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Board Subject Topics Posts
General Builders discussion General Discussion about the units to be build and how to organize it. 114 2707
Partnered Output Coils - Builders Group Partnered Output Coils 7 8955
Nelson Rocha Builder board Devices from Nelson Rocha 2 120
Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group Cyril Smith AKA Smudge builders group 28 357
Floors MMM-2 builders board Floors MMM-2 builders board 34 2315
Lueling Magnet motor Friedrich Lueling magnet motor builds by Ufopolitics 5 179
Virtual Movement of Magnetic Fields Virtual Movement of Magnetic Fields 1 67
Captainpecan’s builders board Captainpecan’s builders board 9 487
Tommy Reed @ T.R.Labs Tommy Reed @ T.R.Labs 17 145
Exploring the claims of David LaPoint Exploring the claims of David LaPoint 1 17
Wayne Travis builders board Wayne Travis builders board 1 51
Free Energy Party Memes Memes of the Free Energy Party and discussion about them 19 112 Store This is our shopping section. Check out these amazing new products ! 0 25207
OverUnity Prize ! How to win the OverUnity prize money 3 508
Devices applied for the OU prize Here you should only post , if you have a running device that you apply for the OverUnity Prize 50 1529
News Other topics and news announcements which don?t fit into the other categories 4148 81284
Newsletter - latest Newsletters from Newsletter - latest Newsletters from for those who have not got them via email 5 25
mechanic Mechanical Free Energy Devices 2515 68037
Joseph Newman Energy Machine Replications of the Energy Machines of Joseph Wesley Newman 13 487
Regen-X generator by Thane Heins Regen-X generator by Thane Heins and PDI 7 2219
RomeroUK pulse motor Muller generator Replication board for the RomeroUK modified Muller generator claimed selfrunning overunity device 33 7795
Reactive Power usage Converting oscillating Reative Power to Real Power 37 4300
Gravity powered devices all gravity powered related things and devices 1227 44644
solid state devices Solid State free energy devices 1664 107720
Free Energy Generator DZ Generator by Pierre Cotnoir Free Energy Generator by Pierre Cotnoir DZ Generator 4 1937
Graham Gunderson Magnetic Implosion Transformer Magnetic Implosion Transformer Measures 570% More Output Than What Left The Power Supply AND Input Can Be Dialed Down To A Negative Input So The COP Is Infinite 4 365
Resonance Circuits and Systems Resonance Circuits and Resonance Systems 51 5735
Kapanadze devices and replications Discussion about the Tariel Kapanadze free energy devices and the replications 73 48587
Pyramid Energy Electrical output from a homemade pyramid 21 678
Joule Thief Powering circuits with just one battery 156 27013
TPU replications Repilications of the Steven Marks TPU units 29 3688
TPU Replication by Crashangel TPU Replication by Crashangel 2 318
TPU theory and replications from Bruce_TPU Bruce_TPU´s TPU theory and replications 0 0
Captret effect Researching the selfcharging capacitor electret effect called captret 19 720
TPU builders Non Public TPU group board 25 828
Tesla Technologgy devices based on the inventions by Nikola Tesla 132 7565
Wireless Energy Transfer Wireless Energy Transfer and Zenneck waves moderated by Wesley 14 4622
Holcomb Energy System Holcomb Energy System 1 2080
Heat to electric energy conversion All methods to extract electrical energy from heat 111 5055
Heat to mechanical energy conversion All methods to extract mechanical energy from heat 71 1093
Theory of overunity and free energy Please post here your theoretical papers about overunity and free-energy 375 11837
Dense aether model and scalar wave physics Dense aether model and scalar wave physics 11 789
Understanding OverUnity Understanding OverUnity 28 866
The Aether post your views about the aether and how it can be measured and used 74 1403
The theory of energy streams the theory of energy streams 38 1018
Fuel Cells any battery system that works on supplying liquid, gaseous or other feeding materials 67 479
Zinc Air batteries Selfmade and commercial zinc air batteries which also can be recharged 4 70
Saltwater cells Saltwater-Zamakalloy-Graphite cells 26 347
Magnesium alloy batteries Batteries or accumulator technology based on Magnesium or Magnesium alloys 5 14
Super capacitors all infos related to new super capacitors and super fast charge batteries 32 820
Crystal batteries All about the composition and materials needed to build long lasting crystal batteries and how a crystal battery works 15 908
Other new battery systems all other new alternative battery or accumulator systems 197 12095
Water arc energy systems energy and propulsion systems based on exploding water arcs 52 4974
Electrolysis of H20 and Hydrogen on demand generation Water splitting systems via special electrolysis 878 16229
Cooking and heating with HHO All heating and cooking applications with oxyhydrogen and/or hydrogen gas 7 890
Motors or Vehicles running on HHO or Hydrogen only, no gasoline motors or vehicles powered by HHO or hydrogen only without using gasoline 61 1100
Electric bikes all about electric bike drives 19 476
Electric cars all about electric cars 61 1382
Electric boats and ships Electrically powered boats and ships 5 39
Biogas systems based on Methane production Biogas and Methane energy production systems 7 38
energy systems based on alcohol energy systems based on e.g. selfmade alcohol, Make your own alcohol from biowaste products and power your generator with it 14 65
energy systems based on Woodgas systems energy from wood gasification 16 79
energy systems based on corn burning Using corn to heat and generate electricity 3 98
energy systems based on plant oil alternative energy systems based on flower oil 6 32
energy and nutrition from algae algae systems and their applications 3 14
Magnegas, Aquafuel, Bingofuel systems All about electric arc generated gas fuels 3 19
energy and fuel saver how you can save fuel in your car or at home 57 986
clean fossil fuel energy systems New systems based on clean fossil fuel burning 7 54
All other conventional alternative energy creation systems post here all other things about conventional alternative energy systems, like Windpower, etc.. 158 3507
solar systems homemade and commercial solar cell applications, DIY solarcells , Do it yourself solarcell , Selfmade solarcell , thin film solar cells , printed solar cells , Nanosolar cells, ink solar cells, plastic solarcells 157 1145
solar cooling solar cooling, solar fridges and solar air conditioning 11 123
Wind energy generators extracting energy from the wind 100 980
Wave (from the beach) energy extracting energy from water waves 23 120
Lifters all high voltage operated lifter devices 37 304
Other antigravity machines and devices all other topics about antigravity 132 1272
UFO sightings Please report here about your sighting of a UFO and the possible technology to UFO propulsion 131 1269
New propulsion technologies Getting us to the lightyears away stars and planets NOW 80 699
Electro-Health All about using electrical signal and devices to make you more healthy 21 173
Colloidal Silver Water Colloidal Silver Water treatment to kill virusses and bacteria in your body 4 138
alternative cancer treatment alternative cancer treatment and cancer healing methods 20 164
alternative AIDS treatment alternative AIDS treatment and healing 7 53
alternative influenza and flu treatment alternative influenza and flu treatment and healing and prevention 5 202
healthy food Which food to avoid and which food to buy or selfgrow 19 157
Actual Products Actual Products which are available for sale 89 356
Submit your review Submit your review of actual products. Be specific about good and bad things about the product 18 78
Material Suppliers Post here, where you can get special materials and questions about it 39 157
Service Suppliers People who offer special services or questions where to get a service 12 53
For sale items you want to sell to users over here 75 471
Wanted items things you are looking for your project, who can sell this to you ? 43 309
Do It Yourself Board to post your Do It Yourself projects 86 1551
Investment opportunities in alternative energy all about investing in new energy technology and ROI 18 138
Capital and funding Please post here where to get venture capital or what kind of funding you need for your project 19 1019
investment scams, warning about fraudulent offers Please post here some proof of scams that only want your money without any return 7 202
Energy Jobs offers Job offers from companies or individuals looking for qualified coworkers 8 18
Energy Jobs looked for You are looking for a job in the energy industry, please post your resume and what you can do here 3 20
Themen in deutscher Sprache Wer kein English spricht, sollte hier Fragen und Neuigkeiten posten 136 2369
Parlez en language francaise ici Pour tous, qui ne parlez pas anglais 65 1282
Brasil - Português categoria Brazilian Portuguese language category for posting in this language 7 246
local alternative energy groups in Australia local alternative energy groups in the Australia region 3 10
local alternative energy groups in America American based groups which work together ( North and South America) 8 24
local alternative energy groups in Europe local alternative energy groups in Europe 14 114
local alternative energy groups in Russia local alternative energy groups in Russia 2 17
local alternative energy groups in Asia local alternative energy groups in Asia 2 5
local alternative energy groups in Africa local alternative energy groups in Africa 1 2
Open Source operating systems for your PC get rid of the monopole operating system and use a free open source operating system 13 150
Open Source application software for your PC Great open source applications that run on your open source operating system 20 62
hardware for open source software motherboard and addon card discussion for your open source operating system 7 17
general PC help post here all your questions and answers about PC problems 17 133
What is Over Unity and Free Energy Free Energy FAQ , What is Over Unity and Free Energy , Description of what we do over here , how to teach the people our goals 148 1951
Help to access this discussion board all topics related to use this discussion board 126 1063
Half Baked Ideas An area where untested half baked ideas can be formulated kicked around, and eventually moved to an appropriate area once baked 1484 18408
Skeptical views and scam alerts Here you can post your skeptical beliefs and alert about scams and frauds 53 773
Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements Problems and Solutions for Accurate Measurements and help how to verify and measure any claimed overunity device 28 333
Links to other energy related sites Please post here links, which are valid alternative energy related sites, all other spam links will be deleted. Please use the linkmanger to add your site and first make a link back to 2 3
Impressum Contact details for the webmaster: This website is run by: Dipl. Ing. Stefan Hartmann, Keplerstr. 11 B, 10589 Berlin, Germany, email: harti(at) (replace the (at) with the @ sign. 5 6