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Topic Started by Views Replies
[mechanic] motor gear inertia generator -new help justawatt 4744 13
[News] Teleportation of small objects franco malgarini 1264 0
[News] Transmute base currency into noble currency franco malgarini 1264 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Artificial mini sun for energy generation antimony 2606 6
[New propulsion technologies] Electromagnetic Gyroscope for UFO propulsion franco malgarini 1575 0
[News] Ambient light car franco malgarini 2111 4
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Photon battery sm0ky2 2368 3
[News] Heat, cooling and power franco malgarini 1343 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] The secret to Overunity Tajerek 56763 228
[mechanic] Simple mechanical device EOW 2150 2
[News] Because they have eliminated the mercury! franco malgarini 1641 1
[Do It Yourself] voltage pump for coil experiments Belfior 1722 2
[News] Because they have eliminated incandescent light bulbs! franco malgarini 1809 3
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] Insanity Belfior 2615 7
[Other new battery systems] Leather and carbon antimony 1409 1
[Half Baked Ideas] i have found a way chosen 1282 0
[mechanic] Massive Overunity Self Running claim with Unique Open Source system e2matrix 3050 8
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Background radiation reciever sm0ky2 12137 45
[Gravity powered devices] Wheel inside a wheel ... iacob alex 3075 7
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] David Jones' Bicycle Wheel blueplanet 4706 10
[Gravity powered devices] Gravitywheel with buoyant compensation Low-Q 2651 1
[News] Graphene provides limitless free energy Belfior 15614 97
[News] New electrostatic motor design at U.of Wisconsin Floor 4801 17
[Devices applied for the OU prize] FULL DESCRIPTION HOW WORKS EM DRIVE ! tesla2 2481 1
[News] Graphene’s ripples as an endless source of clean energy markdansie 3163 9
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Andre Fabrice replication Belfior 9487 16
[mechanic] Hub Motor Generators 954 0
[Do It Yourself] Definition of Thermal Energy and the BTU sm0ky2 4795 17
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Ambient Energy cliff33 4345 10
[mechanic] Transistor for Electrostatic Machine Dominik59 1676 3
[solid state devices] Negative Inductance and measure of Magnetic force. synchro1 98348 688
[News] Win Nobel Prize by doing new double slit experiment isawit 16533 81
[Kapanadze devices and replications] RobertDepelteau circuit RobertD 10648 33
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] How We Should Approach And Proceed With Building Replications Magluvin 12504 39
[Other antigravity machines and devices] P= mV Yes but only respect to ABSOLUTE ZERO FRAME tesla2 2004 2
[News] 2020 Theoretical Research 31834 126
[mechanic] Sixto Ramos Granados S.A.C.(Torque multipler) justawatt 2084 0
[mechanic] Deformation of a device EOW 5604 15
[The theory of energy streams] A new way of seeing the Solar System antimony 2292 3
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Opportunities and challenges from solar energy vohuythu 2116 1
[Saltwater cells] rechargeable fertilizer battery project burnit0017 8537 13
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Confirmation of OU devices and claims tinman 254682 2084
[mechanic] each side gives more than enough of what other side needs that_prophet 1034 0
[solid state devices] Motorized wheel and power generation magnetman12003 3869 0
[mechanic] No potential energy at start but a work EOW 2666 4
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Advanced HHO Cell Design TommeyLReed 1852 0
[TPU replications] Videos of self-runner spectrum footage Theoretical Research 2329 2
[mechanic] Building The Clem Engine Series TommeyLReed 7360 15
[News] Who would you like to witness a self-runner? Theoretical Research 12081 48
[mechanic] New Pulse Motor Design TommeyLReed 3107 5
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] The Old Standard Ignition System. Battery. Coil. Points. And Condenser.... Magluvin 49236 237
[News] Space Charger isawit 1654 2
[Newsletter - latest Newsletters from] 9. Berliner Konferenz für innovative Energietechnologien hartiberlin 2360 0
[News] A new effect in electromagnetism discovered – 150 years later rukiddingme 1239 0
[News] Modifying My Pioneer DEX-P1R CD Radio Face Plate Back Lighting. Love This Radio Magluvin 4177 17
[solid state devices] Free Energy Magnetic Power using mercury and magnets justawatt 4497 1
[Joule Thief] Magnet Motor Solved.....?? See the Video Clip on OU kampen 3108 4
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Exploring Resonance And Efficiency Of Speakers And Subwoofers Magluvin 4669 11
[News] The world’s first Free Society FreeEnergy 1426 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] My Journey towards Solving Meyer’s technology and why others have not h20power 3280 1
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Maxim Aliyev replication justawatt 30810 67
[Parlez en language francaise ici] Choisir d'appliquer ou non le principe de moindre action activ25 1394 0
[News] Papp Engine Update markdansie 2019 3
[News] This will brake your brain tesla2 1597 1
[Devices applied for the OU prize] Lagiewka's bumper (absorber) tesla2 2673 4
[Half Baked Ideas] *** Electrophorus *** baroutologos 6983 8
[News] Energy against the current on a quantum scale, without contradicting the laws markdansie 1259 0
[Understanding OverUnity] Overunity is it possible? lltfdaniel1 17898 102
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Solar panels Florida cost gosolarprogram 2100 2
[Other new battery systems] Water Powered DC Charger joellagace 2967 4
[News] What is energy? isawit 3206 13
[New propulsion technologies] Russia's superUnification technology! tonygiang 2915 5
[solid state devices] devices driving your coils Belfior 4543 4
[Reactive Power usage] Jim Murray’s Drummond Island Experiment Replication Attempt web000x 2800 0
[News] I think someone discovered the true mechanism of electromagnetism isawit 7275 31
[Gravity powered devices] Why this seesaw is working against physics laws vikram_gupta11 37073 131
[mechanic] Electromagnetic monopole - sort of? Low-Q 2578 6
[New propulsion technologies] "Inertia News" channel on youtube FredWalter 1692 0
[Gravity powered devices] Please delete duplicate topic perma 3357 5
[News] World’s first electric dump truck uses gravity power to recharge markdansie 1621 1
[mechanic] related lancaIV 1087 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] related " Topic: Steho Energy saving system " effect : savings lancaIV 3058 1
[solid state devices] COMPARE: TESLA OZONE GEN AND ELECTRO-MAGNETIC MOTOR PATENTS? Help Please luc2010 2203 3
[mechanic] Idea: Homopolar motor with multiwinding coils Low-Q 2944 5
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Exploring Sonoluminescence : a discussion on "Simple" replication methods ramset 13377 35
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Steho Energy saving system justawatt 7781 12
[News] Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers | Space News ramset 1547 1
[The Aether] Perspectives of Reality From other Planet 2078 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Do you know about this book? asithaya 1632 1
[mechanic] Homopolar with only permanent magnets, and no battery? Low-Q 3318 10
[News] Copper catalyst yields high efficiency CO2-to-fuels conversion rukiddingme 1546 1
[Do It Yourself] 230V generator layout using a single neodymium sphere 13 mm + PWM controller sciencetoolbar 2023 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Cathodic ray Emmisions. i need a plain expanation to a plain question. baroutologos 7081 27
[mechanic] Replacing sticky spots with dead spots. Low-Q 2328 5
[News] Gulf Coast Weather Control Request not_a_mib 4908 19
[Gravity powered devices] VIKTOR S. GREBENNIKOV type bees/flying beetles in the UK Sputnik-1 3432 6
[mechanic] Gear pump and magnets Low-Q 12036 37
[solid state devices] Could someone tell me what is happening with my Sec-15 circuit. Video included. antimony 4221 3
[Theory of overunity and free energy] How much does a terrabyte weigh lupacexi 2646 4
[mechanic] Athena Generator Construction and Instructions justawatt 3480 7
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