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Author Topic: this pyramid should produce electricity. (thomas trawoger's pyramid explaned.)  (Read 118056 times)

Offline nitinnun

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if you do not understand this explanation, than you will likely never build a setup, that
harvests electricity from a pyramid.

because i doubt there is a simpler explanation, that exists outside of a secret illuminati

please do not condemn this, unless you have something that "works better".


* build a non-conductive pyramid.
(the pyramids in Egypt were made of non-conductive brick, for a reason!)

* place a copper "peak-plate" onto the peak.
(copper, bismuth, or any "positive" metal should work.)

* the peak-plate should be shaped like a pyramid.
(as if the peak-plate were its very own pyramid.)

* this peak-plate should have sides, and be thick.
the thicker the peak-plate is, the better it should work.

* wrap the bottom half of the pyramid (the "base" opf the pyramid), with aluminum foil, if
you want even more output.

(this is likely not required, if you ground the negative antennae directly under the
peak. so that the antennae is sitting in the negative polarity area of the pyramids
magnetic field.)

(the negative base metal should NEVER be magnetic. or else its magnetism will screw up the
pyramids energy activity. or so i am told.)

* the copper cap-plate and the aluminum base wrapping should NEVER touch electrically.
because you want them to function like a capacitor.
if the peak and base touch, they will short each others charge out.


* place an "antennae" as far up into the pyramids peak as possible.
(a chunk of metal soldered to the end of a wire, counts as an antennae. this peak-antennae

just needs to collect energy, as per a television antennae.)

* this peak antennae should NOT electrically connect with the peak-plate.
(that would most likely screw up the peak-plates energy activity.)

* the peak-antennae should NEVER touch anything which is negatively charged, or anything
which is grounded.
if the peak-antennae touches the ground, it will short out. and it will dump the positive energy in the positive half of the capacitor, into the ground!

* place a second antennae in the base of the pyramid, DIRECTLY under the peak.
this base-antennae should be grounded to something.

(if the base antennae is attached to aluminum wrapped around the pyramids base, than

"grounding" is unneccesary. because the aluminum will act as the "negative".
the dirt outside is just one big "negative" anyway.
the dirt outside can be replaced with another "negative", for a similar result.)


* hook the peak-antennae, up to the positive half of a capacitor.

* hook the base-antennae, up to the negative half of a capacitor.

(on youtube, les brown used 2 coils, in place of capacitors. those coils also served as
part of the 2 antennae's. he did this for the sake of efficiency. NOT for some unknown
energy reason.)

(if you have a good capacitor and 2 good antennae's, THAN COILS ARE NOT NECESSARY!)

(the "positive energy" in the peak spins clockwise. so the counter-clockwise peak-coil,
was good at storing it up like a capacitor. that is why that coil, was counter-clockwise!)

(the "negative energy" in the base, spins counter-clockwise. just ask any blood sucking
grey alien, who's aura spins counter-clockwise. the opposite of a pleiadian or human aura,
which spins clockwise.)

(the clockwise coil in the base, was good at storing up counter-clockwise spinning
negative energy, like a capacitor. that is why the base coil is clockwise!)


* the capacitor "most likely" needs to be charged up, to start the "energy reaction".
because most free energy devices, require energy to start them up.

* a net gain of DC electricity should fill up the capacitor. hook up a computer fan, to
the capacitor.

-:here is how it works:-


* all pyramids collect-store energy/magnetism, from the earths magnetic fields. which is
why one side must always face magnetic north. so that the pyramid can align with the
earths magnetic field, in order to harvest the earths magnetic field.

* the pyramid most likely collects/stores electrostatic energy from the atmosphere.
this energy is found in every cubic inch of air, in our atmosphere!
but the electrostatic motherload, is in the ionosphere. which holds eneough electricity
within itself, to power north america for i don't know how long.

* the positivly charged ionosphere, floating above the negativly charged earth, should
serve as a hint to this. EXPECIALLY since the 2 never touch.

(when the ionosphere and the earth do touch, lightning bolts (electricity!) is created.)

(in this way, the positive and negative should only touch, in the place where you want the
electricity to form. such as the computer fan attached to the capacitor.)


* each pyramid has its own magnetic field. (which was collected/stolen from the earths
magnetic field. like a vampiric lawyer, drinking the blood of the living O.J. simpson trial, to sustain its cursed existence.)

* the copper peak-plate, and the aluminum base wrapping, increase the ability of the
pyramid, to collect and store the earths magnetism.
(more metals = more magnetism collected/stored!)

* the peak is always positive.
the base is always negative.
so the EM field flows into the peak, through the middle, out the base, up the sides, and
back into the peak.

* current is required to charge a capacitor. and to keep the capacitor charged up.

* the current of the pyramids magnetic field, is what charges up the capacitor!

(the copper peak-plate and the aluminum base wrapping increase the pyramids "capacity" to
hold magnetic field. making the pyramids magnetic field stronger.)

(the stronger the pyramids magnetic field, the more power/weight there is, behind its
current! so the more the pyramid is capable, of charging up a capacitor!)


* the peak-antennae collects "positive magnetism", from the positive half of the pyramids
magnetic field.

(the "positive current", forces the positive magnetism, into the peak-antennae. the
positive current keeps the positive energy trapped in the capacitor.)

* the base-antennae collects "negative magnetism", from the negative half of the pyramids
magnetic field.

(the "negative current" forces the negative magnetism, into the base-antennae. the
negative current keeps the negative energy trapped in the negative half of the capacitor.)


* you most likely need to charge up the capacitor, to start up the process.

* the positive charge in the positive half of the capacitor, goes into the peak-antennae,
then into the peak-plate.
the peak plate charges up the positive half of the pyramids magnetic field. starting up
the positive magnetic current, which starts pushing positive magnetism into the capacitor.

* the negative charge in the negative half of the capacitor, goes into the base-antennae,
then into the aluminum base wrapping or grounding.
the aluminum base wrapping, charges up the negative half of the pyramids magnetic field.
starting up the negative magnetic current, which pushes negative magnetism into the

-:the thomas trawoger pyramid "barely" works:-

-:i am very angry at thomas trawoger. read below, to see why:-


* the entire frame is steel. this steel is "negative".
this caused the peaks positive polarity/charge, to be VERY weak!

* thomas trawoger used the steel pyramid frame, as his "negative ground".
since the peak and base were on the same frame, the negative charge in the base, WENT
this also greatly weakened the pyramids magnetic field!

* the current of the pyramids magnetic field, is what forces magnetism into the battery.
the weaker the magnetic field, the weaker the pyramids ability to charge up the capacitor.


* the "copper loop" in the middle of the thomas thrawoger pyramid, collected/stored the
"positive polarity", of the pyramids magnetic field.

* the positive polarity is supposed to be at the peak of the pyramid. so the middle was a
very bad place for the positive polarity!

* the virtical loop shape, was a very inefficent/unsupportive shape, for the positive half of the pyramids magnetic field, to be stored in!

* the steel frame of the pyramid above the copper loop, was negatively charged. so the
positive polarity of the magnetic field, was SURROUNDED by the negative charge stored in
the steel frame!

(that is like shoving someones head down inside their chest, and then cementing shut their
neck. to keep their head trapped in their chest!)

* the copper loop was electrically sepperate from the steel frame. if they had been
connected, than the pyramid would have produced nothing.
it was very careless/neglegent of thomas trowager, to not make absolutely clear to us, this
most important part of the pyramid. that the pyramid is a capacitor, and the positive
storage metal must ALWAYS be sepperate, from the negative storage material!

* the "wire frame" of the pyramid, greatly reduced the capacity of the positive and
negative storage metals.
the thicker/wider the metals, the more charge they can hold.


* the "central capacitor" inside the copper-loop, IS NOT A CAPACITOR! it is an antennae!
and it functions EXACTLY the same as the peak-antennae, in MY pyramid!.

* all of those funky wire coils, were hooked up to this
peak-antennae-disguised-as-a-capacitor. all of the wires were likely connected in series,
at that.

* this peak-antennae-disguised-as-a-capacitor, had one connection to the positive half of
the lower capacitor. so the wires connected to the peak-antennae-disguised-as-a-capacitor,
were nothing more than an EXTENSION, of the peak-antennae-disguised-as-a-capacitor!

* the wire (singular!) "might" have had 1 or 2 connectiosn to the copper loop. thus making
the copper loop itself, an extension of the peak-antennae-disguised-as-a-capacitor.

* if the above is true, than that likely hurt the electrical output even more. because
then the capacitor and what should haave been the peak=plate, are
electrically/magnetically connected. and this would distort the magnetic field of the
pyramid. (even more distorted than the magnetic field already was!)


* there was sand, saltwater, and graphite sticks (carbon), inside the copper loop.

* this "might" have played a part in the reaction. because i have build "glue cells" using

copper, steel, and elmer's school glue (elmer's glue is water and carbon!), which also produce electricity.
produces electricity, indefinitely!

* the copper and steel in my glue cells, must never touch. only the glue must connect them.
this is EXTREMELY SIMILAR, to how les brown connected his peak-antennae and his base-antennae, with a thread of sheep's wool.
the sheep's wool was organic. it had hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon inside of it!


* thomas trawoger is a lying prankster, someone who's ability to communicate is awful, doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows, and isn't as great and glorious as he thinks he is.

* originally, he lied about his name. saying that it was "flavio thomas".
lying about his name didn't protect him from harm very much. and his real name was found out anyway. if "thomas trawoger" even IS his real name, and he isn't just lying to us twice,

(was this an impulsive lie from him? what else does he lie about too?)

* thomas trawoger lied about the magnet being required in his pyramid, when it was not.
he said that it was a trick, "to see who was faking his pyramid. because if they said the magnet was required, they were faking it!"
was this another impulsive lie from him? or was he jacking us around for his amusement?

* people mentioned very childish behavior and messages from thomas trawoger. i didn't see it, but i can easily see it happening, based on what i "have" seen of him.

thomas trawoger is not a god. he is not a glorious visionary. he is not even "honest", with small things.

he is just some silly-faced, chain smoking mook, who somehow came into possession of part of an important truth. yet failed to share that truth with the rest of us.

failed to share the truth with us due to his incomplete knowledge, due to his ineffectiveness to relate things to  other human beings, and due to his twisted enjoyment of playing childish pranks on a forum of inventors, who are despiratly seeking a technology which could save humanity and our planet from destruction.

thomas trawoger deserved a little respect for "sharing", however fruitlessly, his small slice of the truth.
unfortunately, he put himself deep into respect-debt, with the rest of the ******** that he pulled on us.

you might think that this thread is being too hard on him. but how else is a man who denies the world its salvation, for the sake of stupid jokes and egomania, supposed to be treated?

Offline Drannom

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    • Cristallerie La Pyramide d'Alun
Very good Nitinnun, where have you learn so far ?

i'll try this with alum pyramids, i have a mini copper pyramid too, and i am good in electronic, static electricity convert into a capacitor ! why not

i wonder what is your views on Pyraman pyramid in Pyramid Power, that is another type , a resonnating one producing heat

Offline tak22

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???  gee, you'd think with this much detail you could maybe just build it and report your results?  ???

Are you expecting a rush of replicators to do your work for you?

I can tolerate grand theories for difficult to construct items, but this is getting ridiculous.

I happen to like pyramids and admire the work of Les Brown, so I do hope something positive comes of this.

tak (in an intolerant mood)

Offline nitinnun

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i drew a picture.

between this thread and this picture, there should be no more mysterious unknowns.
you should have everything you need, but didn't know before.

unless that organic/carbon/elmer's-school-glue, needs to connect the positive and negative antennae's together. to mix together the positive and negative energies.
like the sheep's wool connected with the positive and negative antennae's, in les browns video.

but if so, that is about it.

as simple as this design is, i'm too tired, too sick, and too demotivated to build it.
i'm gripped by nausea a quarter the time, intolerably dizzy half the time, numb most of the time, spaced out most of the time, and not interested in living another minute on this miserable planet.

even on my best day, i do not enjoy building things. in fact, i loath it.
and if one of you does not build this, than it may never be built.

Offline AbbaRue

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So now we know the true meaning of the all seeing eye on the USA dollar bill.
The eye is actually one of the antenna's of this device.
The secret of unlimited free energy has been there right in front of every American's nose all along.

Offline nitinnun

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i guess that means my electricity harvesting method has already been tested and approved, by the illuminati.......

by the way. "annuit coeptis novus ordo seculorum", are the words around the pyramid picture, on the one dollar bill.

in english, it means "he approves of our new world order". or something along those lines.

so the peak-antennae must be extremely important, if the illuminati were willing to declare their motto, together WITH the peak-antennae.

Offline nitinnun

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i just realized that on the dollar bill, the peak of the pyramid is ELECTRICALLY SEPPERATE from the base of the pyramid. like in my design.

since the peak/all-seeing-eye is electrically sepperated, it can store positive energy from the positive end of the pyramdis magnetic field. without being discharged by the negative base of the pyramid.

that is what the ancient egyptians did. they mut have put copper or gold caps on top of the pyramids. and since the copper/gold cap were electrically sepperated by the brick pyramid, the copper/gold cap could store up positive energy.

chance that the person who designed the dollar bill, knew how to harvest energy/electricity from pyramids = 95%

Offline Freezer

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that is what the ancient egyptians did. they mut have put copper or gold caps on top of the pyramids. and since the copper/gold cap were electrically sepperated by the brick pyramid, the copper/gold cap could store up positive energy.

I read somewhere that the tips of the pyramids of giza were made of mica.  What ever happened to thomas trawoger anyways?  I guess the mibs silenced him?  :-\

Offline helmut

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    • in construction
I read somewhere that the tips of the pyramids of giza were made of mica.  What ever happened to thomas trawoger anyways?  I guess the mibs silenced him?  :-\

Good point

And by the way. What happend to PYRAMAN ? It looks to me that something  evil crossed his way.

Offline martinzurix

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i write personaly to PYRAMAN about sand wat i found in my countru Latvia  but no ansvers from him.

p.s  i heard that masons with jan michael zhar in front trayed to put golden cap on giza in 2000 year aniversary but something go wrong and chopers cant put this cap on ...

idea about  earth negative and atmosfere posetive gradient is very logic  and i see that only  pyramid scale affect how much energy is colected...   highter pyramid produces more energy !!!

Offline nitinnun

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the copper and aluminum metals are a FAR bigger modifier for magnetic power, than pyramid size alone.

a small pyramid with sepperated copper and aluminum, would be capable of producing the output of a far larger pyramid made from a non-conductive material.

the pyramid MUST at least have a cap on top, made of positive metal.
or else the pyramid will not be able to charge up much, before positive and negative meet in the middle, discharging the entire pyramids magnetic field.

that is why the "sweet spot" in a pyramid, is slightly lower than the perfect center. because the "volume" inside the pyramid meets the 50% mark, slowly lower than perfect middle.
at this 50% mark, the positive charge in the peak meets the negative charge in the base. and both charges discharge each other, into a small burst of electricity!

the copper peak and the aluminum base GREATLY increase the magnetic capacity of the pyramid. allowing a one-element pyramid which can barely put out energy electricity, to put out lots of energy.

by the way. energy storage is based on mass. so the more copper/aluminum atoms on the pyramid, the stronger the pyramids magnetic field is capable of becoming.

and the stronger the magnetic field, the more capable the pyramid is of charging up a capacitor.

Offline nitinnun

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i know why the pyramids in Egypt use the 52 degree angle at the base of each triangle.

when the base angle of the triangle is 52 degree's, the sides and floor are 45 degree's from each other!

when the sides are flour are 45 degree's from each other, than the "peaks positive current" and the "bases negative current", are perfectly balanced.

if the pyramid is too tall/narrow, than the "peaks positive current" is bigger than the "bases negative current".
as a result of this, the peak-antennae is receiving more current than the base-antennae.
and as a result of this, the capacity is limited to the smaller amount of negative charge, in the negative half of the capacitor!

so it is like an egg shaped wheel. the smaller end of the egg-shaped wheel, is a weakness.

the above is why the 52 degree angles pyramid, produces the most energy! because its positive peak-current is equal in strength, to its negative base-current!

Offline martinzurix

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then if i incarase area  of coper and aluminium coveradge i get more  energy ??

one way to do this ...


Offline nitinnun

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copper/aluminum surface area, would have a stronger effect, than copper/aluminum mass.

that is why thomas trawoger's pyramid had better performance, with the gypsum boards on the sides. because the gypsum boards, increased the magnetic capacity of the pyramid.
since there was more covered area, in which to store (capacitor) magnetism..

NOT because the boards were gypsum! but because they had more capacity, than empty air!

the gypsum boards also reinforced the current/flow of the magnetic field (they are better than empty air, for that too!).
they kept the current flowing in one direction (downwards).

so that this stronger magnetic current, was better able to cram positive magnetic energy into the mess that passed for his copper peak-plate, and peak-antennae-deceptively-disguised-as-a-capacitor.

.....i'm still angry at thomas trawoger. he laughed and gloated at our expense far too much, for far too little information in return.

have any of you even managed to produce electricity, with what little "knowledge" he gave?

Offline nitinnun

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by surface area, i meant covering the sides of the pyramid.

once the sides are covered, the best thing to do would likely be to increase the thickness/mass of the metals. such as stacking one lay of metal on top of another layer of metal.

you would have to try both, to be certain. so for now, build which ever is easiest to build..
either surface area, or thicker metal.