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Author Topic: Coronavirus,uesfull information for fighting Virus [evolving from effected areas  (Read 38459 times)

Offline lancaIV

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people dies

people dies with infection

people dies : cause infection ?

                                                OFFICIAL ROBERT-KOCH-INSTITUTE ( RKI ) STATEMENT :

In addition,          death with an influenza infection does not automatically mean that influenza was the cause of death.

The RKI writes: “The decision on whether a case is reported as having died as a result of an influenza disease is made by the health authorities on the basis of the information available to them.
This can be assessments of the supervising doctors of the case or information on the death certificate, for example. "

Nobody knows it,but number-modelling and hysterical behaviour is "en vogue" !

Obduction and Autopsie quote in the different national systems ? Germany <10% in geral !  :P

Corona-case ? call the coroner ! ::) 

                                death with a Corona-virus infection does not automatically mean that Corona was the cause of death

                                we know that age is a strong death cause

The fight against the corona plague is taking a dramatic course in Spain. In a two-and-a-half-minute voice message shared on social media, a doctor from Madrid describes the "brutal" circumstances for doctors, nurses and patients: "The situation in Madrid is absolutely dramatic. There is not enough material, there is not enough space, there are not enough ventilators. " Doctors are in a predicament to have to decide "who lives and who dies".

In the crowded hospitals in the capital city of Madrid, which are particularly affected by the spread of the virus, severely ill patients would have their ventilators removed. If you are over 65 years old, mechanical oxygenation would be denied if a younger patient also needed ventilation. It had happened that nurses had to hold the hands of dying people after the life-sustaining measure had to be canceled. Family members are prohibited from entering hospitals.

( I did my civil service in an hospital and have had also human cadaver in front of me;but in the end 80` there has been less stress,excluding the HIV-hystery  )

in 8 weeks 60% of all habitants Corona-contaminated : 25 mio infections ?

in some weeks in Wuhan(11 mio habitants) and the province Hubei (59 mio habitants) they had over 81 000 infections total :    < 1 percent of all habitants infected

probably the californian gouvernor misunderstand " population virus immunization" and "population infection rate"   It infected 28% of all Americans

Archives at UCLA, the Huntington Library and the City of Los Angeles capture the little-remembered history of how Los Angeles and other cities across the Southland weathered the deadly 1918 Spanish flu, which killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide and over 700,000 in the United States.             U.S.A. habitants          1918      103,208,000

                                                                                      700 000 / 103 208 000 =   

                                                               0,68 %     La Grippe = 1918 Spanish Flu
                                                                mortality rate in the U.S.A. related all habitants,
                                                               2,43% mortality rate  related the infected habitants ( 28% )
                                                               Without real death cause verification : old,hunger, other diseases

   So we come to normal epidemic numbers which we see over the seasonal flu waves !
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Offline lancaIV

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so now the last statement about "fuzzy logic statistics" :

Version A :     in 2017/18 with 1,674 deaths.

 and 182000 official infection cases = 1674/182000 = < 1%

Version B : According to estimates by the RKI, around 25,000 people died of flu in 2017/18.

25000 /182000 = > 13,7 %

The two versions are based by real official numbers by the same RK- institution !

It is like to read

10000 deaths 20,03,2020 with Corona-virus contamination  or " official RKI estimation-factor 15" including = 150000 estimated deaths with Corona-virus contamination

ten thousand or one hundred fifthy thousands : only numbers by estimation !

Offline ramset

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Quote  ..."Zinc Acetate + Hydroxychloroquine sulfate + Azithromycin looks like a 100% cure according to the latest french trial." end Quote
HydroxyChlouroquine is rheumatoid arthritis med ...Zinc seems effective as with cold slowing meds recent to market
apparently inhibits growth cycle ...inhaled would seem more appropriate for treatment of respiratory system...However is Toxic [Grumage got sick from overdosing when melting his door knobs in smelter for a build]
and too much Zinc sniffing will diminish  your sniffers ability to smell ...forever !

Offline lancaIV

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ramset : 8:42

Zinc-use : priority ?

What is more important ?

What is " more future" relevant ?

Score : elders health ?

Score: autonomous energy delivery !

Offline lancaIV

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Not the virus only is the cause but the combination :

                                                                                                                          atypical pneumonia

Not only Corona-virus tests,but also legionellen , amoeben, Kokken, et cet        .....


"In Germany there are approximately 17,000 to 18,000 autopsies in accordance with Section 87 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for 820,000 deaths, which are ordered by a district judge at the request of the public prosecutor. That is about two percent of the deceased. This is significantly lower than in the Scandinavian countries or the former Eastern Bloc countries. Even Britain and Wales with 520,000 deaths have an autopsy rate of around 100,000 cases a year. ”

Sweden : 37%   =        63% "Unschaerfe"                             Germany : 2,2%  =   97,8% "Unschaerfe"

The death cause is in Germany relatively irrelevant ( and hidden : Multiresistente Keime-Infektion durch Krankenhaeuser,Aerztefehler,Medikamentenvergiftung ,........) !

Offline AlienGrey

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Covid 19 does any one know it's resonant frequency  or how we can actuly find out  or a connection that does ?

Offline lancaIV

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Covid 19 does any one know it's resonant frequency  or how we can actuly find out  or a connection that does ?

                             not conventional science !

728 Hz : one of the most important anti-inflammatory Rife frequencies that Rife has assigned to the staphylococci.Staphylococci are extremely common, often multi-resistant, pathogens that produce all types of purulent infections, such as pneumonia, sinus infection or endocarditis, and infect wounds.

787 Hz: one of the most important anti-inflammatory rife frequencies.

880 Hz : one of the most important anti-inflammatory Rife frequencies that Rife has assigned to the streptococci. Streptococci cause various infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever, tonsillitis, fever, erysipelas, rheumatic fever, endocarditis, glomerulonephritis, pneumonia, meningitis, pharyngitis, lymphadenitis and wound infections.Streptococcus pneumoniae causes most inflammation of the respiratory tract.       page 15                     Rife  virus Eigenfrequenz                    versus                Clarke 20-40 KHz broad band

Offline lancaIV

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An important requirement is the development of a reliable antibody test.Ideally, it should recognize antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, but should not show any cross-reaction with the circulating harmless coronaviruses.

 " harmless coronavirus " versus SARS1-Corona virus  versus SARS2-Corona virus

                                               SARS-risc     as  atypical pneumonia-risc      10% of all infected people,mostly geral risc-group cases

There are no special treatment measures yet.At the time, doctors initially administered the nucleoside analogue ribavirin , which is also used for hepatitis C , and cortisone as a virostatic .Afterwards, those affected usually received a mixture of different antibiotics to have the accompanying inflammation of the respiratory tract healed by bacteria, because the additional bacterial infection is what makes pneumonia so dangerous.The RNA sequence of the putative SARS pathogen was later deciphered in Canada, but the development of an effective drug is not yet in sight.Genetic data could be used to develop new diagnostic procedures;but it will take an indefinite amount of time before drugs or vaccines are available.

taking as worst case the chinese province Hubei numbers - air quality(smog),population density observation - and their official tested and approved  infection/habitants ratio =

                                                                 65000/59000000 we get 0,0012 ( untested hidden factor 5-10 = 0,006 - 0,012 )

                                                                  BUT BY VIROLOGIC LOGIC FOR RO=0,99 (REPRODUCTION WAVE END) WE NEED IMMUNIZATION

this means as average - without demography profile comparison !  -   for Lombardei = 13200 cases               Germany = 100 0000 cases

                                                                  as peak infection rate

What neither the health institutions neither the WHO knows : how long a SARS-virus immunization prolongs ?!

Corona crisis in Italy: scientist has a proposal that is difficult to implement - location completely healed

Update of March 21, 10:56 a.m .:
 A village near Venice quarantined all 3300 inhabitants after the outbreak of the Coronavirus and thus at least temporarily reduced the number of infections in the small community to zero, as the star with reference to the English newspaper Guardian reports. It is the Lombard Vo, which also had the first country-wide death in connection with Covid-19.

As a result, all residents were tested - twice with an interval of nine days. According to the scientists at the University of Padua, there were 89 positive cases in the first round and only six in the second. Since the sick people were quarantined before they showed any symptoms, it was possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus within 14 days.

The researchers speak of a "100 percent cure rate for previously infected people", and no new cases of disease have occurred. What also struck them: When the first patient showed symptoms, three percent of the local residents were already infected - with one exception, however, the clinical picture was asymptomatic.

According to the scientists, one thing is certain: in order to bring the pandemic under control, everyone would have to be tested - regardless of symptoms. This is the only way to calculate a reliable mortality rate. The proposal will probably be difficult to implement nationwide.

Unfortunately, the happy ending in Vo still has an epilogue with a negative impact. In the meantime, according to the Italian agency Ansa, there is again a corona case in the place. Apparently this is due to a change of location of the person or an infection by an asymptomatic person.

6700 detected/tested cases from 17 9000 000 (2018) country NRW habitants                           0,0003743 %

916   detected/tested cases from 252 651(2016) in the NRW country county Heinsberg             0,0003625 %


22264 detected/tested cases from 10 040 000 (2018) italian province Lombardei                      0,0022175 %

65000 detected/tested cases from 59 000 000 (2018)  chinese province Hubei                          0,0012       %

7 April 2020  peak moment as dynamic arithmetical preview for Germany = today 21 March + 3 weeks
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Offline lancaIV

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99 percent of deaths with pre-existing conditions

According to a survey by the Italian National Health Service ( ISS ), published on Tuesday,

based on the investigation of 2,000 deaths, more than 99 percent of those who died had one or more pre-existing conditions. Only three people - that is 0.8 percent of those examined - had no previous illnesses known before being infected with the coronavirus. 48.5 percent of the fatalities suffered from three previous illnesses, 25.6 percent had two illnesses and 25.1 percent a previous illness. Hypertension was found in more than three quarters of the examined. A good third had been diagnosed with diabetes and a further third had heart disease.

Only   one % = 1 %   or by  3 death cases 0,15 %  from all these 2000 death cases are the " unknown risc rate " ! The first survey with workable numbers !

Edit: by my calculation 3 from 2000 are not 0,8% but I call this "italian virologic/epidemologic arithmetics" ::) ;D   2000 =100 %  20 = 1 %   2 = 0,1 % ergo 3 = 0,15 %

                                        1997/2000 = 99,85     %
                                        3      /2000 =  0,15  %             

                                        ergo 99.85% with pre-existing conditions

Offline lancaIV

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by 99,85% safe result it will be time to ask about :

geral hospital and old people`s home microbiologic hygiene condition and private households ( 1 or 2 or 3 generations)

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a resistant type of bacteria that has been growing since the spread of antibiotics in the 1960s. It is resistant to all so-called beta-lactam antibiotics, that is, to antibiotics that are based on penicillin in their structure. As a rule, MRSA bacteria are also resistant to other antibiotics, i.e. multi-resistant. Therefore, some use the abbreviation MRSA for multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.


The problem has been known for a long time: Staphylococcus aureus has had a very bad reputation for decades as one of the main causes of nosocomial infections, i.e. infections acquired in hospitals. The bacteria can be found in many healthy people as a harmless parasite on the skin and nose. It cannot harm an intact immune system.

Italy is most affected

  In Italy, for example, there were almost 50 times as many cases of people with multi-resistant germs as in Iceland. The rates in Greece, Romania and Portugal are also strikingly high. Scandinavia, Estonia and the Netherlands, on the other hand, had comparatively low case numbers. Germany is in the lower midfield. Although there are almost ten times as many cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Germany as in Iceland - the number of cases in Italy is five times as high as in Germany. Children under the age of one are particularly affected by the multi-resistant germs.


vaccination quote from the age-class over 60 years in Europe against influenza -broad band effect - as Corona-virus symptoms prophylaxe ?

Comparison from vaccinated and not vaccinated infected people !

Nations comparison !

When Austria with 8,822 mio habitants did have 2850 influenza-infected deaths and Spain has 46,6 mio habitants this means means by same ratio ; 15050 infected- deaths

               Now the RKI- VIROLOGY DEMOSCOPY  MAGIC . Exzessfaktor 15 x

and we get         

                      225 750 infected deaths for Spain   and     42750 infected deaths for Austria  85% over 60 years age class     

Knapp 15 Euro kostet die Grippeimpfung in den Impfstellen der Stadt. Preise in Apotheken oder Honorare von Ärzten können dagegen unterschiedlich ausfallen. Eine kostenlose Grippeimpfung würde die Durchimpfungsrate bei Influenza aber nicht anheben, meint Peter Voitl, Impfreferent der Ärztekammer Wien. „Es ist eine aufwendige Impfung, die jedes Jahr gemacht werden muss und nicht wie Zecken alle fünf Jahre oder andere Impfungen alle zehn Jahre.“

 In der Grippesaison 2017/2018 haben sich nur 6,2 Prozent der Österreicherinnen und Österreicher gegen die Grippe impfen lassen, so eine Sprecherin des Verbands der Impfhersteller.

In der vorigen Grippesaison lag die Durchimpfungsrate bei 8,4 Prozent

The flu shot in the city's vaccination centers costs just under 15 euros. In contrast, prices in pharmacies or doctor's fees can vary. A free flu shot would not increase the vaccination rate for influenza, says Peter Voitl, vaccination officer at the Vienna Medical Association. "It is a complex vaccination that has to be done every year and not like ticks every five years or other vaccinations every ten years."

  In the 2017/2018 flu season, only 6.2 percent of Austrians were vaccinated against the flu, according to a spokeswoman for the association of vaccine manufacturers.

In the previous flu season, the vaccination rate was 8.4 percent

      Immunisierung/Immunization : for what ?
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Offline vineet_kiran

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What about Lauric acid?  (coconut oil)
We use coconut oil for cooking in our house.   So far  I have not got any serious viral disease and I have not gone to doctor since last forty years.

Offline magpwr

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Hi everyone,
Many of you may think Pandemic was started by China.
I would like to make matter clear that for the last 400years with interval of 100years there is a Pandemic.4 Pandemic in a row.
The Question i ask is this just a random coincidence or this will be way after each hundred years.Think about it and do check up on it to verify facts. :) Do see attachment.

Offline MasterPlaster

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Hi everyone,
Many of you may think Pandemic was started by China.
I would like to make matter clear that for the last 400years with interval of 100years there is a Pandemic.4 Pandemic in a row.
The Question i ask is this just a random coincidence or this will be way after each hundred years.Think about it and do check up on it to verify facts.
Have you heard of gematria? Nothing seems random!Here is a sample: