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Topic Started by Views Replies
[News] What is the correct way to discarge a high voltage capacitor? gast 3539 3
[News] hennessey's grand unity theory hennessey 3570 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] New Unified theory ! hartiberlin 8651 8
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] My first H2O splitting experiment gast 11269 13
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] I don't want to sound like a jerk... step1988 46245 55
[Half Baked Ideas] any help on how could i develop this idea? raaaid 3132 3
[Gravity powered devices] nasa has invented a device to obtain energy from earths rotation raaaid 7362 7
[Gravity powered devices] experiment show the posibility of building a gravity drive from a gyro raaaid 3886 3
[solid state devices] How to get right values from an non-50Hz signal using a DMM? gast 5126 3
[solid state devices] UPDATE: Latest SmartPAK/ZPOD Tests: COP of 110% Doctor Whodini 9425 5
[News] Alcohol extraction from wood and biomass waste products... hartiberlin 3655 2
[solid state devices] The simple little coil Vorg 4872 0
[News] overunity in resonance ? hartiberlin 4528 3
[News] Is this is possible, any help? TheOne 3974 3
[News] John Hutchison demonstates what the Physics religion tells you is Impossible nikola_tesla 17039 34
[solid state devices] UPDATE: Excess energy (overunity) shown in latest GMF release Doctor Whodini 5719 0
[News] MOVED: Test of aluplate<->sand-graphite-tablesalt battery cell hartiberlin 2636 0
[Saltwater cells] Test of aluplate<->sand-graphite-tablesalt battery cell hartiberlin 26132 27
[Other new battery systems] urine battery FreeEnergy 4185 1
[News] powerstation claimed to run just on air ! hartiberlin 3589 2
[solid state devices] A vague idea to the Steven Marks device (sorry in german, but only the first msg gast 5855 4
[solid state devices] Marks ring of power ..again Mannix 16912 18
[Impressum] Verlinkung - rules for the links, copyrights hartiberlin 33617 1
[Impressum] Haftungsausschluss - disclaimer hartiberlin 68601 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Pramid j3s 13871 11
[Half Baked Ideas] My cranky Idea that just Popped Up in my head lltfdaniel 3445 3
[News] Crystal energy battery effect ! hartiberlin 8362 6
[Material Suppliers] Where to buy U-core ferrite material in germany gast 11749 1
[mechanic] Akoil Testatika Replication Markus 20975 3
[News] Updated forum to SMF version 1.1 public beta3 ! hartiberlin 3925 3
[solid state devices] Extracting energy from atmosphere hotwiredu 5619 0
[mechanic] Promises Promises No Magnet Motor YET RADEC 5096 4
[News] The bad money and interest system, Das Zinssystem ist die Ursache allen ?bels ! hartiberlin 3067 1
[Other new battery systems] Battery Help Littleremnant 5333 3
[mechanic] Magnetic motor with discs ? Olli P Taina 4195 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Solar cooling using "Hypo" joegatt 6257 2
[mechanic] noisy motor mit 3799 1
[Help to access this discussion board] post question ophelia 5907 4
[Half Baked Ideas] Interesting magnetic effect Olli P Taina 4632 4
[Half Baked Ideas] website for test results of working "Tesla switch" brad123 4240 0
[News] How to build a swastika engine rensseak 8040 4
[News] New Hutchinson effect photos ! hartiberlin 3172 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] return of the aether - article of atlantis rising magazine ayrton 5735 1
[Energy Jobs offers] turbines DADINK 20505 5
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] NuScam is back! Bruce A. Perreault 7006 0
[News] This is How you GET YOUR FREE ENERGY lltfdaniel 3361 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] My Questions DADINK 4518 3
[solid state devices] New 1 battery circuit diagramm hartiberlin 6505 1
[mechanic] New animations from the laFonte team hartiberlin 9246 4
[News] Inventor?s Weekend B.A.Perrault demonstration videos posted. hartiberlin 2798 0
[solid state devices] Inventors Weekend B.A.Perrault demonstration Part 1 hartiberlin 7533 6
[News] Solution To Oil And Trees lltfdaniel 8335 3
[News] Truth FreeEnergy 3318 1
[News] Truth. lltfdaniel 9153 13
[News] Kofi Annan visit and Jean Louis Naudin now research Director at hartiberlin 4115 1
[solid state devices] Inventors Weekend B.A.Perrault demonstration Part 2 hartiberlin 17870 19
[News] MOVED: new permament magnetic engine hartiberlin 3491 0
[mechanic] new permament magnetic engine hartiberlin 27119 22
[mechanic] Perpetual Motion Limoman7 18488 18
[solid state devices] Analysis Of Magnetic Vortex Generators Freedomfuel 4617 0
[solid state devices] No Topic Freedomfuel 6998 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] How About Theory Section? Freedomfuel 11691 17
[News] Its Possible For Advanced Stuff But No Time lltfdaniel 5087 6
[mechanic] All I Want To Know Is How To Make a Heater lltfdaniel 6460 3
[Lifters] Unipolar Liter : Ionic wind argument may fail Kator01 7907 2
[News] Daniel Pomerlou demonstrates free-energy Bruce A. Perreault 176943 262
[solid state devices] Steven Marks ring of power Mannix 30431 25
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] Bifilars under target crosswires joegatt 6345 0
[mechanic] New LPSF animation uploaded ! hartiberlin 4061 0
[mechanic] Falling Field LPSR design from Butch hartiberlin 4384 1
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity Motors = Free Energy Michel 48796 60
[Lifters] Unified Theory Doesn't exist raburgeson 12627 6
[News] Website giving Away Free CAD software to the first 100,000 registered people Jdo300 4125 0
[UFO sightings] Vehicle riding a plasma tornado metathinker 10299 4
[Half Baked Ideas] battery/cell question eserf 3608 3
[News] Bill for weather modification passed congress ! hartiberlin 3948 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Tesla resonance claims raburgeson 5292 4
[Help to access this discussion board] Suggestions for this forum TheOne 4564 1
[News] Inventor's Weekend 2005 Videos now available Bruce A. Perreault 2971 0
[mechanic] Secret to LPSR self running Butch LaFonte 4166 0
[mechanic] Translation of german site ticktocking 5420 2
[Lifters] At least I tried this raburgeson 8322 2
[News] fuelless power files unknown 16252 6
[mechanic] Great break thru, Fireworks Pseudo Solid Rotor Butch LaFonte 3761 0
[News] Break thru, Fireworks Pseudo Solid Rotor Butch LaFonte 2846 0
[News] XX. Perpetuum Mobile Clock - interesting clock FreeEnergy 9274 6
[mechanic] LPSR Test video of Mark Olsen motor ! hartiberlin 9544 8
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Test cell firlight 4364 1
[mechanic] Overunity experienced already? Butch LaFonte 3764 0
[News] Energie Libre, new research group formed, from Butch Butch LaFonte 3411 1
[Half Baked Ideas] rotational SMOT? eserf 6191 7
[News] Waterbuggy car video of Stan Meyer FreeEnergy 3302 0
[News] inventors Weekend short summary hartiberlin 5784 5
[solid state devices] Harmonic Oscillating Power Electric generator video hartiberlin 87279 145
[News] New LED lights with super high efficient electronic controller ! hartiberlin 3066 0
[News] Hydrosonic Pump FreeEnergy 132865 93
[News] Promising Free energy technology - Electricity from Earth's Magnetic field/flux Jumpsman23 6821 1
[mechanic] New rotor design completed, LPSR Butch LaFonte 4464 2
[News] very active Free Energy group with 2443 members Jumpsman23 6169 5
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