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Topic Started by Views Replies
[News] Assisted-suicide rights - A little known but huge hurdle ? ideas99889 123 0
[News] Possible application for Free Energy FreeEnergy 253 1
[General Builders discussion] BLDC MOTOR AS GENERATOR 3 PHASE TEST WITH LOAD VIDEO JackJohn 236 0
[News] We will see the future:Peer Review on Lawrence Livermore Fusion self start ramset 243 0
[News] Spherical magnet spins due to a rolling force and defies gravity! broli 784 9
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Forest Fire Extinguishment - Air Vortex machine, Or, Electromagnetic Extinguish? ideas99889 205 0
[mechanic] SUPER DOOPER FREE ENERGY MEG seychelles 961 8
[News] Problem with floor's twist drive Willy 22 0
[mechanic] Is It Possible Apply + Newton III Motion Law as Dynamic System in a Motor Engine gearturbine 281 0
[News] Exciting new news in magnets, a rediscovered magnet material. CuriousChris 448 1
[News] MOVED: Holcomb Energy Systems:Breakthrough technology to the world hartiberlin 210 0
[News] Transatlantic Telluric communications experiments US to UK ramset 156 0
[General Builders discussion] High Speed Motor Generator Test Video and measurement JackJohn 1265 13
[News] Holcomb Energy Systems Working Theory onepower 3202 41
[News] Free Energy and Ferrofluid? FreeEnergy 204 0
[Wayne Travis builders board] Room for Free Energy and its Physics mrwayne 2980 49
[General Builders discussion] High Efficiency Mosfet Switching for Pulse Motor Energy Hack 695 8
[Wireless Energy Transfer] Wireless aircraft. synchro1 605 5
[General Builders discussion] VERY SIMPLE HALF WAVE FROM MAIN ELECTRICITY JackJohn 313 2
[General Builders discussion] John C. Bedini’s 1984 Book —Bedini’s Free Energy Generator — Dave Wing 431 2
[Capital and funding] Serious Question, Looking for ways to fund development of a new device CuriousChris 1711 27
[News] total climate meltdown onepower 165 0
[solid state devices] Hybrid Bucking Coils Lunkster 275 0
[Captainpecan’s builders board] 1 Coil Cutting the Flux , 1 Coil With The Grain. Bucking floodrod 208 0
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] ICCF -24 cold fusion conference underway AND SOMETHING Is …..wonderful!! ramset 315 1
[solid state devices] Gans plasma above 0.6 volt indigo22 208 0
[News] Tesla Atmospheric Motor on Hackaday truesearch 326 2
[solid state devices] NEW NEWS seychelles 751 7
[News] Top 10 OU devices for feature film documentary Beginners Mind 1693 19
[General Builders discussion] JACKJOHN COIL. Test Video JackJohn 613 4
[Gravity powered devices] Need help with gravity/buoyancy design Novus 1964 29
[General Builders discussion] Help needed by building motor generator indigo22 585 6
[News] Looped SMOT FreeEnergy 889 8
[solid state devices] Lenz isolation device BorisKrabow 1523 13
[Other antigravity machines and devices] What happened to Dr. Eugene Podkletnov? broli 413 1
[General Builders discussion] New to this field and would really appreciate some advice please Ourkid123uk 1 0
[Gravity powered devices] Bladder Gravity Wheel Lunkster 464 3
[Tommy Reed @ T.R.Labs] Advanced 12" powerstroke gasoline engine. TommeyReed 622 5
[News] Graphene free energy enters the market BorisKrabow 794 7
[General Builders discussion] Nikola Tesla's secret to invention onepower 968 5
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Solar tax credit nsadhias 376 0
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Solar power system nsadhias 376 0
[solar systems homemade and commercial] What does an inverter do? nsadhias 211 0
[News] Solar panel maintenance nsadhias 203 0
[Wave (from the beach) energy ] New hydraulic water power - Hydro Ram Pump hartiberlin 560 2
[Gravity powered devices] Top 10 continuous /“perpetual” motion toys of. 2022… iacob alex 482 2
[News] Food ideas, to reduce waste, increase health etc ideas99889 211 0
[News] Why can't countries mod national security laws, to put overunity on the grid ? ideas99889 1140 13
[Electric cars] Wheel hub motor for cars. Open sourced? Paul-R 1521 14
[Tommy Reed @ T.R.Labs] Water Injected Engine? TommeyReed 1090 12
[News] Liberty engine.. rebar 1067 11
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Atmospheric enery. Paul-R 509 0
[solid state devices] very simple pulse dc to gain electric JackJohn 697 0
[News] The breakthrough in Free Energy - a system that cannot be debunked e2matrix 5633 79
[General Builders discussion] NEW FED PROJECT (QEG LOOK LIKE STATOR) JackJohn 1987 10
[solid state devices] Lunke Generators Lunkster 812 2
[News] Global extremism and radicalism onepower 1286 14
[Free Energy Party Memes] Solar Power System nsadhias 711 0
[General Builders discussion] Overunity phisics experiment Ilya Tsimbaluk 1360 9
[General Builders discussion] is it possible that the AC transformer can produce COP>1 ??? JackJohn 1013 4
[General Builders discussion] sorry it doesn't suit the community's goals, my post is deleted JackJohn 338 0
[Captainpecan’s builders board] Reversing Eddy Currents? Speedup Confirmed- No Core - Coil Open or Shorted floodrod 459 1
[Wireless Energy Transfer] opinions, motivations, responses, interactions, - only social life/inpolitics . stivep 751 6
[General Builders discussion] The Real No Lenz Generator (opposite Lenz Effect) Watch Video JackJohn 2012 18
[solid state devices] Gain Electricity Transformer (New Project Still Unfinished) JackJohn 545 1
[News] Self-charging supercapacitor power cell (SCSPC) Bertoa 611 2
[Gravity powered devices] Stevinus simplified… iacob alex 695 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Photovoltaic Arc Reactor - replicators discussion board sm0ky2 590 3
[solid state devices] Electrostatic to inductive conversion, amplification through industrial steel Lunkster 512 1
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Fuel prices going crazy; time to drive on electroliser/carburetter systems. Paul-R 885 5
[Joseph Newman Energy Machine] MOVED: very big contribution from Mr. Josep Newman for free energy device JackJohn 363 0
[General Builders discussion] Veryy Big Contribution from Mr. Josep Newman for (FED Enthusiast) JackJohn 1194 8
[News] What is overunity? onepower 1710 26
[Captainpecan’s builders board] Phase question- Matching and non-matching floodrod 321 0
[mechanic] Latest InFlow Generation ·1-GearTurbine/Reaction ·2-Imploturbocompressor/Impulse gearturbine 626 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] ·It Can Apply + the Newton III Law of Motion as Cycle System in a Motor Engine? gearturbine 839 0
[News] Penny Sand Batteries! This is amazing! FreeEnergy 429 1
[News] Clean gas energy source - stable and an efficient gas from water Goat 385 1
[Devices applied for the OU prize] MOVED: is it possible to achieve overunity on this device ??? Test Video JackJohn 631 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Local Hidden Variables - For the Win? Not 101st bad idea? d3x0r 2294 27
[General Builders discussion] Is it possible to achieve overunity on this device ??? Test Video JackJohn 1991 25
[Tommy Reed @ T.R.Labs] The Secret Of The Clem Engine TommeyReed 572 1
[solid state devices] WHAT IS ENERGY. seychelles 536 1
[News] Fusion Game Changers in the News (some with off the shelf components ramset 294 0
[General Builders discussion] QUAD GENERATOR COIL, SINGLE Driver ( Test Video) JackJohn 490 2
[Captainpecan’s builders board] DPE 100 Switched On 33 0
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Temporary placeholder for “Build a Tesla coil (the way Tesla built them” ramset 1209 5
[energy and fuel saver] Pure Calcium In Water ;) Magluvin 1276 1
[Captainpecan’s builders board] Non-Moving Magnet and Coil Generator floodrod 1329 14
[solid state devices] Capacitor Electrons Captor from Don Smith / Tesla Vortex 22 9175 113
[energy and fuel saver] LPG in car, injected as liquid or gas? sargs 1442 3
[General Builders discussion] Detail Explanation About Self running JackJohn 1047 4
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] HHO- Aaron Salter Jr- Killed By Buffalo Mass Shooter MagnaProp 2110 10
[Free Energy Party Memes] solar panels nsadhias 227 0
[Joule Thief] Simple Joule Thief 2-4V to 110-140V 250-350W 2-3 Amps geovat 1506 5
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Tariel Kapanadze's device - summary x_name41 917 0
[solid state devices] A powerful battery without the need to charge ! tonygiang 488 0
[General Builders discussion] General coil winding question captainpecan 1287 16
[Exploring the claims of David LaPoint] Primer field overunity device. Jimboot 1914 14
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