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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Aether-Drive guest1289 3470 5
[News] Simple antimatter production franco malgarini 1697 3
[Gravity powered devices] Potential Energy Accelerator Idea (schematic inside) Joeee 1568 0
[solid state devices] Bulgarian MEG Replication steadyfield 5217 12
[News] A physicist may have figured out how to create magnetic monopoles. rukiddingme 1274 1
[News] Physicists created a new quantum theorem for entropy, and possible exception. rukiddingme 1208 1
[News] Crowd Funding for FE research. Paul-R 1498 2
[mechanic] Magnets, motion and measurement Floor 53554 330
[News] Free Energy Device - a big Fake or the real thing ? hartiberlin 109956 272
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Diy variac? antimony 5545 10
[New propulsion technologies] Propellantless Propulsion Copyright QDE, Inc 2016 Powerpoint with complete story Quantum_Spider 5737 13
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] Measuring AC signal with a digital multimeter ayeaye 2874 6
[Half Baked Ideas] What's going on here? - Resonators - Are they really this Good? rukiddingme 7379 14
[Kapanadze devices and replications] solid state free energy 8 kw justawatt 9252 14
[mechanic] Overunity with one motor and flywheel Diorthotis 1376 0
[Joule Thief] LCAP (Again) Possible Free Energy. (Voltage Gain Over time) TheGeneralHackr 20188 61
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Could Someone Put Together A Brief Puzzle Summary guest1289 2569 3
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] Arduino signal generator ayeaye 13938 43
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] Jeep wj 2003 4.7 with 100% hho Sizo 2055 0
[News] Stan Meyer Environmental Meeting Tape (part 3) grindle 1032 0
[News] Stan Meyer Dealership 1 tape grindle 1642 1
[solid state devices] neon sign transformer confusion Tesluh 10511 27
[Theory of overunity and free energy] The Collatz Conjecture guest1289 2730 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Solid-State-Generator Ideas guest1289 3119 5
[Do It Yourself] TR-Labs by Tommey Reed TommeyLReed 2503 1
[News] A french magnetic motor from the great inventor, Sir Justin Christofleau benfr 3524 5
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] Zero price oscilloscope using the computer's sound device ayeaye 3906 6
[solid state devices] transformer battery charger stoyan_ 7964 19
[News] Apollo Manual franco malgarini 1285 0
[solid state devices] AC mains power instead of inverter -> HV transformer? antimony 3445 6
[Gravity powered devices] Tell me why this machine should not work niente 2732 3
[News] Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol Qwert 1060 0
[News] Researchers accidentally turn carbon dioxide into ethanol rukiddingme 1127 0
[solid state devices] Transverter technology anybody? antimony 4132 12
[News] Fresnel Telescope DIY franco malgarini 1264 1
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] a magnetic overunity base home mini Lab: what equipments & test-measure devices? raha 7316 13
[solid state devices] Sine wave generator circuit antimony 4078 12
[Gravity powered devices] Free energy with Seesaw and Kinetic movement vikram_gupta11 8573 23
[mechanic] Magnet motor frii143 2082 2
[Gravity powered devices] Short-cut method ... iacob alex 1820 0
[The Aether] Is cold energy for real, or what is it? antimony 3978 5
[Gravity powered devices] Free energy with multiplying force vikram_gupta11 2079 0
[Understanding OverUnity] I need help with my lasersaber ez spin motor wiring GilRSF 2348 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO - Joe Cell - Implosion Engine - New Ideas Martin Levac 3197 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity crank... iacob alex 1987 0
[solid state devices] POSSIBLE NEW MAGNET MOTOR GENERATOR OR FAKE ????? magnetman12003 3304 5
[Gravity powered devices] Have overunity . . . need help Tim Beane 7961 25
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] Measuring power with analog oscilloscope ayeaye 5910 17
[TPU replications] safety messing with vortex energy indigo22 2111 0
[News] Anyone know where TinselKoala is? mondrasek 9103 30
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Module Peltier overunity 1982 1
[News] our nonviolent ETI are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth scratchrobot 2572 4
[solid state devices] How do I test for resonance Tesluh 8685 28
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Demande de conseils,induction hors du champ magnetique direct overunity 1747 0
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Don l.Smith generator overunity 3006 6
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Alternateur de "Frolov" overunity 1720 0
[TPU replications] tpu test on Otto and Ricardo Bob Boyce info indigo22 2388 2
[mechanic] Piezoelectric Magnet Fanner Generator Blainiac 4286 8
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Generateur a eau overunity 7129 22
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Limited frequency across thyristor... aymanok 3121 0
[Gravity powered devices] Sloping leverage... iacob alex 2014 0
[mechanic] Scott F. Hall Gravity Motor veproject1 1875 1
[Gravity powered devices] Pendulum-Gravity Motor in India FreeEnergy 2701 0
[Reactive Power usage] The Musings of Smudge [Cyril Smith ramset 5810 11
[solid state devices] Synthesizer as tone generator? antimony 1481 0
[Gravity powered devices] Tumbling wheel... iacob alex 2441 2
[Gravity powered devices] German "wheels"... iacob alex 1973 0
[mechanic] Searl Effect Generator Orion16 1300 0
[Investment opportunities in alternative energy] Investors for building Searl Effect Generator needed Orion16 2736 0
[healthy food] Molecular Hydrogen Infused Drinking Water PieEconomics 3979 1
[Free Energy Party Memes] PATENT - UTILITY Model(l)- COPY-RIGHT - OPEN SOURCE lancaIV 5034 6
[solid state devices] THE BEST FREE ENERGY GENERATOR magnetman12003 5574 14
[New propulsion technologies] Never reducing propellant for deep space propulsion tech vikram_gupta11 4433 7
[mechanic] Increase the potential energy without any energy activ25 20896 106
[mechanic] Tests on Ring Magnet SMOT - Not bad! vineet_kiran 7149 15
[mechanic] Why a permanent magnet does not lose magnetism when magnetizeing iron/ferrite Low-Q 4000 12
[solid state devices] Magnetite transformer core info? antimony 1779 1
[New propulsion technologies] Deep space propulsion tech using spring force and kinetic energy vikram_gupta11 3500 1
[mechanic] **Help Wanted** Bedini/Watson Machine concept- how to extract power platinumblue 1990 2
[Gravity powered devices] New concept of gravity !? iacob alex 1946 0
[mechanic] Ring Magnet SMOT vineet_kiran 10346 32
[News] 13 year old physicist FreeEnergy 1215 0
[News] Curiosity on chemical process franco malgarini 132742 881
[Graham Gunderson Magnetic Implosion Transformer] Wardforce Energy-Ingenuity 2887 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] free energy is done using pulleys that_prophet 7664 17
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Malgarini Cell for electrolysis franco malgarini 3503 1
[mechanic] Any idea what is going on here? Low-Q 3243 7
[News] Impossible Space Engine 'The EMdrive' Passes Peer Review rukiddingme 3673 9
[News] rukiddingme 1060 0
[News] Time-crystals break the symmetry of space paulshroom 982 0
[News] New fabric uses sun and wind to power devices markdansie 1102 0
[mechanic] Flat spring perpetual motor veproject1 4234 5
[Electric bikes] Tommey Reed's Generation 2 Electric trike. TommeyLReed 3775 4
[News] Atomic hydrogen multifunction furnace franco malgarini 1145 0
[News] Platinum from tungsten franco malgarini 1107 0
[mechanic] a perfect generator/alternator design lancaIV 1391 0
[News] Political Mythology (off topic) FreeEnergy 1042 0
[News] The Most Dangerous Superstition (off topic) FreeEnergy 902 0
[News] Star motor franco malgarini 1395 1
[News] Very efficient wind generator design. citfta 1681 3
Pages: 1 ... 9 10 11 12 13 [14] 15 16 17 18 19 ... 153