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Author Topic: this pyramid should produce electricity. (thomas trawoger's pyramid explaned.)  (Read 118153 times)

Offline digitaloliver

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Nitinnun and Jeanna!

.... by the way... i am remembering that some years ago when i some search in a library i read something about the roof Pharaoh chamber... i remmember the drawing... the section showing several layers with stones (that have a shape of a lens) ...this stones are separated... may be by an electrically reason.... the image in my memory is strong....

I remmember that the text said that this chamber roof is an amplifier.... of some sort of flux of energy....

But the Pharaoh chamber is 1/3 of the keops pyramid....

Do you remmember something like this amplifier concept?

I remember that this idea of that possible lost-ed amplifier is for  a potential vortex of some portal to another dimension....

I am just sharing this thoughts that this topic i am reading evoke on myself.

Sorry my English
Kind regards from Portugal

Offline nitinnun

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the roof may have amplified 2 things.

1: the CW stored in the kings chamber (in the golden ark of the covenant, which functioned at the copper loop!)

2: the ability of the saltwater, to conduct CW and CCW, between the positive antenna and the negative antenna in the grand gallery.

certain frequencies do certain things.
so if the roof amplified one of these frequencies, the frequences effects would increase.

i think that i have discovered the basics, that made it work.

things like this amplification are modifiers, which "increase" the effect.
they allow it to work better. not allow it to work "at all".

Offline nitinnun

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counter-clockwise spin, was produced by the iron atoms in the steel frame.

this steel-generated CCW, was attracted to the diamagnetism of the copper loop and water.
but the capacitor was as close to the copper loop/water, as the CCW could get.
SO THE CCW BUILT UP IN THE CAPACITOR! where it was drawn from, to create electricity.

the opposite was also true.

the copper and water produced clockwise spin
(in addition to the clockwise spin, that was caught from the air, by the gypsum and sand.)

this copper/water-generated CW, was attracted to the diamagnetism of the steel frame.
but the capacitor was as close to the steel frame, as the CW could get.
SO THE CW BUILD UP IN THE CAPACITOR! where it was drawn from, to create electricity.

all of the copper in thomas trawogers pyramid generated its own CW, and caught CW from the pyramid.

but generating and collecting CW, is about all that the copper did (aside from being a container for the water and sand).

i doubt that thomas trawoger knew about the stuff i have typed in this post.
but he definitely knew things, which he did not tell us about.

did he not tell us, because he was too foolish to communicate important things effectively?
or because he was holding out on us, for the sake of his greed/ego?

Offline nitinnun

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like this.

Offline wile_coyote7

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I like your drawings and explanations, but this last one kinda makes the pyramid and it's shape look rather arbitrary. Is there a reason for that?

Offline nitinnun

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i drew all of the pyramids by hand, without measuring their angles.
because that was the casual thing to do, and the other details were what i wanted to communicate.

the angles of the pyramid aren't very important.
unless you need certain frequencies.

Offline wile_coyote7

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 ;D  @ nitinnun

No.....I'm not at all talking about the angles of the pyramids in your drawings. No complaints there at all!
What I mean is, in that last drawing of yours, you are explaining CW and CCW and copper and steel and all of that. It just looks like you threw in the shape of a pyramid amongst all the other stuff, not really explaining what effect the pyramid shape is having on the CW and CCW and all that other stuff.

I guess I'm just asking for a little more clarification on what the pyramid is doing along with all the other stuff you have been explaining.

(Please don't think I'm trying to be critical of your work here)  :-\

Offline nitinnun

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my intent was:

the middle of the pyramid, is the ideal place to collect CW.
because the middle of the pyramid, seems to be where CW builds up the most.
judging from the kings chamber, thomas trawogers claims, and countless other peoples claims.

the copper ring "collects" CW.
CW moves toward the capacitor, trying to get closer to the steel.

the base of the pyramid, is the best place to collect CCW.
because the base is closest to the ground, which is the greatest source of CCW.
the opposite, of how the air is the best source of CW.

the peak is the negative charge, on the pyramid.
but the peak needs as much CCW as possible, with which to attract CW from the sky.

if the peaks CCW were drained, than the pyramid would lose its capacity, to attract and trap CW in the middle!

think of a steel flagpole, standing in a field.
this steel flagpole, generates its own CCW. and conducts CCW, from the ground.

CW from the air, is attracted to the steel flagpole, because of its CCW.
the CW of the air, mixes with the CCW in the flagpole, to create lightning.

Offline wile_coyote7

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@ nitinnun

Thanks for clearing that bit up.

So, can I be so bold as to make an analogy to the CW, CCW scenario (as I am understanding it)?

CW and CCW = vortices of energy?

CW = positive (+) (air)
CCW = negative (-) (ground)

Pyramid shape and others like it harness or attract these vortices somehow or, for lack of a better term, 'orders' them? (I am thinking like the shapeless being forced into shape or chaos into order.) (key words: attract, order, organize, concentrate, etc)

Am I even close in my analogy???

Sorry for all of the questions.

Offline nitinnun

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questions, are how i found this information.
i shamelessly asked questions, out loud and on paper.
and maybe some pleiadian or sirian answered me, through my intuition.

they guided me to pieces of information. online and in my day dreams.
but i had to use my judgement, to sepperate valuable information, from waste-of-time information.
and i had to use my subconscious mind, to make a connection, between 2 or more pieces of information.

i did 80% of it.
they guided me to the 20%, that was hardest to find.

electricity, is made of clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning "energy".
i don't know what this energy "is".
but a vortex, is spinning energy.
so i guess that CW and CCW, are oppositely spinning vortexes.

i think that orgone, chi, and the energy that sensitive people feel, are clockwise spinning energy.
sources of water, are oozing with CW energy. which is why people are naturally attracted too them.

to soak yourself in water, is literally to soak yourself in life energy.
to drink water, is to fill your body with nanoscopic life-generators.

CW spin is generated from protons, which always spin CW.
CCW spin is generated from electrons, which always spin CCW.
a diagonal spinning tempic field, seems to be generated from neutrons (a neutron, is a proton stuffed into an electron).

some atoms have more protons than electrons.
or more electrons than protons.

or for whatever reason, an atom just plain spins harder CW, than CCW.
or spins harder CCW, than CW.

every water molecule, spins more CW than CCW.
because the 2 hydrogen atoms generate more CW, than the oxygen generates CCW.

every silicon dioxide molecule, produces more CCW than CW.
because the 2 oxygen atoms generate more CCW, than silicon generates CW.

that is right.
water generates one half of electricity, for free!
sand generates the other half of electricity, for free!

the air moisture in the sky, and the sand in the ground, generate lightning bolts.
for free.

the pyramid shape "collects" CW from the air.

the CCW in the peak, attracts CW into the middle.
then sand/steel in the pyramid, "holds" the clockwise in the middle. like a baseball mitten holds a baseball.

then the CCW in the ground, attracts the CW downward.
but the CW cannot reach the ground and discharge into the ground. because all 4 pyramid edges pull on the CW, giving the CW no way to reach the ground.

the CW wants to travel down to the ground, along every 1 of the 4 edges!
but it is not allowed to pull itself down just one edge. it is attracted down all 4 edges at once!
so the CW stays trapped in the peak, wanting to flow, but not being able to choose an edge to take.

if the CW were in a steel pole, than the CW would have only one way to reach the ground.
the CW would take this one path to the ground, instantly.

if you welded 4 steel poles into a pyramid, than the CW would have 4 ways to reach the ground.

the materials that make up the pyramid, determine how high the CW and CCW may build up.
just as a large bucket can hold more water, than a small bucket.

any build-up of CW and CCW, can be mixed into electricity.
most of the pyramids electricity, comes from collecting the polarized/trapped CW and CCW.

Offline nitinnun

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CCW, is attracted to water molecules in sky (attracted, to waters hydrogen atoms).
pyramid allows CCW, to climb high into sky.

pyramid, is like up-side-down pot-hole.
CCW, is water filling up pothole.

CW, is attracted to sand in ground (attracted, to sands oxygen atoms).
CW is stored in sand/gypsum/granite, that pyramid is made of.
CW slowly fills up sand/gypsum/granite in pyramid, starting from peak, moving down to base.

pyramid, is like baseball-glove.
CW, is like baseball being held above ground, by baseball glove.

when CW touches ground, CW overflows into ground.
resistance in ground, slowly eats up CW.
until CW is used up.

Offline Tigrotto

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Hi Nittun,
but finally , as you know, did someone to put in practice what you suggested here about how to collect electric energy by means of a pyamide?
I said here many times : I currently "collect" energy charging my batteries using a normat cardboard pyramid!
I need to improve my system , but I need to know if some of you put in practice your ideas.
I saw here tons of ideas but no one o them saying as example: I did switch on a LED.So: Does make sense the theories??????

Offline nitinnun

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i think that the pyramid, works EXACTLY like the winhurst generator.

on the wimhurst generator,
clockwise magnetism builds up, on the clockwise spinning wheels.
counter-clockwise magnetism builds up, on the counter-clockwise spinning wheel.

these 2 magnetisms, are combined into electricity.

on the pyramid,
clockwise magnetism builds up in the middle.
counter-clockwise magnetism builds up above the peak.

these 2 magnetisms, are combined into electricity.

can be used to GREATLY increase the output,
of the wimhurst generator.

while the pyramid might require high frequency electricity,
"to work at all".

( thomas trawoger had an oscilloscope attached to his pyramid ! )
( which means his pyramid had high frequency electricity going through it ! )

ironically, the "overunity torroid" ALREADY uses high frequency electricity, to do the same thing !
my idea is just to replace the torroids "main coil", with a wimhurst !

a wimhurst is already its own power supply.
so that solves one or 2 of the major problems, with the overunity torroid.

Offline nitinnun

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by the way.
to "disrupt" the whimhursts magnetism, i wanted to:

* place the 2 wheels, between a horse-shoe magnet.

* wrap a wire coil, around the horse shoe magnet.

* charge the wire coil, with high frequency electricity.

the high frequency would travel through the magnets magnetic field, and into the wimhurst wheels.
disrupting their charges.

i also think that more voltage/amperage could be produced,
by plating one wheel with thin copper foil,
and the other wheel with thin steel sheeting.

i even want to attach each wimhurst wheels, to its own 20 inch wide box fan!
to get high speed, for little power consumption !

the only problem, is that i'm scared to build it.
because the arcs might be powerful enough to start a housefire.
or to kill somebody......

Offline amigo

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Hi nitinnun,

I watched a rather old documentary last night from Les Brown - The Physics of Crystals in which he spoke about similar concepts that you described earlier regarding pyramids.

The difference is that his findings are that there's no CW motion inside the pyramid, never ever. The pyramid only produces what he termed "gravitation" of magnetism in CCW direction, spiraling from bottom up. At the tip of the pyramid we have the flip and the "gravitation" turns into "radiation" which rotates CW.

The CCW gravitation is "negative" energy, while the CW radiation is "positive" (not electric polarity wise but magnetism).

The pyramid itself according to Les has three zones, where the energy increases by a level of magnitude as you move upwards. There are two points of interest, obviously one 1/3 and the other 2/3 of the height going up the central axis.

From my further research on pyramids, it appears that they are affected by the strong magnetic fields. Pat Flanagan did some experiments with the ones similar in proportions to the Great Pyramid one.

The basic rule for them is that one side must face the magnetic North in order to obtain maximum effect. He found that if the pyramid is put within an artificial magnetic field, of two bar magnets for example 300 Gauss, it did not matter whether the pyramid faced magnetic North of the Earth anymore as long as the pyramid was aligned to the magnetic poles of that artificial magnetic field.

Incidentally, Pat believes that at one point in time in the past, both magnetic and True North were aligned and in the same point/axis but over time the magnetic North veered off and as a consequence the Great Pyramid is not active anymore.

Just some food for thought. :)