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Topic Started by Views Replies
[mechanic] MOVED: Newton's Magnets Floor 34 0
[Electric cars] Are hydrogen cars really clean? Andrewthis 94 2
[solid state devices] Free Energy Super Pack! 5 in 1! dxer_87 443 4
[For sale] Sell big motor/generator, magnets, coils, meters and everything else I have SebastianMM 141 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Basic wind turbine to generate LX for heat only. Paul-R 275 2
[Lueling Magnet motor] Secrets of Friedrich Lüling Semi 189 2
[mechanic] This one is intresting. Cherryman 1408 25
[mechanic] MOVED: MOVED: Perm. magnet only core with iron shell, motor coil Floor 132 0
[Lueling Magnet motor] New electromagnet configuration 4 times out verses in jimbo 1110 19
[mechanic] Generator 750W output by Lenzless coil technology skybiker63 618 7
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Hmmm, Can A Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Generator Be Enhanced? Johnsmith 320 2
[News] All you wanted to know about the Ohms Law But Afraid To Ask MasterPlaster 152 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity continuous unbalanced leverage… iacob alex 194 0
[News] Harvesting electro-magnetic energy Bertoa 187 0
[UFO sightings] more people need to know about these materials (magazines) dragoffw 259 0
[mechanic] Motor Generator Without external Supply need. (Final preparations) JackJohn 424 1
[General Builders discussion] Sell big motor / generator, magnets, coils, meters and everything else SebastianMM 266 2
[General Builders discussion] Idea With using Main Electricity AC into 4 output (get OU from mains ???) JackJohn 267 2
[Help to access this discussion board] Is there an admin active at all? SebastianMM 217 3
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Stanley Meyer information pauldude000 1453 25
[Gravity powered devices] Milkovic's Pendulum Johnsmith 1854 31
[mechanic] Update on the Clem Engine. TommeyReed 99 0
[mechanic] Mechanical oscillator Ed morbus 536 6
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Floodrods Magnetic Testing Log floodrod 1106 22
[News] Preserving Democracy onepower 132 0
[mechanic] Motor Generator Without external Supply need. ( TEST VIDEO ) JackJohn 951 12
[Joule Thief] Big joulethief more powerful (Not Only fOR Led Toys) JackJohn 403 0
[mechanic] New running magnet motor! a_user 1242 8
[mechanic] NO LENZ EFFECT GENERATOR ( PROVED VIDEO ) Simple Electicity Device 429 2
[mechanic] MOVED: Overunity Device build self running motor generator JackJohn 334 0
[General Builders discussion] Tested Optimal Speed Of Switching Polarity... floodrod 355 2
[Devices applied for the OU prize] MOVED: Overunity Device build self running motor generator JackJohn 336 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] What is free energy and why is it so hard to attain? pauldude000 294 0
[General Builders discussion] build self running motor generator JackJohn 1434 11
[News] Stanford's new solar electric cell Floor 505 4
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Lenz Energy Generator ( LEG ) BorisKrabow 808 3
[Gravity powered devices] Gamma Bar Perpetual Motion (COPPEDGE) /Other Improvements on Conventional Wheels NathanCoppedge 304 1
[mechanic] A Promethean Thought Experiment IggyZ 1640 25
[mechanic] Kundel With Electromagnet Build floodrod 1234 10
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Magnet Mirror Engine Floor 561 1
[General Builders discussion] 1st post. How to find diy voltage conversion to 240 volts Preps 117 0
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] "Magnetic Booster" Floor 1007 10
[mechanic] My Kundel motor replication with ardiuno floodrod 3470 52
[Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group] Tesla...don smith...Konstantin and working units the difference jimbo 989 6
[Capital and funding] Meyer HHO SPLITTER USED TWICE jimbo 792 6
[Gravity powered devices] Build 2 Johnsmith 3266 45
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Ionosphere Oscillation Ever Attempted? Eighthman 1283 10
[General Builders discussion] Tesla switch concept revisit. captainpecan 876 8
[Other new battery systems] Earth batteries and Telluric currents onepower 769 1
[Gravity powered devices] New Mod to GAGA 3 Motor Produces Output 3X's Input GravityAntiGravity 564 2
[General Builders discussion] RESSURECTED TINMAN NEW INVENTION. seychelles 8870 104
[New propulsion technologies] "Cyclo Rotor Mono Wing Spin Launcher" synchro1 1157 8
[News] Neutrino-Voltaic Power Generator Bertoa 376 0
[News] The conspiracy is real onepower 926 4
[solid state devices] Flyback secondary resistance? nix85 888 5
[Gravity powered devices] Another Buoyancy Concept not2smart 104 0
[News] Andrea Rossi Plasma Reactor hermesatar 1497 10
[mechanic] Motionless Switching Magnetosphere Electric Generator Lunkster 1058 3
[solid state devices] 4 Million Tera Watts from 3 car batteries indigo22 1394 9
[mechanic] Qmogen Confusion (start itself). dxer_87 825 1
[solid state devices] 5 in 1! Wonderland easy projects. dxer_87 1243 2
[Other new battery systems] Carat Trax Forever Battery. dxer_87 1308 3
[General Builders discussion] Unlocking the perfect storm with 3,6,9 and why Music is applied physics. High Frequency 182 0
[News] Spin Launcher at the summit of Chimborazo. synchro1 2373 23
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Smudges Route to overunity ramset 788 1
[General Builders discussion] Oh crap! Recanting DonEMitchell 776 4
[Theory of overunity and free energy] 1950-s Alien Science DonEMitchell 1031 1
[General Builders discussion] Maybe some NEW info? Johan_1955 11340 90
[General Builders discussion] General builder query DonEMitchell 1964 11
[mechanic] Flux Rerouting Magnetic Motor Lunkster 1222 3
[General Builders discussion] Open sourcing stuff near and dear maybe? DonEMitchell 517 1
[Energy Jobs offers] It's not a job! It's an adventure! DonEMitchell 1065 0
[General Builders discussion] Looking for overunity device designs researching_20211105 190 0
[News] Could Admin make exact 'duplicate' sites of this one, but for other topics ? ideas99889 132 0
[General Builders discussion] 3D Printer work wanted DonEMitchell 1058 7
[General Builders discussion] Posting here --newbie thwarted by messaging DonEMitchell 447 0
[solid state devices] How to charge-desulfate lead acid batteries? Mechanical or Solid state? Kennyg 768 2
[Investment opportunities in alternative energy] NATHAN COPPEDGE Not looking for investment per se VERY PROMISING DESIGNS NathanCoppedge 1009 0
[mechanic] MOVED: Permanent magnets and coils electricity generation design Floor 563 0
[Lifters] Has anyone tried the 'BAR' lifter configuration? Blainiac 832 0
[solid state devices] Why am I here about Znidarsic on 1/137 and Wilbert Smith's alien science? DonEMitchell 534 0
[General Builders discussion] Ultra-switch development group DonEMitchell 467 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Paulos (Power Amplifier under License Overunity System) Concept. dxer_87 1166 2
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Electrolyser winning the "Earthshot Prize". Paul-R 527 0
[Gravity powered devices] Varying a simple test… iacob alex 798 1
[Joule Thief] Pulsed DC JT by TK Labs sm0ky2 2754 11
[News] Homopolar gennies -new (?) Tewari patent. Paul-R 1059 3
[mechanic] GAP Adams pulse motor synchro1 1740 6
[Dense aether model and scalar wave physics] The Aether versus General Relativity onepower 4180 26
[mechanic] joao benedito garrypm 792 2
[Lueling Magnet motor] Lüling magnet motor by Ufopolitics hartiberlin 1642 4
[General Builders discussion] Free Easiest and Cheapest to build Energy Generator by whatever means necessary. JaydenHE 832 2
[mechanic] Electrostatic turbine ckreol1 1413 7
[Other new battery systems] History and the Baghdad Battery onepower 1278 2
[Gravity powered devices] Basic physics questions Novus 305 0
[solid state devices] Kunel patent DE3024814 coil and magnet generator similar to Figuera norman6538 1011 3
[solar systems homemade and commercial] 10 191 171 x 1000 lancaIV 1238 2
[Gravity powered devices] Anti-Gravity Wheel onepower 1481 7
[News] What is basically law tonygiang 540 1
[Gravity powered devices] Final Experiment vikram_gupta11 1266 6
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