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[solid state devices] Measuring current magnetman12003 3618 6
[Tesla Technologgy] Marosz's resonance tesla2 3707 1
[mechanic] New member doubts. antimony 1943 2
[solid state devices] OCTOBER 2015 ALEKZ FREE ENERGY DEVICE FOR WORLD PEACE ILLUSTRATED magnetman12003 3198 2
[Gravity powered devices] Distant action... iacob alex 2396 1
[solid state devices] ALEKZ FREE ENERGY DEVICE PATENT GIFTED FOR WORLD PEACE--AMAZING! magnetman12003 4463 4
[Actual Products] Nigerian vice president to sign solar partnership with UK jingwei3344 2567 1
[Actual Products] China has installed 9.9GW of solar in 2015 but curtailment issues continue jingwei3344 2402 0
[solid state devices] Donald L Smith Device axel700 17483 26
[solid state devices] 75 watt free energy from air schematic magnetman12003 9376 14
[News] magnetically controlled battery markdansie 1312 0
[Actual Products] Texas panel maker charged US$7.7 million for putting ‘Made in USA labels’ on Chi jingwei3344 3346 4
[News] Eric Dollard Harvests AM signal from Ground at full power No distance Limits" ramset 15190 39
[Gravity powered devices] Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope) Russ Lee 3863 3
[solid state devices] Schematic Error - Check it out??? magnetman12003 3297 4
[Actual Products] Californians reject roll back of solar net metering in poll jingwei3344 2296 0
[Gravity powered devices] Canada to California pipeline aqueduct and hydro-turbine power generator. synchro1 8919 21
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy kodytill 3518 3
[News] All of your Free Energy dreams are about to come true! Bruce_TPU 3852 8
[solid state devices] Bedini Arrangements Ideas Raccoon 2280 1
[Gravity powered devices] Flip-flop "wheel"... iacob alex 1693 0
[mechanic] 5 hour energy drink billionaire- Pedal Flywheel 1 hour = 24 hours power. MagnaProp 3927 4
[solid state devices] Teslar the untold story scratchrobot 2621 2
[Actual Products] Conergy to build Indonesia’s first utility PV projects jingwei3344 2360 0
[News] LENR Explanation Breakthrough markdansie 3106 5
[News] Stefan translates the Lueling magnet motor Video ramset 1431 0
[Actual Products] Rocky Mountain Institute report recommends ‘stacking benefits’ of storage busine jingwei3344 2400 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Magnetic mechanical Resonance ideas dom444 24742 46
[Gravity powered devices] Power Multiplier Device, resized illustration. Russ Lee 2280 1
[mechanic] Your help please my DC motor/generator ! zapperone 4900 6
[Actual Products] United PV’s Gansu-based PV power plant impacted by grid curtailments jingwei3344 2439 0
[News] CO2 laser DIY with Liebig condenser and spray for bicycle franco malgarini 1396 0
[mechanic] Magnet Motor,,,,Just sharing idea's little ken 7664 21
[Actual Products] SunEdison reduces project completions guidance by 20% and exits UK market jingwei3344 2339 0
[Gravity powered devices] Power Multiplier Device with illustration. Russ Lee 1665 0
[Gravity powered devices] Power Multiplier Device with illustration. Russ Lee 1995 1
[Tesla Technologgy] A.C. Tesla bifilar ferrite rotor attraction motor. synchro1 5415 5
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla UPG conversion Nixim 2547 0
[News] New electric motor reduces energy consumption up to 80% markdansie 4021 6
[News] Ultra dense hydrogen and deuterium production franco malgarini 6777 10
[News] Water Powered Generator Nink 1537 1
[mechanic] State ofthe Art-Novel InFlow Tech-Development 1Gearturbine 2Imploturbocompressor gearturbine 1631 0
[mechanic] Homopolar Generator Revisit. tinman 12635 32
[Actual Products] SunEdison reduces project completions guidance by 20% and exits UK market jingwei3344 2337 0
[News] Nobel Prize in physics goes to Neutrino Researchers e2matrix 1346 0
[healthy food] So called elites eat raburgeson 3924 1
[mechanic] Gayle Mill / Thomson Turbine massive 1656 0
[Gravity powered devices] Water ram pump massive 1796 0
[solid state devices] Free energy from pancake tesla coil receiver??? magnetman12003 2607 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Increased capacitor current effect ayeaye 6607 8
[News] Element 115 synthesis franco malgarini 1362 0
[News] How to make a magnet (ball or disc) rolling a long distance, simple device. bikelight 9066 16
[News] RF harvester comes to market Jimboot 2369 3
[News] Our FET . . to achieve this at a low power-supply voltage of 0.1 volts rukiddingme 1579 1
[solid state devices] Capacitor question magnetman12003 5321 11
[Open Source application software for your PC] Ngspice and gEDA circuit simulation ayeaye 4600 1
[News] The return of Steorn & Orbo launch Jimboot 14510 34
[solid state devices] How MOSFET leaks ayeaye 10686 19
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla generator... Chris45 2762 0
[Actual Products] Adani and GCL sign integrated energy JV including PV production in India jingwei3344 2377 0
[News] India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia sketema 1590 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Assisted Magnetic Generator Brutus 5704 3
[mechanic] Magic Table veproject1 1691 0
[Gravity powered devices] Perpetual motion simulations... iacob alex 2170 1
[Actual Products] India’s Fourth Partner Energy raises US$2 million jingwei3344 2468 0
[UFO sightings] Question to the Board Members AsgardLight 2952 2
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity powered machines... iacob alex 6074 12
[Actual Products] Order Focus: SolarWorld supplying 65MW of 72-cell modules to Panasonic US projec jingwei3344 2549 1
[News] Building a Solar Panel – Constructing an Aluminum Frame SabrinaPeliss 1278 0
[Actual Products] First Solar and skytron energy open PV O&M centre in Berlin jingwei3344 2451 0
[mechanic] LLW9 Magnet Motor by Luc Besancon synchro1 4465 4
[Actual Products] Indian state Uttarakhand launches solar tender for 170MW despite ‘limited potent jingwei3344 2410 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Joe Holden Turbine- No more Dams needed! MagnaProp 3377 1
[mechanic] The Ball Engine veproject1 2149 0
[News] Ultrathin 'invisibility cloak' can match any background Pirate88179 1283 0
[mechanic] Clem Engine was the real deal, I now know how it works and can prove it! TommeyLReed 43892 66
[Actual Products] UK’s energy department officials under fire as political opposition to FiT propo jingwei3344 2467 0
[solid state devices] WHY AV PLUG IS REQUIRED TO LIGHT UP LED USING S-LAYER EXCITER subhrasankar 1861 0
[Actual Products] DP World to launch renewable energy project in Dubai jingwei3344 2491 0
[Devices applied for the OU prize] Quantum Generator Roach69 11805 17
[Joule Thief] Quantum generator Roach69 3838 2
[Electric cars] Hybrid Dodge Ram Project TommeyLReed 4172 0
[News] Produce gold from Bismuth franco malgarini 26204 91
[Actual Products] Solar Panel Car Battery chargers - any good? jingwei3344 2335 0
[Actual Products] Why do I need a load connection on a charge controller? jingwei3344 3114 2
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ------> Overunity Generators Being Sold Right Now. FatBird 13528 17
[News] warm house with atomic hydrogen free franco malgarini 8005 19
[News] In memory of Mark Ethanasius markdansie 17779 60
[Reactive Power usage] Tinman's coil shorting circuit penno64 49478 98
[News] Lithium7 reactor franco malgarini 9305 19
[mechanic] MAGNETIC COUPLING forumblog 1565 0
[Gravity powered devices] Free Energy from Gravity Spirit 2420 1
[UFO sightings] Glitches in parallel universes? joel321 2737 0
[UFO sightings] Alien touches a guy in the arm. joel321 2745 0
[Actual Products] Solar panel warranties - How do they work? jingwei3344 2404 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity powered water generator Brutus 27259 78
[solid state devices] SIGNAL TRACER NAME? magnetman12003 1653 0
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