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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Gravity powered devices] A poetic license... iacob alex 2648 3
[mechanic] Winding my first (bifilar) coil. antimony 8252 11
[mechanic] Acquire a flywheel antimony 2442 3
[Actual Products] Trina Solar hits industry record quarterly shipments of over 1.7GW jingwei3344 2471 0
[Gravity powered devices] An overbalanced wheel design... I now have no time to build. Giro 5031 6
[solid state devices] 47000 Watt Magnetizer tinman 15237 36
[mechanic] Building the Lawrence Tseung generator? antimony 7126 7
[Actual Products] Amtech’s solar sales slide in fiscal fourth quarter jingwei3344 2468 0
[News] Cyber Plants: Can plants to become power plants? markdansie 1278 0
[mechanic] Substitute the neon bulb in the Bedini SSG antimony 4487 8
[News] where does energy come from markdansie 12424 58
[Reactive Power usage] Inductive Kickback citfta 79377 375
[Actual Products] GD Solar shutting down 640MW of production line capacity jingwei3344 2460 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -------> Free Energy Patents List FatBird 2751 0
[Reactive Power usage] The Spike minoly 18267 49
[News] How to make the philosopher stone franco malgarini 2672 4
[Actual Products] Trina inks MOU for new module plant in India’s Andhra Pradesh jingwei3344 2534 0
[mechanic] Bedini is it for ever turning wheel? dakanadaka 2322 2
[Actual Products] KACO new energy targeting €200 million in sales in 2015 jingwei3344 2437 0
[Reactive Power usage] Debates on how to make a more efficent motor using Flyback (MODERATED) hoptoad 5566 5
[Actual Products] KPMG predicts major disruption from solar in India over next decade jingwei3344 2386 0
[Actual Products] Push to reach environmental goods trade deal, including PV, by year end jingwei3344 2336 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] freefromfuel hho lightend 4593 5
[Gravity powered devices] Spring-Drive-Motor... iacob alex 1665 0
[mechanic] Pulse Motor Challenge MileHigh 1451 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -----> 36 SECRET Patents Just Released. FatBird 3680 3
[solid state devices] My 1st Selfrunning Generator? nilrehob 8728 23
[mechanic] Proven experiment has gone un-noticed by the media... NathanCoppedge 4597 9
[mechanic] I would be curious for input on this simplest of all simple Magnet Devices NathanCoppedge 2227 2
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] HHO Motorcycle Reece87 2816 0
[solid state devices] Counterwound star-challis coil and Hall effect Switch Circuit earthbound0729 1963 0
[Actual Products] Zhongli Talesun starts production at 500MW PERC production plant in Thailand jingwei3344 2450 0
[News] This Post will help You use Universe's Energy tesla2 2602 3
[Actual Products] Ascent Solar raises funds to keep going jingwei3344 2393 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ------> Friendly Discussion of the Don Smith Working Unit (Pros & Cons). FatBird 3737 3
[News] NEW DISCOVERY about GRAVITATION tesla2 1694 2
[News] Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000% rukiddingme 3532 2
[Reactive Power usage] Sharing ideas on how to make a more efficent motor using Flyback (MODERATED) gotoluc 203908 856
[Gravity powered devices] Comments for 'Power Multiplier Device, last resized (I hope)' appreciated. Russ Lee 7507 14
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Can someone recommend me some good books that you think i should read? antimony 4889 11
[Actual Products] Global solar PV demand will reach 65.5GW in 2016 – IHS jingwei3344 2280 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Self-Reactor H1 franco malgarini 2873 0
[Actual Products] Hopes remain for negotiated settlement to US-China solar trade disputes jingwei3344 2273 0
[solid state devices] Zatsarinin transformer replication, strange effects and sound too! GerryC 1795 0
[Gravity powered devices] Facebook hoppfield 1533 0
[Gravity powered devices] Veproject 1" Bessler Wheel hoppfield 1940 1
[News] Atmospheric Electricity markdansie 1238 0
[News] Using Hydrogen to enhance lithium ion batteries markdansie 1199 0
[Actual Products] Deutsche Bank: Solar cheapest energy source in Chile but transmission lines need jingwei3344 2391 0
[News] Another energy from air company with developer skit markdansie 1334 0
[Actual Products] UK solar developer Lightsource raises US$438 million jingwei3344 2408 0
[News] Richard Hull's Book on Tesla's Colorado Springs Notes poynt99 3599 5
[solid state devices] simple overunity? abcdxyz 4448 6
[Actual Products] Court ruling leaves hole in SolarWorld’s defence in US$700 million Hemlock lawsu jingwei3344 2357 0
[mechanic] JB Zero Force Motor - anyone building? Jimboot 33805 100
[Gravity powered devices] Builds hoppfield 1798 0
[solid state devices] In Defense of Dr. Konstantin Meyl 2201 0
[Actual Products] Macrolink extends consummation of Hanergy TF manufacturing deal jingwei3344 2460 0
[Actual Products] First Solar signs 400MW module delivery deal with Strata jingwei3344 2348 0
[Gravity powered devices] Mt 125 Links hoppfield 8560 20
[Gravity powered devices] Mongolfiera Gabriele 1692 0
[mechanic] RED and BLUE force (BIG DISCOVERY ) tesla2 2228 1
[Gravity powered devices] @Pirate88179 hoppfield 3829 7
[mechanic] These are, of course, the best over-unity concepts in the world! NathanCoppedge 1535 0
[News] EAP (Electroactive Polymers) DreamThinkBuild 2615 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Electrostatic Generator FictionalCharacter 2512 0
[Actual Products] E.On, ABB and Ericsson collaborate on sustainability research and innovation jingwei3344 2624 1
[Gravity powered devices] @ AB Hammer hoppfield 14720 46
[solid state devices] Background Radiation Converter Concept hoppfield 1918 1
[Actual Products] Seraphim receives ‘A’ rating certification for selling modules in Brazil jingwei3344 2338 0
[mechanic] Bedini Energizer Coil Question earthbound0729 6246 11
[solid state devices] New Orbo video and going on sale in Dec. ponto 7540 15
[solid state devices] FREE ENERGY RECIEVER UP AND RUNNING magnetman12003 2583 2
[New propulsion technologies] Ultrasonic Levitation. synchro1 2953 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity bike. Redirecting gravity into a forward momentum. isodecryptor 3163 4
[Devices applied for the OU prize] purpetual montion Working modle that can be reproduce vonhen 3728 1
[News] Anti Gravity : sonic tractor beam invented markdansie 1852 2
[Gravity powered devices] Uncovering the possibility of the existence of a fifth force in the universe markdansie 3011 2
[Gravity powered devices] Bessler's Mt 125 hoppfield 12595 37
[Gravity powered devices] To Stefan Hartmann hoppfield 1931 1
[Cooking and heating with HHO] Tommey Reed's HHO Biomass reactor System TommeyLReed 9828 3
[Actual Products] Embassy Energy to build 200MW solar plant in Karnataka jingwei3344 2268 0
[solid state devices] Measuring current magnetman12003 3575 6
[Tesla Technologgy] Marosz's resonance tesla2 3674 1
[mechanic] New member doubts. antimony 1928 2
[solid state devices] OCTOBER 2015 ALEKZ FREE ENERGY DEVICE FOR WORLD PEACE ILLUSTRATED magnetman12003 3179 2
[Gravity powered devices] Distant action... iacob alex 2309 1
[solid state devices] ALEKZ FREE ENERGY DEVICE PATENT GIFTED FOR WORLD PEACE--AMAZING! magnetman12003 4418 4
[Actual Products] Nigerian vice president to sign solar partnership with UK jingwei3344 2537 1
[Actual Products] China has installed 9.9GW of solar in 2015 but curtailment issues continue jingwei3344 2379 0
[solid state devices] Donald L Smith Device axel700 17162 26
[solid state devices] 75 watt free energy from air schematic magnetman12003 9290 14
[News] magnetically controlled battery markdansie 1300 0
[Actual Products] Texas panel maker charged US$7.7 million for putting ‘Made in USA labels’ on Chi jingwei3344 3311 4
[News] Eric Dollard Harvests AM signal from Ground at full power No distance Limits" ramset 14865 39
[Gravity powered devices] Power Multiplier Device, last resize (I hope) Russ Lee 3805 3
[solid state devices] Schematic Error - Check it out??? magnetman12003 3270 4
[Actual Products] Californians reject roll back of solar net metering in poll jingwei3344 2274 0
[Gravity powered devices] Canada to California pipeline aqueduct and hydro-turbine power generator. synchro1 8823 21
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Looking For Inventors, Rough Sketch of All 3 types of Free Energy kodytill 3494 3
Pages: 1 ... 17 18 19 20 21 [22] 23 24 25 26 27 ... 154