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Author Topic: two patents on six machines designed to convert gravity to mechanical energy.  (Read 47437 times)

Offline lltfdaniel1

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Some food for thought,

I fully agree with newton but you can tap it internally and thus do the opposite of it if you tapped it external.[/size]With energy opposites like north and south or positive and negative thus there are two opposites one internal and one external so yeah.Inertia was best explained by Sir Isaac Newton in his first law of motion. Basically, the law of motion is that an object at rest stays at rest and an object continues in motion (self running) until an external force acts on it.

Self running gyroscopes demonstrate self running Inertia this already has been proven in science.

So if you don't tap it internally it wont work because of newtons inertia first law effect, it is the same as if you tapped the self running internal effect via external methods thus won't work, so you have to tap it internally and thus will work as in getting what you want real power/torque manifest to power a load whilst self running in that fashion.

So it you try to tap earths momentum of spin mass via external it won't work, it has to be done internally.

So the process is internal and the energy extraction bit is internal again and thus will fully work, so in world of energy there is positive and negative, same with internal or external energy tapping methods you get the idea.

The earths self running process and how it manifest spin torque which powers the oceans wave wind etc, the earth does that via internal methods of self running, because the internal mass of the earth is active and can get useful work/torque from it, it you tap it with a gyroscope which taps it in a internal way.

It is clear to me that this won't work as others have said because it is externally trying to capture the energy, so try the opposite method which is internal with a self running gyro scope, both opposites one external (won't work) or internal (will work), just like the opposites of negative and positive in the energy world the like or with electric so there you go.

So internal to internal regarding self running and energy tapping both internal processes.

The internal process is inside of the centre of gravity and external is outside of the centre of gravity so if you push the centre of gravity to get it to self run you will get two complete opposites of energy manifests regarding inside or outside the centre of gravity, outside of centre of gravity will never work and inside of the centre of gravity then mission accomplished.

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Offline citfta

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I have seen several of your posts where you talk about self running gyroscopes.  Where have you seen a self running gyroscope?  All I have ever seen used an external force to keep them spinning.

Offline brian334

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gravity is a energy source, you just have to figure out how to make it work both ways. Up and down in a liquid.

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Offline lancaIV

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Electric (pump)- motor with 90% efficiency x electric liquid flow conversion generator with 90% efficiency = ?
The same principle + siphon advantage ( co-/ad-haesion forces)

The same installation with low friction wheel

Heron's pump/siphon maths ncluded  ! + the here propagated DIY " water motor"-kit

Offline telecom

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The only thing I can come up with is a compression spring on top of the movement.
This spring is being hit by the weight and compresses, but when the device
reaches bottom, this spring expands, and helps overcoming the water pressure, This allows piston to expand, and device completes the cycle,

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Offline telecom

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Revisiting this idea again, and now thinking it will work, since there is no limit to the intertial force which is proportional to the mass.
Basically, on the way down we can have mass as big as needed to overcome the water pressure, and on the way up it can be balanced by the flotation.
Does the author belong to this forum?