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Author Topic: this pyramid should produce electricity. (thomas trawoger's pyramid explaned.)  (Read 111242 times)

Offline Drannom

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  • Posts: 250
    • Cristallerie La Pyramide d'Alun
Koen1, that is what Nitinnun said to you


either you have a very screwed up concept of what "obvious" is,

or you are passive aggressively trying to argue with me, despite having no ground to stand on, or anything to contribute,

or you are typing, without having any idea what you are saying.

possibly all 3.

i agree with Nitinnun, you are aggressive, be cool and full of love instead

well you come here and ask questions as if there was a real working pyramid here , that is not the case so your questions were out of the topic, it was such kind of harrassing questions with intention to decrease the energy of Nitinnun itself

you do not know what you are saying, there is full of testimony of pyramid power, i have found another in the Pyramid General Discussion in this forum, water dos not freeze in the middle of a pyramid !!

i do not attack you , i just watch you make a fool of yourself

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline WilbyInebriated

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 3143
Hahahaha typical Drannom illogic :D
Nobody is forcing you to read anything, you're the one making the decision and performing the act of reading.
If you don't want to, then why do you do it? Subconscious masochism or something? ;)
Well, I often don't like what you write either, but at least I don't go playing the victim when I choose to read your nonsense.
You do realise that your complaint is a bit odd, don't you?
and instead I allow people to make up their own minds.
What's the big problem anyway, Drannom? Do you bug everyone that doesn't simply swallow
any claim but instead prefers critical analysis and logical deduction of observed effects?
Do you suppose a discussion forum is not meant to actually discuss things?
Hahaha what are you saying, that I may not jump into discussion threads and actually
ask some critical questions about the subject, but at the same time you may nag and accuse
me in every thread where you encounter a critical question on my part?
That seems to be a double standard you're using there... ;)

No, Drannom, why don't you just admit it, you're still upset that you entered our Crystal Cell thread
and got slapped around the ears with logical and empirically substantiated facts and a honest,
actual science based interpretation on my part which was in direct conflict with your unsubstantiated
and near religious belief in the Electrinium paper. Why it is so hard for you to admit there may actually
be people who have studied the subject and just about all related subjects in detail for years,
and who may indeed have a far more substantial understanding and more sound theoretical understanding
of that particular subject than you have is beyond me. Why you refuse to accept known facts in
that discussion and maintain that a totally unproven hypothesis which does not appear to accord
with empirical evidence in the related fields is true, while you have never even done any tests and
don't appear to really know anythng about the related scientific fields, is a complete mystery.

Please don't try to make yourself feel better by slandering me in every thread I happen to enter.
My questions to Nitinnun were serious and not meant to ridicule in any way.
Yes, I do feel there appears to be a very high degree of speculation and very little sound theory
going on as yet, but the concept of a pyramid-shaped bimetallic capacitor is still interesting,
and although I do criticise Nitinnuns form of presentation and certain aspects he drags into
his story, the actual device characteristics as he describes them are quite simple,
and the functioning principle he appears to adhere to is one that assumes the pyramid has
a magnetic field of some sort. Well, pyramids aren't really known to have such a field,
and there is no good physical reason why something shaped like a pyramid would manifest
such a field (in established physics at least), so I asked why Nitinnun thinks it is so and
where he got this idea. That's not so strange, is it?
But I bet you're going to find some way to accuse me of harassing people again... :D

i'll take a stab at that last sentence, take a look at:,5296.msg118696.html#msg118696
i left the rest of your post because it is so hypocritical, especially that double standard part and you have never even done any tests... the pot calling the kettle black indeed.
« Last Edit: August 07, 2008, 06:29:50 PM by WilbyInebriated »

Offline nitinnun

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 713
koen1 is a malicious forum troll, who contributes nothing of any use!

instead, he contributes destruction.
the destruction of the very things, which lead to progress and discovery!

in this way, he is the opposite of progressive. he is REGRESSIVE!

he is the anti-thesis of a researcher. and he seeks to tear down those who dare to wonder independantly of the sickeningly corrupt/controlled mainstream!

a mainstream run by blind fools, who dare to label themselves as scientists.

koen1's heart chakra is closed, just like the illuminati.

the rudimentary wisdom that comes with the heart chakra, is absent in him. just like the illuminati.

the frequency of his aura is low.
a condition made clear by his long, irrelevant typing style.
and the sickening, slimy feeling that may be felt, just from reading his words.

it is unlikely that koen1 is on the illuminati payroll.
but either paid by them, or doing it for free, he is certainly doing their dirty work for them!

by harassing the poor innovators of this forum.
to the benefit of NOTHING WHAT SO EVER! except his enjoyment of harassing others!

there is one way to deal with a troll. and that is to STARVE him!
by denying him the very conflict which sustains him.
conflict bled from the hearts, of those who possess a point!

my innovator brothers! i CALL upon you, to banish this troll to the irrelevant wastes from which he came!
to ignore any post which he may impose upon us, from now until forever!

ignore koen1!
send him back to the barren wastes of myspace!"

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline Drannom

  • Sr. Member
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  • Posts: 250
    • Cristallerie La Pyramide d'Alun
well done Nitinnun

i would like to talk in english as well as you then i would have a lot to say

there are many trolls here, or paid agents, or debunkers (not sure of that word), or conspiracy agents, or artists of disinformation etc...

they work in team and use many new members name as they need to take control of a thread

many missleader take control of a topic, some eminence here are not eminence

we have to create a new topic to alert everyone in this forum by pointing out which one is such a kind of paid agent, then any new sincere members will be aware of their presence

the anti conspirationnist team, yeah

at the beginning i was not suppose to talk at all in this forum, only study pyramid and OU, then i saw so many non sincere members, and so many been attakted viciously, then i had no other choice to join the english team as well as i can and go to war with them

after my reptilian topic in ufo sight, i found many of them here, they are approximatly a team of ten trolls

i suspect 4 of them up to now

predators will be hunt by their prey ! (voyager star treck)

the weak will perish (voyager star treck from species 6284)

i have found in the electrinium.pdf a complete explanation of the energy in the universe, when i saw someone attaking this text with a force of a giant well prepare, i have then no doubt, this forum is infest and must be purify


Offline nitinnun

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 713
by the way. EVERYTHING in the universe, has a magnetic field.

every single atom is held together by a magnetic field.
every chunk of metal in our atmosphere, definitely holds a magnetic field.

the shape of the pyramid, forces the magnetic field of its 4 triangles, to move in only one direction.
this DC magnetic field collects and stores any additional energy, which strikes it.

there is energy all around us. especially from the earths magnetic field, which is generated by the spinning core.
and from electrostatic energy in every inch of the atmosphere, generated by countless oxygen and nitrogen particles bumping together.

i think the problem, is that this energy must be converted from its current form, into hot electricity.
converted by a wire coil, which spins counter-clockwise.
because hot electricity spins counter-clockwise, because it is conducted through electrons which spin counter-clockwise.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline Koen1

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 1172
Hahahahahahahahaha :D

Omg are you all equally dim? Clearly you are.

Well, alright, if you guys prefer quasi-new-age vibrationological
chakra aura aether spirit pyramid power energy mumbojumbo
over actual logical reasoning,
then by all means stick with it and I'll leave you to it.

But why must you guys insist on dragging the Illuminati and reptilians and
whatever fantasy shadow conspiracy you believe in into the discussion
whenever someone says something you don't like?
You guys really believe that bullshit, don't you?

Well alright, by all means get aggressive and insulting with people like me
who present you with those nasty critical questions you can't answer, and
by all means do call everyone who doesn't agree with you names and dub
them Illuminati.
I'm sure you're going to end up very happy doing that.

you're a bunch of childish pyramid-power hippies that are a generation or two
behind on the movement.

Oh and by the way, repeating someones figure of speech is not whitty, for those
of you that thought so. It merely demonstrates your lack of originality.
Poor sods.

Offline amigo

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 545

If you think the pyramid power presented here is mumbo-jumbo why do you continually bother posting in this thread?

As far as I can tell, nitinnun did not solicit your opinion to begin with so your posts only add un-necessary noise.

As an observer and a reader, it constantly requires my attention to ignore your posts which I do not appreciate at all. I should not have to do that as a member of this board.

So, I will start reporting your posts to the moderator whenever I find them distracting and I warmly encourage others to do so as well.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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Offline triffid

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 4258
In the state of oklahoma when it was still indian land(1840's) when the indians cooked a meal everything was put in the pot with the hair on.Horses would be cooked with the hair and skin on them.Only at your mouth was the meat eaten and everything else spit out.I would prefer that everyone  here at the forum speak their piece.I will decide what I want to eat and what I want to spit out.Noone else but me.Triffid

Offline Drannom

  • Sr. Member
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  • Posts: 250
    • Cristallerie La Pyramide d'Alun
It's worst than that, it's all about harrassing

here an example from The Lee-Tseung Lead Out Theory page 70

Koen1 is completly evil in that one


1) When did you last have a brain scan?
2) How bad was it?
3) Did they perhaps diagnose severe Korsakov syndrome?
4) Did they perhaps diagnose severe Creutzfelt-Jacob syndrome?
5) Did they perhaps perform a partial lobotomy?
6) Have you ever hit your head very very hard, possibly around the age of 13?
7) Have you ever fallen head-first onto your chop sticks, accidentally
jamming one up your nose too deep?
8 ) Have you perhaps been consuming too much lead in your food? In that
respect you may be right in that it is wise to get the "lead out".
9) Do you have any sense of reality?
10) From which asylum did you escape?

is it his way to make someone feel better ? sure it is not !!

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline nitinnun

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 713
In the state of oklahoma when it was still indian land(1840's) when the indians cooked a meal everything was put in the pot with the hair on.Horses would be cooked with the hair and skin on them.Only at your mouth was the meat eaten and everything else spit out.I would prefer that everyone  here at the forum speak their piece.I will decide what I want to eat and what I want to spit out.Noone else but me.Triffid

so. either 1:
you are ignoring the situation in this thread and the feelings involved, so that you can pointlessly bluster about a vague ideal of yours,

or 2:
you are defending koen1, because you actually think that the things he types, are worth reading.
defending him, even though his intent is trollish harassment.

tell us, horse-spitter.
which is it?

Offline triffid

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 4258
I am not defending koen1. But I am defending my own right to pick and choose what I consider what I think the truth is.So I do not defend Koen1.But I don't condemn him or anyone else here.We all want overunity to be a place where we have free expression of speech.I do believe in aliens.I know a few illegals already.Triffid

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline nitinnun

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 713
i just realized!
thomas trawoger, only intended to make ONE counter-clockwise wire coil!

thomas trawoger had one long wire.

he soldered one end to that capacitor at the bottom.

he wrapped the wire counter-clockwise, around the copper pipe.

then he did the rest of the blah with it, and likely left it electrically sepperate, from the copper pipe.

he found that had excess wire. so he wrapped the excess wire, into a second counter-clockwise coil.

this second counter-clockwise coil, might as well be an extension of the first counter-clockwise coil !

so this ONE counter-clockwise coil, functions exactly like the ONE counter-clockwise coil, in les browns pyramid!

the counter-clockwise coil catches "electrons", generated by the pyramid.
electrons spin counter-clockwise. so a counter-clockwise coil, is capable of catching them!

by the way. the reason why copper pipe worked best for him, is because it had so many copper atoms, with which to generate "energy".

just like my glue cells produce more amperage, the more metals used.

Offline nitinnun

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 713
the blocks in the pyramids, are made up of:

silicon dioxide (sand)
oxygen (50% of all rock matter on earth is too)
and possibly a little aluminum.

thomas trawoger used sand, water, and carbon, in/around his copper loop.
he SPECIFICALLY had graphite sticks (carbon), near the counter-clockwise coil on the loop.

i have successfully used sand, water, and glue (glue carbon/oxygen/hydrogen), in my glue cells.

the oxygen in sand, is negativly charged (paramagnetic?).
carbon is likely also negatively charged. because carbon powder conducts electricity.

so the blocks that make up the pyramid, conduct magnetism, but not electricity.
just like the water and glue in my glue cells!

Offline 4Tesla

  • Hero Member
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  • Posts: 946
So do you think it is the materials that are important rather than shape or both?


Offline wile_coyote7

  • Jr. Member
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  • Posts: 60

Have you thought about testing one of your glue-cells by placing it in the apex of a pyramid? It would be interesting to see if there is a difference in the output (of the glue-cell).

So far, it's not the strangest idea here  ;)