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Topic Started by Views Replies
[mechanic] The " Gary effect " and the Wesley Gary motor. Grumage 2337 11
[News] Amalgam transmutation franco malgarini 684 0
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Kilopower- NASA uranium-235 stirling engine. MagnaProp 909 0
[News] Many compounds from air franco malgarini 583 0
[solid state devices] 1 Watt or Less Efficient Led Light Project SkyWatcher123 4350 12
[The Aether] 43200 72 600 stevie1001 1571 4
[News] Are Low RMP Low Torque PM generators "OU" or Watts? NerzhDishual 509 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Fuel cell H1 franco malgarini 745 0
[mechanic] Spinning magnets with coil designs issues 693 1
[mechanic] Policing the Overunity community 953 4
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Free Electrolysis franco malgarini 919 1
[News] Giant spiral diamond franco malgarini 683 0
[News] Liquid gold+atomic hydrogen franco malgarini 438 0
[News] Sun Rises 45 Degrees North of StoneHenge at Summer Solstice? - 06/21/2018 TechStuf 454 0
[News] Simple production of plutonium franco malgarini 512 0
[News] Air liquid simple franco malgarini 604 0
[News] Heavy water fast franco malgarini 636 0
[News] liquid gold at tons from mercury coils franco malgarini 525 0
[News] Powering a radio on water batteries. stevensrd1 545 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] The Laws of Energy wrenchtime 565 0
[News] Cell phone charger with play-doh batteries. stevensrd1 492 0
[Gravity powered devices] Motor primo... iacob alex 1064 0
[Half Baked Ideas] 3d Printed Stator Mold for a Outrunner Drum Motor dmann 1550 0
[News] First prototype AA design play doh battery. stevensrd1 649 0
[News] Large digital clock powered by play-doh. stevensrd1 445 0
[healthy food] Zinc as a Treatment for Depression Paul Maher, MD 3255 0
[News] Play-doh powered wall clock. stevensrd1 478 1
[Half Baked Ideas] The Stefan Marinov Motor (siberian coliu) and why he was wrong broli 2621 5
[News] Play-doh recharger. stevensrd1 435 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Recharging batteries with play-doh. stevensrd1 738 0
[News] Play-Doh Light. stevensrd1 453 0
[News] Wireless Radio Play-Doh Power. stevensrd1 440 0
[Free Energy Party Memes] ****MISSING MEMBER**** EVOLVING APE thetruthisoutthere 829 0
[News] Magnetic shape-shifters rukiddingme 492 0
[The Aether] RALPH STRANGER BBC massive 1146 0
[News] Play-Doh Drycell Battery. stevensrd1 535 0
[News] Flarp Drycell Battery. stevensrd1 588 0
[News] Flarp power stevensrd1 530 0
[Understanding OverUnity] Overunity is a strange and sometimes hidden concept to many. stevensrd1 1535 0
[News] Fingernail size home made drycell converted from my water battery project. stevensrd1 685 1
[Magnesium alloy batteries] Fingernail size home made drycell powering a wall clock. stevensrd1 1449 0
[News] THE OLD STORY: It Runs On Water Stanley Meyer (1995) MUST-SEE VIDEO NKE 1028 2
[News] SOON: 90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly and here is why. NKE 1442 5
[Gravity powered devices] My Attempts at UNLOCKING Johann Bessler MT 138 Secrets TheVisitorV 2723 1
[News] Over Unity compressed air energy being hidden from public eyes tysb3 1158 4
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -------> Brazil Overunity Power Company Monster FatBird 1280 3
[News] cosmic alcove for mineral seed franco malgarini 441 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Is The Kinemassic Effect Actually Free Energy? Eighthman 909 1
[News] Permanent electrolysis for D2O production franco malgarini 549 0
[mechanic] Permanent magnets and coils electricity generation design Floor 2335 8
[Wireless Energy Transfer] Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum stivep 407679 3318
[mechanic] Mu-Metal Design (yes I know you can't shield two magnets from one another) Apoc4lypse 858 2
[solar systems homemade and commercial] silicon/silicium N6 worth per Wp solar cell 2018 lancaIV 1478 1
[News] Forum Formatting problem citfta 1406 11
[Gravity powered devices] Continuous Dynamic Motion...concept iacob alex 1913 0
[Gravity powered devices] I cracked the gravity Puzzle! 100% legit TheVisitorV 1273 0
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] General Classical Electrodynamics electroscalar 4228 1
[News] Multifunction wood fired kitchen franco malgarini 1203 1
[mechanic] The gyroscopic electric central geptole 1787 8
[Gravity powered devices] Graillat's wheel..... iacob alex 1355 2
[News] Tractor beam with Saser franco malgarini 1093 1
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Exciting a resonant tank with pulsed DC - help madddann 5118 18
[News] The New World Forum franco malgarini 999 0
[mechanic] Clickbaits and conspiracy theories Low-Q 1400 2
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Bldc electronic drive circuit to replace mechanical commutator Linko 2862 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Hypothesis On Free Electricity Eighthman 1459 0
[solid state devices] A Solid-State Maxwell Demon ZL 16632 79
[News] Fresnel Microscope franco malgarini 936 0
[New propulsion technologies] Roto-vectorial propulsion... iacob alex 1934 2
[News] Townsend Brown Generator Demonstration Cherryman 1319 1
[News] Walter Jenkins ,says water in now a fuel ? ramset 1795 3
[solid state devices] are there any surplus stores for military grade transformers etc? Belfior 1753 2
[News] Polonium car franco malgarini 1032 0
[Gravity powered devices] IDI - Gravitational Power Full Disclosure - Full Schematics and Explanations Her TheVisitorV 2004 1
[News] New forum on Hyperspace franco malgarini 1130 0
[solid state devices] Need help with Solid State Tesla Coil.. fantaasia 3132 0
[News] New forum on aether franco malgarini 1502 1
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Deep ocean water pressure compressing nitrogen filled pistons in a loop william_mills 1864 0
[Understanding OverUnity] Coil+IronCore Vs 2 Coils polarity MagnaProp 2289 5
[News] Free Energy Hidden In Plane/Plain Sight! gravityblock 1832 3
[News] Peltier cell as thermal diode franco malgarini 1672 3
[mechanic] HHO Water Hammer Generator By Tommey Reed TommeyLReed 4237 8
[mechanic] Why stator of induction motor will burnted if its rotor no turned? tonygiang 1765 5
[Gravity powered devices] Deformation of a device EOW 2284 7
[solid state devices] Calculated COP=10 Active Antenna System panyuming 6286 19
[News] Pancake Luminifera franco malgarini 1180 1
[The theory of energy streams] The Discovery and Utilization of Relativity Energy --A Whole New Energy Source Zhang Yalin 1876 1
[News] Magnet radio Electric Light franco malgarini 976 0
[News] Negative Energy experiment franco malgarini 910 0
[Gravity powered devices] Brilliant concept, but will it work? Low-Q 7879 37
[News] Simplest atomic hydrogen generator franco malgarini 1032 0
[solid state devices] A Collapsing Field is indeed Extra Energy from the Ambient Environment Debunkified 4152 3
[News] Eternal lamp franco malgarini 1299 2
[mechanic] Backup thread: "My idea... A new magnet motor." magnetmotorman 1418 4
[Other new battery systems] how long does it take for a moderator to approve a post????? mak27 2010 4
[News] 1 MW Polonium plant franco malgarini 1200 1
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] OPEN SOURCE POSTINGS RELATING TO OVERUNITY AND FREE ENERGY magnetman12003 1795 3
[News] Overunity triphase generator franco malgarini 1548 3
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] HHO Water Hammer Generator By Tommey Reed TommeyLReed 1872 0
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