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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Saltwater cells] walts oldest AG-cell running test Walter Hofmann 6174 0
[News] Google ads for paying the hosting hartiberlin 5516 8
[energy systems based on Woodgas systems] Best system to use woodgas in a chemical fuelcell reaction ? hartiberlin 9390 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Starwars raburgeson 6951 7
[Heat to electric energy conversion] New solid state nano-refrigerator to .1 degree K Kysmett 9775 1
[Gravity powered devices] Paul Sully's Gravity Motor Design FreeEnergy 7740 1
[News] Die N-Maschine und der Homopolargenerator FreeEnergy 4105 1
[News] Tesla Lives in Time PaulLowrance 7225 5
[Half Baked Ideas] Nano Triboluminescence - absorbs heat, releases light? Charlie Brown ARN 3249 0
[Lifters] 800KV transformer gas insulation raburgeson 7532 2
[News] What to do when you have a Free Energy machine PaulLowrance 18244 35
[UFO sightings] Area 51 Kysmett 11513 10
[News] Anyone in electric motor laminates business? Butch LaFonte 3153 1
[mechanic] Testatika small machine testbed Steven Dufresne 41810 55
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Nick Cook talks about Antigravity on C2C PaulLowrance 4975 0
[Half Baked Ideas] magnetic flux shielding idea psyd 21391 28
[Other new battery systems] Earth Energy Batteries FreeEnergy 87682 99
[News] On C2C radio David Bodanis on science & electricity PaulLowrance 3383 0
[News] Patents, publishing, and trademarks PaulLowrance 2913 0
[Half Baked Ideas] vaccuum insulation? raburgeson 5050 5
[Gravity powered devices] found it on the net FreeEnergy 9916 11
[mechanic] The Prometheus Effect, an OU Challenge prometheus_effect 14903 25
[News] Interesting site to get some insight into "The truth of the matter" psyd 5137 5
[Service Suppliers] Let's organize andreas_varesi 9402 4
[News] Beyond ambient heat transforming device prototypes Charlie Brown ARN 3001 0
[News] U.S. must cut demand for oil Bruce A. Perreault 3131 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] . FreeEnergy 4974 0
[News] Moonshine gas KSW 3879 2
[mechanic] Overunity by unbalanced shielding of the magnetic field andreas_varesi 6049 3
[News] alcohol raburgeson 4360 2
[News] lifters raburgeson 3195 0
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Proof that higher permeable cores require less energy PaulLowrance 8366 4
[News] Biodiesel fuel discussion on Art Bell show tonight PaulLowrance 3247 3
[Lifters] coil hunting raburgeson 8272 4
[Lifters] high voltage raburgeson 11218 6
[News] Alternative Energy broadcast Sunday 17Apr2005 SteveTomorrow 3665 0
[solid state devices] Nukes Are Green Bruce A. Perreault 6496 4
[solid state devices] Homebrew Lightning Detector Bruce A. Perreault 8258 3
[News] Suppressed Science: Magnetic Monopoles BushWacker 10260 12
[mechanic] Eddy Currents Are Not Always A Loss In Overunity Operation Butch LaFonte 5479 4
[Theory of overunity and free energy] hartiberlin 5454 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Building an easy heater from burning H2 + O2 hartiberlin 16937 12
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Bruce DePalma - Inertial Field Experiment andros 18044 2
[News] William Alek's Presentation for Inventor's Weekend is now Posted Bruce A. Perreault 4139 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Trying to build prototype mobius 5317 4
[Gravity powered devices] cyclical gravity greenhouse liquid capillary action energy generator netwebresearch 10833 5
[Gravity powered devices] CYCLICAL GRAVITY SLIDE ENERGY GENERATOR / EXECUTIVE TO netwebresearch 9449 9
[solid state devices] MEG KSW 48771 51
[solid state devices] Free Solid State/mechanical energy KSW 355346 827
[Half Baked Ideas] noise (vibration) from the ground (earth) to energy FreeEnergy 4231 2
[solid state devices] motor/magnet/quartz KSW 4910 2
[Material Suppliers] Material Suppliers Kysmett 7678 4
[mechanic] Magnets/Buoyancy KSW 13479 24
[Service Suppliers] Business aspects of innovation atomiverse 10096 5
[mechanic] Eds design Thaelin 71956 103
[mechanic] Caution when building LaFonte Pseudo Solid Rotor Butch LaFonte 10855 15
[News] Pseudo Solid Rotor Element For SMOT And Other Motors Butch LaFonte 3258 0
[Gravity powered devices] The Patterson Gravity Powered Engine skippy1974 11114 8
[Gravity powered devices] Merging Field Lines TechStuf 9017 5
[mechanic] piezoelectric energy rlm555339 22162 20
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Heat conversion by using piezzo effect andreas_varesi 27900 26
[UFO sightings] UFO sighting ? hartiberlin 19887 21
[mechanic] SMOT KSW 63331 141
[solid state devices] Atmospheric electrical gradient tapping Charlie Brown ARN 15933 18
[Wave (from the beach) energy ] Pipes and valves on the ocean bottom below the waves Charlie Brown ARN 8166 3
[Half Baked Ideas] high voltage raburgeson 3640 3
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Minto Wheels KSW 15953 14
[mechanic] Pulse motor and timing joe 15693 21
[News] Thank God for Replicators PaulLowrance 18720 32
[solid state devices] Good configuration for hot fusion Charlie Brown ARN 4823 0
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] how abt this FreeEnergy 8290 3
[Saltwater cells] solar x-ray influence on my AG-cell Walter Hofmann 13323 14
[News] Free Energy prize money PaulLowrance 66829 220
[solid state devices] Free Energy: BushWacker 25334 22
[Super capacitors] Cheap homemade capacitors Phil 30666 12
[Saltwater cells] Walt?s battery voltage over time hartiberlin 16421 13
[Other antigravity machines and devices] New Russian antigravity success ! hartiberlin 7335 1
[News] The Prometheus Game prometheus_effect 19245 26
[Other new battery systems] Foil for Li-Ion batteries will bring 30 % more charge ? hartiberlin 9409 8
[Half Baked Ideas] spin theory raburgeson 9746 5
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] Eric the free energy skeptic erickrieg 31437 31
[solid state devices] Electrolysis Cell works well for calorimetry for PAGD joegatt 4877 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Ronald Classen's H2O Motor Project rlm555339 48620 120
[News] 1 Liter Super gasoline at 1.22 Euros ! hartiberlin 3919 1
[Saltwater cells] the majos differences of my AG-Cells Walter Hofmann 20585 26
[Half Baked Ideas] Self propelled Wimshurst BasementScientist 4058 4
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Water coil in magnetic generator Dobermann 7732 2
[solid state devices] Tesla's Egg replicated? Also super-efficient and super-simple inverter found fallenangel3k 10842 2
[solid state devices] Dakota Nuclear hartiberlin 9088 9
[mechanic] Movie: meth5.asf uploaded hartiberlin 13456 10
[Lifters] Lifters: Anti-gravity or simply ION WIND? Phil 43997 46
[News] RUBY ALERT: The Unspeakable Truth... World War III Set Up Bruce A. Perreault 11588 27
[Saltwater cells] alufoil cell hartiberlin 28476 37
[Saltwater cells] Bruce?s 2nd cell picture hartiberlin 12142 10
[Saltwater cells] New pic from Saltwater cell in tic tac box hartiberlin 13831 11
[mechanic] Movies: meth1.asf to meth4.asf uploaded hartiberlin 4445 0
[Lifters] Made and tested one of Nauldin's ideas Sojourner 9966 7
[Saltwater cells] Some new photos of Walt hartiberlin 22658 25
[News] Downtime... hartiberlin 3217 0
[mechanic] Lutec 1000 inventor speaks out ! hartiberlin 16044 15
Pages: 1 ... 147 148 149 150 151 [152] 153