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Author Topic: Plauson's converter  (Read 3286 times)

Offline nix85

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Plauson's converter
« on: April 29, 2021, 07:10:16 PM »
i googled and seen this guy has not been mentioned here

strangely, he's got a wiki, very uncommon for OU inventors

i heard about him in great and recommended book in case you
didn't stumble upon it suppressed and incredible inventions.

quote from the book

"In the 1920's Henri Plauson of the Traum Research Laboratory in Hamburg. Germany devised a scheme for harnessing atmospheric electricity with tethered balloons, the metal surfaces of which were covered with spikes to collect pOSitive electric charges. Metal cables conducted the ions to earth. where special transformers converted the electrostatic energy into electromagnetic power. In 1922 he tested two balloons at a height of 1000 feet, and claimed to have obtained power equal to 81 kilowatthours per day . Plauson obtained USP # 1,540,998 for his invention in June, 1925."

81 kilowatthours per day, that's almost 4kw, not bad

from wiki

Hermann Plauson was an Estonian professor, engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated, among other things, the production of power based on atmospheric electricity.

Plauson was the director of the Fischer-Tropsch "Otto Traun Research Laboratories" in Hamburg, Germany during the Weimar Republic of the 1920s. He built on Nikola Tesla's idea for connecting machinery to the "wheelwork of nature". Plauson's patent no. 1540998 describe methods to convert alternating radiant static electricity into rectified continuous current pulses. His systems mainly involved needle & radium- coated electricity conducting balloons or aerostats which were connected to complex converting systems consisting of coils, capacitors, spark gaps etc. He developed an electrostatic generator called Plauson's converter. In 1920, Plauson published a research journal on the subject, titled "Production and Utilization of the Atmospheric Electricity" (Gr., Gewinnung und Verwertung der Atmosphärischen Elektrizität). A second, expanded edition of his journal was published later the same year. A copy of that edition is in the British Library at shelf mark 8754.b.36. A copy is also available in PDF-format, complete with Optical Character Recognition, through the books2ebooks service, here.

It is believed that Plauson was related to Gertrud Plauson (the exact relationship is unknown; she may have been his wife).

more here also

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2021, 07:47:07 PM »

mosaics :

       Modalidade*:                                 Número do Processo*:

       national patent                              104492


mosaics :

               Modalidade*:                                 Número do Processo*:

               national patent                              104491

as application and  improvement from Plauson his work = enrolled bifilar Tesla coils = capacitive windings


Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2021, 08:08:54 PM »
this is even more impressive, these guys suspended a "coarsely woven net" held by 2000 feet of iron wire 250 feet above a valley in alp mountains.

you can see the 4+ meter spark discharge below which is 2 megavolt each second
for 30min they say

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2021, 08:12:24 PM »
Yes and makes part from such modern ideas :

 or some decades back by Alvin Marks :

Assuming a wind velocity of 10 m/sec, the wind power converted to electric power@2,3 is 0.45 kW/m@2. For example, such a screen 100 meters high and 1,000 meters long; or a screen area of 10@5 m@2 /km will generate an electric power output of 45 megawatts/km at about 100,000 volts DC.

If 10 such screens are spaced 1 km in depth, and extended in length of 100 km, 45,000 megawatts will be produced. These substantial amounts of electric power would be a great contribution to electric power requirements. The wind/electric power generator has relatively low investment and operating costs, and operates without pollution or detrimental environmental effects.

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2021, 08:25:30 PM »
that is a mockery compared to what these guys managed to do almost 100 years ago

those near 3 megavolt sparks look like high current too, one a second is quote some energy

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #5 on: April 29, 2021, 08:44:05 PM »
i'm looking at this aerosol idea and it's not very clear how he imagined he would
obtain energy that way. apparently one net is electrostatically charging the water
droplets in the air which wind carries to second net which is grounded and he would
put load between the charging net and the ground. hmm. point being you are using
electricity to charge the water, not sure there would be gain there.

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #6 on: April 29, 2021, 08:45:44 PM »
here is another electricity from air guy

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #8 on: April 29, 2021, 08:56:43 PM »
"A typical lightning flash is about 300 million Volts and about 30,000 Amps. "

yea but lightning doesn't occur that often, there are i heard around 2000 in the world
every second

as someone said when you average that into kwh, not much at all

besides, atmospheric electricity is also quite primitive and bulky approach,
i sure do not recommend it to anyone (here i mean strictly conventional
atmospheric collectors, not etheric ones)

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #9 on: April 30, 2021, 11:38:24 AM »

besides, atmospheric electricity is also quite primitive and bulky approach,i sure do not recommend it to anyone (here i mean strictly conventionalatmospheric collectors, not etheric ones)

".... etheric ...."  Did You soon defined "The Ether" ?

 In-/ex-cluded ?

By 2021 view also called now "dark matter"

" .... primitive ....." Where is your under-/average /over- primitive "approach" line ?

1922 : 1,8 bio human habitants world density : much more free useable area than 2021 with now 7,8 bio human habitants on earth

Which is here the power/weight converter ratio if :

The design of the quantum well diodes for the reversible thermoelectric converter is a function of the application, and the effective temperature and intensity of the source of hot electrons. Several applications of the reversible thermoelectric converter are discussed below. In an example of a thin film metallic quantum well diode suitable for the conversion of solar energy concentrated up to 10@7 watts per square meter,

                                       for power numbers

layer 42 (FIGS. 2 and 3) is an evaporated aluminum film having a thickness of 140 angstroms, barrier layer 44 is evaporated aluminum oxide having a thickness of 12 angstroms and layer 40 is an evaporated copper film having a thickness of 100 angstroms.

                                       Aluminium weighs 2.699 gram per cubic centimeter

                                       Standard household foil is typically 0.016 mm (0.63 mils) thick,
                                       and heavy duty household foil is typically 0.024 mm (0.94 mils).

                                 100 angstroms = 0,00001 mm

                                      Copper weighs 8.94 gram per cubic centimeter


                                      for material weight calculation numbers , about thickness


For this energy conversion application, metal electrodes are specified since amounts of power as large as concentrated solar energy can be delivered by the quantum reversible thermoelectric converter.

 The high power output capability results from the large electron carrier density of metals, which can be orders of magnitude larger than the most heavily doped semiconductors.

low cost radiation concentrator :

btw :     15% efficiency commercial photo-voltaic converter means :

            200Wp per square meter                                                 

            compared    10@7 wattp per square meter

           2021    "   industrial primitive stoneage products  " ?     is :      200 W/sqm    will be :10 000 000 W/sqm

                           50 000 times or   5 000 000 % physical  material use efficiency improvement,

                           portable devices

           How these angstrom layer devices are produced :


           or photo-lithografical like here listed


                                to understand commercial 2030 photo/-n-voltaic conversion standart and production technology:



 Each carbon nanotube antenna is about one micron (1/10,000,000th of a meter) long with a diode on one end that operates at frequencies approaching 1 PHz or one quadrillion cycles per second.

NovaSolix collectors place “roughly one million tiny radio receivers per square inch, they are able to retrieve frequencies “from low infrared through visible light and up into the ultraviolet.


The NovaSolix approach places roughly one trillion tiny radio receivers (rectennas) per square inch

          one million or 1 trillion : great production machine per second output quantity and quality difference !

                                        2,54 cm x 2,54 cm = 1 sq inch = 6,45 cm2

        NFED devices progress "up to date"

       Dr.Hermann Plauson devices and other Otto Traun Laboratory applications are similar Dr.Alvin Marks inventions

       The economical question :

       from actually 10 cents per KWh photo-voltaic conversion price how many times

       the above "50 000 times " efficiency improvement will decrease the converter energy generation price in future !

                                                 "10 cents divided 50 000 times" : NO !

       Technical-physical possible :  from   10 cents per KWh to -at first- 1 cent per KWh and over time to

                    0,1 cent per KWh or 0,001 Euro/Dollar per KWh = 1 MWh for 1 Euro/Dollar

       Political barrier ? Works international politics intelligent or primitive ?
« Last Edit: April 30, 2021, 01:41:54 PM by lancaIV »

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #10 on: April 30, 2021, 01:46:49 PM »
obviously, regular atmospheric electricity refers to collecting ions/electrons
and etheric converting subtler energy forms of which many circle the earth
in all directions into electricity, like markovich

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #11 on: April 30, 2021, 02:44:11 PM »
You mean,that there is a difference !

 regular atmospheric electricity refers to collecting ions/electrons and etheric converting subtler energy

You  probably know that rectenna devices are mostly encapsuled,e-vacuated sphere and process !

10 mio Watts (translated in heat !) on 1 sqm radiation : how fast do You mean the device would melt,in open atmosphere ! Nano-second !

Question : physical external or/and internal energy conversion !?

Beside ATREE

related " ..... subt(i)ler energy forms .... "  Korpuskel ?,occupying%20the%20space%20between%20them.

about WIRKLICHKEIT = REALITY  ,elements of reality

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #12 on: April 30, 2021, 04:18:40 PM »
of course there is a difference

i never heard of rectenna, but now that i googled i see i assumed
correctly it's just a dipole antenna + a diode, like a cat whisker
not sure why you mention that, no overunity there

yea cashmir effect, don smith comes to mind

also james schwartz i mentioned few times on this forum already

i could say various things about ether but it's simplest to just copy paste
the comment i wrote on youtube

To understand this conceptually you do not need complex physical models,
it is explained simply in this 19th century "SF" book, chapter Motion from
inherent energy

If you want more physical explanation you need to first ask yourself how
exactly does God or Self create this primordial soup from which everything arises.

I searched long and wide for this answer and nothing even remotely explains it so
nicely and exactly as this model given to us by people of Iarga. In simple words,
first is imagined unbound vibration of infinite frequency and amplitude, there is
still not time or space.

Then this infinite vibration is bound by secondary vibrations of finite frequency and
 amplitude along 6 AXIS OF TIME by 60° angle between nearby axis which creates
 a Cosmic Forcefield and framework of 3D space.

Each time axis is oscillating in place, time moves not, fact known for centuries in
 occult cosmology, but each universe out of each matter-antimatter universe pair,
 like a diode or a sprocket wheel captures just oscillations in one direction, thus
 matter and antimatter times diverge, something known even to mainstream physics.

As for gravitational bubbles, best explanation is given in Falling Bodies Theory by
 Lloyd Zirbes. Simple and experimentally verified theory of gravity and all forces
 based on a simple fact that all bodies falling in the gravitational field extract
 energy from the parent gravitational field along the leading edge, that is, equator,
 which causes them to rotate, extracted energy thus spiraling around the falling
 body to a certain distance (just beyond our moon in case of Earth) and returning
 to the poles detecting the void of neutral energy along the axis of rotation.
This same gravitational bubble that sucks everything toward the planet within
 the bubble REPELS everything including the parent gravitational field outside
 it due to shearing of magnetic lines of force due to C+ speeds in the most outer layers.

Regarding the two components of the Universal Fluid, electric (male) and
magnetic (female) insulated by the G-lines of TIME. Electric lines travel at
what is know as "speed of light" while magnetic lines travel 16,000 miles
per second faster and have proportionally lesser density. It is the same
neutral energy flowing in both of them, there is no polarity on fundamental level.

And finally, what has to be understood is that this magnetic pressure we
feel as gravity has superimposed over it it's polar counterpart oscillating
at 1/3 higher frequency. This great force returning to space would break
the whole planet apart if it's matter was not strictly kept in certain band
of nuclear speed. If nucleus is accelerated beyond certain level it will
become transparent to gravity and will start to resist it's polar opposite.
This can be achieved by mental means as in thousands of cases of
documented human levitation or by treatment by neutral ray which
is the same energy trapped in all secondary forces with only difference
being that that in, for example, electricity is orders of magnitude faster
 than that in matter. When this force is liberated by disruptive discharges
or scalar interferometry all kinds of unusual phenomena can be produced
like changing the weight or temperature of an object permanently,
complete destruction without any remnants etc.

Key point of how basis for 3D space is created by creating an imaginary
angle between time axis "The angle of 60 degrees could only be created
by an apparent frequency shift maintaining the harmonic vibrations of
the rotating field."

Also, speed of light, density of matter and rate of time flow all increase
x49 for each plane (or octave) above.

And this article about ether is great

special attention to this part

Vitality globules, lifeforces and etheric atoms

Fig. 1. Lifeforce & vitality
According to Leadbeater (1927) the Sun sends out several of forms of
etheric energy, for example lifeforce and vitality. The lifeforce seems to
be capable of occupying several different kinds of etheric form and most
commonly it adopts an octahedron, made of four atoms arranged in a
square, and one central atom constantly vibrating up and down.
Sometimes it uses exceedingly active little molecule consisting of
three atoms. The vitality globule consists of seven atoms, arranged
like the atoms in lifeforce, except in a form of hexagon instead of a
square. In all of these forms the central atom is in rapid vibration at
right angles to disc plane of other atoms, springing up from it to a
height greater than the diameter of the disc, and then sinking below
the disc to an equal distance, repeating this motion several times in
a second.

Fig. 2. Feminine etheric atom
The term "atom" used here refers to etheric atoms. There are two
kinds of etheric atoms, positive (masculine) and negative (feminine).
In the positive atom the lifeforce flows (counterclockwise) from the
fourth dimension to the physical world and in the negative atom the
lifeforce flows (clockwise) from the physical world to the fourth dimension.
The force flows in from the wider end, causing a heart like shape.
It spirals within and around this atom in closed loops. The atom is
spinning upon its own axis and it has a regular pulsation, a contraction
and expansion, like the pulsation of the heart.

The Sun radiates vitality to all levels. The vital force enters some of the
physical atoms, immensely increases their activity and makes them
animated and glowing. When vitality wells up within atom, it endows
it with an additional life, and gives it a power of attraction so that it
immediately draws around it six other atoms which it arranges in a
hexagonal form. These globules are conspicuous above all others
which may be seen floating in the atmosphere, on account of their
brilliance and extreme activity. While the force that vivifies these
globules is quite different from light, it nevertheless seems to depend
upon light for its power of manifestation. In brilliant sunshine this
vitality is constantly welling up afresh, and the globules are generated
with great rapidity and in incredible numbers, but in cloudy weather
there is great diminution in the number of globules formed, and during
the night, the operation is entirely suspended.

Offline nix85

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #13 on: April 30, 2021, 04:44:15 PM »
so now you know how god creates the illusion of 3d space

from each time axis it appears nearby axis is progressing
at 1/2 it's frequency, altho they are really the same

i wonder is this the only way god can create illusion of 3d space
by this apparent frequency shift

dont get me wrong that i fully understand this mechanism, it
is sure not easy to grasp entirely, there is so much we don't know

i am just referring to this particular mechanism how by defining
that from perspective of one time axis nearby time axis
appears to be at 1/2 frequency, this really is the basis of a 60°
angle, equilateral triangle and tetrahedron, the first 3d structure

"The frequency ratio is determined by the angle between the two
time-axes, as the picture shows. Our time direction is T1 while
another time direction is shown as T2. The time direction
propagating forwards (from past to future) is useful to our
universe, while the backward-moving impulses of the timeleess
wave do not "catch" the rotating field of "our" atoms. Secondly
the time-axis at a right angle (90dg) to our axis T1 does not
make any contribution, we experience this time-axis as non-existing.

As the picture shows, due to the angle of 60 degrees,
'our' atom experiences exactly half the time-speed of
the other time-axis
and this makes the frequency harmonic.
As T1=2 times T2, the result is the simplest harmonic ratio
of 1:2, determined by the angle of projection of 60 degrees
between two time-axes. (Pythagoras' law for right angled triangles)."

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Plauson's converter
« Reply #14 on: May 01, 2021, 11:55:07 AM »

another "Aether" description :

In 1982, Iovitzu Popescu wrote that the aether is "a form of existence of the matter, but it differs qualitatively from the common (atomic and molecular) substance or radiation (photons)". The fluid aether is "governed by the principle of inertia and its presence produces a modification of the space-time geometry".[6] Built upon Le Sage's ultra-mundane corpuscles, Popescu's theory posits a finite Universe "filled with some particles of exceedingly small mass (of about 10−69 kg), traveling chaotically at speed of light" and material bodies "made up of such particles called etherons".[7]   time reality and local reality    in search

related local fixed -+ XYZ to flexible -+ Coordination-system Nullpunkt-/ZeroPoint position  related CASIMIR ( less : yea cashmir effect, don smith comes to mind )

                                                                                                                                  mental Eigenspin ? ::)

negative Casimir  and positive Casimir effect ?

"hidden ( or virtual) particle-waves" experiment

 In a magnetic field that reverses more than ten billion times per second, the structure acts as a mirror for virtual microwaves that moves back and forth at 25 percent the speed of light. If the virtual photons hit this "mirror", they can absorb energy and go from their virtual to a real state.

           apparent white/ apparent black spectrum energy trap

tool : a "repulsive/attractive" magnetic lense/focus ( "fata morgana" : time/locality reality ?)

                                 reflection and refraction in real-time and real-local

                              real "cold = under/near 0°K " time/local fusion : effect ?

                                           it is/not          hypo-/anti-/thesis research            to be/not


                           quantum design tools, here rough,for nano-sphere dimension

Both : "citing documents" who works in which branch with which improvement  intentions ?  to neurosensory

                                            " Gedankenecho " -modulation, "Leitbild"= Ideal model,den%2520Kognitionswissenschaften%2520sowie%2520des%2520Konstruktivismus

where is there left or right or front or back or up or down side : from Nullpunkt-view ? Observer position ! Growing or collapsing ?

                                              "......  so now you know how god creates the illusion of 3d space .... "

                           god            as   virtual bodyless  hermaphrodite -WESEN , of 3/4/5/..... dimensional space

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