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Topic Started by Views Replies
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[solid state devices] Bacardit penno64 2608 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Combined Dmitriyev weight system with a pulse motor ? burnit0017 2310 2
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[Half Baked Ideas] Homopolar Generator self-driving by using circumferential field and magnets? LeoFreeman 2486 1
[solid state devices] zero watts -Tesla circuit justawatt 4920 13
[News] Cosmic curiosities franco malgarini 2015 3
[Open Source application software for your PC] FEMM Tutorial and Free Software Hope 4397 1
[News] Nano Knife Hope 1498 0
[solid state devices] Michael J Nunnerly's STEAP TPU idea ramset 2372 3
[mechanic] MAGMOV magnet motor loldrup 1997 0
[solid state devices] Split Flux Transformer SkyWatcher123 22910 109
[Gravity powered devices] Simple and low cost perpetual machine vikram_gupta11 7917 19
[Tesla Technologgy] Bifilar coils and the usage of such. jbignes5 6506 17
[News] Magmov timed 6965 10
[Gravity powered devices] MOVED: Over unity transport machine vikram_gupta11 1806 0
[News] POLLUTED AIR CAN GENERATE POWER markdansie 2089 3
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Pulsing A Bifilar Coil And Collecting From It And Various Ways Of Going About It Magluvin 28430 61
[For sale] Monster size ferrite ring for sale magnetman12003 2427 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] small generator 8 lighting 11 W Hg Bulb sciencetoolbar 7318 14
[News] A Free Or Cheapest Method To Trade In Stock, Forex, or Penny Stock ? guest1289 2766 5
[solid state devices] Andreu Bacardit de la Fuente ,Volume energy ismael_34 3134 2
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity Powered Technology Experiment doug3p2t 2013 1
[Gravity powered devices] Over unity transport machine vikram_gupta11 3868 7
[solid state devices] Thailand Free energy motorcycle justawatt 51638 105
[Other new battery systems] Cell phone battery charge and discharge at the same time. antimony 2847 4
[News] small generator homemade using neodymyum sphere sciencetoolbar 2074 2
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Proven Overunity ? Dr. Gerald Pollack - seems to violate 2nd law to me schuler 2692 3
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Scale Model Designs/Plans Available TeslaScientific 2160 1
[solid state devices] Deyo's ambient harvesting Pat.The Harmonic Energy Exchange Device (or “HEED”) ramset 4921 12
[Electric cars] My Custom Solar Power Mini Teardrop Camper TommeyLReed 3463 4
[News] Bashar - Time Space Antenna aswancoat 1073 0
[solid state devices] Oscillator Powering 6 Modified Led bulbs SkyWatcher123 38981 154
[Tesla Technologgy] Tesla's fascination with Aluminum and here is why! jbignes5 2220 1
[News] Ultra dense fusion: 450 times or more the energy output as input markdansie 1762 0
[Gravity powered devices] Mathematically proven Infinite energy machine based on balanced Mass vikram_gupta11 5638 15
[News] New iOS Update vs JPG files web000x 7612 22
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] THE RANT ROOM ramset 17556 68
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community ramset 1676 1
[What is Over Unity and Free Energy] ------> Can it Be That Simple? FatBird 3011 5
[Joule Thief] Dr Ronald Stiffler SEC technology antimony 100172 955
[Other new battery systems] How to replicate Silicon-Graphite Power Cell alpersddk 4886 3
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Re: Inventors and replicators - social aspects of overunity community Zephir 6992 35
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Transverters: ferroresonant transformers from Russia Zephir 2746 3
[News] The curious case of free energy markdansie 2405 7
[Other new battery systems] Recharge by changing electrolyte - Electrolyte flow battery. Paul-R 2960 5
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Free energy from watter - a review of research Zephir 3264 7
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Replication of Mini Radiant Exciter circuit of Nelson Rocha Zephir 13723 42
[News] North Korea Free-Energy Cargo Ship launches woo 1211 0
[News] Curiosity on total science franco malgarini 1964 6
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Extraction an energy from thermal fluctuations Zephir 1953 0
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Overunity from negative mass Zephir 2155 2
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] Aether Wave Theory as an emergent model of observable reality Zephir 3617 1
[TPU replications] Witness the Free Energy effect Theoretical Research 28454 137
[solid state devices] Free Energy Is Finally Here! FreeEnergy777 4586 11
[solid state devices] circular nested capacitance? Dansway 2449 7
[Investment opportunities in alternative energy] MOVED: business proposal stiplanet 4228 0
[solid state devices] maxpowersaver justawatt 1724 0
[Water arc energy systems] Energy from water arc explosions Zephir 8327 31
[Water arc energy systems] Lord Rayleigh patent 1946: Energy from gases after an electrical discharge Zephir 2236 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] A Discussion with Zephir all comments welcome ramset 17962 75
[solid state devices] Another FE device called QT-PI(PIE) GreaT 5123 6
[Gravity powered devices] Jerry Bayles and the "Unified Field Theory". synchro1 8512 31
[News] In search of magnetic monopoles markdansie 2404 6
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Some Bifilar coil experiments evostars 34905 106
[solid state devices] Free Energy Is Finally Here! FreeEnergy777 1433 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] N.R.M.R.E. An investigation. Grumage 37017 157
[Free Energy Party Memes] need helps stiplanet 2705 1
[Other new battery systems] Michael Emmes 3 kW earth battery antimony 4589 6
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Investigating the claims of member Synchro 1 ramset 9201 25
[Graham Gunderson Magnetic Implosion Transformer] Some music - no subjet was filled in Gabriele 2227 1
[solid state devices] Inverter for 220V Pidja10567890 1611 0
[solid state devices] increasing bemf with PMs dieter 2453 3
[solid state devices] Light Source from MVP (Magnetic Voltaic Potential) by TLG-team 12830 73
[News] Odd internet Theoretical Research 1777 3
[Other new battery systems] Ultra-Cap lancaIV 1972 0
[News] Free Energy Source Confirmed markdansie 1827 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Magnetic, And, Gravity, Motor, Update, And Notes guest1289 15861 53
[Tesla Technologgy] Hyper-Loop Tesla Grid. synchro1 3150 4
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Akula magnetron effect? antimony 2997 4
[solid state devices] 3.7 VOLT BATTERY POWERS 56 WATTS magnetman12003 44687 174
[mechanic] An interesting Phenomenon in Magnetism vineet_kiran 3741 9
[Joule Thief] need someone who is specialist on joule thief stiplanet 1837 0
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Free Energy Transformer 300w AC justawatt 9314 13
[Open Source operating systems for your PC] An OS in disguise I think Thaelin 2132 1
[Gravity powered devices] Successful Experiments with Simple OU!!! NathanCoppedge 4467 8
[Parlez en language francaise ici] J'ai théoriquement trouvé la solution pour l'énergie libre. Besoin de votre aide JGS 1895 0
[News] Home Nucler Reactor class 180 NKE 19861 49
[News] Government suppression of Free Energy Theoretical Research 13989 61
[solid state devices] FE Device by 'Armored Train' TheCell 6452 14
[mechanic] Well soon the people in the white coats will appear BUT! Hope 2920 4
[mechanic] Hatems Overunity machine Status? He3senberg 2770 4
[Tesla Technologgy] The dielectric (radiant) field of a bifilar pancake tesla coil @resonant freq. evostars 11602 18
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] The bifilar pancake coil at its resonant frequency evostars 274703 1589
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Not Stan Meyers! His brother, Stephen ARMCORTEX 6120 16
[solid state devices] A Solid State DC-to-DC converter teslonian 7246 17
[Theory of overunity and free energy] What Is The Secret To How U-Shaped-Magnets Are Manufactured ? guest1289 1867 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Electrostatic-Donut Version Of Magnetic-Donut guest1289 2402 1
[solid state devices] Interested in FREE ENEERGY ? magnetman12003 2266 0
Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 [12] 13 14 15 16 17 ... 154