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Topic Started by Views Replies
[UFO sightings] Military blimb or UFO ? hartiberlin 6190 1
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] how to take power out of bouncing balls? buzneg 8095 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Power Control Circuit Help Draco Rylos 9081 20
[Half Baked Ideas] All In one Motor Generator innovation_station 2672 2
[mechanic] Simple Magnet motor Video dani1 3220 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Varition on the La Fonte motor? magnusx 2177 0
[solid state devices] The Brnbrade Coil/Overunity? Bruce_TPU 319505 578
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Patente/Offenlegungsschriften: inhaltliche Wert !? lancaIV 3291 2
[Half Baked Ideas] My Crazy Cap Idea innovation_station 2601 2
[solid state devices] TPU as a magnetic vortex generator dutchy1966 29457 33
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Hydrostar questions jimvw57 5225 5
[mechanic] Newman now runs its 7500 pounds motor solely on solarcells ! hartiberlin 10925 27
[mechanic] The theory behind the Bedini Motor ltseung888 63571 41
[solid state devices] Energy from Still Air ltseung888 13193 19
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Wrapping Coils / Toroids hkyle 4089 2
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Hallo Herr G. Pese, wie waere es mit diesem "Studentenfutter"? lancaIV 2868 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] I found this about Meyer's device today ForeverBlissed 3035 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO Implosion Engine Study IronHead 62229 86
[Half Baked Ideas] Hutchinson effect Sanity101 2579 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Question in probably the wrong forum, but... beedees 7154 14
[Gravity powered devices] Off-topic: Too bad it is just an animation hartiberlin 4118 3
[News] Mikell Device revisited Pontifex 13770 16
[News] Electricity Through Magnetic Field Dingus Mungus 2931 3
[Help to access this discussion board] More space without big borders.. hartiberlin 9023 10
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Gravitational polarity, called antigravity soliris 5992 0
[solid state devices] Scope shots of clean kicks bob.rennips 25985 62
[energy and fuel saver] electricity saver lancaIV 13127 7
[Gravity powered devices] Milkovic vs. Evert... iacob alex 3057 0
[Gravity powered devices] gravity wheel question alibaba 8525 9
[New propulsion technologies] Flying chopper via wireless Tesla remote energy transfer hartiberlin 14816 7
[solid state devices] Magnetic shadow casting dutchy1966 5483 4
[Half Baked Ideas] magswitch = overunity? bigface 8875 9
[News] theExpertTeam sunrise23 2434 0
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] theExpertTeam sunrise23 2733 0
[Gravity powered devices] An artful motion... iacob alex 3805 4
[Half Baked Ideas] MangusX's magnetic motor magnusx 11357 8
[UFO sightings] New Apolo 20 flying over spaceship! TheOne 7382 4
[UFO sightings] What was it? beedees 5456 0
[Super capacitors] Aetheric OU Capacitors in resonance state karl 6913 0
[The Aether] Everything about aether!!! karl 11498 1
[mechanic] Some Basic insights in Newman Machine Physics karl 3659 4
[Gravity powered devices] Important! Gravity powered capacitors karl 2817 0
[mechanic] Exploring OU Keyfunction Of Testatika karl 3344 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Stupid questions from crazy old man.... beedees 7917 15
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] which is the best electrolysis chamber design? rickhunter7 9590 6
[mechanic] Solid state Bedini charger from John Peters hartiberlin 109152 113
[Electric cars] New electric sportcar Lightning GT hartiberlin 8256 0
[News] Spam letter sent out to overunity members..ignore this spam.. hartiberlin 1865 0
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Wasserauto Versammlung Sonntag 24.06.2007 ab 12 Uhr bei W.Czapp hartiberlin 7172 1
[solid state devices] Digital Circuit Diagrams+FETs+Drivers Earl 23147 29
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Halbgebackenes helmut 11330 10
[Other new battery systems] e-Cell enclosed hydrogen fuel cell now available ! hartiberlin 5148 3
[solid state devices] Regeneration and the Toroidal Power Unit EMdevices 83884 158
[solid state devices] MEG or Motor/Generator : in vacuum lancaIV 8116 7
[News] Bird on a wire WaveWatcher 23773 56
[mechanic] Proof of EMF cancellation, video, LaFonte Group Butch 4060 4
[solid state devices] Alberto Molina Martinez patent syncron 35188 39
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] heat to bubble inside a pipe FreeEnergy 7171 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] WATER FUEL CELL: HIGH VOLTAGE: WHOLE PROCESS PULSED)ReverseH/Ofuelcell 6757 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Coreless/ Wireless Induction exp Localjoe 7328 14
[mechanic] Eden Project deedee 2836 1
[Electric cars] who killed the electric car... nutekk 19367 17
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Hermann Thoene,Magnet Motor lancaIV 4112 4
[Half Baked Ideas] The simplest free energy system ever overlooked angryScientist 18115 46
[solid state devices] Radiant Energy - how to generate bob.rennips 10828 10
[mechanic] Basic RotoVerter demonstration on an air conditioner ashtweth_nihilisti 4072 0
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] K?lte in Tropospause Katastrophenschutz 2565 0
[mechanic] empty promises 4REAL 20753 45
[News] Cinetic energy generator in french language . important! pese 2197 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Wireless Energy Transfer nomisage 2872 2
[mechanic] LaFonte Group Site updated, 5 video's Butch 2848 1
[News] LaFonte Web Site updated, 5 video's Butch 2342 1
[solid state devices] The Connection between the Phoenix myth, Phoenix Arizona, and The Ranch project Doctor Whodini 3938 2
[News] Eden Project - magnet generator tak22 3650 1
[solid state devices] Steve Marks TPU Laurence 3428 1
[solid state devices] Half TPU MACEDONIA CD 10023 19
[Gravity powered devices] Moon phases suggestion... iacob alex 3079 1
[mechanic] pulse motor Working video and info adam flow nemo 130510 264
[mechanic] Rotoverter Initial Idle Results oouthere 29474 28
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Die FE-Maschine-Zukunft lancaIV 3215 0
[solid state devices] Itemized parts list for Otto's TPU SirKalin 5647 6
[solid state devices] TPU-ECD FAQs answered from the builders hartiberlin 10033 4
[Half Baked Ideas] capacitor charge rebound d3adp00l 2668 1
[News] Releasing power "locked up" in coil/iron core systems Butch 2568 2
[News] Media script on energy supression with solution! ashtweth_nihilisti 2176 0
[News] "Locked" current problem solved in Magneto designs Butch 2543 1
[Other new battery systems] Has anyone seen this? Servant 3570 0
[Parlez en language francaise ici] moteur a eau : tagor 119305 124
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] New cell on youtube TheOne 7546 11
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] TPU-ECD Dokumentation in Deutsch ! hartiberlin 8472 1
[TPU replications] Successful TPU-ECD replication ! mrd10 991892 1787
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Roue Gravitationnelle quartz 22701 13
[Half Baked Ideas] Hermann Plauston Aerial free energy device gadh 7567 0
[local alternative energy groups in Europe] Alternative enery group in East of England kilntime 14122 3
[energy systems based on plant oil] New Tech for biodiesel arbus 7909 0
[News] Category for local alternative energy groups created ! hartiberlin 1889 0
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Solar paint cells convert also infrared light ! hartiberlin 4131 0
[mechanic] Another magnet only accelerator wheel design on youtube hartiberlin 6726 9
[mechanic] High speed, full rotation setup, Lorentz Law Bruce_TPU 9018 14
[Fuel Cells] Homemade biological yeast fuellcell hartiberlin 9930 0
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