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Topic Started by Views Replies
[mechanic] Sticky point again CLaNZeR 14463 28
[mechanic] Magnetic Motor Data for a Newbie thevorlon 4780 8
[mechanic] Newman machine confirmed as overunity? djancak 13706 18
[mechanic] Cold Electricity is coming soon to a door near you... :) tao 10801 10
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO implosion? buzneg 4036 1
[News] Updated Forum software hartiberlin 8153 16
[mechanic] Bertil Werjefelt:more questions or answers lancaIV 3217 2
[Other antigravity machines and devices] anti gravity apparatus gaby de wilde 4815 0
[mechanic] Magnet Motor Idea... need feedback Creedo 19145 35
[Gravity powered devices] Simpson Baton Gravity Motor. inroades 13705 20
[Gravity powered devices] Transgravitor... iacob alex 3703 2
[News] Why Quantum Mechanics Is Not So Weird after All buzneg 3590 3
[mechanic] Gravity magnetic lever wheel working in WM2D (could this work in reality!) inroades 32230 63
[solid state devices] Free Energy through Parametrics... tao 3506 0
[solid state devices] The Redemption of Man Doctor Whodini 3316 0
[mechanic] Ed Gray's Circuit, am I in this alone? fcpeace17 25540 32
[News] Frolov's free energy machine being sold nfeijo 3024 0
[News] MOVED: International Tesla congress in Germany hartiberlin 4327 2
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] International Tesla congress in Germany hartiberlin 5220 1
[News] Was the moon landing for real ??? hartiberlin 54529 137
[mechanic] Recently we had Hungary?s EBM, now Ukraine Omnibus 4247 6
[News] Bessler Clem Coler Hendershot Hubbard (pic?s) NEW!! 2.DEZ.06 pese 7738 9
[Half Baked Ideas] deleted FreeEnergy 7367 15
[Other antigravity machines and devices] GUTMANN'S ANTI-GRAVITY ROTOR Roi 10088 7
[Gravity powered devices] PM=Bessler+Watt...?! iacob alex 3209 0
[Wind energy generators] Energy from kites ResinRat2 6838 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Trouble at Steven Mark's post raburgeson 2966 2
[solid state devices] A strange energy outburst experiment related to the "kick" EMdevices 10722 13
[Actual Products] Pentadyne FreeEnergy 6893 1
[solar systems homemade and commercial] What search engine provides you with most relevant results? Andrew Wilson 4374 1
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Rotary pulsing screw... iacob alex 4416 1
[Wind energy generators] Honti/Pataki Wind mill lancaIV 10999 7
[News] MOVED: New inventor of a Watercar (Bike) hartiberlin 2246 0
[mechanic] EBM Power neutrino 4043 1
[News] EBM Power Plants neutrino 6362 7
[mechanic] A concept I just thought of buzneg 2813 0
[mechanic] Poles Reversing CLaNZeR 13826 26
[Material Suppliers] Making amorphous powder iron PaulLowrance 14308 8
[Wanted items] Seeking amorphous and nanocrystalline cores PaulLowrance 9838 0
[Gravity powered devices] Increase efficiency of rotating shaft. jigar 7079 8
[mechanic] Magnetic/gravitational motor Joao 16190 24
[mechanic] MIT's digital drawing board - think of the uses for magnets JohnInCT2006 3162 1
[mechanic] Overunity magnetic device Speedy23 4043 4
[Half Baked Ideas] Superconductor based solid state generator mikorange 2786 1
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] To Stephan :Long waiting-time when posting or login Kator01 7814 4
[mechanic] About the Torbay concept (and I do mean concept) lwh 9618 20
[mechanic] Just started CLaNZeR 4175 4
[News] up to 70% water add to gasoline ? pese 3002 1
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Area 51 S4 scientist gravity is a wave A and B and how it works TheDangler 16701 14
[Material Suppliers] Magnetic Materials? Jowik 11712 3
[mechanic] "Free Energy for Dummies" stonrman401 14310 16
[Material Suppliers] How efficient are DC motors as generators ? macelyne 7590 2
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Convert Waste Oils,Crude Oils & Plastic Recyclables into EN590 Diesel piper 4848 0
[mechanic] A commom Induction Motor as Free Energy Generator Tesla_2006 5417 0
[solid state devices] The Fallen State of Man Doctor Whodini 6990 3
[News] Question: Promises requested PaulLowrance 20064 55
[mechanic] Magnetic Shielding CLaNZeR 25617 33
[solid state devices] Becoming One with the Creator Doctor Whodini 3745 1
[mechanic] Charge your Mobile Phone while walking! CLaNZeR 5610 0
[solid state devices] MEMM PaulLowrance 67549 116
[Half Baked Ideas] Is This OU? alan2here 3553 2
[mechanic] Spintronics argona369 4280 0
[News] Offtopic: New anchestor research forum online ! hartiberlin 2398 0
[News] MOVED: PLANT OIL AS COOKING FUEL hartiberlin 2096 0
[energy systems based on plant oil] PLANT OIL AS COOKING FUEL hartiberlin 13197 3
[News] Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment - What The Bleep Movie FreeEnergy 2496 1
[mechanic] New Motor Concept juspot82 3052 0
[Parlez en language francaise ici] auguementer l 'amperage deathriderone 9035 2
[News] coler barden newman hyde sweets and more zip downloads for information pese 2216 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity Assisted magnetic motor (GAMM) Dingus Mungus 14323 10
[Half Baked Ideas] Magnetic Corkscrew Motor juspot82 6703 8
[Theory of overunity and free energy] The Vacuum, light speed and the Redshift energyman8 3660 0
[Gravity powered devices] OK just one last Concept. Could this work? Gyro gravity wheel inroades 3443 1
[mechanic] Minato Motor Modification juspot82 29033 39
[Gravity powered devices] Could this work? Hydro Gravity Wheel inroades 18617 21
[News] Off limit topic for Physics community PaulLowrance 6967 9
[Gravity powered devices] Wheel vs. lever... iacob alex 16541 35
[Half Baked Ideas] Magnetocaloric energy PaulLowrance 3310 2
[solid state devices] Doctor Whodini's IQ Score and the Forbidden Planet Doctor Whodini 6252 0
[Gravity powered devices] Spinning steelyard... iacob alex 3914 3
[News] Aiming for Zero FreeEnergy 2522 0
[News] The University Of Tesla Daniel Jackson 2571 0
[Half Baked Ideas] why the universe moves apart and how gravity and the Casimir effect works gaby de wilde 2512 1
[mechanic] James Morris - magnet-assist axle buzneg 3415 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Dynamic spiral motor animation. Dingus Mungus 28722 32
[News] Possible truth about Steorn PaulLowrance 6505 10
[Half Baked Ideas] idea lltfdaniel1 2908 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] help I,m missing the point raburgeson 3270 1
[News] Is this a fake? Hans 5464 9
[News] Hydrogen Economy: What will they do with the deuterium? joegatt 3425 4
[solid state devices] stiffening the aether raburgeson 3997 0
[Gravity powered devices] Centrifugal gravity wheel inroades 14700 19
[News] conference of future energy raburgeson 2225 0
[News] Recommended book by Dave, aka ctglabs PaulLowrance 2966 1
[UFO sightings] Bizarre Mermaid for Sale joe 6052 3
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Power from hot fusion MeggerMan 4838 0
[News] free-energy carburator radiant ufo tesla and more ... why not in use !!!? pese 2602 1
[Gravity powered devices] Simple Devices & Experiments In WM2D Gregory 16871 27
[energy and fuel saver] Low fossil fuel consume car/-conversion lancaIV 13237 5
Pages: 1 ... 139 140 141 142 143 [144] 145 146 147 148 149 ... 157