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Author Topic: Roswell New Mexico 1947  (Read 7190 times)

Offline raburgeson

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Roswell New Mexico 1947
« on: May 11, 2007, 10:46:05 PM »
"Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn?t want to frighten anyone unduly but it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.

In 1947 the government of the United States shot down a craft. It crash landed in New Mexico. Officially the people of Mexico were made to look like fools and the whole country was lied to.

The proof of the object being the craft is, In the hands of the military official disinforming (lying) to the public. The document in his hand can be read by modern technology. Something the government didn't realise the world would have the capability of doing in the future.

Just find the full size picture and blow it up, A UFO researcher has aready done this for you, but you can do it yourself. And check out this Commander disclosing,

A head honcho coming forward,    very kewl no?   The best stuff is 1947-1948

Here found a link to that paper in the hands of the military officer. No faking you out, someone elses work, I'm not the only one saying this.


Hard to find sorry it took so long. The picture below is from the same set of pictures, I couldn't find the right one off hand. The original size is 6X8 inches. Common apertures for black and white cameras back the were, 3X5 and 6X8. Fortunately this was photographed in the larger format.
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Offline TheOne

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Re: Roswell New Mexico 1947
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2007, 12:16:04 AM »
its even worse then that, they know about them before this date, this was just one that the media talked a lot..

now they sell us to ET to get new technologies and stuffs i don't think they will talk about them unless someone kill at the key peoples in the us government or old man before dieing tell the thruth lile Col Philip J.Corso.

Offline raburgeson

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Re: Roswell New Mexico 1947
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2007, 12:43:31 AM »
Well I'm not going to disregard what you say. Even figuring that the government snatches people for themselves the number is way too high to limit the missing to .gov .

That's not the questions that arrise with me. Who is the enemy besides the ones that sold us out? That's the next question on the list. NAZIs do not fit, they tried that lie on us. Tall, blonde, Aryan Race does not fit the Roswell witnesses description.

I'm not gullible and do not believe in the hollow Earth theory, I do however believe in subterrainean habitats. The severe weather at the poles would make it necessary to live underground.

And then there are the ever popular human mutilation cases you can find on the net, quite unsavory check those out guys.


The real next question is who is the enemy that is flying Pole to Pole at incredible speeds. Will civilians have to attack the North Pole, to get an honest answer?
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