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Topic Started by Views Replies
[mechanic] Apparent paradox of potential energy nix85 57 0
[healthy food] A good mental food and medicine, TIER evolution : Quatsi-Trilogy,Phase IV(4) lancaIV 47 0
[mechanic] Mach VS Newton maciekkmarosz 129 2
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Resonant conductors and 3 phase power Solhi 3 0
[General Builders discussion] What is the name of the (autistic?) man who could make Free Energy circuits? aether22 331 2
[mechanic] Flow Through Three Layer Electromechanical Movement Motor Lunkster 287 1
[General Builders discussion] Howard Johnson motor exploration. Jimboot 388 2
[mechanic] perpetual magnetic toy and explanation glaysonmestre 1748 22
[Electric cars] Electric Rail Cars and mass transit vehicles Lunkster 266 2
[Understanding OverUnity] Three Layer Electromechanical Movement Technology Lunkster 218 0
[Joule Thief] Air Core Joule Thief jkassis 14 0
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] The optimum electrode waveform for watergas production JulesP 970 11
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Placeholder for New Year holiday ornament making ( moderated ) ramset 1325 20
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Chinese Oscillator and MOS FET Driver, Hardware experiment AlienGrey 1231 9
[Half Baked Ideas] AI architecture activ25 234 1
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Smudge’s Halbach motor ramset 2054 19
[Do It Yourself] Free Water plant lancaIV 320 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Perpetual Self-Powered-Overunity, just using sound, no electricity ? unsure 488 2
[News] Documentary on a climate change solution. Floor 534 4
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Graham Gunderson Clean limitless power ramset 434 0
[mechanic] Marosz's Turbine maciekkmarosz 387 0
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Grumpy’s query into the Uwe Jarck device ramset 344 0
[Gravity powered devices] Rotating a spring... iacob alex 216 0
[solid state devices] 600 watts and 1.2 kw free energy justawatt 559 1
[mechanic] Multi-Application OU Motor Generator Combo Device Lunkster 236 0
[solid state devices] 500 kw device from USA justawatt 1490 15
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Looped fountain - Possible ? - Simulator recommendations ? unsure 336 2
[Gravity powered devices] "Walking" around a fulcrum... iacob alex 181 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Is anyone else actively working on the Don Smith device ? LXKennstenich 109 0
[mechanic] High Efficient Motion Generator Lunkster 325 0
[alternative influenza and flu treatment] Trump Support Video for the 2020 election #YOUAREMYPRESIDENT hartiberlin 7250 106
[mechanic] Sum of horizontal forces different of zero activ25 662 4
[News] A revised selfcharger video. stevensrd1 375 2
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Капанадзе justawatt 15857 167
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Should “energy” be redefined? sm0ky2 1859 17
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Can't find Diode-Powered devices, and, an interesting idea ! unsure 635 2
[News] FREE-ENERGY HUNTERS? NdaClouDzzz 494 2
[News] Vacuum Energy Converter by Geffrey Renteria Planetx7 393 0
[mechanic] Five to One PM to EM Torque Motor Lunkster 1322 8
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Do commercial motors/generators produce eddies, why do builders build their own? unsure 3414 38
[Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group] MOVED: Alan's Transformer as a Generator AllanV 392 0
[News] Selfcharger experiment. stevensrd1 319 0
[News] HEMP batteries a more powerful alternative to graphene or lithium batteries e2matrix 249 0
[mechanic] Resonant Sound Overunity Generator Lunkster 1021 7
[Gravity powered devices] My Solution for the Bessler Wheel johnhodgson1111 78 0
[Water arc energy systems] Plate Conditioning JulesP 222 0
[mechanic] AC voltage from single magnetic pole nix85 11395 190
[News] The Social Dilemma onepower 814 9
[mechanic] VIDEO Information on N. Coppedge's Over-Unity NathanCoppedge 428 1
[News] Harvesting Free Energy from Graphene bistander 305 0
[General Builders discussion] Free Energy RANT CAFFE ASYLUM v8karlo 4373 57
[Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group] Captainloz replication discussion ramset 874 5
[Other antigravity machines and devices] L-5 mass driver. synchro1 645 3
[Gravity powered devices] Muscles as spring... iacob alex 232 0
[General Builders discussion] builders board Placeholder Bedini's Glass Case Motor ramset 396 3
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Placehold /Builders Board :Ultrasonic/ mechanical cavitation to transmute matter ramset 230 0
[News] Earth Question Johan_1955 11137 179
[mechanic] Ultrasonic / mechanical cavitation used to transmute matter ChileanOne 2627 32
[mechanic] Bidirectional EMF DC Power Supply Lunkster 508 1
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Simulated Resonant Circuit Lunkster 269 0
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Secret Résonance Edwin Gray/Akula/Don smith / Stela 771 1
[News] Are you being Gaslighted onepower 759 8
[mechanic] Three Layer Disk Magnetic Motor Lunkster 2144 15
[mechanic] Flux Compensating Magnetic Motor Lunkster 278 0
[mechanic] Lunkster Transformer Lunkster 296 0
[Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements] Arduino experience, someone? antimony 2147 17
[mechanic] Dry land wave powered generator, working prototype burnit0017 426 2
[Heat to electric energy conversion] negative temperature (kelvin) geptole 762 2
[mechanic] Augmentation of the volume to break the law of conservation of the energy EOW 234 0
[mechanic] Linear to Angular Torque Motor Lunkster 241 0
[mechanic] Another lenzless idea nix85 694 2
[News] My free schemes and description plus free e-book (to be continued). dxer_87 254 0
[General Builders discussion] RANT CAFFE ASYLUM WhatIsIt 24118 576
[mechanic] Cicada Generator Lunkster 395 1
[News] 2025 : in every region average C(ompressed).A(ir).T(urbine) energy price 0,01 US lancaIV 229 0
[News] 2035 : in sunny regions average solar price prediction 0,01 US$/KWh lancaIV 189 0
[General Builders discussion] Theoretical , experimental progress on Aether theory, Tesla’s longitudinal waves ramset 521 1
[UFO sightings] 14 synchro1 1321 20
[News] The two capacitor paradox debate onepower 2528 40
[solid state devices] Grounding question nix85 1490 23
[mechanic] Another failed project nix85 619 7
[mechanic] FE generator, Mongolia nix85 771 6
[mechanic] Gyro Gravity Motor Lunkster 1680 11
[General Builders discussion] DDS function Generator Output Amplification Help sollaris1989 328 1
[mechanic] All Permanent Magnet failed Prototype Lunkster 1243 6
[General Builders discussion] Allan's Transformer as a Generator AllanV 7900 59
[mechanic] Water Inertial Drive nix85 754 4
[Wind energy generators] Wind Generator Skycraft Combo Lunkster 678 0
[mechanic] Back EMF Reduction Option Switching Lunkster 262 0
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Kapanadze Switzerland!!! selveti 1264 2
[The Aether] GeoElectrical Condenser sm0ky2 792 2
[News] Where IS energeticforum? robur 808 4
[General Builders discussion] Power psiphon for weak generators? Liz renae 177 0
[solid state devices] few general formulas nix85 836 8
[New propulsion technologies] Momentum Paddle Motor Lunkster 2087 14
[mechanic] Functional Toroid coil Lunkster 1094 4
[solar systems homemade and commercial] combination Solor Electrical/thermal Panels Lunkster 892 3
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Modified TANK circuit using steering diodes Lunkster 864 2
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Efficiency of over 130% Planetx7 959 2
[mechanic] Stator reconfiguration motor Lunkster 311 0
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