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Topic Started by Views Replies
[News] ICCF-19 cold fusion conference NOW Showing in Italy ramset 1992 1
[mechanic] Is there any mechanic devide that works? HormigaAtomica 17061 51
[Theory of overunity and free energy] A possible violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy Zetetic 38207 91
[News] Marconi's Gold from seawater franco malgarini 3326 2
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] New Type Of Compress Air Engine Project. TommeyLReed 5247 3
[Energy Jobs looked for] Introduction and inquiry about work in free energy companies - Hristo Goumnerov barcacali 8955 2
[News] LENR Co-deposition markdansie 2925 1
[mechanic] Magnetic engine 2.0 uhhhh superhero 8887 8
[solid state devices] Slowing or reversing a KWH meter. pomodoro 12714 15
[mechanic] Is Newton's Law At Risk? gravityblock 25362 49
[News] Force Sensitive Resistors Pirate88179 2677 2
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Let's get things organised please nerdk 7765 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Need Help with Marko Rodin Math? Please luc2010 7161 8
[Electric bikes] solar electric bike franco malgarini 4135 0
[News] $50 kWh 3D printed Super Cap? markdansie 2187 0
[Actual Products] Electro Permanent Alnico Magnet Gripper MagnaProp 10582 10
[mechanic] Gerard Morin AC Magnet Generator 5 ELEMAN 4444 2
[News] Hydrobetatron franco malgarini 2944 3
[News] New Aluminium Battery hast he qualities of a real breakthrough markdansie 6872 15
[News] Magnetic Motor fakes on YouTube markdansie 4672 2
[News] Scientists have invented a battery that could charge a smart phone in 1 minute rukiddingme 1895 0
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] MEASURING DC VOLTAGE AND CURRENT USING THIS METER ? magnetman12003 6626 5
[News] Antiseismic valve of Ighina franco malgarini 5097 5
[News] LENR: Clean Energy Research Lab markdansie 1919 0
[Other new battery systems] Mud battery from electron poop? MagnaProp 3384 0
[Gravity powered devices] Begginer advice needed nathanj99 9080 14
[News] Steam Power and Energy Liberty markdansie 3230 4
[News] UCLA scientists create quick-charging hybrid supercapacitors rukiddingme 1896 1
[Do It Yourself] please take a look at what im doing ItWasNowTimeEarth 5049 2
[Gravity powered devices] Trompe !!!!! Madeo 10728 11
[Help to access this discussion board] Print Page with images? RoliK 4175 1
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Gadolinium Magnet Generator. synchro1 103512 230
[Gravity powered devices] Skinner's Gravity Machine + assisting magnets Spirit 4790 4
[News] Sand Powered Generator markdansie 2326 0
[News] 9/11 mysteries solved ? Book about what happened to the passengers of the planes hartiberlin 10637 2
[News] Magnetic Free Energy Machine For Sale markdansie 2569 0
[News] Spring Powered Cars markdansie 4523 4
[News] Hot Fusion At Home? gammarayburst 9737 14
[Water arc energy systems] Hot Fusion At Home? gammarayburst 5072 3
[News] So You Have a Working Free Energy Generator... Now What? hamster 11994 24
[News] Thermionic Overunity Generator my gift to the world. Arthur1 29910 57
[mechanic] SMOT ball on steel Track vineet_kiran 4158 3
[Gravity powered devices] Voltage & current on open circuit? nathanj99 2915 2
[News] Easter Island, Coral Castle, & Great Pyramid 100% Solved! gravityblock 2027 0
[News] Free energy I3anan 2081 0
[solid state devices] SSG Trigger Winding Series Discharge nilrehob 3148 1
[mechanic] new magnet motor? rstergar 6792 8
[Electric cars] 3D printed electric car for 1.600 euro franco malgarini 5898 2
[News] Free energy machine. I3anan 2251 1
[Water arc energy systems] Water enhanced fuel system's. tinman 11723 17
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] World's first hydrogen powered train joel321 3825 0
[Understanding OverUnity] new aprroach Mancha 4011 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ------> Post Claims Circuit Will Output O/U. FatBird 4154 1
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] 900 X Overunity FatBird 19270 27
[solid state devices] SSG Minimizing Trigger Winding Losses nilrehob 7182 12
[mechanic] Alejandro Castro's Perendev Magnetic Motor sm0ky2 2429 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO Engine Prototype. TommeyLReed 4535 1
[mechanic] Atmospheric Engine! Newton II 4195 3
[mechanic] [The S-Motor] Mechanical and AC Power Generator. No Batteries or Capacitors. kmarinas86 3978 0
[solid state devices] Lasersaber Super Joule Ringer John Baumgartner 4909 5
[News] FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Alexander Parkhomov LENR ramset 6012 8
[News] Fifty Quadrillion Dollar Energy Discovery Suppressed! gravityblock 10672 22
[News] 50 Watts Electret from TV cable franco malgarini 4278 4
[News] Rossi states that 1 megawatt energy catalyzer is being used for commercial heat rukiddingme 2606 2
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla Motor Research RotarySteel62 3659 0
[Gravity powered devices] Tong wheel and coils nathanj99 8915 14
[News] Free Energy Explained markdansie 2481 0
[News] Rewriting the history of the symbol of shamash gravityblock 16140 32
[News] Overunity motor update part4. stevensrd1 2296 1
[News] The Leidenfrost Effect Motor markdansie 2224 0
[mechanic] I may have found something ground breaking gammarayburst 2275 0
[mechanic] I may have found something ground breaking gammarayburst 8964 15
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HOFFMAN APARATUS - Electrode mass/type and ratio to electrolyte volume oxomoxo 4285 1
[Joule Thief] Text update on the over unity joule thief. stevensrd1 4659 1
[News] Thought Id also mention a text update on the overunity joule thief. stevensrd1 2317 3
[News] overunity motor still going at 80 hours now. stevensrd1 2969 3
[News] My theory on how the overunity motor works. stevensrd1 2058 0
[Other new battery systems] Updated video on the over unity motor recharger. stevensrd1 3283 0
[News] Overunity motor, part3, all 4 recharging bats reading at 1.400 volts now. stevensrd1 40236 169
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Hollow Inductor Generation Coils sm0ky2 4402 1
[Gravity powered devices] Measuring Amps on output coils nathanj99 18267 49
[Joule Thief] Joule thief unity recharger, new update, part 3. stevensrd1 4138 1
[mechanic] Pseudo Solid SMOT gammarayburst 4624 6
[News] Update video on the two batteries recharging four while powering a motor. stevensrd1 1920 0
[solid state devices] Using 2 AA batteries to recharge 4 AA batteries while powering a motor. stevensrd1 3350 3
[News] Light = small m WE CAN USE IT !!! tesla2 7015 14
[mechanic] Gerard Morin Replication with Eleman Magnet Motor Test 2 ELEMAN 4451 3
[mechanic] cheap generator miloszlaw 3297 2
[mechanic] Proof Of Over Unity Fixture gammarayburst 2359 0
[News] What is more faster EARTH or EM RADIATION !!! tesla2 1739 0
[News] DISCOVERY ( double SLITS problem ) tesla2 2692 2
[News] Europas' water VS Earths' water joel321 1890 0
[Joseph Newman Energy Machine] The Joseph Newman Free energy Machine youknowfreenergy 6140 1
[Help to access this discussion board] Hello about delete my account overunity7 6555 9
[mechanic] The possibilities are endless milan213 3302 1
[solid state devices] how can i use such output ? fisal 1910 0
[News] Build a Hodoscope franco malgarini 2309 1
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] New to the forum, Long time believer in OU 1337 14164 21
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