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Author Topic: NATHAN COPPEDGE Not looking for investment per se VERY PROMISING DESIGNS  (Read 5898 times)


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I have not been rich enough to patent this material so I have made it available online and it has made me somewhat famous.

I am looking to provide information for free on various designs which may be worth money to someone else if they go into production.

This is Nathan Coppedge, I am famous on

I have a youtube page at nathancoppedgevideos which posts real research, responsible for I think most of the legit research on perpetual motion on youtube.

Please see links for further research:

Real escher machine, blue moon real not magic:

Free site, may effect self-powered cars, rockets, also more research on Escher and application of Escher to levers:

Jen's bubblevator, ingenious concept that could benefit by detailed physical research, ingenious beyond most definitions of the term, some possible experimental evidence of motion taking place, designs are free but units would be saleable I guess under a trademark for example if you choose a different name or have unique construction:

Cat-Trap Device and similar, some evidence this may be somewhat easy to build compared to most devices. Certainty of motion from rest, movement from lower to higher altitude. With high ball may easily lift next unit due to range of motion and higher midpoint. Best if kept shallow with limited motion past the fulcrum of the lever. Some experiments suggest something very similar to perpetual motion, requires precision but not out of reach for a skilled team:

For other fairly legit design ideas, please see the History of Perpetual Motion Machines which is available on many platforms and may be printed or reproduced as long as my name stays with the work:

There are also lists of videos and further research if you look around. I try to update many of my pages frequently, and quite a lot of it is very exciting. For magnet people there is recently (2021) a Russian guy who seems to have built a perpetual loop. I'm still not sure that would work, but I don't want it to be a faith-based system. I have an experiment with magnets that does something similar but not at that level. For those looking for definite results I recommend partial or full experiments with mechanics based on the following equations by Nathan Larkin Coppedge:

Min Heavier Mass = (Max Lvg / 2) + 1

Max Heavier Mass = Min Lvg + 1

Min Lvg = Max Heavier Mass - 1

Max Lvg = (Min Heavier Mass - 1) X 2

Over-Unity = Heavier Mass Rng / Lvg Ratio + 1 X 100 (%)

Smaller Mass = 1X

PM Cars Extra Mass < OU - 100%

Flying Vehicles Extra Mass < OU - 200%

Flying does not work when Lvg Rng >= 1/2 max leverage.

Flying Machines Window = Max Larger Buoyancy - Min Larger Buoyancy

Flying Max Larger Buoyancy = (Min Lvg) + 2 buoyancy - 1 extra mass

Flying Min Larger Buoyancy = (Max Lvg / 2) + 2 buoyancy - 1 extra mass

Flying OU = Larger Buoyancy Range / Leverage Ratio + 1 * 100 (%) + 100 for buoyancy.

Flying Smaller Buoyancy = 1X

Secret of perpetual motion flying machines: Improved Balancing Balloons Theory

Planetoids: Estimated < (Phi / 2 + 1 * 100 =) 180.9% OU,

Max sustainable mass resistance to Earth perpetual motion = <<0.809 X distance (Earth diameters). With an estimate saying Earth’s max output is about 110% with rotation.

The Max Min required distance to resist the Sun with PMMs is 4726 AU assuming 110% OU

Perpetual motion holds the key to the material world.

Flying machines hold the key to the universe.

Investors in Nathan Coppedge designs could use their money to buy equipment and workers, there would be little or no legal restraint otherwise, because Coppedge designs are assumed to be un-patentable in the near future and copyrights do not control production rights.