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Topic Started by Views Replies
[Other new battery systems] battery capacity preview : theoretical 2500 Wh/Kg lancaIV 59 0
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Lota's Kozeka build Floor 264 5
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Modified GoToLuc Design Floor 763 11
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Low temperature catalytic thermolysis of water Sergh 230 2
[News] Earthship Alchemy FreeEnergy 113 0
[mechanic] What is garvity? superhero 199 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] energy, time, power, units and ratios Floor 334 5
[New propulsion technologies] UFO'S explained and free energy superhero 214 0
[Gravity powered devices] How UFO's fly & free energy superhero 693 5
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Smudge’s musings on : current through iron ramset 283 0
[Gravity powered devices] Self energized pendulum... iacob alex 726 6
[News] Invitation/Free Energy Special Interest Group meeting 5/5/21 ramset 175 0
[News] Smokers are less affected by Corona Virus! vineet_kiran 774 10
[mechanic] Motor search for lenz less or lenz assisted. MagnaProp 1544 10
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] "Hydrogen Technology" LLC lancaIV 940 13
[solid state devices] A Solid State Homopolar "Motor" broli 1016 7
[solar systems homemade and commercial] 3D solar panel guide scam? Tesleroni 1 0
[mechanic] Infinity SAV Centrifugal boiler lancaIV 357 1
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Implosion Motor "tornado water (hydraulic) spout" TommeyLReed 838 5
[solid state devices] Plauson's converter nix85 1229 16
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Placeholder:International Alt-energy conference FREE (ICCF-23). Please join in ramset 367 1
[Fuel Cells] Low-temperature E-cigarette Battery greatpower 1 0
[mechanic] All Magnet Motor with regauging section NdaClouDzzz 446 1
[Half Baked Ideas] A new Anti-Lenz motor concept broli 1219 9
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Oxygen generation for medical use using electrolysis or water fracturing. Paul-R 759 6
[News] It's Earth Day Floor 236 1
[General Builders discussion] Update on the Implosion motor project. TommeyLReed 283 0
[Heat to electric energy conversion] This Heating Tech Breaks the Laws of Physics NdaClouDzzz 600 3
[solid state devices] Interesting BEMF recovery circuit - Brandt-Tesla switch finally explained? lamare 281 0
[News] How CO2 Could Be The Future Of Fuel NdaClouDzzz 577 6
[General Builders discussion] looking for a way to make a variable capacitor ytrewq 34 0
[solar cooling] whitest white cooling paint lancaIV 507 2
[Capital and funding] Q-P converter based power multiplier leonovmgn74 564 1
[mechanic] about momentum converter lancaIV 316 0
[mechanic] Sphere Generator Lunkster 961 3
[The theory of energy streams] Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We're Not Running Out lancaIV 446 1
[General Builders discussion] RAY IS ON FIRE. ANOTHER SUPER GREAT IDEA. seychelles 1607 17
[Gravity powered devices] LEVERAGE HIGH ROAD LOW ROAD GENERATOR. seychelles 390 1
[solid state devices] static or rotative DC/Pulsed DC and/or DC/AC power converter (misleadings ?) lancaIV 343 0
[Gravity powered devices] My gravity wheel Mish 97 0
[Gravity powered devices] Evolving a simple game... iacob alex 332 1
[alternative cancer treatment] Using Runic energy to support cancer patients truongcongduc4 535 1
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Temporary placeholder for Dally and friends builders bench ramset 1678 11
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] POWERPASTE NdaClouDzzz 1337 8
[New propulsion technologies] Juggling inertia... iacob alex 971 9
[solid state devices] LET US ALL HELP RAYMOND BUILD THIS NEW FREE ENERGY MACHINE. seychelles 7392 71
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Fran McCabe (RIP) Gyroscope Demo NdaClouDzzz 2465 19
[mechanic] Permanent Magnet to Water Pump Similarities Lunkster 352 0
[mechanic] Magnetic Shielding using Magnet - Modified Floor's experiment vineet_kiran 420 1
[General Builders discussion] Has anyone here constructed an overunity system that works? TriKri 13017 174
[Lifters] PReva motor using ion wind Preva 653 0
[Gravity powered devices] perpetum hidro gravitacion FreeEnergy 766 4
[Capital and funding] Reactive energy converter leonovmgn74 193 0
[News] Browninan motion convered to electricity to move a pendulum Floor 365 0
[News] Open Letter @ ConradElectro Floor 357 0
[Wireless Energy Transfer] Bulb that won't turn off! -not exactly free energy MagnaProp 430 0
[New propulsion technologies] Throwing yourself into inertia... iacob alex 783 4
[General Builders discussion] Cheapest / easiest overunity build? TriKri 1753 11
[News] Texas company to deploy Tesla-class WIRELESS electricity Magluvin 591 3
[solid state devices] Kapanadze & S.Mark & Akula AreYouSure? 4010 23
[Super capacitors] battery or ultra-/super-capacitor or 2-in1 as ultra-battery lancaIV 1932 9
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Placeholder : TPU ramset 2295 13
[solid state devices] Help me understand complementary push pull amp nix85 2197 25
[News] New discovery March 2021 space hurricane rains electrons on planet earth ramset 580 1
[solar systems homemade and commercial] Solar cells with 1 Eurocent/Wp production price prediction lancaIV 1319 5
[New propulsion technologies] What Is A Pendulum Test? Jerry Volland 802 5
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] DC motor generator sciencetoolbar 729 0
[News] F R E E D O M C E L L S . O R G FreeEnergy 659 2
[Electric bikes] Simple and cheap electric scooter all terrain and city version DIY project sciencetoolbar 1234 4
[New propulsion technologies] Bullet blimp. synchro1 7520 88
[mechanic] Thoughts on this Free Energy Claim? e2matrix 1319 4
[solid state devices] Habbard/Hendershot device complite dzetta 203 0
[The theory of energy streams] Last Orders? gillsimo 909 0
[solid state devices] Pcb design which are needed for free energy justawatt 1255 9
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] Oil Furnace Ran On Water 1950's russwr 668 1
[Gravity powered devices] Self Running Magnets Motor from 1950 russwr 901 0
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity control Experiments 1800"s russwr 984 2
[News] Einladung throrthor 427 0
[News] GOD BLESSED TEXAS? NdaClouDzzz 638 1
[solid state devices] How this LED board works on range of voltage nix85 574 3
[Gravity powered devices] Top 10 PMM for 2020... iacob alex 980 3
[solid state devices] Possible gain mechanism: Seeking mathematical insights rotarymot 144 0
[News] About Those Fringe Anarchists... FreeEnergy 996 4
[News] Trump 4D Chess FreeEnergy 893 4
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Gold and silver : over unity Freedom Energy prize ..for open source ! ramset 705 2
[solid state devices] FREQUENCY TO ENERGY (METHOD 1) piplin 3817 20
[News] Invention Secrecy Act NdaClouDzzz 1627 8
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Temporary placeholder Allcandian topic Victor Schaubergers devices ramset 2914 14
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Manelas Device ramset 1656 5
[Kapanadze devices and replications] 500 watts Tesla coil justawatt 1634 9
[solid state devices] Permanent magnet blocking generator NdaClouDzzz 565 0
[General Builders discussion] Anyone know this tesla device? uk_guy 862 2
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Selecting the right L/C ratio for tank coils Thaelin 2327 15
[Half Baked Ideas] Theory of Lunativity Lunkster 952 3
[Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation ] Global leadership games : low cost hydrogen production and distribution lancaIV 837 1
[clean fossil fuel energy systems] fossil derivate cracking with hydrogen : lean hydro-carbo lancaIV 1673 5
[News] Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset - #SolutionsWatch FreeEnergy 509 1
[News] Dieselgate 2.0 lancaIV 1001 2
[solid state devices] Help me with LEDs ! tonygiang 2084 20
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