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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Gravity powered devices] Evolving Atwood Machine... iacob alex 715 2
[Electric cars] the Wind-car lancaIV 504 0
[News] preview about climate change lancaIV 597 1
[solid state devices] Battery charging discharging martiangrey 701 3
[mechanic] Battery calculation jonfrommanahawkin1 868 3
[solid state devices] KUNEL device nix85 3333 48
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] 2mA MAGNETIC MOTOR with reed switch used as TESLA spark GAP science2art 2009 3
[News] do you know this cap? rusputnik 326 0
[News] Revolutionary Air Conditioner! gravityblock 748 1
[Wanted items] do you know this cap? rusputnik 903 0
[News] Tadahiko Mizuno LENR breakthrough COP of 5 and up to 10 Seeking Replication . ChileanOne 2599 18
[News] Overunity generation in Meta-stabilized, Slipped-Pole Synchronous Generator lilboie1970 237 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] European Electricity gross-selling market lancaIV 356 0
[Gravity powered devices] Evaporation+Condensation+Gravity = Overunity broli 751 3
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Another ? electret powered device postingsite 650 0
[Gravity powered devices] THE AGE OF PERPETUAL MOTION IS UPON US --- SERIOUSLY IT IS NathanCoppedge 513 0
[Gravity powered devices] Elon Musk Perpetual Motion Machine? NathanCoppedge 1156 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] The quest for achieving overunity from HHO or structured water gas ChileanOne 1521 12
[energy and fuel saver] low cost passive foam-home construction lancaIV 3033 14
[Gravity powered devices] Hydroelectric plant with no river Delburt Phend 557 0
[Gravity powered devices] A new shape... iacob alex 663 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Geostationry-satellites, and planets as permanent-magnet-disk in faraday-paradox postingsite 797 0
[energy and fuel saver] aerogel in house construction lancaIV 828 3
[News] Revolutionary discovery harvests limitless power of graphene. broli 1217 4
[Free Energy Party Memes] Looking for an old research paper johnconnor 401 0
[solid state devices] Let's clear up these 3 crucial questions nix85 1004 2
[News] Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy josephmartin 233 0
[alternative AIDS treatment] Experimental USC to IPS cell bioreactor. spacecowboy 1160 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gemini concept... iacob alex 608 0
[alternative AIDS treatment] Some Experiments. spacecowboy 1129 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Momentum / gravity device postingsite 1149 2
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Electromagnetic motor michal.kolar 416 0
[Heat to mechanical energy conversion] equideus ( hot) compressed air engine lancaIV 704 1
[healthy food] Do protozoa live inside plants? spacecowboy 1400 2
[Gravity powered devices] Cadman’s Hydrostatic Displacement Engine Cadman 12499 92
[mechanic] Magnet motor idea hopefully solved Low-Q 11762 58
[Joseph Newman Energy Machine] Bedini Window Motor came from Newman & How Story Changed rickfriedrich 2639 14
[solid state devices] The solution !!!! efusystem 1486 2
[Heat to electric energy conversion] The solution efusystem 1279 0
[Zinc Air batteries] Zinc carbon Borax wet cell zombie jonfrommanahawkin1 2448 6
[energy and fuel saver] Fuel Vapour System for a 5 MP lawn mower hanswelder 991 2
[The Aether] Anomalous modulating power pickup DOCR 2101 5
[Gravity powered devices] New version of flotation device Floor 8204 53
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Some Ideas For A Perpetual-Motion Track postingsite 1121 1
[The theory of energy streams] science and prediction lancaIV 4677 32
[News] Partial demo on heros fountain. stevensrd1 734 0
[solid state devices] Electromagnet impedance vs transformer impedance nix85 1797 7
[Free Energy Party Memes] Electric capacity multiplier on the basis of MGA (Molecular generator of Andrus) Valery Andrus 1343 5
[Electric cars] 1000000 Kilometer with 1 KWh-battery lancaIV 4268 16
[mechanic] Rotating Magnets Induction Heater cost saving? magpwr 671 0
[mechanic] Physicist needed, will this self-loop? ARMCORTEX 5374 29
[News] Real overunity transformer with ancient technology IonLady 2429 4
[mechanic] Four rod magnets and two one way bearings = free energy??? magnetman12003 3952 20
[Material Suppliers] cheap material supply source ( new, used) lancaIV 2338 6
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Seriously, How Would You Introduce A Real Free Energy Invention? Eighthman 3675 22
[News] 5G Apocolypse The Extinction Event !! steeltpu 1541 4
[News] Silver coil water battery stevensrd1 1550 0
[News] Dual Fluid Reaktor Planetx7 482 0
[Electric bikes] Eco-Marathon Challenge lancaIV 1086 0
[News] Reactive to Active Transformer IonLady 2656 8
[mechanic] Sum of torques activ25 799 1
[Other new battery systems] Innolith battery 1000 Wh/Kg lancaIV 1137 0
[News] STERNCHEN KRIEGE (Star Wars) NKE 1268 1
[Free Energy Party Memes] Renewable Energy. Valery Andrus 758 0
[Half Baked Ideas] why the voltage drop to near zero ? fs4590 680 1
[solid state devices] Negative Inductance. synchro1 677 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Radiant power from Solid state Tesla hairpin circuit evostars 19544 71
[solid state devices] Ideias and Setups - balloon to near space to study atmospheric energy extration licondam 1257 0
[News] Bio-Inspired Plasma Generation DreamThinkBuild 2516 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Do The Fields Exist postingsite 1189 0
[mechanic] Tommey Reed’s new Clem Engine Build. TommeyLReed 6724 17
[Gravity powered devices] Elephant and feather... iacob alex 815 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Can Anyone Work Out How This 2-Motors Device Functions ? postingsite 1859 2
[mechanic] WORKING V & TRI GATE MOTOR !! magnetman12003 1862 6
[News] Current Wait Time From Registering And Posting To It Appearing On Main Page ? postingsite 900 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Can Anyone Work Out How This Functions ? unsure 1116 0
[Half Baked Ideas] 16 " diameter already made Bedini wheel magnetman12003 605 0
[mechanic] is this OU internal combustion engine? tonygiang 1444 6
[mechanic] Best VIDEOS from the Theoretical INVENTOR Nathan Coppedge NathanCoppedge 2545 0
[mechanic] Excellent website for perpetual motion NathanCoppedge 2624 0
[Skeptical views and scam alerts] Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum [with free speech] F6FLT 5761 32
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] low weight and high power density energy conversion system parts lancaIV 2062 3
[Captret effect] REAL CAPTRET CIRCUIT Mancha 3562 10
[Understanding OverUnity] Speed up Under Load Garbage Explained. tinman 2475 14
[mechanic] Is high frequency alternating current capable of rotating induction motor? PolaczekCebulaczek 719 2
[mechanic] Energy device powerd by sun's electromagnetic radiation using five frequencies freeyourass 2334 0
[News] Black Sun Experiments Cherryman 491 0
[local alternative energy groups in Europe] Anyone in Portugal that can build me a system for off grid living? sebastianwolff 1311 0
[News] IEC Earth Engine First Magnet motor installed in Las Vegas ramset 39061 170
[Wanted items] 1.5 inch diameter sphere magnets wanted. magnetman12003 1321 0
[News] New updates for Webo a teachable chatbot stevensrd1 2803 0
[News] Baby Moon Project franco malgarini 280 0
[mechanic] How to make an anti-gravity barrier geptole 5552 26
[mechanic] Use the relative rotation and a pressure activ25 2601 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Test topic for moderator discussions and "Other"between members ramset 11229 67
[Gravity powered devices] lead ball magnet motor juliotony 1793 12
[solid state devices] ZPE Battery Research III Fysikk 1599 6
[mechanic] the Time machine geptole 2661 15
[mechanic] Here is the machine that could make the BIG BANG geptole 3463 4
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