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I made the first prototype..  And something weird is happening.  I hope people can chime in and take a peek and give me their opinions.

No sensors yet-  just switching polarities with set timing.  I will be testing sensors soon.

The thing starts reciprocating..  The supply amperage starts off and fiddles around a bit-  then the input amperage Drops and goes to 0.000 amps-  where it stays there for a good 10-20 seconds.  Then amps climb back up for a bit and the cycle continues.  Amps drop back to 0.000 amps and it stays there a while again. Cycle  Repeating and Repeating.

I really need to get this thing working with sensors instead of wood blocks- so it's not wasting energy propelling into a brick wall.  But what the heck is going on here?


Note-  I can also hookup an Led as a load and the LED stays lit when amps say 0.000

One thing that stuck out to me is the packaging.  I own a Generac 11kW back up system and the Theron units look like a relabeled Generac!  The base, the vent slots, the indentation on the sides, etc.  Theron is supposedly in Florida and Generac is in Wisconsin!  Just sayin'.

Too many money harvester’s out there !
However this ( Florida USA image below) is one of many areas globally where FE open source community have members that can Take a look ?

The imagine caught my eye, my photographic memory thing, and the dealership map it basically identical to the Biden/trump electoral map, lol. So it would seem the Florida based company is only allowing dealerships in red states but as claimed in the picture they can sell to blue states. They also go on to claim "there company and subsidiaries are USA corporations", made in America logo's littering ever site and an obvious political bias... strike one.

On there website, in the write up under "worlds greatest inventors" including Elon Musk (not an real inventor but a self-promoting businessman) we see the inventors name Cornelius Theron. A quick google on Theron/Intellirex leads to a crazy linkedin account with multiple overblown business profiles and apparently he speaks 7 languages, wow. Intellirex is a failing web service company with the stock cratering as we speak...strike two.

Unfortunately, while all of the websites look acceptable as they should from a supposed web service company they have literally no substance or justification to support any of there claims. I mean, there throwing out the claim that they have dominion of over no less than nine fields of technology yet have nothing more than amateur copy and paste generic pictures to present...strike three.

So on a credibility scale of 1 to 10, I would give Theron a 0.1 compared to a company like Holcomb which I rate at 8. Theron is a joke on almost every level in my opinion and it's amateur at best.



Gravity powered devices / Re: Gravity Wheel Johann Bessler MT13
« Last post by telecom on Today at 01:49:07 AM »
Name at least one reason why a wheel with a charge will not rotate.
When approaching a metal cigar, it will induce an opposite charge at the near end and will be attracted to it. When the charge will be stay opposite cigar,
 we discharge it to the ground, electric force
decreases, and thus the wheel passes
sticking point.
What material cigar and the wheel made from?
Actually, a nice concept!
The last position generates no power if the magnet is level.  No Good!

But I revisited the idea we discussed earlier in this thread.  And my tests are showing the magnet wants to move in the correct direction on each stroke.
Remember Partzman's sine wave.  And the magnet polarity closest to an edge dictates which direction current flows in the coil in this position.

My last tests were with no core and it didn't look probable.  But when i added a core- everything changed.  The magnet no longer stick between the coil wall.  The leading magnet is attracted all the way over the coil to the core.

Apparently a magnets desire to attract to another opposite polarity over-powers the repulsion of like repelling poles every time in it's desire to attract. 

When I test the single polarity movement with two polarity field movement-  The dual field magnet goes the exact opposite way as the trailing single field alone.  But they produce the same direction sinewave.

I have to setup governors to limit movement, because if you go too far to the center- when you flip polarities, the magnet wants to keep going to the other side of the coil (which is undesirable).. I need it to return to the starting position.

The printing is underway to try it

Just numbers: household generator 15000 watts, single phase!
peak currents  I=P/U   
15000 W / 120V = 125 А
15000 W / 220V = 68 A

for such a current, high frequencies are not suitable, which means 60 Hz, let's say 3000 rpm, the electromagnetic moment of the generator will be:

Tg = P*9550/rpm  = 15 * 9550 / 3000 = 47 Nm

To rotate this generator, a driving torque of the engine force is approximately Tm = 56 Nm
Other new battery systems / Re: Giant Storage Battries
« Last post by Cadman on May 19, 2022, 08:25:06 PM »
Thanks Smoky2,

That video is bogus, no doubt, but it got me thinking. A big battery with a filler to hold the electrolyte is what I had in mind. Anodized steel (anodized with KOH) and brass with KOH electrolyte made a good rechargeable battery

If the ordinary charcoal is not a good idea for a filler, what would be? Common soil? Sand?
Something you could find anywhere for free would be best.

solid state devices / Re: Lords of the Ring 2
« Last post by sm0ky2 on May 19, 2022, 08:03:05 PM »
Ionization of the air above the cap lowers the resistance between its’ terminals
(by ‘above’ i mean where the terminals exit the cap, not how you orient it in your circuit)
News / Re: My first "crystal cell" battery done my way.
« Last post by sm0ky2 on May 19, 2022, 07:54:46 PM »
Power something like a small LED, keep it running and document how long
it takes to turn blue
(the salt, not the light)

you should also notice the magnesium rod increasing in size or forming abnormalities
as the tartrate salt breaks down the epsom forming copper  II nitrate
News / Re: My first "crystal cell" battery done my way.
« Last post by skywatcher on May 19, 2022, 07:50:36 PM »
Congratulations  ;D   for the same money you could buy several normal batteries which would be useful because they deliver not only voltage, but also current.
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