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Author Topic: New Scalar Wave Detector and laws of Scalar Physics  (Read 6725 times)

Offline wdjensen123

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New Scalar Wave Detector and laws of Scalar Physics
« on: September 22, 2014, 03:28:35 AM »
Hi There,

I'm just cutting and pasting my posts on Eric Dollards Forum.  I was getting no responses to speak of.

I have replicated a lot of your scalar experiments with my Scalar wave generator systems, and built 1 watt Meyl’s. both with new electronic designs.

I have discovered a Scalar Wave detector that measures the field direction, polarity, and qualitatively the strength. For now, my scalar wave detector is a secret from the public, since I want to publish my findings. Perhaps I will share it with you. I can detect scalar waves at any distance now, its spooky in operation.

With it I have determined that scalar waves have 2 polarities I call odd and even, or possibly in and out. The fields of Tesla-like LC primary electronic scalar wave generators is AC scalar with a slight DC polarity to them. Certain minerals I have discovered emit polarized in out DC scalar waves from each end. Other materials minerals are natural amplifiers of scalar energy rivalling my electronic devices. I am getting an orgone sample to measure the scalar field lines and polarities. Also, I am able to tune into the AC scalar resonance of elements in materials at a distance, and determine their direction.

I have discovered at night, no sun charging the ionosphere, the electronic device pumps in and out scalar polarities in a radial spherical distribution, and it oscillated about 5-10 seconds, similar to the fade in and out time of shortwave signals in the ionosphere.

During the day, the electronic scalar generator oscillates in a spiral into and out of the device, oscillating 5-10 seconds per reversal. I would expect the fields to behave the same way around your system.

I am finding that the electronic scalar amplifiers are opening up a bidirectional, oscillating wormhole in time and space. This would explain why my phone and tv programming and messages went back in time 1 month, and things disappearing and reappearing in the house. It seems that neutrinos are the carriers of the scalar waves. I also "melted" metal with scalar waves. And charged a cap with dark rays of scalar energy.

I have determined that magnetic north and south are along scalar field lines, attracting and repelling, and same with electrostatic negative and positive charges attracting and repelling scalar field lines.

I now know what I am doing wrong in the plans, and how to improve it, once I get the funds to buy the parts, have some already, several different methods to check.

I don't want to step on peoples toes about saying scalar waves. Let me present some of my evidence:

If 2 people hold a jump rope and one waves the rope up and down like an electric wave, it propagates at the speed of light, then wave also left and right magnetic field follows the electric wave at the speed of light, transverse wave = electromagnetic radiation.

Now like you say, one person pulls at a steady rate on the rope, a scalar field, Not a wave but propagation none the less. I call this DC scalar "wave" In wires it travels at pi over two times the speed of light, and when it hops off the wire, travels instantaneously, according to my current thinking, could be wrong.

But if you push and pull the rope, the scalar fields waves at any frequency you want. I call this AC scalar waves.

From my research in the Hieronymus Atomic Analyzer, I can measure the gravitational weight of an atom generating a specific scalar wave frequency, as it acts as a wave as it exits the machine's wire, and travels through a prism and refracts in a direct relationship according to the atomic mass. Supports my theory that scalars can be waves.

Different frequencies in the Scalar Wave spectrum are responsible for, telepathy, levitation, clairvoyance, antigravity, etc. I can tune into the resonance of different atomic elements' scalar frequencies, and determine the direction of similar elements in the environment.

Experimental findings: Lines of DC polarized scalar fields and AC scalar waves can be deflected ! by passing strong sunlight beams, magnetic field lines (repelled or attracted to N S pole), and electric charge fields or moving charges reversing for either polarity.
As an example, I can measure a plain vial of water or quartz crystal and get no reading except the atomic attraction due to gravitational mass. Degtector pointing radially inward weakly. When charged with a radiating scalar emitting energy (like from covellite a natural superconducting mineral), it absorbs the scalar energy (spectrum), amplifies its output and scalar waves pour outward from the sample and the detector needle points away from the sample no matter where you are. I have another machine that will intensify the scalar energy in the sample. Another topic. Place a magnet or strong sunlight on it and it erases the scalar energy emanations just like a homeopathic reagent filled with the scalar fingerprint of a poison and such will be destroyed by strong magnets or sunlight, so you store them in dark bottles. The scalar lines were directed away from the medium.

New finding just now: the scalar detector points into and away from the 2 different poles of a rare earth magnet. Shielding the magnet with mu metal the compass is no longer affected by the magnetic field BUT the scalar detector still responds to SOMETHING making it through the mu metal. I propose that scalar flow with or against the 2 poles can be stripped from the magnetic fields just as scalars can be stripped from electrons in a scalar tesla coil. If this has anything to do with neutrinos I don't know. I am getting a neutron detector to help decide, as tremendous scalar energy is given off my uranium and radium.

Secrets of Tesla: DC pulsed current as high and as fast as possible into the primary LC circuit, resonating with the appropriate LENGTH of secondary wire that will stand the 1/4 wave scalar wave. Somehow it seems that whatever is resonating in the secondary is travelling faster than light. Also the total mass of primary and secondary each produce a frequency of scalar wave that also help resonance.

This secondary has an LC resonance point, but that only produces dramatic radio sparks of electromagnetic radiation. Not at all what we want in our tesla Scalar setup.

One initial scalar wave travelling will attract more from the cosmos along the same phase and direction. The frequency of scalar waves seems to be plastic and able to change due to its scalar oscillating local area. You get over unity this way. I'll photo my power cord that held 10A at 120 VAC to my scalar generator, pulled over-unity scalar power, and totally melted along the whole length and burned in many spots. Pretty cool over unity. The electrician took a lot of pictures as he saw nothing like it before. Also copper wire reduced to a greenish powder and burned plastic and PVC tube all burned and melted. I'll look for the pictures if people want them.

Today I sealed a deal with a scalar researcher I chose, to fly from NY to Seattle to learn how to use the scalar detector. Initial experiments show that scalar morse code works 18.6 miles away. Strangely, the further away from the scalar transmitter I am, the Stronger the received signal and delection is. Over unity? We will do transcontinental tests.

My AC with DC polarization scalar wave 500 watt generation circuit is on ebay PLANS: 500 Watt Tesla SCALAR Wave Generator (321481092178)

There's a picture and an explanation of the circuit. The CD has movies of the experiments performed.

I have plans to make a pulsed DC Scalar wave generator in the next few months.

I just finished an experiment with my friend who bought my 500 watt scalar generator off ebay. He's in New York, I'm near Seattle. 2421 miles apart.

The scalar wave detector definitively detected when he turns on his generator when I open up the "channel" or "worm-hole" or whatever I'm doing to tune in. The strength of the signal is MUCH stronger than the signal right at the generator coils. Over-unity.

This means we could do slow morse code, bidirectional in the future. He's coming in 2 weeks to be taught to use the scalar detector and learn all my theory.

Ran a high speed dremel tool, like a gyroscope. Detected scalar gravity waves exiting out each end of the spinning axis. Pretty cool. Gravity can be carried by scalar waves. And generated by spinning mass. I guess protons and neutrons spinning too. The spin in all directions in matter, and the net affect is ravity attractin in all direction.

Google: edwin fitzgerald reverse lattice motion

There you will find a macroscopic example of gravity scalar waves in action at a distance

A tremendously fast spinning bullet is fired at a metal plate. Picosecond arc flash photography of the bullet 2 inches before impact show that the plate is disintegrating and pieces are flying Towards the bullet.

Fitzgerald calls this a momentum wave, I call it a gravity scalar wave.

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Offline gpufo

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Re: New Scalar Wave Detector and laws of Scalar Physics
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 04:45:44 PM »

You have found the way to detect the scalar wave , non-locally and like a spooky? It is amazing. Can you tell the way? or whether you sell it?

Thank you .


Offline Enjoykin

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Re: New Scalar Wave Detector and laws of Scalar Physics
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2015, 07:47:38 AM »
Hi wdjensen123

Scalar detectors are dangerous stuffs. Don't put it in CIA-hands or you will finish your destiny.
Don't make mistakes like many did. This is friendly advice.

If you are interesting we can together develop many devices based on Scalar magnetic field H* = - divA and give it to public in the future times but not now. That time will come soon about 1-2 years.  Join me if you like on Chris forum
Contact Chris for registration because this is a private forum and sharing informations out of forum is prohibited.



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