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[mechanic] This is a, in theory, a working magnet motor. VERY cool!! Low-Q 6845 14
[clean fossil fuel energy systems] Drive your car with chicken manure methane gas hartiberlin 11610 2
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Grundlagen und Voraussetzungen eines jeden NPE-Konverters Magnetizer 8100 7
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Krank durch Leuchtstofflampen ! hartiberlin 11889 10
[Biogas systems based on Methane production] The optimal green wood waste recycling process, hot water and methane production hartiberlin 11778 4
[solid state devices] Equilibrium Motor break through, LaFonte Group Butch 5113 6
[TPU replications] THEORY on TPU energy scource sparks 127979 179
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Microbes Churn Out Hydrogen at Record Rate shruggedatlas 5024 9
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Antigravity Energy?? yaz 6834 2
[mechanic] Magnet Motor Recent Patent Application hansvonlieven 17095 47
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] New Method Converts Organic Matter to Hydrogen Fuel Easily and Efficiently LarryC 2943 3
[News] Its cold winter time, so what is the best OU heater design ? hartiberlin 10782 21
[solid state devices] Self Running Micro TPU, with closed loop. EMdevices 332054 690
[News] Remember those child like qualities? RunningBare 2781 3
[mechanic] A major upgrade for ZFF's design nightlife 2378 0
[mechanic] Puuuuurrrrpetual Motion Problem Solved!!! laserman 7605 14
[Gravity powered devices] Mechanical force amplifier Eddy Currentz 8551 7
[mechanic] Being Decent To Each Other billmehess 25762 62
[solid state devices] Radiant Energy??? TV powered with AAA battery! bobo36us2 3983 1
[solid state devices] Electrical Faux Pas z_p_e 23001 66
[solid state devices] TPU on Ebay bobo36us2 3792 3
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] elektromagnetspule mit einer feldst?rke von 1 tesla ! jumper 5128 0
[Gravity powered devices] New Gravity Motor (Comments please) bobo36us2 3061 0
[Half Baked Ideas] New Gravity / Magnet Motor (Comments Please) bobo36us2 5050 5
[mechanic] Has this video been discussed at all? WyTTraven 3110 4
[Wind energy generators] Windbelt Turbine, easy to make. Has anyone else build one? mramos 11686 5
[mechanic] Very Testable Claim from Kedron Mr.Entropy 4887 7
[News] see this company buzneg 5916 11
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] Physics help-guide for Inventors and Experimenters Liberty 7666 3
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] help to install an HHO device into a VW Golf 3 hartiberlin 25078 46
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Hilfe beim Einbau eines HHO Elektolyse-Ger?tes in einen Golf 3 hartiberlin 35728 25
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO Boost Project 0.1 readyakira 4784 8
[Help to access this discussion board] blocked? readyakira 6626 3
[mechanic] magnets and producing electricity Nemesiswes 4873 6
[mechanic] Help with Smot crash_uni8 2415 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Overunity is impossible! (and why you shouldn't care) Esotericman 34342 56
[Half Baked Ideas] Half baked magnet motor, but needs help with LUA script in FEMM 4.2 Low-Q 4034 1
[solid state devices] water-cooled collector conductors sparks 2686 1
[News] Alex Jones, **** END GAME **** The Movie. b0rg13 8721 16
[mechanic] Magnet idea - light slit experiment ktm_2000 1934 0
[Half Baked Ideas] light year long wavelengths sparks 5221 13
[solid state devices] What is Electricty What is Magnetics? innovation_station 17947 47
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Meyer's Resonant Charging Circuit Analysed Farrah Day 54943 93
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] frequency Generator alternative way dreamyear 2854 1
[mechanic] Spanish magnet motor ? hartiberlin 3813 3
[UFO sightings] Weapons on the moons ? hartiberlin 11185 12
[Half Baked Ideas] sailboat generator sparks 11028 14
[Half Baked Ideas] in land sea battery sparks 2232 0
[mechanic] concept for magnet powered motor on youtube hwrhodes 3472 5
[News] Interesting commercial soloution that seems applicable to a couple of threads. Grim 2016 1
[mechanic] About batteries... Ren 2474 0
[mechanic] New design magnet motor paulshroom 3249 2
[solid state devices] device doesn't use batteries it is one sparks 2924 2
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Telekinetic cell powermaster 15046 8
[Wanted items] Looking for Betavoltaic Cell Koen1 6627 0
[energy and nutrition from algae] Electricity producing algae Koen1 14004 4
[UFO sightings] FIS UFO Breaking NEWS pese 5871 0
[solid state devices] The ~~~~~Tube Rack~~~~~ innovation_station 11701 30
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Meyer's WFC concept analysed Farrah Day 88689 99
[Half Baked Ideas] extracting power from plants? Koen1 21452 55
[solid state devices] Single Wire Tests duff 77465 208
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] HHO Cell Neukin Style - help with production... ??? neukin 2549 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Fuel Rail HHO Injection Idea Draco Rylos 3115 0
[solid state devices] *** Materials, Parts and Data. *** MarkSnoswell 4605 3
[Material Suppliers] How to convert a PC power supply to a LAB power supply hartiberlin 11799 5
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Very simple OU device Turtlefuel 6237 10
[mechanic] help me make a smot? vis3r 2687 2
[Half Baked Ideas] This perpetual motion machine... Grim 9867 19
[News] How this 12inch miracle tube could halve heating bills microbe 2346 1
[solid state devices] VRIL Counter-Rotating Fields bowser03 101116 138
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Incredible Scottish Magnetic Anti Gravity Machine gotoluc 8523 1
[The Aether] Can't find a previous post raburgeson 5762 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Research a la gre..uhm...Tesla! armagdn03 4313 5
[UFO sightings] Mystery demon fires argona369 9919 8
[Half Baked Ideas] This little piggy is going to market... Grim 15822 37
[Half Baked Ideas] The IST Garden Hose Turbine Generator innovation_station 4344 0
[News] Purpose and Goals for OU and Alternate Energy Forums kinggeorge 1641 0
[mechanic] Another hand held setup spinning ken_nyus 2291 1
[solid state devices] Rodin Theory & Coils acerzw 155299 166
[Half Baked Ideas] Triboelectric "static" SameCoin 2838 3
[mechanic] Fight The Powerbrookers NEWEST VIDEO Joseph Newman infringer 9768 24
[UFO sightings] UFO Caller 11111 9898 6
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Need help to create simple water dissociation device to demonstrate to others CHANGE Australia 4337 7
[mechanic] Magnetic toy vis3r 2929 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Reactionless Drive Testing psychopath 3584 6
[Half Baked Ideas] Conservation of energy question Pirate88179 3576 5
[Half Baked Ideas] please watch armagdn03 2674 1
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Verschw?rungstheorie zur Freien Energie DrWattson 25243 32
[mechanic] Are there any running magnet motors? laserman 31169 76
[News] The Secret of Free Energy Revealed - Here is what they publish hansvonlieven 12878 32
[Half Baked Ideas] The IST simple Shop Press innovation_station 4658 6
[News] How to best demonstrate OU? amateur 3452 3
[News] Static Field Converter Invention mikey 2873 1
[News] Energy From The Vacuum - Video Freezer 3567 3
[News] Man Levitates tomd000 2475 2
[News] Stirling Engines: Success of the Whispergen and others Jason 11525 6
[Half Baked Ideas] Some thoughts with shapes. buzneg 2630 3
[Lifters] Anty gravity, Energy Output versus energy Input. Creaform 22827 23
[Themen in deutscher Sprache] Neuer Energiekongress - Campus Sursee LU/Schweiz dani1 5662 2
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