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General Builders discussion / Re: RANT CAFFE ASYLUM
« Last post by NickZ on Today at 03:53:37 PM »
   Why is EMJ still able to post here??? Nothing but lies, insults, and more lies.
   It's time to pull the plug on him, and stop wasting more time on total BS. Why has this not happened?
   This forum thread, and others have now gone to hell. And no one is doing anything about it.
   It's not sad anymore, but just stupid.   What people will do for money...
General Builders discussion / Re: RANT CAFFE ASYLUM
« Last post by ramset on Today at 03:21:30 PM »

It amazes me, how others here, very selectively, choose what posts to Quote here and what not to!

Others will notice, some posts, they stay well away from! Wont touch it with a Stick!

Where have I been posting, what have I been posting, what information is contained? Hmmm, perhaps that information is important? That's why they don't go near it?

Ever noticed this simple, yet effective tactic?

words and math don't help most ...

builds from persons like CaptainLoz do help ...when they show procedure and when they interact with those asking for help so as to guide them and teach them so many more can advance the science..[which people are dying for lack of]

this is the very first time any member has ever done this here in 5 or 6 years with this partnered claim from aboveunityforum

OH to be clear there were many who tried to get advice years ago...[before aboveunity forum]

persons asked questions and were  attacked and called MIB or whatever

is it much easier to attack then answer questions ?

hopefully Captainloz is man he seems to be ...and truly wants to help humanity .
Watching your very good friend Captainloz and his years long struggle at your forum..[thru you tube or recent links... makes my skin crawl...[like a torture session with a sadist]??
Hopefully he shares without censor....or is even permitted by you to show more results of solid state COP2 Claim   thousands will build and follow his transparent example of super simplelow dollar... low investment ...twice the output over input..

The world needs more Captainloz from aboveunity forum who show 100% transparency ...and try to help
we have plenty of names to add to lists of previous and present FE claimants who play games while world suffers [and here you obviously delight in such games..
even to the point of torturing a friend for years...
while people Die and the world pays a huge price for lack of this tech !!

this is not a baking forum or knitting class ..this work would have saved millions of lives and  countless species from extinction these past years....our oceans our atmosphere...

  you write none here could catch up ...all are lost....and smirk...[to your obvious delight }
I hope your very good friend can catch up...and share !!

General Builders discussion / Re: RANT CAFFE ASYLUM
« Last post by v8karlo on Today at 12:36:46 PM »

I been following Itsu attempt of replication CaptaiLoz video9.

I hope it will bring some light into this matter.
after extensive testing,
I came to the following conclusions:

DC offset, is totally useless. I will not use it anymore, and this also makes it safer to work.

Positive impulse works just as good (even better) as a negative impulse.
This means, you can use a low side switch, with out isolated gate driver (easier to build)
 and get the same results

As both polarity impulses work, I will use both.
This is done in a half bridge circuit.
A symmetric power supply is used (earth ground in the middle of positive and negative voltage supply)
Mosfets won't work, as they have body diodes.
So I will need to find the fastest IGBT's (slower turn off than mosfet, due to tail)
that also can withstand high voltages.
But it must be IGBT's Without body diodes. This makes them vulnerable.
So I will protect them with TVS diodes (2 tvs diodes in series if needed).

Again will need 2 isolated gate drivers, this time with negative gate voltage possibility.

L1 produces alternating positive and negative impulses.
L2 is series resonant with C and provides a low impedance path to ground for the impulses of L1

positive impulse on L2 positive voltage maximum
negative impulse on L2 negative voltage maximum
So one period (sine wave) of L2 will have 2 impulses.

L2 is the Primary for L3 (not drawn)
L1 and L2 are close coupled, pancake coils.
L2 is bifilar

Please reply or PM if you know a proper IGBT that will work around 40-80 KHz
 and can withstand 1200V, with fast turn off time and no body diode.
This is essential for impulse generation
Работа схемы к установке Руслана Кулабухова часть1

Two batteries have more than 20A.
80W output is possible for 500WX4 lamps.
The user of the Russian cafe generator above is a person who does not know the principle of resonance.
News / Re: Bill Gates - will he try to force vaccinate you soon ?
« Last post by lancaIV on Today at 12:21:07 PM »
100% ' point of view logical' right l
 " positive tests and probably strong symptoms  / emergency room beds capacity " - ratio ?
It is about each estatal medical system emergency case and reaction potential !

Pandemy is not an economical declaration but a status by the WHO ,for localities/regions/nation/-s/...... !
Some feels stressed,some feels bored by this politics and partidary re-/actions !

This should solve the problem from the previous page, how to capture the first backEMF from a coil so that no current is ever used from the battery.

Two time synched transistors, one creating a pulse from the battery to the coil and an instant later another transistor turns on so backEMF is allowed to charge the battery. Then they turn off in same order, FWBR can be added to capture collapsing backEMF too.
Установка Романа (Акулы). Как они работают ?!
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