweeted the German population researcher Andreas Backhaus earlier this week.

On the online platform Medium, he compares South Korea and Italy on key dates on which both had about the same number of cases.
In South Korea, just under 9 percent of the confirmed infections were over 70, in Italy more than 40 percent.

                                    Clearly that the average mortality rate is not with 40/9 between Italy/Southkorea to compare = >4 times

 but by each national age-factor (> 70 years risc as part from average 75 years life expectance)
and  each national sexus-factor: 70% male ,the average male life expectance up to 3 years lower than female

                                          but by statistics 40/9 quantitative x criteria= up to 200/9 = more than 20 times higher qualitative

                                                     ( and China )

The infection is rather easy for younger people.
 The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) only names the age group from 60, not from 70 years.Even there the proportion in Germany is clearly below the Italian values:
 At the beginning of the week 19 percent of the demonstrably infected in Germany were over 60, more than half were between 35 and 59.
 Especially with regard to Italy it is important to emphasize: It is about proven cases.

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Just to my neighbor (from across the street). I trust this guy, a good man also well educated.

One of his oldest friends (a doctor in NY city) Sent him an email.  My nieghbor read it to me off his phone (I asked him to). 

This virus is deadly, very difficult to stop, and highly contagious.
Over 200 patient deaths in one week, expected to increase dramically. 
His own immediated superior dead, other staff as well.
Supply shortages of every sort. 

                                   Please take this very seriously folks.