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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity powered machines... iacob alex 6377 12
[Actual Products] Order Focus: SolarWorld supplying 65MW of 72-cell modules to Panasonic US projec jingwei3344 2756 1
[News] Building a Solar Panel – Constructing an Aluminum Frame SabrinaPeliss 1356 0
[Actual Products] First Solar and skytron energy open PV O&M centre in Berlin jingwei3344 2576 0
[mechanic] LLW9 Magnet Motor by Luc Besancon synchro1 4733 4
[Actual Products] Indian state Uttarakhand launches solar tender for 170MW despite ‘limited potent jingwei3344 2578 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Joe Holden Turbine- No more Dams needed! MagnaProp 3596 1
[mechanic] The Ball Engine veproject1 2263 0
[News] Ultrathin 'invisibility cloak' can match any background Pirate88179 1361 0
[mechanic] Clem Engine was the real deal, I now know how it works and can prove it! TommeyLReed 46166 66
[Actual Products] UK’s energy department officials under fire as political opposition to FiT propo jingwei3344 2641 0
[solid state devices] WHY AV PLUG IS REQUIRED TO LIGHT UP LED USING S-LAYER EXCITER subhrasankar 1995 0
[Actual Products] DP World to launch renewable energy project in Dubai jingwei3344 2632 0
[Devices applied for the OU prize] Quantum Generator Roach69 14227 19
[Joule Thief] Quantum generator Roach69 4058 2
[Electric cars] Hybrid Dodge Ram Project TommeyLReed 4332 0
[News] Produce gold from Bismuth franco malgarini 27917 91
[Actual Products] Solar Panel Car Battery chargers - any good? jingwei3344 2442 0
[Actual Products] Why do I need a load connection on a charge controller? jingwei3344 3316 2
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ------> Overunity Generators Being Sold Right Now. FatBird 14049 17
[News] warm house with atomic hydrogen free franco malgarini 8298 19
[News] In memory of Mark Ethanasius markdansie 18827 60
[Reactive Power usage] Tinman's coil shorting circuit penno64 52726 98
[News] Lithium7 reactor franco malgarini 9710 19
[mechanic] MAGNETIC COUPLING forumblog 1680 0
[Gravity powered devices] Free Energy from Gravity Spirit 2531 1
[UFO sightings] Glitches in parallel universes? joel321 2906 0
[UFO sightings] Alien touches a guy in the arm. joel321 2880 0
[Actual Products] Solar panel warranties - How do they work? jingwei3344 2554 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity powered water generator Brutus 28870 78
[solid state devices] SIGNAL TRACER NAME? magnetman12003 1776 0
[Actual Products] I have a Torqueedo electric outboard jingwei3344 2772 2
[mechanic] Siberian Kolya - Need correct diagram showing magnetic-poles forumblog 6883 13
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Next gen Drones using ‘antigravity’ propulsion from Initial Forces clearchrome 3410 0
[Gravity powered devices] Pakistan got themself a self running Gravity Magnetic Motor self running clearchrome 9548 17
[Actual Products] WTO Verdict on India's Solar Dispute with US Expected Soon jingwei3344 2768 1
[Tesla Technologgy] 35KHZ AC RECTIFIED QUESTIONS magnetman12003 4471 4
[Gravity powered devices] Simulation vs. Reality... iacob alex 2751 2
[News] Mechanism for Unhealthy Brain Aging Associated with Alzheimer’s Identified Qwert 1264 0
[News] Magnetic Monopole MrMag 1434 0
[News] Perpetual Motion Machine Spirit 2432 3
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Three Cheers for the Men in Green MileHigh 2962 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Monoatomic Gold is the KEY STOP LOOKING ELSEWHERE!!! clearchrome 9802 16
[Actual Products] Is Solar Power Dangerous? jingwei3344 2602 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] New, Almost PERFECT Battery. FatBird 3530 1
[News] New way of utilizing wind energy - 600 Kw - More affordable e2matrix 2105 2
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] HHO Water Turbine Generator TommeyLReed 3874 1
[News] World's first real Free Energy Flashlight - no shaking - no batteries! No Solar e2matrix 133268 467
[News] Lithium and tripolar fuel cell franco malgarini 1477 0
[mechanic] Self-Running Drum veproject1 3357 4
[Tesla Technologgy] The Eric Dollard Lightglobe experiment pomodoro 22824 45
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity driven Power Multiplier Device Russ Lee 3489 3
[Heat to electric energy conversion] monothermal ALVARO_CS 4195 3
[News] A sincere gentleman sharing a magnet motor build .[NDA issues??] ramset 95625 305
[Reactive Power usage] Help with Overunity Water heater replication [or is it ???] ramset 3700 1
[Actual Products] How close are we to a solar powered car? jingwei3344 3584 4
[Actual Products] LED lights - Do they ever need replacement? jingwei3344 3469 3
[Actual Products] Solar Panels jingwei3344 4822 5
[News] E-Cat patent granted today 8/25/15 ponto 3729 5
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] hydrogen separator (help) rendz1987 2830 0
[mechanic] Four bar Infinity Curve veproject1 2019 0
[News] Is it dangerous to give an overunity device to the human people ? EOW 7349 13
[mechanic] Perpetual-motion-machine-using-inverse-magnetostrictive-effect vineet_kiran 1858 0
[News] Programmable Inertia Generators! gravityblock 11919 31
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] Tesla Towers. FatBird 3034 0
[Actual Products] M240 Solar charge battery anyone? jingwei3344 3244 1
[solid state devices] REACTIVE POWER BILL$ leonardocunha 8010 8
[News] breakthrough in thin-film magnetism markdansie 1402 0
[Gravity powered devices] SimonsWheel s1m0n 6692 9
[Gravity powered devices] Look at my chas campbell replication Frank2025 8451 7
[mechanic] Straight Line Mechanism veproject1 2230 0
[News] New reactionless motor from India pomodoro 21352 68
[Gravity powered devices] will it work self motion generator idea sudtielove 1616 0
[Joule Thief] High Efficiency LED for Joule Thief, etc. TinselKoala 19832 40
[News] Flexible, biodegradable device can generate power from touch markdansie 1504 0
[solid state devices] STROBE GLOBE FREQUENCY POWER VIDEO magnetman12003 5641 5
[mechanic] Solve Puzzle veproject1 2233 1
[Half Baked Ideas] linear magnetic motion effect eroutt 11307 16
[mechanic] A NEW 'MAGNETIC-BEARING', INVENTED TODAY guest1289 8454 17
[News] A high-tech energy saving device peterqv98 2776 4
[mechanic] Physical Shapes that Cause Potential Differences to Natural Energies Hope 2374 3
[Actual Products] Do you know Renesola? orYinglisolar? Or Trina? jingwei3344 3169 1
[mechanic] About Perpetual Motion Gabriele 10573 16
[Theory of overunity and free energy] MY 'LEVITATING OBJECT' INVENTION guest1289 17040 37
[Gravity powered devices] Rotating beam machine... iacob alex 1818 0
[mechanic] "A Simple Proof of Conservation of Energy" ELEMAN 2086 1
[solid state devices] Transformer Related Question ?? magnetman12003 3445 5
[mechanic] Levers & Linkages veproject1 2130 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Cristic chemistry franco malgarini 8516 10
[News] Is this a miracle or a scam? peterqv98 11903 30
[News] How to generate magnetism in metals that aren’t naturally magnetic markdansie 1320 0
[Tesla Technologgy] A Definative Guide to Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter chuff1 9214 7
[News] Startup company uses radio waves to separate water into hydrogen markdansie 1393 0
[solid state devices] PLASMA POWER VIDEO magnetman12003 7749 13
[Gravity powered devices] Take it , as you like... iacob alex 2009 0
[Reactive Power usage] Dr. Stiffler's "New" Quantum Energy Reciever. synchro1 56004 128
[solid state devices] What is the difference between high and low voltage current? d3x0r 3543 3
[News] Magrav.. Anyone found a user review somewhere? Cherryman 16936 7
[News] Acetylene Engines markdansie 4509 8
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