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Author Topic: Another tid-bit of Tartar Sauce from the Vatican Library  (Read 3474 times)


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Another tid-bit of Tartar Sauce from the Vatican Library
« on: April 18, 2022, 09:06:04 AM »
This translation relates to the Antiquitech on the tops of old-world architecture.

A voltage gradient of 120v/meter, from the ground to the peak of the domer-point.
What we would refer to as a ‘steeple’ or antenna-looking point on the tops of the buildings.

The ground connection is not at current ground level, but often several stories underground.
(identified by the angle of the current ground not aligning with the gravitationally level foundation)

This is used as a voltage-bias for an electrostatic machine: choose your device

Electrostatic induction, based on the formula of charge density and the surface area of the conductor
(or alternatively the isolated surface area of the insulator divided by 3)

The resultant charge-rate determines the range of frequencies (by spark-gap distance)

The size of the earth-ground inductor (metal plate) is greater than 2x the surface area
of all - inductors combined.

The electric machine (traditionally operated by a trained professional) should be made
electrically operated (my suggestion) for consistency.

The capacitance circuit has a power value equivalent to the charge density x the charge
rate over time. (that is a T^2 in the denominator if T=1sec time is only divided once)

Higher frequencies hold higher power values at the same potential voltage.
(Higher the tower, the more power available)

The circuit is tuned to be resonant with the charge-rate of the inductor plate size.
and the potential bias from the tower.

infinite numbers of electric machines can be operated from a single bias-tower

Essentially, the tower height defines the frequency range (using a standardized system)
or “channels” of emf communication.

entire data streams can be transmitted along the operational frequency of the machine,
including radio, audio and video. [a description of old-world holographic technology is skipped here]

Metal domes and “rebar-type” metal grids within the structure can add additional capacitance
to the system (calculated at the bias-charge).

The resultant potential voltage and capacitance of the system as a whole determines the power
output of the old-world building. (or new one if we create it, or restore an existing one)

[note: this is multiplied by a number of electric (electrostatic) machines in operation in the building.
Which, as stated above, has no limit]


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Re: Another tid-bit of Tartar Sauce from the Vatican Library
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2022, 06:03:56 AM »
These Atmospheric Energy systems can be used to power machines or
as a basis for long-range communication.

The electrical signal can have data added to it, as simply as attaching a microphone
or other suitable device.

Single-wire motor operation is used in these schematics,
similar to the wiring in your A/C’s AirHandler motor.
A single phase transmission via 1 wire, and a capacitor for
the other wire to the motor. In our homes these motors use the
line frequency (60Hz in the US), but in the buildings the frequency
is chosen in the engineering of the building’s system, and the details of
the electric machine used.


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Re: Another tid-bit of Tartar Sauce from the Vatican Library
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2022, 06:13:05 AM »
I am releasing this information as “Open Source” for free energy atmospheric collection systems.
For anyone to use as they desire.

If anyone has (or can get access to) other books from the Vatican private collection
(these are written in latin)
I can help to extrapolate the technology (as Tesla did with his father’s notebook)
and help overturn the atrocities inflicted onto mankind by the Catholic Church,
by keeping these books secret (and destroying copies).

All knowledge should be freely available to all mankind.