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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Electric cars] Economic pulse motor with reduced back EMF gverlab 5964 8
[News] Green economic pulse motor gverlab 1181 0
[Joule Thief] Very efficient joule thief using inductors meiji_jap 2221 0
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[solar systems homemade and commercial] 24/365 solar cell output theory and experiments lancaIV 25151 79
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Newbie Question, hard ferromagnetic core in electromagnets? NeoRules 1581 0
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -----> Why do O/U Devices Only work for certain people, & NOT others. FatBird 7096 17
[News] Proton fusion franco malgarini 1532 2
[Help to access this discussion board] Unable to Post on ourbobby 2176 1
[News] What is Break Through Energy Part 2 markdansie 1267 0
[solid state devices] Eliminating a heatsink or heat magnetman12003 2532 4
[Tesla Technologgy] Sergey Alexeev free energy gen documentation sermountain 6805 6
[Gravity powered devices] PM clock origin... iacob alex 1777 0
[Gravity powered devices] Hackenberger motor... iacob alex 1948 0
[solid state devices] Akula0083 - studying replication (30 watts) Druida6970 4607 6
[Gravity powered devices] Sellier machine... iacob alex 5214 10
[News] Ere many generations pass.... It is here Now and Ernst has a plan. ramset 9539 37
[Capital and funding] Free BitCoin - Get Free BitCoins - the new digital crypto currency hartiberlin 63406 10
[News] Efficient hydrogen production made easy markdansie 1474 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Recycling of high entropy Apomass 2930 5
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity assisted power project- GRAM burnit0017 56759 177
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] Testing Theories, and Hi philandy 3231 3
[News] Eco-Cooler: The Zero Electricity Air Cooler for under $5 markdansie 1140 0
[Other new battery systems] Platin-Gold voltaic cell, would it work? dieter 2601 4
[News] Grabat Energy: The Graphene Polymer Battery Breakthrough markdansie 2308 1
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Duncan s' Paradox dieter 5062 8
[News] June 6 2016 Overunityresearch experiencing technical issues , being sorted... ramset 932 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] H2 to 2H - what are the options? dieter 13565 39
[News] The World Lost Mohamed Ali. Pirate88179 2629 12
[Half Baked Ideas] Quasi-open System, or Dual Closed System (Thermodynamics Addendum?) philandy 1926 0
[News] high voltage chart, high volts ......but in the three volt range, lol zorrotechnology 1434 3
[Gravity powered devices] The physics of rotation ... iacob alex 1783 0
[Free Energy Party Memes] Free Energy Party - hartiberlin 5430 7
[Kapanadze devices and replications] What's Kapanadaze is hiding in his box ? Mancha 3127 1
[solid state devices] Marko Rodin Coil -- 007 Device Dog-One 39150 117
[mechanic] Artificial Oscillating Water Column vineet_kiran 2372 2
[For sale] For sale - DIY - UNIQUE ECO HEATERS gverlab 3331 1
[News] Energy from micro black hole franco malgarini 2288 5
[mechanic] Reviewing Pulse Motor Circuit Ideas and Theory earthbound0729 22082 65
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] Steve Ryan of Biosfuel massive 5284 3
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ---> Bedini & Stubblefield Electricity. FatBird 3091 3
[solid state devices] TRANSISTOR SELECTION QUESTION magnetman12003 2875 6
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] HUGE High Voltage Generator. FatBird 2081 0
[Tesla Technologgy] Need clear circuit diagram TESLA related magnetman12003 2543 1
[Gravity powered devices] Old mechanisms... iacob alex 1831 0
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] Fictional locomotive... iacob alex 2292 0
[News] "A Proposal for over unity" by Jim Stone May 24 2016 glennmr 4887 16
[Tesla Technologgy] TESLAS PANCAKE COIL CIRCUIT SIMPLIFIED ??? magnetman12003 3017 1
[solid state devices] SIMPLE PANCAKE COIL CIRCUIT magnetman12003 2174 1
[Gravity powered devices] The Museum of Power Generation... iacob alex 1749 0
[solid state devices] Keshe Technology Works Patrick Kehoe 5121 8
[News] New forum on alternative transport franco malgarini 1165 0
[mechanic] Would this work with some fine tuning? Ellz 1214 0
[News] Antimatter car franco malgarini 1222 0
[solid state devices] Does Dielectric Displacement Current generate a magnetic field? Reiyuki 10883 24
[News] ARPA-E Funding for transformational and disruptive changes in energy technology. markdansie 1396 1
[mechanic] After all the Lorentz Force (of Lenz' drag) is a force... dieter 7482 13
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] simple OU proof dieter 5253 11
[Gravity powered devices] Over unity on paper- just simple facts and ratios as proof Floor 2619 1
[mechanic] New to mechanical switching. antimony 1343 0
[solid state devices] Best current from Tesla pancake coil using 24 volts?? magnetman12003 1491 0
[Tesla Technologgy] Off Grid SHTF reliable energy source JaymaK 5998 12
[solid state devices] Charge lithium ion batteries with SLA battery charger?? magnetman12003 3610 5
[Wind energy generators] Moped alternator? antimony 4162 0
[News] 13-Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15 Drak 2317 2
[Do It Yourself] Any ACTUAL OU devices on this whole forum Permanente 19696 62
[News] Pelizza's Machine franco malgarini 4415 9
[News] Electron H1 Catalyzer franco malgarini 1095 0
[Gravity powered devices] Two types of energy... iacob alex 1615 0
[News] What is breakthrough energy markdansie 10475 41
[mechanic] Free Energy Water Pump - Working pzigouras 1444 0
[mechanic] Atmospheric Pressure Engine using sponge piston vineet_kiran 4211 8
[solid state devices] Biological effects of overunity devices Jon Dee 2552 5
[mechanic] CFL bulb instead of neon? antimony 2230 5
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla Off Grid Motor Meta 4367 8
[News] Working magnetic generator Igor48 10281 49
[mechanic] Magnetic Flying Machine vineet_kiran 4941 10
[News] Air car franco malgarini 2170 3
[solid state devices] Explain difference in Tesla pancake cioil and a regular pancake coil magnetman12003 2922 6
[solid state devices] Motor consumes no charge ? Gothic 14652 36
[Gravity powered devices] Free energy pamphlet... iacob alex 1668 0
[mechanic] Idea of a force multiplier based on the control of the equilibrium area Mono 883 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Powerful syngas generator-burner 1MW uses waste oil and water gverlab 3115 1
[Captret effect] Leyden jar dangerous? Cherryman 12568 31
[News] Funding for Open Sourcing and Dr. Greer's new Announcemnt steeltpu 1781 3
[News] posting in the OU prize catagory? The Architect 1119 0
[mechanic] Latest Magnetic Wheel! Newton II 1826 2
[mechanic] Charging car battery with different devices, regulated VMP100 970 0
[solid state devices] NEED BEDINI COIL WINDING HELP magnetman12003 1303 0
[mechanic] Tesla energy TeslaElectricity 919 0
[solid state devices] The first device TeslaElectricity 1101 0
[mechanic] For first time TeslaElectricity 1043 0
[solid state devices] MH's ideal coil and voltage question tinman 270202 1617
[News] creating dark matter markdansie 1114 0
[solid state devices] AIR CORE OR IRON CORE COIL QUESTION? magnetman12003 1566 0
[Captret effect] real free energy with capacitors thru inductance jimbo 31487 99
[Tesla Technologgy] A Perpetual Motion Motor Made By Youtuber Nikola Tesla Magluvin 5176 7
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] -----> Coil OUTPUTS Juice way out on the Beach. FatBird 2925 4
[Gravity powered devices] From fiction , to reality...?! iacob alex 2108 1
[News] Random Builds Gothic 4087 5
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