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Here an example of bismuth increasing radio
Wireless Energy Transfer / Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Last post by Ansis on January 17, 2020, 07:10:09 AM »
Both Ampermeters in series give identical mesurements.
I don't understand joke.
P.S. If you have good low resistance Ampmeters, everything is correct!
If you have high resistance Ampmeters, you can observ mismatch.
Gravity powered devices / Re: re: energy producing experiments
« Last post by sm0ky2 on January 17, 2020, 04:58:41 AM »
What he is talking about is a crudementary hand-spun version
of an experiment performed by George Atwood in 1790.
He spins it with his hand and drops it, then estimates rpm based
on his camera frame rate.
No experimental controls, no accuracy of velocities, no real data...
Just “blah blah I can spin this cylinder and make the balls spin really
fast, and I think the cylinder would spin faster than it started if the
thing didn’t hit the ground so fast”
This of course doesn’t work with the cylinder on a bearing because
you can see it slow down.
but when it hits the ground just before you can make a determination!
it’s all up to the observer and his/her imagination.

For those that don’t know, Atwood is the guy that standardized
weights and measures by using gravity and a pulley.
(for some reason we ignore Archimedes...)

This experiment was performed by NASA in low g orbit
with much greater precision, and they had nothing of the sort
to say about the experiments. It is about as interesting as a yo-yo.

Great way to observe conservation of momentum.
In low g the cylinder de-spins then spins back up re-wrapping the
strings and this continues each time slowing down more and more
until the balls no longer wrap around and instead spin on straight
strings with the rotating cylinder.
Then it stops.

Gravity powered devices / Re: re: energy producing experiments
« Last post by Delburt Phend on January 17, 2020, 04:14:55 AM »
I posted a video of the Atwood's that I collect data from. It is a heavy flywheel that has two radii: the shaft at 10 mm and the outside circumference at 97 mm.

In one experiment the accelerating mass of 219.87 g was placed on the shaft radius. Without any added mass on the fly wheel the gate tripped at .0266 seconds.  This was an average of 5 runs  (.0266, .0264, .0266, .0267, .0267).

I then placed the small masses on the outside of the wheel. This would be about 67.7 grams on each side.  The gate was then tripped at .0271 seconds, (.0269, .0272, .0272, .0271, .0272.). By adding 135 grams to the outside of the wheel the gate trip; of the Atwood's; was slowed by .0005 second. This may not seem like much but the flywheel is heavy and 135 grams probably is that proportion of that mass. But the more important experiment was to compare the light outside mass with the balancing heavy mass placed on the inside.

The next experiment had the gates repositioned so the times are not the same as the previous experiment.

I placed the light masses (67.7 g each side)) on the outside circumference of the flywheel and the gate tripped at .0294 seconds (.0294, .0296, .0293, .0295, .0292).

I replaced the light mass with the balancing heavy mass on the inside shaft radius. This would be about 657 grams on both sides.  The gate now tripped at .0294 seconds (.0291, .0293, .0296, .0297, .0292). 

The Atwood's accelerate the same for 135 grams at the 97 mm radius as it does for 1313 grams at the 10 mm shaft radius.

If the inside shaft circumference was moving 1 m/sec

The energy of the .135 kg is:   ½ * .135 kg * 9.7 m/sec * 9.7 m/sec   = 6.35 joules

And the energy of the 1.313 kg is:   ½ * 1.313 kg  * 1 m/sec * 1 m/sec = .6565 joules
Nobody is gonna hustle all that trouble to just give it to you.

These magical thinking attitude with the ponys is so boring honestly.

Life is about business, entrepreneurship. You invest into something, you want mass ROI, and to enjoy life.

Yeah yeha you can make a video, present a theory, nobody will really do anything really if you just describe it and dont lie keep it abstract.

At the rate that somebody does something its like a 5 million dollar per 3-4 year thing, its never a threat

OU is an exclusive club, and the rule is, nobody gets to have OU. Nobody is immune to that rule, its straight up a bunker only thing.

Nobody is out there flashing their OU, nope, nobody who really has it.
Discuss all you want, make all the phone calls you want.

It wont get done more quickly and its best not to waste your time.

As was recommended by the inventor himself to simply not bother.

Stop kicking and screaming there is a limited amount of actions that can be done and there is no superman out there that will prepare the pie
for you to eat.
gentlemen,in this moderated section please stay on topic or start your own topic.
There was a time where respect of your fellow man was the norm,and to such a venue guests could be invited...
Here it seems very little chance of that happening with Toolofcortex in the house.
This is why discussions go off the front page ...really unpleasant at an open source venue.

and I do know Wesley has no patience for garbage like this in his blog area.[has removed entire threads on request]
I do hope to add comments and input here ...but absolutely will not contribute info from Known persons and inventors to a thread where anonymous [?] individual behaves this way [see previous Armcortex /toolofcortex behavior.
so I ask you for the last time Tool

Building things is costly, building things is hard.

Why do you want overunity? You dont have the sophistication necessary, nor the capital.

Go to the gym, get buffed instead.

A company will sell you overunity by the grid someday.

You are a customer, not a hustler.
Wireless Energy Transfer / Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Last post by groot on January 16, 2020, 08:57:40 PM »
Dear Ansis i have an idea.
Please take 2 amp meters one single cell battery and a light buld ( 1.5v 0.25amp preffered)
Connect light bulb across battery in series with  both amp meters. As: positive pole of battery connects to amp meter [1] then amp meter to light bulb , light bulb to amp meter [2] and amp meter [2] to negative pole of battery.
Please observe the reading and tell me how many amp was consumed by the light bulb?
According to your post there should be more amps before current enters the light bulb then after current exits the load.
But, we can't make Free Energy from it!
Circuit eat Current anyway.
Thank you
Wireless Energy Transfer / Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Last post by Ansis on January 16, 2020, 08:48:06 PM »
In the movie look at the Streamers from Earth!
Lightning come from Cloud, but Earth answer with "free electrons" from the Earth side!
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