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Author Topic: Coronavirus,uesfull information for fighting Virus [evolving from effected areas  (Read 39744 times)

Offline verpies

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These are the optimistic death projections in USA:

2020-03-25         771
2020-03-26         886
2020-03-27         1019
2020-03-28         1172
2020-03-29         1348
2020-03-30         1550
2020-03-31         1782
2020-04-01         2050
2020-04-02         2357
2020-04-03         2711
2020-04-04         3117
2020-04-05         3585
2020-04-06         4122
2020-04-07         4741
2020-04-08         5452
2020-04-09         6270
2020-04-10         7210
2020-04-11         8292
2020-04-12         9535
2020-04-13         10966
2020-04-14         12610
2020-04-15         14502
2020-04-16         16677
2020-04-17         19179
2020-04-18         22056
2020-04-19         25364
2020-04-20         29169
2020-04-21         33544
2020-04-22         38576     <-- 2019 flu in USA
2020-04-23         44362
2020-04-24         51016
2020-04-25         58669
2020-04-26         67469
2020-04-27         77589
2020-04-28         89228
2020-04-29         102612
2020-04-30         118004
2020-05-01         135704

Offline ramset

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FDA here just approved blood transfusions for sick from persons who have recovered here !

Offline lancaIV

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Summary of the request

In Italy, around 1500-1600 people die on average per day according to my internet research. How did this number develop exactly in January, February, March 2020 and in each case compared to the previous year 2019 and possibly 2018?
The death rate is 10.7 per 1000 inhabitants. Has this changed, and if so, since Corona?

Inquirer Susanne Wibbe wrote on March 24, 2020, 8:02 a.m .:
After all the research that I can do with my resources, it is even a little different:

 ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)

Italy itself and so it was last published in the Tagesschau confirmed that it always says ALL dead. Hospitals in Germany have also confirmed that they cannot differentiate between deaths due to or with corona. What if Corona is nothing more than a general family of viruses that everyone (and also measured in the throat) can carry with them now or for a long time?
 ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)

                                                     ALL DEATHS :P  INDEPENDENT IF INTOXICATION OR KNIFE OR BULLIT OR FLU OR PESTE OR CORONA  ?!

January 31 days x 1500        February 29 days x 1500        March 23 days x 1500 = total 83 x 1500 =

                                                                   124500 ( without common seasonal exzessfactor )
                                                                    150000( multiplicator 1600 + seasonal exzessfactor)

How many male and female italians died in average in hospital  in last decades  per day  ?

According to my information, the tests were not fully validated due to the short time available. Tests in the throat are anyway to be viewed critically according to my understanding of loans, since viruses are part of life at all times and always sit with their hosts, because otherwise they are not viable. But they don't always trigger life-threatening diseases. And illnesses are also part of life.

The reaction of all governments to facts / figures that have not been properly analyzed is unbelievable. In my view, one should not work with forecasts but with a simple look in the rear view mirror. HOW HAS DEATH RATE DEVELOPED IN THE NATIONAL COUNTRIES SINCE THE CORONA OUTBREAK? And you may find that nothing changes like in Italy. My research has shown that.

It is even more critical that the government relies on numbers from an American institute. How easy to checkmate an entire country in our modern times or an entire region if you wanted to.

And unbelievable that in a country like D we cannot understand the current deaths per day properly and should rely on statements from the health authorities with completely overwhelmed employees in a crisis of unprecedented size.

It also seems to me that e-commerce is looking forward to golden times. And it's also a golden age for the pharmaceutical industry. And also for some big, very influential and powerful investors.

And what's the question: Cui bono? Who does all of this serve the most? The Netherlands come to a different assessment of the dangerous situation, as does Russia, and certainly some others as well.

Offline onepower

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It only took me a few minutes of research to conclude your a moron.

In Italy, 85.6 percent of those who have died were over 70, according to the National Institute of Health's (ISS) latest report.
With 23 percent of Italians over 65 years old, the Mediterannean country has the second-oldest population in the world after Japan - and observers believe age distribution could also have played a role in raising the fatality rate.
According to the ISS's latest report tracing the profile of COVID-19 victims, 48 percent of the deceased had an average of three pre-existing illnesses.

No conspiracies needed, Italy has a large elderly population with health issues hence the reason 85% of the deaths were over 70 and the large numbers of dead... case closed sherlock.

On another note, the more populist or conservative regions who are also the most anti-science and tend to believe fake conspiracy theories also seem to be suffering the highest infection rates hence deaths. So it is a disease however in another sense it is also a cure for stupidity, ergo natural selection.

Offline lancaIV

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Thank you,I accept it,to be "moron" ! ;)
But with some seconds research : #27 - these ISS numbers were and are known- but by apect that all these death cases-theretimes about 2000- would have been causality-forensic attested and "virologic Corona-cases"  !

But you can also read : Lombardia ,in geral over the last years, each day dies 250 people :
"Stichtag 1.Januar": 83 x 250 = 20750 deaths for this 83 days quasi-semester time period only Lombardia  !

Lombardia 10 mio habitants,Italy +- 60 mio habitants = linear 124500 deaths ! How many during  hospitalzation ?
Actually "Corona"- period deaths : Only 6820  !
When "ALL", what is about 124500 - 6820 = 117680  ?

"Ma fia"- statistik, the rest for the "Spagheti Bolognese or Ravioli " in conserves  ?
Why not ? Recycling is in ! And it is not by law and rules " cannibalism" but oekologische Wiederverwertung  !

Oder schnell fuer den Organ-Handel ausschlachten ?Was kriegt man so im " medical dark net" fuer die verschiedenen Fleischposten ?
Na hoffentlich mehr als : 1 ganzes Lebend-Kalb ( inclusive Anti-Biotika-Vorrat) ≤ 10 €

Omi,aus Parma,letzter Wille :meinen Hintern vermache ich meinem Enkel Giovanni .Das Rezept zur Aufbereitung zu " Parma Schinken" ist ja Familien-Betriebsgeheimnis  8)

So as Moron machiavellianism makes part as tool of our day by day " goettlichen Life- Comedy"

So onepower,by all your mental power, explain me/us this 124500/6820 divergence logical  !( One parameter ,house death/hospital death ratio,  excluding !)  ::)
 8) Rentenbetrug ? Fuer Tote weiterhin Rente  ,auch " Miete" genannt, beziehen  ?

 in dubio - pro autopsia et obductio -  reo  causa

The same problem for Spain : by geral daily death rate about 1400 cases how many Corona-virus effect ?

Such economies are not worth to be members from the "same value"- E.U.,the European Community( thanks irish and french citizens poll not "Union",staying "Community",declassifying the " contract of Lisbon" as Constitution )
Schit happens,but like Mr. Rutte said : enough toilett paper for 10 years

here is "law and order" execution :

Court confirms termination for 1.30 euros
Job gone because of the wrong billing of two deposit vouchers worth 48 and 82 cents: The Berlin State Labor Court has confirmed the immediate dismissal of a supermarket cashier. The woman's lawyer announced a complaint against the verdict.


 The operator of a mobile care service from the vicinity of Hof has been sentenced to three years in prison for social security fraud.

here will become "law and order" executed :

Only about ten percent of the estimated 600,000 foreign According to the associations' estimates, care workers who live in German households have for domestic Maintain a contract and pay social security contributions.


                                                                             The rest ( = 540 000 ) work black.

                             90% crime situation     = assuming 40 000 Euros AG/AN brut income per case (full time contract) (Faustformel :Brutto x 1,8 )

                                up to  20 000 Euros per annum income tax and social security contribution to repay for each service year + fraud penal  x 540 000

Auf jeden Justiz-Verbrecher ein Kopfgeld,+- allgemeiner 10% Finderlohn und selbst der/die  geldarme Enkel*in denunziert dessen kriminelle/n Opa/Oma !
 A.I.-phones sind teuer ! Foxtronn-Apple ordinaerer Iphone nicht gemeint !

Anstatt Anzeige seitens Enkel*in und stattdessen  materiellen Vergleich, interfamiliaeres "Schutzgeld", fuehrt zur Mittaeterschaft !

                              No Amnesia,no Amnestia : NIE WIEDER UNRECHT                                    -                                     GENERATION

Is there also Corona-infection in the actual orbital international "I.S.S.- crew" identified ?

onepower,when I get estatal institutions official numbers = statistical fascism,then I wish transparence and clarity !
Fascism = central co-ordinations= Buendelung/Konzentration



staatsamtliche Funktion ,but social democratic fascism and autocratic fascism to differ

U.N.O. = world broadest semi-democratic fascistic institution

To feel the changes over millenials - time journey- and understand successes and errors is an important part for the implementation into the "New Age"- society
The cheap energy on demand device will destroy many estates their socio-economical construction withestatal finance system bankrupcy like actual to observe as Argentina,Venezuela,Libannon cases but alsoin E.U.- Europe and North-America,the average free energy KWh generating price the estatal auction show us : ≤ 2 ¢/ KWh average

For many OPEC economies this means - only crude oil/gas as energy(not include "damned" use for plastics,pharmaceuticals)
1600 KWh x 2¢ less CO2-certification penal less transport costs = 25 Petro-$ max per barrel

WERTE-society is not a Midas-society

And : price Venezuela water compared to combustion ?
And : price of energy compared to health service costs  ?
So for " autonomous living" also a SOS-health-box is a need and the skill to treat this emergency case !

Jovoto 300$ house = 1x teeth  treatment dentist       Self-medication ?  :P
Beginning with the AIDS/HIV - pandemia in the mid-80' the health therapy costs 10000$ per annum and case,falling 2010 to 75$ per annum and case

sine dubio - ohne Erbarmen,aber bei 100% kinetischer und digitaler Lustausuebung  die Gesellschaft sustainable veraendern ,moron-Ehrenwort,Ameno
Euer perverses Leben erfahren,ausleben und darueber a. berichten und spaeter richtensoll EURE JUGEND,nicht ich
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Offline onepower

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The same problem for Spain : by geral daily death rate about 1400 cases how many Corona-virus effect ?

Such economies are not worth to be members from the "same value"- E.U.,the European Community( thanks irish and french citizens poll not "Union",staying "Community",declassifying the " contract of Lisbon" as Constitution )
Schit happens,but like Mr. Rutte said : enough toilett paper for 10 years

Worth is a relative concept...
In many supposedly "developed" countries like the U.S. diabetes and cancer are rampant because there overpopulated environment has become toxic. Meanwhile in some other countries like Italy, Spain and Greece they seem to have a relatively healthy and happy older population. It begs the question, if you were that person dying of cancer in the U.S. what would you pay for another 10 or 20 healthy years?. To see your children grow up and have grandchildren or even great grandchildren?.

You see time is something no amount of money can buy and you can't take your money with you.

Offline Raycathode

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Money The pentagon controls all the money, lets go back to the bad old days
back to the days when the local badies use to ride into town and shoot up the sherrif
so instead of using the army they got a local gun slingers to sort it out.

Now you have banisters controlling the army, now they don’t need hardware development
so they don’t need loads of workers of people who just consuming.

you had 911 now its COVID 19    I bet it adds up to 9  8) 8)

covid19  3+6+4+9+4 + 19 @ base 9 = 9

What we need is the resonant frequency of this virus !   any one ?

Offline lancaIV

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Worth is a relative concept...
In many supposedly "developed" countries like the U.S. diabetes and cancer are rampant because there overpopulated environment has become toxic. Meanwhile in some other countries like Italy, Spain and Greece they seem to have a relatively healthy and happy older population. It begs the question, if you were that person dying of cancer in the U.S. what would you pay for another 10 or 20 healthy years?. To see your children grow up and have grandchildren or even great grandchildren?.

You see time is something no amount of money can buy and you can't take your money with you.

Worth-system and system-worth are also in different position as individual-worth to worth-individual

    worth/value as space function/parameter
    worth/value as time function/parameter
    worth/value as social " currency " and "relationship-glue"

"same value" is not " same worth" : quantitative or qualitative fix point

In front of you a : fruit basket 1x fruit 2x   taking ? ever only the same ? diversification ? sweet/soure
fixed schedule( catering-plan) ?

Monday- fruit,Thuesday-fruit,......
Monday lunch -fruit,Monday- dinner-fruit,.......

Grapefruit as menu entrance, beef with apple-mousse and as dessert : fruit-salad ( orange,pine-apple,kiwi,...) ?

Live local,buy global ( before/after import-quarantaene)

About book-value " existence and exodus "

Simple example :
I construct a new building for 100 units but do not use it for ten years so this "hard ware" is by yearly 10% amortization quote finally 0 units worth

~ zombie-investment / altruistic time lost project

Do we discuss about values and worth from soft view or by clearly defined formulation of economy ?
I take google map and an A.I.-economy program which neutralizes hardware/ physical things by given production priority date less amortization quotes ( short term/long term AfA)
You/we see cities/estates subjective which by objective amortization anymore exists as "worth objects"  !
For amortization and the final state in german the used expression : totes Kapital

 Right use ! latin : Nomen "mors" casus Nominative "mortem" casus Accusative( mors,morte,mortem,..)  for Tod/death
+ Prae-fixum "a-" and the active state " i -sat-/ion" ergo a-mort- isat-ion in german-latin

Latin is common process-and operation-language,in tribunal and physics and economy,global !

the verbum as infinitive "agere" and singular,1.person and praesens ago to the gerundium case "actum"
it becomes in english =latin-shortly "(the) act" and active "act-ion" for   to do/ to act the doing/ the acting

1000 words to 1 picture
Kapital also written capital but in each language different spoken and meaned relative to classical understanding  between academic specific use and populistic and/or ideologic term in reality an other expression for " object" but each one has often his own " subjectivity/unprofessional understanding-politology"

This "trial with success or error" we have as daily "conversation"-game between over ≥ 1 human "group"-experiment  also called family with male-language/picture and female language/picture translation difficulties  ;D also between foreign generation-members ::)
Also we differ between : " relative" and " relativistic"

Also people participate clearly in economy as "commercial function-objects =  things/hard ware and have the yearly amortization quote,international and local and personal.

We all lives in our life in a body-mind slavery and often we do not like to see or accept normal facts and mean professional used definition and statement as " Unverschaemtheit/Beleidigung= insolence/insult" but it is only reality in our " fake and fiction society", awake moment !

   we come and we go with health and  illness with luck and with sadness

But in our life we have ever the solution :
feeling well we can read or see as movie"tragedies" and by sad feeling " comedies"

somebody needs pharmaceuticals and psycho-therapy for this change  ;)

Do not care about your life,mother-sun also does not care ( about)  you ::)

 In our media and life we meet " selten komische Voegel" which neither understand KATA-strophe as written  lyrical genesis neither Dis-aster as next evolution step nor  collaps  as typical and often acting daily process


ich kollabiere(collaps) desastroes(disaster) die Kata(the life song) von der ersten bis zur 7. und damit letzten Strophe emotional( +++ up/down to ---),ueber EEG und EKG nachweisbar
bin dabei aber kein professionelles KLAGEWEIB

Die Ohn-/Macht des Wortes/des Bildes : bedeutungs a. -voll  b. -los fuer den Singulaerem = individual

Singularis populus to differ singularis majestatis
Pluralis populus  to differ pluralis majestatis
Poebel differs from Nobilitas

terror and horror are gerundiums ,I demand from people in estate official function that they can deklinate this expression and conjugate the infinitive over all given tempi !
                                 global     male/female/sissies  separation
Who can : shows intelligence      Who not can : Bloeder Primitivling ,Kretin,Bildungszombie

#66 :  ::) Attention,nine is falling + Murphy law


                  gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern  ;D             

                 Ray,my Ommi would have said about you : " Doedel!"
                 About me,what I know,so she was correct  : " DU bist ein Engel !"             

                 My response : yes,with a B- in front  ;)
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Offline ramset

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from Ground Zero NYC westchester county where NYC had first "hit"
Treated 350 patients so far 100% success [3-4 hrs breathing restored]

I see he used [not uesd] Verpies Zinc protocol / method [ 1-2-3  " Knock out Punch"
Shared by member Duncan
some say video is blocked in there country ?

Offline verpies

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There are some reports out there that claim that hydroxychloroquine does not "kill" the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
This is technically true because the purpose of the hydroxychloroquine is not to "kill" the virus.

It is the intracellular Zinc 2+ ions that are responsible for inhibiting the viral RNA replication by blocking the Replicase protein (RdRP).
The Hydroxychloroquine is just a "doorman", known as ionophore, that lets the Zinc ions into the cells.

So, I am not surprised that Hydroxychloroquine does not work without subsequent Zinc supplementation (by inhalation preferably).

Azithromycin works differently and it increases the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc combination by a separate mechanism..

Yes, yes I know that virii are not alive and as such cannot be killed.  That is why I put this word in quotes.

Offline lancaIV

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In relation to fluvid17 with 2500 official and 25000 estimated death cases by Robert Koch Institute number actually the german Covid19 situation with accumulated 230 official deaths is seasonal virus infection deaths average,specially when it is written Covid19 death average 81 years for Germany by geral 78 years average life expectance

The RKI declares that the deaths reported to the RKI according to the IfSG are therefore not a basis for estimates of influenza-related deaths.

Because: In contrast to other diseases, influenza is often not recorded as the cause of death on the death certificate. Even though flu has contributed significantly to death, the RKI's experience is that deaths attributable to influenza are hidden in other causes of death, such as diabetes mellitus, pneumonia or diseases of the cardiovascular system.

This is same for Corona-case !

 81 years age group

that deaths attributable  as diabetes mellitus, pneumonia or diseases of the cardiovascular system ,

                                                      or                            are hidden as Corona/Covid19    !

Offline ramset

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Here again ground zero westchester county NYC suburbs
Where Virus first had strong presence/deaths

Community of 35,000 plus ....100% success with persons experiencing respiratory distress [cessation of symptom typical in 3-4 hours after administering  protocol  below .

Chet K

Offline lancaIV

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sentire,sense : to feel

In Italy there were 631 coronavirus deaths (as of March 11, 20). That is bad.

But in winter 2016/2017 no fewer than 25,000 flu deaths were registered, including 19,400 over the age of 65.


                                              Robert Koch Institut =RKI

Germany 2017/2018   !            1674 flu deaths registred                                         25100 deaths estimation =   RKI-Exzessfaktor 15x

Italy       2016/2017   :          25000 flu deaths registred            x RKI-Exzessfactor 15x


                                              = 375 000 flu deaths estimation for winter flu period 2016/2017 in ITALY

                                            per winter month,winter week ?

are they competent ?

Margit Osterloh and Bruno S. Frey are permanent visiting professors at the University of Basel and research directors at the Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts (Crema), Zurich.

is the RKI-Exzessfactor a symbol for competence ?

or impotence ?

Quarantaene 1918 :

Using the example of the two cities of St. Louis and Pittsburgh, he shows the differences: While in St. Louis shortly before the peak of the epidemic at the time - the investigation period included the second and parts of the third wave of Spanish flu in the USA - schools for 143 Days closed, was locked in Pittsburgh for seven days only seven days after the peak. St. Louis had around a third of Pittsburgh's death rate.  for up to experienced 143 days 8)

And which were the registred griepe/flu deaths numbers in Spain 2015/2016 - 2016/2017 - 2017/2018 - 2018/2019               + Exzessfactor 15x   ?

Offline lancaIV

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Date ?

Date ?

December,November,October  2019 ?

       Events in Italy,journey from and to Italy ? Soccer-Clube-Championship ,.......... JUVE not Senex

                                                                    UEFA Championsleague

                                                                    UEFA Europaleague

                                                                    italian Supercup ::) Finale,Oh-Oh : Ryad,Medina,Mekka  come and go

             ein Volk voll von Gollums : Moratorium,Monitoring

           For all maskulin/male international un-/important politicians : the german male-hino

Offline onepower

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In the news...
America just became the world leader of the global coronavirus pandemic leading everyone in the number of infected people including China and Italy, tRump just keeps winning. The virus just got started in the U.S. and already it's out of control while tRump is telling everyone to calm down and continues playing petty politics. Equally screwed up is Wilbur Ross basically saying the coronavirus death and destruction could boost U.S. jobs... oh my.

tRump also mentioned deploying 1000 troops along the U.S./Canada border which I think is an awesome idea. I would go even further and build a huge beautiful wall to keep all those war mongering, gun toting, crack smoking Americans the hell out of Canada. We don't need all those bad hombres and gangs coming into Canada. Apparently the Americans never clued into the fact that the walls were not to keep others out but them in, Adolf Hitler ring any bells?.