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Author Topic: Bike runs on water 100 % - No Gasoline - Microwave Pulse Generator Water Split  (Read 31028 times)

Offline Zephir

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Extremely interesting, yet very simple device: a well tuned multiresonator cavity powered with Gunn diode. But what about the polymer foil inside it? It can be just a teflon like dielectric. It has been told us, it's consumable as well as the water - it probably has a short-life time in AC field.

another possible function of this polymer

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Offline MasterPlaster

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Offline EdChe

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I had fun looking up all the things that split water on 13.56 MHz.  Is this the right one??

Also, this inspirational video for you!!  Run Your Car On Water and Nothing Else (Fox News) :

Please, I implore you keep on this subject.  Someone is going to, and we are going to need the HHO powered car.  I like Fast Freddie's model, but we need a lot more HHO gas!  Maybe using electromagnetic waves and an alloy will be the way to get enough of the stuff.  For those who haven't tried it, it is a joy to work with (if you can get a good seal), and burns well through a flashback arrestor... others have used even less safety devices!  Enjoy and keep everyone updated.

The Base Institute

Offline ramset

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funny thing about that Flame color and burn quality [slow lazy passive]

these days its not so odd...
not at all

yes Ed
this needs to be kept on the front burner...

Chet K

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Offline EdChe

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Here is another article concerning the 13.56 MHz frequency.

Following on one of the references, I was rewarded with another mainstream news story (from a while ago) on the subject.
Salt Water into Fuel - .  Continuous!  Could this be used for the cars?

Can radio waves be added to existing cells to increase output?  They use a lot less electricity (article said 300 Watts), so it wouldn't be out of the question...  Happy researching!


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