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Author Topic: Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years  (Read 6493 times)

Offline Bruce A. Perreault

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Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years
« on: May 15, 2005, 08:17:25 PM »
Good Day Everyone!
This is not new technology...?
It has been around for years and is not practical in its present configuration. What I suspect is that the players are milking research grants again, the same old tired song and dance that we have witnessed with the fuel cell scams.

See Post from KeelyNet discussion list...

***beginning of post***
Research what a 1 KW fuel cell costs (just the membranes in the 'box') .. which are mostly made of some precious metals, such as platinum. I believe last time I looked, it was $1,500 for a used one on eBay. The "first" fuel cell vehicle (a Ford Festiva 'postal car') was built by Dr. Roger Billings in the late 80's, and had a 10 KW fuel cell ... (Dr. Billings is the #1 pioneer of Hydrogen fueled vehicles) .. The Ford "LaserCell" barely ran .. and was never seen to travel far (Our 'group' paid him a $1000 to come to our event and the Ford traveled one city block and parked)... Now 15 or so years later .. we find the NECAR 3, which has 90+ KW Fuel Cell stack .. as well as heaps of problems (read a Road & Track or Car & Driver report) .. so.... lets say you can get a NEW 1 KW stack for $1000 (better price than on eBay) it would still cost you $90,000 + for the fuel cell alone !!!!!!

I hope that you "Hydrogen Advocates" start to do your research (try Google) before you start talking and writing how great H2/Fuel Cells are .. and then come back to post your finding .. belive me, I would like you to prove me wrong .. since I started as a advocate too with Dr. Billings .. and after years and years of technical failures and watching big business suck up millions for 'research' on to pay top executives giant salaries to do nothing (can you say Ballard?) it has left me with one conclusion ... it's a scam.

***end of post from other list***

When research involves taking large sums of money from the tax payers it should be done to improve the community, not to line the pockets of project executives. I do believe that the same scenario is happening with the nuclear battery. How do I know this? Because I have been developing a practical nuclear battery since around 1995.

Take a look at Paul Brown's patent - - it references a number of patents that utilize porous silicon in conjunction with tritium.

I have developed a method that speeds up the decay of natural radioisotopes. This is used in conjunction with my Ion Valve Diode which converts nuclear decay directly to electrical current. I will be discussing this at Inventor's Weekend next month...

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Offline lanca

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Re: Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2005, 03:26:43 AM »
think about the zielinski-Battery