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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Fictional locomotive... iacob alex 2517 0
[News] "A Proposal for over unity" by Jim Stone May 24 2016 glennmr 5449 16
[Tesla Technologgy] TESLAS PANCAKE COIL CIRCUIT SIMPLIFIED ??? magnetman12003 3327 1
[solid state devices] SIMPLE PANCAKE COIL CIRCUIT magnetman12003 2374 1
[Gravity powered devices] The Museum of Power Generation... iacob alex 1881 0
[solid state devices] Keshe Technology Works Patrick Kehoe 5435 8
[News] New forum on alternative transport franco malgarini 1382 0
[mechanic] Would this work with some fine tuning? Ellz 1332 0
[News] Antimatter car franco malgarini 1393 0
[solid state devices] Does Dielectric Displacement Current generate a magnetic field? Reiyuki 12193 24
[News] ARPA-E Funding for transformational and disruptive changes in energy technology. markdansie 1618 1
[mechanic] After all the Lorentz Force (of Lenz' drag) is a force... dieter 7883 13
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] simple OU proof dieter 6823 21
[Gravity powered devices] Over unity on paper- just simple facts and ratios as proof Floor 2860 1
[mechanic] New to mechanical switching. antimony 1555 0
[solid state devices] Best current from Tesla pancake coil using 24 volts?? magnetman12003 1657 0
[Tesla Technologgy] Off Grid SHTF reliable energy source JaymaK 6475 12
[solid state devices] Charge lithium ion batteries with SLA battery charger?? magnetman12003 3818 5
[Wind energy generators] Moped alternator? antimony 4421 0
[News] 13-Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15 Drak 2524 2
[Do It Yourself] Any ACTUAL OU devices on this whole forum Permanente 21462 62
[News] Pelizza's Machine franco malgarini 4876 9
[News] Electron H1 Catalyzer franco malgarini 1342 0
[Gravity powered devices] Two types of energy... iacob alex 1822 0
[News] What is breakthrough energy markdansie 11632 41
[mechanic] Free Energy Water Pump - Working pzigouras 1598 0
[mechanic] Atmospheric Pressure Engine using sponge piston vineet_kiran 4490 8
[solid state devices] Biological effects of overunity devices Jon Dee 2809 5
[mechanic] CFL bulb instead of neon? antimony 2467 5
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla Off Grid Motor Meta 4821 8
[News] Working magnetic generator Igor48 11502 49
[mechanic] Magnetic Flying Machine vineet_kiran 5442 10
[News] Air car franco malgarini 2415 3
[solid state devices] Explain difference in Tesla pancake cioil and a regular pancake coil magnetman12003 3227 6
[solid state devices] Motor consumes no charge ? Gothic 15964 36
[Gravity powered devices] Free energy pamphlet... iacob alex 1846 0
[mechanic] Idea of a force multiplier based on the control of the equilibrium area Mono 982 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Powerful syngas generator-burner 1MW uses waste oil and water gverlab 3364 1
[Captret effect] Leyden jar dangerous? Cherryman 14183 31
[News] Funding for Open Sourcing and Dr. Greer's new Announcemnt steeltpu 1901 3
[News] posting in the OU prize catagory? The Architect 1296 0
[mechanic] Latest Magnetic Wheel! Newton II 1972 2
[mechanic] Charging car battery with different devices, regulated VMP100 1158 0
[solid state devices] NEED BEDINI COIL WINDING HELP magnetman12003 1403 0
[mechanic] Tesla energy TeslaElectricity 1020 0
[solid state devices] The first device TeslaElectricity 1215 0
[mechanic] For first time TeslaElectricity 1163 0
[solid state devices] MH's ideal coil and voltage question tinman 297176 1617
[News] creating dark matter markdansie 1253 0
[solid state devices] AIR CORE OR IRON CORE COIL QUESTION? magnetman12003 1759 0
[Captret effect] real free energy with capacitors thru inductance jimbo 33997 99
[Tesla Technologgy] A Perpetual Motion Motor Made By Youtuber Nikola Tesla Magluvin 5648 7
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -----> Coil OUTPUTS Juice way out on the Beach. FatBird 3195 4
[Gravity powered devices] From fiction , to reality...?! iacob alex 2379 1
[News] Random Builds Gothic 4435 5
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] Bike runs on water 100 % - No Gasoline - Microwave Pulse Generator Water Split hartiberlin 63727 124
[News] 2016 Pulse Motor BuildOff is on tinman 4319 11
[News] Engine Technology tinman 5520 10
[mechanic] The S.H.O. Drive: Utilizing the 3-Way Split Lenz Effect kmarinas86 4619 4
[News] Ultra-dense deuterium fusion franco malgarini 1270 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gemini variable leverage... iacob alex 1920 0
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla and Earth resonance Daz72 3788 3
[Gravity powered devices] PM physics... iacob alex 2681 3
[News] Is The Earth A Flat Round Disc or Is It a Round Spherical Globe? gravityblock 128084 614
[News] Bright Flash of Light Found at moment of conception ?? ramset 2972 5
[News] Congress views Brillouin Energy's LENR HHT Bolier Reactor System radiant9 2678 1
[News] New way to make electricity from magnetism Floor 1286 0
[mechanic] The theory of magnetic generator PART 4 Igor48 1092 0
[mechanic] The theory of magnetic generator PART 3 Igor48 1075 0
[mechanic] The theory of magnetic generator PART 2 Igor48 1045 0
[mechanic] The theory of magnetic generator Igor48 5307 15
[Gravity powered devices] PM clock... iacob alex 1667 0
[News] Radio Wave Powered Microcomputer Nink 1246 0
[mechanic] Interesting free energy experiment. TommeyLReed 15876 54
[News] Earth Magnetosphere collapsed for two hours franco malgarini 5860 18
[News] Power of a Plant markdansie 1747 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] A new way to view energy in a coil. chuff1 2841 1
[solid state devices] Lewin's NCF Experiment and Lecture poynt99 26950 101
[News] Spherical laser franco malgarini 1376 1
[News] Hydrogen laser modified franco malgarini 1136 0
[News] well engineered motion into electricity device markdansie 13280 58
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Earth as Assymetical Capacitor ZPE Farmer 5508 0
[Other new battery systems] Asymetrical Capacitance with earth as one plate. ZPE Farmer 2367 0
[solid state devices] Boosting coil generated current question magnetman12003 1792 0
[mechanic] Mechanical resonance (Projects unlike forums hacks Tinman and Magluvin) ARMCORTEX 31576 148
[Electric bikes] Tommey Reed's E-Trike Update TommeyLReed 10676 23
[solid state devices] Free Energy from a UFO in Bible = Ezek 1:16 that_prophet 10596 22
[Gravity powered devices] eBay proposals... iacob alex 2645 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Polarity reversing magnet motor DreamThinkBuild 4600 3
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Power Input and power output calculation.. catfahmi 2888 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity Powered Devices guest1289 3501 2
[mechanic] Proven OU device: Terawatt research LLC ARMCORTEX 1698 0
[Gravity powered devices] Ultimate wheel.. iacob alex 2120 1
[Joule Thief] Need advice for the Joule thief curcuit of wireless transmission(for Over Unity) Nao 3321 0
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] Tommey Reed's HHO pulse Jet. TommeyLReed 6173 7
[News] First step to NEW RULES ! tesla2 1862 2
[News] Create negative matter from lightning franco malgarini 1670 1
[solid state devices] AGM, GEL,SEALED,FLOODED, OPEN, BATTERY QUESTIONS?? magnetman12003 2879 2
[News] "ENERGY of FUTURE COMPANY" rakarskiy 10091 12
[mechanic] DeBunk This tinman 19034 59
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