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Topic Started by Views Replies
[solid state devices] ultrasonic boat propulsion nix85 72 0
[News] magnetic motor self running? glaysonmestre 1 0
[mechanic] A question Infinity67 1 0
[UFO sightings] "Off-World Vehicles Found not of this earth" disclosure soon? MagnaProp 221 0
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Towards A Complete Maxwell's Daemon System d3x0r 227 1
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Synthetic vs Natural Graphite Question robur 113 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Pandemic - Run the virus through the community during the summer, instead of unsure 539 8
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Post moved another category unsure 158 0
[solid state devices] ZPower’s new (solar) technology FLUX POWER TECHNOLOGY kampen 611 5
[General Builders discussion] Place holder for Patrick Kelly Tribute / open source experiment ramset 2078 34
[solid state devices] Magnetic Air Coil Generator MAG BorisKrabow 1301 15
[Other antigravity machines and devices] Question To Board robur 832 13
[Help to access this discussion board] I need Admin's help robur 181 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Why does a magnet's magnetic-field reach out further than that of an atom ? unsure 291 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Conditioned Ceramic Magnet using coils on x,y,z axis Kritischer 104 0
[Heat to electric energy conversion] Solarconverter with 85% Planetx7 262 1
[Gravity powered devices] Free energy Failure #1: Self running water tube mlpmlg 274 0
[Electro-Health] Equipment for power measurements on biological beings. antimony 193 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Pandemic - Can anyone design a satisfactorily safe and cheap Plastic-Face-Shield unsure 256 1
[Half Baked Ideas] Pandemic - Ban walking exercise ( most wear masks ), leave bars etc open ! unsure 263 2
[News] Is VPN safe? v8karlo 838 10
[solid state devices] Let's crack Sloot algorithm - infinite "compression" nix85 4529 116
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] "Magnet shear to direct pull work ratio" Floor 417 3
[Theory of overunity and free energy] By accident created a working device that break certain laws triangle 5250 62
[mechanic] Magnet motor "Carousel" BorisKrabow 1290 11
[Theory of overunity and free energy] By accident created a working device that break certain laws Trendy 46 0
[mechanic] Kundel Torque Amplifier synchro1 3349 48
[general PC help] Iphone / Icloud lock ? Help Please luc2010 856 13
[News] In memoriam: Patrick Kelly ramset 2129 15
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Medical topic : Early Stroke therapy any Info data apreciated ramset 317 4
[solid state devices] New PCB Architectures over thickness PCB building MOKO PCB 14 0
[solid state devices] Review of Mobially Wound coils(1/2 ABHA) d3x0r 315 1
[Gravity powered devices] Developing a successful game.. iacob alex 471 2
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Re: Kapanadze Cousin - DALLY FREE ENERGY maxolous 230 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Minimal Lenz Generator V2 BorisKrabow 4625 45
[News] My first high current totally plain water battery. stevensrd1 229 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Morin more out transformer SilverDigger 323 0
[News] Three stage water battery powering a colored blinking light. stevensrd1 454 4
[News] Warning of Antifa planned violence of July 4th... aether22 299 1
[News] Built a water powered clock. stevensrd1 219 0
[Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline] Water powered motor. stevensrd1 690 1
[General Builders discussion] Post Free Energy Device Schematics Here! No chat, just pure info aether22 348 0
[General Builders discussion] Alternators, dc generators and alike sparkmen 447 5
[General Builders discussion] The real deal onepower 283 0
[News] Started a new live cam for the water powered motor. stevensrd1 1242 11
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Non-coherent access to hidden precession forces Smudge 707 7
[mechanic] Real looking magnet motor with good explanations. DaKrampus 1719 20
[News] "Humankind Fundamental Teachings" scianto 281 1
[General Builders discussion] Alternators, dc generators and alike marcosbk 33 0
[Half Baked Ideas] Electronegativity spintronics SilverDigger 1283 11
[General Builders discussion] High efficiency or overunity? GerryC 471 6
[solar systems homemade and commercial] solar cell -C.O.P.> 1 chamber ,C.O.P. or Pseudo-C.O.P. lancaIV 324 0
[Gravity powered devices] Geothermal pressure energy frii143 205 0
[Gravity powered devices] A rocker to lift heave weights frii143 403 3
[solid state devices] Magnetron as a HV diode tube Thaelin 612 2
[Gravity powered devices] Gravity Field frii143 456 5
[mechanic] seg generator. here is the correct design for the rollers superhero 806 5
[Half Baked Ideas] Cold capacitor SilverDigger 730 5
[Wireless Energy Transfer] short circuit frequency ? erfandl 760 8
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Sweet and Manelas devices Smudge 1512 7
[mechanic] Simple magnetic principle nix85 200 0
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Floor's Magnets explained Floor 8146 90
[General Builders discussion] Transforming Free Energy & Antigravity (altsci) research aether22 487 4
[Resonance Circuits and Systems] Rick Friedrich BOOK PDF Download Stela 1316 12
[solid state devices] Quantum Battery Project 2.0 Energy Science 2301 8
[General Builders discussion] Under construction Remarkable work Of Paul Townely and associates . ramset 327 1
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Possible Magnet Motor Research Ideas citfta 1216 11
[General Builders discussion] We Invented and Confirm Tested a Solid State Zero Point Energy Generator. Wefinallydidit 230 0
[Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group] We Invented and Confirm Tested a Solid State Zero Point Energy Generator Wefinallydidit 2621 25
[solid state devices] Plastic that cant get heated nix85 1120 13
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Smudge 6262 68
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] The magnet fantasic Floor 807 6
[Theory of overunity and free energy] vacuum capacitor kolbacict 992 3
[solid state devices] Square wave transformer SilverDigger 331 0
[Free Energy Party Memes] Plasma electrolysis tungs10 439 0
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] floor sweepings dust bin Floor 756 5
[Floors MMM-2 builders board] Un hassled exploration Floor 547 2
[News] Bill Gates - will he try to force vaccinate you soon ? hartiberlin 11954 191
[Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group] Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group hartiberlin 5034 52
[Gravity powered devices] Swiss clockmasters and perpetual movement... iacob alex 742 5
[News] BREAKING: Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate of Covid-19 in 100+ patients e2matrix 567 2
[Half Baked Ideas] Silver as a superconductor SilverDigger 559 1
[Nelson Rocha Builder board] Placeholder for multiforum (open source) funding and equipment discussion ramset 595 3
[News] kawasaki-Syndrom lancaIV 157 0
[News] Ernie (aka ION, Vortex (Vince), SherlockHolmes) will be deeply missed. ramset 450 4
[News] Just uploaded several books trewq 148 0
[Kapanadze devices and replications] Topic: Kapanadze Cousin - DALLY FREE ENERGY II, theory research lancaIV 489 0
[Understanding OverUnity] Free Energy: Oh I do need a philosopher! Zorabia 1242 7
[solid state devices] Russian voltage multiplicator stacking nix85 2896 23
[Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group] Substitute Materials of Transformer Core? madans 318 0
[All other conventional alternative energy creation systems] A external water pump design. TommeyLReed 639 0
[General Builders discussion] MOVED: Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group - Moderated! hartiberlin 205 0
[General Builders discussion] Rules for the new 2020 builder category hartiberlin 285 1
[Nelson Rocha Builder board] Nelson Rocha Workbench hartiberlin 10675 102
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Batteries can be replaced with flywheel-generators, to validate devices ! unsure 912 1
[Theory of overunity and free energy] Surely these don't really function ? unsure 1303 3
[General Builders discussion] Under Construction : Nelson Rochaa builders group ramset 266 0
[News] 29.April.2020 poste Criste lancaIV 2557 34
[mechanic] Mechanical device uses geometry activ25 1651 8
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