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Author Topic: Chobanov electric car  (Read 672 times)

Offline x_name41

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Chobanov electric car
« on: May 21, 2023, 10:07:56 PM »
Bulgarian electric car travels 1200 km with a single charge at 480 watts power consumption, as when driving at 120 kilometers per hour, it consumes 450 volts at 500 milliamps...

"Chobi" is the name of an electric car [brand "Yugo"] which is able to travel 1200km on a single charge. The secret lies in the very approach to electric propulsion whereby there are two main key points in it.
1. It uses 4 small 120 Watt modified standard electric motors into high speed motors, where the power of one is equivalent to an 8 kilowatt electric motor at low [normal] speed [is used method for converting a speed into torque], whereby is obtained a total of 32 kilowatts as torque equivalent at 480 Watts power consumption from power supply [battery].
2. The next factor is the use of a special efficient SMPS [Switch Mode Power Supply] for power these motors, where a single-tact capacitors recharging method is used ["with one bullet two rabbits"] thanks to the recharging of a second capacitor by reverse induction [BEMF], and using a particular circuit configuration with a particular switching algorithm...

file archive for the invention

The man's name is Dimitar Chobanov [academic] [radio hobbyist with call sign LZ4TM] and he is from the village of Plachkovtsi [Gabrovo region, Bulgaria], a long time ago one winter I had a long phone conversation with him in which he invited me to join the work on his invention , but for better or for worse, it never happened

in the schematic "PT" = load
"Кл 1",  "Кл 2" and "Кл 3" are electronic switches such as transistors,  this device he called the "multiplying effector"
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Chobanov electric car
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2023, 04:21:40 AM »
Chapeu ! to Mr. Chobanov !
1200 Km range ? Why not 10 000 + Km :
Take the ' Comparison Chart' ,Chobanov engine consume less drive wind energy conversion gain !
But there are cheaper solution as range extender,,similarly Chobanovs concept :

Something in fob factory shop costs : 100 -150 Euros !?
Li Yng Tyan multiple motor transmission with coupled generator .

In general, for conventional motors of 1 HP and 3 HP, the power consumptions are 746 W/H and 2238 W/H. These motors can be operated at high speed with low output torque or operated at low speed with larger torque, no matter how it operates, the power consumptions thereof are respectively 746 W/H and 2238 W/H.

In comparison, when a DC 12 V mini motor with full load capacity 25 g, 560 mA, running at 13340 rev./min is used, a plurality of such motors can be assembled and operated in association with a suitable number of down-speed gear sets so as to obtain proper operation speed.

The power consumptions thereof in the same conditions as above, are compared with the conventional motors to conclude that
 at most only one eleventh of the power consumed in above cited motors is required.

Improvement stage next :

4x Li Yng in 1 x Porquer
alternatively :

4x ' net zero power '-pulsed DC rotoverter in 1x Porquer

Recuperation process,external and internal :
electric motor internal means that during the 360° revoltion cycle only during the near pole phase the electricity charge is on,switch on !
The rest from revolution zero electricity in circuit,and the magnetism to electricity and electricity to magnetism BEMF/BMMF transduction !
Impulse motor technology,known also as stepper motor ,printer motors ,blinds their script printer !

One negative point : very loud,the technology concept,loud = friction/wear/material heating
Vacuation ' anti-sound box' ?
Impressive : the e-power to car weight -velocity max. ratio

but also here
1,5 KW AC drive engine to multiple Puls(ed DC) engines differential/transmission

120 Km/h max. conversion car ,by 600 Kg weight, velocity .

Yugo,I only know the Yugo-model as VW Sarajewo plants old GOLF-model production,this Chobanov car seems more like a Fiat/Lancia model !
But what he shows is not only car specific,it can be used as common energy generation concept,for private households as comercial,industrial !
But,by all to find critical points : a great step forward ! A usefull 'q.e.d.' !

p.s.: bulgarian academics meets ex-Jugo academics : Uni docent  in Kosovo,Pristina

        Andrej Todorovic