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Author Topic: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments  (Read 523941 times)


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #795 on: September 29, 2020, 11:35:09 PM »
Индукционный нагрев своими руками.

I don't admire your crappy-foresight, but your bifilar-coil play is fun.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #796 on: September 30, 2020, 12:22:14 AM »
Several years ago my dad experimented with resonance with a silicon-steel transformer.
Works very well.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #797 on: September 30, 2020, 07:58:02 PM »

Re: Kapanadze Cousin - DALLY FREE ENERGY
« Reply #21093 on: May 02, 2019, 11:55:03 PM »
Quote from: apecore on May 02, 2019, 08:59:12 PM

Hi T-1000, NickZ,
Did i understand Ruslan saying that Lock on resonance for inductor and kacher/ tesla is critical in case tenth of kHz can be critical in the proces?
Like a combustion engine..  its all about synchronisation of all the pars and the correct timing for the spark.

The "resonance" in his words is not resonance everyone is taught about. From my understanding it is about best sync between different proccesses on 2 systems. One giving max optimal current in ultrasonic frequencies (skin effect) and another giving max effect on disruption with max BEMF then causing max emissions (electrons/ions/etc pull from background when using skin effect?) then sync both into best output.
I might be wrong and my guess is good as yours.



There is no back electromotive force here.
It is a conventional general transformer resonance and artificial-lightning principle and a combination of two generators.
My dad's back EMF remarks are only from the Russian perspective of Akula's LED-generator and two diodes.

이곳에 역기전력은 없습니다.
기존의 일반적인 변압기 공진과 인공-번개원리와 두 개의 발전기 조합이다.
나의 아빠의 역기전력 발언은 Akula의 LED-발전기와 두 개의 다이오드를 적용한 러시아인의 관점일 뿐이다.

Устройство получение бесплатной Энергии из Эфира.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #798 on: October 01, 2020, 03:17:29 AM »
세상에서 가장 어리석은 사람은 마누라의 조언을 듣는 사람이다.



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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #799 on: October 01, 2020, 11:00:48 AM »
 ⛔⎲ᗄ ᗅ ᗆ ᗇ ᗈ ᗉ ⎳⛔
Man Rockets through the Air in Paris as France Celebrates Bastille Day with Parade

The French like to show off because they are only invaded.
Mainly, showing off the tacky things will be the driving force of the fashion industry.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #800 on: October 01, 2020, 12:45:42 PM »
Perhaps back EMF is the reason why certain members of this cafe cannot give up 'Partnered Output Coils' until the end.


Akula's circuits- is this the principle?

Electric OU: TK-Akula 3V LED Test 1: Running on Capacitors

Объект 013б бронепоезд фейк. Fake object 013b

Объект 013Б HD

Объект 013Б 2


My dad also looked at the Akula circuit diagram for days and days to find the principle of free development.
However, it is difficult to understand the principle of free development from the circuit diagram.
By first understanding the relationship between DC and AC, we can understand the principle of the circuit diagram.
The experience of trial and error played a part.
Fleming/Lenz/Transformers are the next problem.
The rest is easy.
However, Akula's Negative Back EMF would mean something else.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #801 on: October 01, 2020, 02:23:37 PM »
Генератор и его работа


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #802 on: October 01, 2020, 02:25:39 PM »
Is there a reason Ruslan is experimenting with frequencies independently of the Yoke-transformer?
This means that the Yoke-transformer and the grenade coil don't have separate frequency measurements.
It means that it doesn't make sense to test the Yoke-transformer separately with many capacitors attached.
It is correct to finish the experiment in the early stages of making the generator.

However, a weak light is seen in the lamp estimated to be 15~60W.
The Yoke-transformer alone shows that the lamp experiment was conducted, but in reality, it means that it was conducting another experiment.

Ruslan's Yoke-transformer primary coil is 10+10 turns.
The secondary coil is predicted to be 12+12 turns.
With the PSU-24V, in my dad's experience, a 500W lamp should produce 60W brightness.
Ruslan referred to Yoke-ferrite, which was not directly related to other experiments.

If it's the same experiment that my dad did in 2016, it would be.
The light is 60W.

루슬란이 Yoke-변압기만 별개로 주파수 실험할 이유가 있을까?
Yoke-변압기와 수류탄 코일이 별개로 주파수를 측정할 일은 없다는 뜻이다.
많은 캐패시터를 붙여놓고 Yoke-변압기만 별개로 실험하는 것은 의미가 없다는 뜻이다.
이미 발전기를 만드는 초기 단계에서 실험이 끝나야 옳다.

그런데 15~60W로 추정되는 전등에 약한 불빛이 보인다.
Yoke-변압기만 별개로 전등 실험을 했다는 것을 보여주지만 실상은 다른 실험을 진행하고 있었다는 뜻이다.

루슬란의 Yoke-변압기 1차 코일은 10   10바퀴다.
2차 코일은 12   12바퀴로 예측한다.
PSU-24V를 사용하면, 나의 아빠 경험상 500W 전등에 60W 밝기가 발생해야 한다.
루슬란은 다른 실험을 진행하면서 직접적으로 관련없는 Yoke-페라이트 언급한 것이다.

나의 아빠가 2016년에 진행했던 실험과 동일하다면 그 실험일 것이다.
전등은 60W다.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #803 on: October 01, 2020, 02:51:25 PM »
its the basis for many many OU systems.

This is a great post and few following replies by bolt, i had a similar belief myself that reactive power can do real work. This is also one good point from Thane Heins, that reactive power can do real work.

So, bolt says load is put in series with inductor and a cap and that power factor is zero and that there are standing waves. So he is talking about resonant circuit. But series resonant circuit is not power factor zero, it is like short circuit as TheCell replies...

I believe this to be valid approach, i believe bolt powered 250W bulb with 3W of active power, but what exactly did he mean.

င စ ဆ ဇ ဈ ဉ ည ဋ ဌ ဍ ဎ ဏ တ ထ ဒ ဓ န ပ ဖ ဗ ဘ မ ယ ရ လ ဝ သ ဟ ဠ အ ဢ ဣ ဤ ဥ ဦ ဧ ဨ ဩ ဪ ါ ာ ိ ီ ု ူ ေ ဲ ဳ ဴ ဵ ံ ့ း ္ ် ျ ြ ွ ှ ဿ ၀ ၁ ၂ ၃ ၄ ၅ ၆ ၇ ၈ ၉ ၊ ။ ၌ ၍ ၎ ၏ ၐ ၑ ၒ ၓ ၔ ၕ ၖ ၗ ၘ ၙ ၚ ၛ ၜ ၝ ၞ ၟ ၠ ၡ ၢ ၣ ၤ ၥ ၦ ၧ

Motivation is not a special skill.

The short circuit is technically overcome.

Why are you, with great skill, silent?


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #804 on: October 02, 2020, 09:18:29 PM »
Color is this you ?


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #805 on: October 02, 2020, 09:32:31 PM »
AlienGrey :

색겁(Color) is my nickname for Mom.
And it's a picture of my mom.
My dad uses Color as his pseudonym, and it is used as his name.
We often do things that are difficult for you to understand.
It's a cultural difference.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #806 on: October 02, 2020, 09:40:19 PM »
9 - Обзор БТГ купленого у Руслана Кулабухова. Тайна Принципа! Free Energy secret revealed!

Кому надо, коментируйте, я виложу фото супер качественние. Ребята, не кройте матом, не ругайтесь, буду банить и стирать! Уважайте друг друга! Ролик про работающий БТГ около конца видео, это просто пример как Кулабухов легко дурил нас всех! Принцип / тайна работы Кулабуховского БТГ является = ФАЗА! Ребята, спасибо, денег не надо, копите себе на детали или для семьи, ну а кто хочет перевести, спасибо вам отдельное, вот мой яндех номер, других нету. Фото скоро сделаю и выложу: 00:01 Схемы, платы, соединения, чертежи! 22:40 Раскрытие секрета / принципа работы Кулабуховского вечного двигателя, Бес-Топливного Генератора! 1:06:15 Маркировки! 1:17:06 Фокус-Покус БТГ! Как Кулабухов разводил! 1:41:16 Что говорит Кулабухов после продажи мне БТГ! ====================================================================================== ====================================================================================== ENGLISH: Basically if you look at the schematic that I show in video #9, those 2 relays play a role in turning the AC line on and maintaining it after you remove the battery. Buttons Start/Stop turn on and turn off the AC line. The device has unnecessary schematics and play no role whatsoever in generating of free energy as claimed by Kulabuhov. Fans spin, LEDs shine, Tesla works, it all looks real and works but the real energy comes from under a hidden wire that Kulabuhov had hidden under the neutral black thick cable(as seen on the video) that ran from his device to the ground. The ground markings on the black cable indicate that underside of them was loose because it housed an AC line. Basically Kulabuhov scammed people and myself for years, he sold me a free energy device that was rigged to work from AC line and deceived me, I had enough evidence to take him to a civil court and won all my money back - he didn't even show up in court to stand by his free energy claims.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #807 on: October 02, 2020, 09:44:00 PM »
Ruslan used a number of tricks to protect free generator technology.
He used all sorts of tricks on the generator he sold to Sergej Panov to scam.
Only the spectators watching the video were lucky because they exposed a lot of the core technology in making the free generator.

The inductor coil of the generator sold to Sergej Panov was not connected to ground.
Since the inductor coil is floating in the air, it is all about a stable induction role of voltage like an accumulator, but some viewers have added imagination and turned into a pan-cake coil/bifiler coil.

And some of the techniques used by Kapanadze are exposed.
This has become famous because TK has reproduced it several times.
Akula's little light is the same as the spark gap used by Kapanadze.
This is not to play the same role as the towncent discharge, but to supply the active ground power to the short circuit and to use it as a main force lamp.

Ruslan exposes the spark gap to several generators that are made after the 2KW generator.
The electrical resistance of a 7W lamp is about 4.7KΩ.

루슬란은 자유발전기 기술을 보호하기 위해 많은 트릭을 사용했다.
Sergej Panov에게 판매한 발전기에 온갖 트릭을 사용해 사기행각을 벌였다.
자유발전기를 만드는데 핵심적인 기술을 많이 노출시켜서 동영상을 시청하는 관중들만 행운을 얻었다.

Sergej Panov에게 판매한 발전기의 인덕터 코일은 접지와 연결되지 않았다.
인덕터 코일은 공중에 뜬 상태라서 accumulator 역활처럼 전압의 안정적인 유도역활이 전부지만, 일부 시청자들 상상력이 더해져서 팬-케이크 코일/바이필러 코일로 둔갑한다.

그리고 카파나제가 사용한 일부기술이 노출된다.
이것은 TK가 여러번 재현해서 유명해졌다.
Akula의 작은 전등은 카파나제가 사용한 스파크갭과 같은 역활이다.
타운센트 방전과 같은 역활이 아니라 활성화된 접지의 힘을 단락 회로에 공급함과 동시에 주력 전등으로 사용하기 위해서다.

루슬란은 2KW 발전기 이후에 만드는 몇가지 발전기에 스파크갭을 그대로 노출시킨다.
7W 전등의 전기 저항은 약 4.7KΩ이다.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #808 on: October 02, 2020, 09:48:49 PM »
However, Ruslan uses diodes instead of spark gaps.
Some experiments are beyond imagination.

Travel without a map.


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Re: Color's Kapanadze forum, FE builds circuits and comments
« Reply #809 on: October 02, 2020, 09:58:05 PM »
Устройство для экономичного электрокотла.

Russians are particularly stubborn.
It is mistaken that a large amount of current can be obtained by combining it with Tesla using capacitor charging and discharging.
These people don't understand the short circuit range.
The yoke-transformer secondary coil made by Ruslan is the core of the short circuit.
So, the grenade coil connected to the secondary coil must not generate the current required for consumption.
The yoke-transformer secondary coil and the grenade coil must not generate AC-45V current consumption, and there must not be electrical resistance.
The secondary coil of the yoke-transformer and the grenade coil are electrically single-wire, so there is no need for coupling other than capacitors and diodes here.

The only reason my dad showed the AC-45V current consumption in the yoke-transformer secondary coil and grenade coil was only because the short circuit could be completed in a complete push-pull circuit state.
That's why my dad has advised members several times to build a complete push-pull circuit.

6A is,
The yoke-transformer's primary coil is 10~12+1-~12,
This is the number of short circuit currents that can come from the secondary coils 12~14+12~14.
This is the limit that can come from the PSU 24V-6.3A capacity.

Ruslan's yoke-transformer and grenade coil is a device that captures an amount of current proportional to the short circuit 6A from the Tesla-kacher artificial-lightning connected (or shorted) to ground, not directly generating voltage or current.
Many members are mistaken here.
So, over the past 10 years, only transformers have been used and numerous shows have been made.

When Ruslan measured the voltage of 500W x 4 lamps, it turned out -203V and +202V.
It means a DC-voltage of about 6~7A.
Not AC-voltage.
Converting DC-voltage to AC-voltage,

At DC-203V power factor load, -1.21~-1.25 (-1.414 at no load) is about AC-167V.
It may vary depending on the amount of current, but there is no big difference.
AC-167V is about 75% of the brightness of AC-220V, so the filament is visible in the bulb.
However, with AC-220V brightness, it is difficult to see the filament in the bulb.

The job of the members here is to make a short circuit.
Elementary school multiplication tables or understanding members do not need quadratic equations learned in middle school.

Just attach the coil and take it off.

러시아인들은 특히 고집이 세다.
캐패시터 충방전을 이용해서 테슬라와 결합하면 큰 전류량을 얻을 수 있다고 착각한다.
이 사람들은 short circuit 범위를 이해하지 못한다.
루슬란이 만든 yoke-변압기 2차 코일은 단락회로 핵심이다.
그래서 2차 코일과 연결된 수류탄 코일에서 소비에 필요한 전류가 발생하면 안된다.
yoke-변압기 2차 코일과 수류탄 코일에서 AC-45V 소비전류가 발생하면 안될 뿐만 아니라 이곳에 전기적인 저항이 발생하면 안된다.
yoke-변압기 2차 코일과 수류탄 코일은 전기적으로 싱글-와이어라 이곳에 캐패시터와 다이오드 외 결합이 불필요하다.

나의 아빠가 yoke-변압기 2차 코일과 수류탄 코일에서 AC-45V 소비전류를 보여준 것은 완전한 푸시-풀 회로 상태에서 단락회로가 완성될 수 있기에 보여준 것 뿐이다.
그래서 나의 아빠가 완전한 푸시-풀 회로를 만들라고 회원들에게 여러번 조언했던 것이다.

yoke-변압기의 1차 코일이 10~12+1-~12,
2차 코일 12~14+12~14에서 나올 수 있는 단락회로의 전류량 수치다.
PSU 24V-6.3A 용량에서 나올 수있는 한계다.

루슬란의 yoke-변압기와 수류탄 코일은 단락회로 6A에 비례하는 전류량을 접지와 연결된(또는 단락된) 테슬라-kacher 인공-번개로부터 포집하는 장치이지 직접적으로 전압이나 전류량을 발생하는 장치가 아니다.
많은 회원들이 여기에서 착각한다.
그래서 지난 10년동안 변압기만 기지고 수많은 쑈를 하는 것이다.

루슬란이 500W X 4개 전등의 전압을 측정했을 때 -203V와 +202V가 나왔다.
약 6~7A의 DC-전압이라는 뜻이다.
AC-전압이 아니다.
DC-전압을 AC-전압으로 환산하면,

DC-203V 역률 부하시, -1.21~-1.25(무부하시 -1.414)는, 약 AC-167V 정도다.
전류량에 따라 달라질 수 있지만 큰 차이는 없다.
AC-167V는 AC-220V의 약 75% 수준의 밝기라서 전구 속에 필라멘트가 눈으로 보인다.
그러나 AC-220V 밝기라면 전구 속의 필라멘트를 눈으로 보기는 어렵다.

이곳 회원들이 할 일은 short circuit를 만드는 일이다.
초등학교 곱셉표나 이해하던 회원들에게 중학교에서 배우는 이차방정식이 필요한 것은 아니다.

코일만 붙이고 떼고하면 될 일이다.