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Author Topic: Open Source Vs. Patenting  (Read 259434 times)


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Open Source Vs. Patenting
« on: December 17, 2006, 10:22:26 PM »
Who wants to go first?


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2006, 12:29:14 AM »
I Will,

Open source, won't come under patent fires,, where as Patenting it is like hey you ill take that off you,you did not patent it, now read about the hypocrites talking about saveing the planet.

watch useing technology to destory the planet =  ,

also watch, deprave the world of food and useing gm to poision it even more to make people even more sick >


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2006, 12:41:08 AM »
Read about this link,

below if you do not want to click link,

listmembers, look at the rotor-verter
Roto -Verter

This page is intended to support panaceas open sourced RV communities
HECTOR the inventor of the RV whom is also open sourced and working
with panacea's

public research and development team.

*This page is intended to further substantiate the available OPEN
FREE ENERGY research and development potential we the public have to
towards de centralized energy systems when our community acts

Note- members of the public not poised in this advanced field, *might
the following subject matter a bit hard to comprehend*. This will
when the the research and development centre is granted. I Ashtweth
done my best to present the organization's findings in as much
context as possible.

I (Ashtweth) started out as a laymen and was not poised in this field
even educated in the trade of consensus realities 'electricity'. Thus
am the same as the majority of the public reading this, I had to
learn the
hard way by years of study, i have attempted to convey this
information into
as much of a laymen's comprehensible presentation as possible.

The Replicated proof of principle in the RV was done by panacea to
the public with energy saving awareness/applications in* a non profit
role.*And for an evaluation towards submission of the device for ZPE
education and
testing research and development in panaceas R and D centre.

As a result of panacea's replications, the non profit organization
have also
complied technical thesis on the Roto Verter donated by the engineers
working on the RV. For complete detailed education, facts and
and construction please consult the following compilations.

1)RV energy saving research and
(2MB, PDF)

2)Advanced RV research and development

3) RE-OU -v6 <> (1.9MB,

The RV is currently an alternative energy device being utilized by
sourced engineers around the world as an energy saver and to
transform and
understand ZPE when configured in looped mode via a resonance

*The RV principle is a far superior energy saving device which can
serve the
public immediately in various efficient energy saving applications.

*consult the RV energy saving document and support the inventor or
panacea support the inventor and the open sourced engineers who made
possible for this awareness to reach the public*.

Panacea has just launched replicated results of the RV's energy
Baldors motors and drives Australia have just sponsored panacea and
generously donated two motors towards helping promote the RV as the
efficient 1-2 HP electric motor in the world. The RV's energy savings
applications will save the public energy and money. Please consult
panacea promotional press release for further details.

Baldors Launches energy

The following information and replications involving the RV will be
into two separate sections explaining and demonstrating the RV in the
of ZPE research and in an energy savings role.


The inventor Hector is an *open sourced* *energy* engineer and
explains that
For ZPE and LOOPING, the process involved in the RV's energy saving
management is vital to further demonstrate over-unity (explanation

With current electric motors wasting energy by their Inefficient
engineering ZPE transformation is out of reach. The RV is an R&D tool
designed to work with those issues in power management to find
solutions and
applications for ZPE engineering design.

ZPE technology once perfected and developed is of the highest
efficiency as
it employs a condition of *over unity*. Technically OU is defined by
the inventor as:

Over unity is a *high efficiency* condition via *energy transformation
principles* which enables a system to *transform energy* from *ZPE*
and out
put *more* energy than is required to maintain the whole process. One
way to
create over unity is demonstrated in the replicated proof of
principle in
the RV.

Technically the RV is explained by the: Roto-conversion RV effect: A
Way to
operate a motor at HI impedances with a lower reflective power loss
at idle
mode. Working similar to a POWER transformer but on Electrical to

Resulting in a HI EFF performance and under some conditions (*OU-over
due to the resonance-magnetic amplification and other quantifiable
related to ENERGY TRANSFORMATION from the ambient*. Radiant Energy: =
(AC in
RF [radio frequency] mode)

Below is an example from the inventor showing the out put in the
side exceeding the input in the motors input side using vectoring
and electrical resonance principles.

Pictured above is two three phase motors configured to run in RV
Photo courtesy of Hector.

On the *right side* of the picture is the generator with its meter
showing an out put of *203 volts with 5.1 amps of current*. This
exceeds the input current (left hand side) of *119.8 volts and 8
amps* of
current needed to sustain the resonant action. This is possible via
electrical to mechanical transformation.

From this picture one can see what is regarded as *reactive power*
in the RV.* It is possible to extract this power into a condition
that is
non reflective to the source, or input side*. To date Hector has done
in a looped configuration which he has since disclosed on the
Hector Describes Looped systems are real using non reflective
resonant power Extraction or ballun compensated direct tensor loading.

Hector has also offered laymen's methods and solutions using his split
capacitors diode resonant systems (plug) to split power dividers to
non reflective power. Additionally the open sourced engineers working
panacea have upgraded circuits and design concepts which incorporate
power switching circuits to make this *EXCESS Energy* usable.

Several versions of these configurations are on the R and D' design
*Resources and R and D equipment which panacea will to provide from a
granted situation in the commissioned research and development centre
play a major role in enabling this technology to be developed and
by the public*.

*The RV is public knowledge (open sourced) and cannot be patented or
regulated. Thus once perfected and developed is public free energy*.

The RV is Statutory Public copyright (Other Rights Apply) local and
international (Publication) of a Scientific discovery called Roto

Through independent replication The RV has showed potential for
energy transformation principles towards over unity research and
which Include, magnetic amplification, radiant energy and stochastic
resonance (ZPE).

Norman Wooten an open sourced energy engineer was the first to report
RV's potential of magnetic amplification with a coupled generator to
demonstrating an *over unity capacity *in his 2001 test.

Norman Wooten- courtesy of

In his test Norman coupled this PMI Kollmorgen U12M4/9AF4T Servo Disc
Motor to a three phase motor wired to run in RV mode. The RV was used
as the
'prime mover' motor to drive the the PMI disk as a generator

The PMI Kollmorgen U12M4/9AF4T Servo Disc DC Motor which was used as
generator to extract OU.

Here is a summery of Norms results quoted from his internet
disclosure on Mon,
25 Feb 2002 ? on the Keel net forum.


*I loaded the DC generator with 160-watt incandescent lamp load.
Since I
have two independent systems here, one being driven with 120VAC line
and the other system a belt driven DC generator being loaded with pure
resistive load. Here are the numbers: Motor was retuned for minimum
draw which required 45 mfd, 370V oil filled cap with a resulting
draw of .15 amps @ 120VAC input. *

*The independent generator put out .75 amps @ 74 VDC into a resistive
The only thing that needs to be looked at on the input side of the
is the power factor of the AC input. I need to look at the current/
phase relationship. I'm satisfied with the figures that I calculate
shows roughly

18 watts AC input
with a DC output of 55.5 watts.

What I find most interesting is the fact that the more load you put
on the
3-phase motor the lower the input current draw and the motor gets
The belt driven DC generator gets quite hot after about 30 minutes of
running time. Go figure it out. I believe there is a lot to be
learned about
revolving magnetic fields in 3 phase motors and tuning the output via
capacitors. This experiment is so easy to do everyone should
seriously look
at this phenomenon.*

-End quote

*As you can conceive* *this shows premise for further investigation
running motors and generators in RV mode.*

One engineer's interpretation is that the resonance and magnetic
amplification is transforming ZPE. Another's is that the factors
contributing to the input dropping when the load is being increased
is due
to the electrical resonance effects impedance of the

AC line AC input.

Hectors has also extracted *over unity* from the RV and made a video
his results. Here is a screen shot of the video which he used to
light up a
1000 watt light bulb. Below is the input figure shown needed to
energy from the RV's electrical to mechanical transformation to light
up a
1000 watt light bulb.

Taken from the video showing a 60 hertz Aluminium motor 7.5HP 3PH
184TCH(frame) US MOTOR coupled to an identical motor acting as a
in RV mode lighting up a 1000watt bulb

Taken from the video showing the input from the motors draw.

Taken form the video, the purpose of the close up is to observe the
bulb *lit
to full brightness.
The RV also shows proof in the potential to develop and understand
point energy* when used in the configuration of *looped or self
running mode
*. Below is a picture of the first confirmed test from the inventor
looping the RV and disclosing the principles involving *ZPE*.

Pictured above is Hector operating two three phase motors used to
the Disclosed internet Schematic of the RV in a loop mode (self
running). In
loop mode the RV is charging the battery that's powering the prime
motor and still out putting more energy than is required to run the

The RV looped schematic has been given by hector to the public open
for public knowledge and to thwart cartels from patenting and

This looped sequence involves transformers (unseen in picture) which
represent the down grading of voltage from the generators resonating
circulating output current. The transformer primary , secondary , plus
battery with one transistor and a few extra parts of Capacitors,
Diode ridge
,resistors , mica caps , & more diodes (blocking) where all it took
to close the loop on the battery.

The closed loop is described by Hector as being achieved from the
matching (Amplitude) of the resonant generators output elements
relative to
the batteries input amperage. This can also be further understood by
(radio frequency) engineering practice. Hector parallels the RV's OU
to RF
practice where he is creating (current) nodes from standing waves
present in
the resonant media of the alternator which involve interface behavior
stochastic resonance from the thermal ambient back round noise (ZPE).

Quote: *System gain comes from stochastic resonance and ZPE** as the
magnetic latching occurs within the core-wire LCR components of the
and its capacitor driven rotary 3PH fields, in resonance, the time-
decay is the only energy you require to replenish at to maintain it.
energy from stochastic resonance within the LC tank components drains
from the "thermal" signature of the ZPE and K thermodynamic-
ambient heat (electron spin).

This is a full disclosure of an operational and tested device, system
made of standard off shelve items, tuning is made by changing
values and the proper selection of standard items for its
construction, 3PH
motors, 10:1 12V or 5:1 24V transformers with the proper core and
values (standard) off shelve, diode bridges capacitor (all standard).
requires extreme knowledge in RF systems and electromagnetic resonance
engineering*. -hector end Quote.

The inventor and open sourced engineers descried are like Tesla and

great humanitarians who have offered this open source technology and
education *for humanity to advance*. Hector has published the looped
schematic and made the plans available to any body wishing to
replicate over
the internet.

The issue of replication of the looped design however is
*complicated* and
so far to achieve this advanced level, Hector is needed to be
recruited into
an R and D environment to offer his education and to follow through
with the
public disclosure. For those wishing to evaluate the schematic, the
ZPE plans are available at

Hectors original disclosure which since has been improved with a dual
battery switching system and many other modifications.

*It is Advanced energy R and D, brand new and very difficult for the
timer to grasp and replicate, hence why we need to recruit Hector and
the open sourced engineers working on the RV into the centre where we
public can provide grant support and SAFTY for this research**.*

*Only through this open source technology disclosures can it reach the
public and allow green energy technology to operate and stay UN
and free our self's from petroleum subjugation and pollution*.

*Hector is a very underrated* *and talented* open sourced energy
whom has contributed the RV for public education to show far advanced
saving applications and the potential the RV has to operate in an
over unity
condition. Hector has also has developed far advanced *Zero point
user systems* (Z.E.U.S).

Photos provided by hector

Hectors internet disclosure of the z.e.u.s System is pictured

in the centre in a triangle formation.

Side view

Another device replicated independently and given open sourced by
to demonstrate a lab testable existence of ZPE and over unity is the
Trans-verter device (below) comprising capacitors and a three phase

*Credits to jinis* for this Submission and Disclosure of
Hectors replication. Pictured on the right the Trans-Verter, One phase
(Ferro resonant ) transformer modified with vectoring capacitors.
This is
another device like the RV which has *demonstrated over unity
efficiency and
is needing further study to extract the power in a condition which is
reflective to the source.*

The Research and Development of the RV has been extended and
perfected by
open sourced engineers known to panacea, many improvements and
potential is
shown in the technical compilations mentioned on this page. To reach
capacity this research and development has, the RV and these
engineers known
to panacea *needs to make it into a resourced and consolidated
backed granted environment*, *where it can be secured into public
and circulation*.

The RV can also be applied into cogeneration roles involving certain
energy patents which the public can also benefit from. To date certain
expired patents are able be fused with the RV. *Many generators can be
adopted to the RV prime mover* and run in RV mode for high eff use as
Wootan proved.

Hector has already experimented with the *Ekhlin brown* patent as a
generator attached to the RV. This patent has expired and Hector has a
working OU design. At the time hector first built this he was not open
sourced and experienced the greedy out come that results in this
This resulted in his prototype being suppressed according to Hector.
one of the expired patents which can be used in cogeneration with the
technology is the expired L *ee **Rogers**'s air car patent.*

Further technical detail is contained in the compilations mentioned.

The concept disclosed by hector is to run Solar + RV + air compressor
+ lee
Rogers patent. The expired patent can be built and tested with the RV
publicly disclosed and owned. To date an open sourced team member of
is working to perfect this RV-Rogers co-generation, but is under
and lacks the time needed and money to complete the project. In the
this will be resolved.

Above is the lee Rogers air car drawing from the expired patent.

The RV can act as a power source to drive the air compressor with the
aid of
solar cogeneration making a more efficient and faster solar car. This
is needs proper granted resources to be built and tested. Also
*Hector has
designed RV vortex co-generation energy technology based on victor
schaubergers ideas which also requiring testing. Hector has also
described a
water injected diesel conversion concept but needs resources to

*Hector and many other engineers experienced in this alternative
field are ready and willing to contribute in the public granted
research and
development centre*. There are many talented humanitarians whom have
technology awaiting public disclosure.

Their energy technology is for *vehicle transportation and home power
systems* which need public grants to start production and to spread

*The referenced communities are the individuals who taught me all
that I
know and contributed to the advancement of the RV FREE and open
This group is run by Doug cozen who has made a variety of energy
systems over the years and continues to advance at an alarming rate.
For the
past 5+ years, Doug has been experimenting with a low-voltage
EDGRAY motor, but also with a permanent magnet version as a hybrid
Gray/Adams motor.

Panaceas Replication of the RV

Although I am not working and or experienced by trade in electricity,
engineering or this advanced field of Energy Transformation, I
along with another helping engineer took the time to replicate the
verter myself and learn its theory and operation.

*This was with the help of my new found, technically brilliant,
friends from around the world. These warriors of truth, are members
of Doug
Konzen's free-energy Yahoo Group 'EVGRAY' on the internet. *

My replication of the RV is further proof of two principles, the
first is
related to *the capacity the RV has in relation to energy saving R
and D
which is available to be applied by the public right now.* The other
is in
relation to over unity R an D which proves the* EXCESS ENERGY IS
the RV and is there to be extracted.

*The RV is needing further testing and study in panaceas non profit
and development centre for this to advance further at this stage.* The
following will be a basic summery of the results , for complete
detail please refer to the technical E-books listed in the

Energy savings

Using the RV in a separate motor application is a superior energy
device *which can be applied* *right now to run more efficiently a
Lathe, a
milling machine, an industrial bench drill or any other variable load
machine which the RV can operate from a speed of one to two HP and
save up
to 90% energy!*.

Panaceas replication showing a 1 HP BALDORS RV motor

modified for energy saving applications.

*The RV is the only method of power management which allows also
allows practical solar cogeneration use of the above mentioned
Other energy saving roles are possible, please read the technical
compilation Panacea completed to for further detail.

Here is an open letter that can be forwarded to ANY university who
must up
grade their faculty and advance their power engineering via this
discovery. Panacea-bocaf have RV representatives around the world, a
representative in Brisbane Australia can provide a tangible energy
demo to Brisbane universities.

Panacea-bocaf can also provide university and or send this
documentation of
RV tests to any international university. *PLEASE FORWARD THIS LETTER
YOUR UNIVERSITY, and / or contact Panacea for more info.*

<>Download the university
here! <>

The energy savings that the RV proves is unique and also is a pioneer
future solar shop cogeneration which will enable the practical
of solar shop equipment where previously it would be financially
and impractical. The non RV equivalent is estimated to need 10 times
solar panels to function.

All machinery which employs variable loads by 1-2 HP electric motors
can be
run *SIGNIFICANTLY* more efficient in RV Mode, not to mention now
able to be
solar driven to recharge the batteries *where previously it would be

*It is time the public mandate law to upgrade and enforce electric
standards to match the RV's energy saving efficiency to do critically
environmental benefit*. For complete detail and construction details
consult the technical thesis panacea completed, and sign up in the
section for public lobby support of the mandates!.

This data needs to upgrade efficiency standards in industry, the
savings the RV proves is premise to mandate law to make electric
motors more
environmentally sound. Green politicians and the public need to
enforce this
and support panaceas efforts to serve you for a sustainable future.
If you
are an industry worker which use machinery, a member of the public or
Green politician Please sign up and or contact panacea in the relative


These concepts and technology is public knowledge, and I encourage all
people that use machinery with rotary punch or solar cogeneration to
save money and energy b*y using the RV open sourced technology. *And
further commit towards the engineers goals of free energy and focus
the youth to live free from subjugation and greener. Donate for

Here is a technical video showing and proving these facts via the
replication results.

*Over unity/ZPE replication*

Panacea's replication choose to input the RV with a battery and
inverter and
show a DC current and voltage input for more accuracy.

Above is the RV full in view, showing the prime mover
with capacitor bank [centre]

With the RV running, the input is 11.7 volts on the inverter
the battery, and by the meter is reading a draw of 30.6 amps of
which equals around 385 watts (Times the voltage by the current to
get the

The alternator out put shown by the meters reads *165 volts with 9.7
amps AC
of circulating current*. 165 volts times 9.7 amps of current equates
about *1600 watts.*

In summery the input current is 385 watts, The output current is
*1600 watts
*. Take 1600 watts, subtract 385 watts and it will equal *1215 watts
of over
unity from the input needed to create it*.

*Where is this excess energy coming from?*

*This is what needs to be studied and understood through further
testing in
the R and D centre*. Panaceas tests are conclusive and prove *it is
to Loop the RV with the excess energy produced.* *And it is further
that Hectors R and D is valid and is to be submitted into the
research and
development centre.*

my tests-my replication inserted here (Normans replication and a
attempt with phils OU and resonance collection and inverter)

The only way to make free green energy a reality is through open
technology and through the engineers committed and experienced to do
Your input is the medium needed with grants. PUBLIC funded, publicly
disclosed, and free to the public. With out your public input, it
will only

*This device proves many things, The most important for now is that
we have
the capacity to develop higher efficient green energy systems and
keep them
in open sourced public disclosure or public knowledge.*

The RV, Trans-verter and related co-generation RV technology all will
perfected in panaceas centre. *please contribute to public free
support you none profit org and dontate and or sign up!!.*

Next is the Joe cell suppressed energy technology.

On 11/21/06, Mark Eldridge <updigme@...> wrote:
> I know that some in the group are interested in being able to
> for themselves without the "help" of the local utilities. I show
you this
> because it is very close to the system that myself and my partners
are close
> to finishing. Some differences and some sketchy claims, but it is
> to know that I'm not alone in my quest.
> As always, if I find out more, that is of actual use, I will pass
it along
> to the group.
> 11/20/06 - Self-Running Generator powered by Static
> [image: KeelyNet](I could not find the patent that the article
claims is
> pending. Inverter input can be from as low as 6VDC up to 120VDC
which would
> be used to produce 120VAC or so which would determine if the 10
volt coils
> are in parallel or series. Don't rag on me for the diagram, I have
no idea
> of the true schematic, this is just a rough idea of the layout with
> coils incorrectly wired. Will know more in future. - JWD) Walter
> thinks he has invented the machine that will "change the nation."
> about town as a "tinker," the Florala resident has spent the last
18 years
> working on the concept of creating a device that would solve the
> if not the world's, dependency on crude oil. His idea: a patent-
> prototype for a generator fueled by static electricity. "It works
this way,"
> he said. "Static electricity is all around us, everyday. If you
stick your
> hand in Styrofoam peanuts and pull it out, they stick. That's static
> electricity. My machine draws the static electricity from the air,
as well
> as producing more. That charge then goes into a coil system that
> the charge and converts it into D/C power. "That power then comes
out of 12
> different wires with enough amps to make electricity flow," he
said. A power
> converter is used to change the electricity converted from D/C
power to A/C
> power for use in everyday needs, he said. Operating on four car
> the machine works by using start-up energy from the batteries to
drive a D/C
> motor that turns a flywheel. That magnetic flywheel runs through a
> where 300 feet of 10-gauge copper wires, enclosed in sheepskin,
pushes the
> electricity into 12 coils, with each coil producing somewhere
around 10
> volts of electricity. "This thing will build enough electrical
power to
> operate an automobile," he said. "It needs no gas, no oil. This one
unit is
> more than enough to run a house." He demonstrated his concept, by
> how his invention puts out enough power to run an outboard motor
and corded
> work light. Owens, an accomplished inventor, holds 27 patents for
items such
> as farm equipment, a boat, a commode system and a newspaper rack.
"Look at
> all of our men and women who have lost their lives over the battle
for oil,"
> he said. "What if we could stop our dependency on gas, oil? We
could bring
> our guys home and go a long way in stopping pollution. I knew it
would be
> difficult, but I had to try. This could be the turning point for
our world."
> Currently, Owens has completed a prototype and is looking for
someone to
> take his invention into the marketplace. "This thing is much bigger
> me," he said. "It's going to take someone much younger than me to
get this
> thing out in the forefront where it needs to be. I'm looking for
someone to
> do that."


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2006, 12:55:59 AM »
Problem is when you have a f.e machine and you do not patent it. Sombody will come around and claim the idea as theirs and do patent it and stop all progress on the thing. You can't do a thing because they have the patent, and are sitting on it.

What you can do is:
Invent a f.e device. Patent it. BUT be fully transparant in the patent. Discribe everything. So people can fully and without hidden stuff replicate it completely. In that way a patent can become a worldwide available and free instuction manual for all.


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #4 on: December 18, 2006, 01:28:17 AM »
If you open source it, then no one can patent it, well according under the corrupt laws.


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #5 on: December 18, 2006, 05:43:44 AM »
Like Unix/Linux GNU/GPL would probably be the best way to go if you need to patent.

* see and



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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #6 on: December 18, 2006, 05:46:34 AM »
Yes Microsoft really wants Linux gone,


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #7 on: December 19, 2006, 03:51:46 PM »
Problem is when you have a f.e machine and you do not patent it. Sombody will come around and claim the idea as theirs and do patent it and stop all progress on the thing. You can't do a thing because they have the patent, and are sitting on it.

What you can do is:
Invent a f.e device. Patent it. BUT be fully transparant in the patent. Discribe everything. So people can fully and without hidden stuff replicate it completely. In that way a patent can become a worldwide available and free instuction manual for all.
This is true but expensive. It should be enough simply to disclose your work. It will then become "prior art", and will cause the next person's patent to fail.

The question is: How do you disclose technology with enough
publicity? What counts as "enough"?


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #8 on: December 31, 2006, 05:32:15 AM »
yes i know GPL is for software.

this is the closest i can find in order to be "free and open source" for patenting. unless there is something else out there that i don't know of and is qualified as "free and open source" license.

the question is, is there a license out there that is qualified as "free and open source" for patenting a machine?
« Last Edit: December 31, 2006, 09:01:51 AM by FreeEnergy »


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2006, 09:01:10 AM »


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #10 on: February 11, 2007, 01:20:19 PM »
I think this is why I really like this forum. It gives individual researchers the opportunity to fully disclose their work to thousands of curious onlookers. Once the information is posted, people can immediately begin replication.

It does require generosity of the inventor though, since it does not work to the inventor's financial advantage; but if something does work, it allows the information to spread quickly.


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
« Reply #11 on: February 12, 2007, 03:28:39 AM »
A patent only works if it is implented over the entire world and even then the results are in question. A patent 'if filed fully transparent' and is simple enough to replicate does not stop any one individual from replicating for their own purpose. Just as long as that individual does not set up a company for selling the item they can make them and give (not sell, at least not get caught selling) them to their friends.. What does the patent owner get.. Nada. A lot of items that are patented do not seem to have a problem being replicated in back rooms of other countries (like China) without any roylaties to the patent owner. Most good patents are owned or sold to large corporations that have the resources to go after others that are using the patent or they just bury it so others can not use it. A lot of time patents can be circumvented just by changing one or two items from the original. What does the original patent owner get. Nothing. Open source on the other hand gets the information out that can be used for practical purposes in a timely fashion. A lot depends on the type of person with the information. Do they want to make money ? Do they want to help 'save the world' ? Do they want frame ? It seems that most people that patent or try to patent a device that may help 'save the world' end up being dead. Being dead does not make you money, does not help 'save the world', and the only fame you get is being added to the list of dead inventors. So if you have a great device that may help 'save the world' then maybe open sourcing it may be the better may to go. It may not make you rich but you may live longer...


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
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Yes, as an inventor in this free energy field you can make
much more money and much more faster by going open
source, than from applying for a patent.

A patent is only good as long as you can fight financially
the big companies, which try to copy your patents with no royallities
Better go open source and make money from your famousity !
Write a book, be invited to paid talkshows, setup your own site
with Google adsense advertisement and get paid for the traffic, etc... etc..

Also get hired by a big company, who develops your technology further, etc..

It will all pay out muchg faster, than spending thousands for a patent
and fighting to get copycats from replicating it without paying
Today in this Internet age, where information is transferred in millisconds
around the globe and where in China and other countries every hardware is
hacked in 2 weeks and reproduced in masses, it will
pay more out, if you go open source as the inventor...

Also much less stress without all the patent hassles...

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
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open source? only usefull for peer review and getting the technology to those that will use it. other than that it's a failure as a way of getting rich. no one will buy the product if you give the technology away. IMHO!  ::)


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Re: Open Source Vs. Patenting
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open source? only usefull for peer review and getting the technology to those that will use it. other than that it's a failure as a way of getting rich. no one will buy the product if you give the technology away. IMHO!  ::)

actually a lot of people buy open source tech and depend on it. how do you think the internet got here?
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