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I thought you were apologizing for making me blind, for allowing yourself to tell me what to do with my time and money. You are on the side of those who killed people who thought differently like Adrian Dinester or Tesla.

go and open a new tread with your ideas
Ianca IV, I'm not talking about covid I'm talking about killing by some guys two-three years ago.
The one killed is Adrian Dinester,
Some one is still using his handl and posting on his user name and log in, is he still alive or back where he came from ?

excuses are accepted
With respect not excuses – explanations,
I post in good faith I know only to well how being led up the garden path feels -- feel free to ignor my observations . Its a well intensioned warning and I'm happy to expand on it (if you wish ) But not with talk of hostillity, killings, scare factors and of censorship,flaming and wot not
Kind regards Duncan

excuses are accepted
mechanic / Re: All Permanent Magnet Motor
« Last post by citfta on Today at 01:18:13 PM »
I was really afraid this was where this thread was going.  I have been experimenting for the last couple of years with magnet interactions.  And I just did not see how this could work.  So now the usual excuse.  "I have shown you enough. Now I am going to get rich."

For anyone interested in some real experiments with magnets but no claims of OU you can watch videos of my progress in Floor's builders section in the thread "Possible magnet motor idea experiments".  Some of the videos show some interesting interactions that might surprise you.


You are off topic find your own thread and stop filling pages with crud.

Your a troll here! A troll is a person who starts flame wars or upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, off-topic messages!

Hi Raycathode - certainly didn't mean to skate away off topic - didn't grasp what I was supposed to 'be afraid of' like lanca I assumed covid as its all I could think that might apply. now its amplified yes I can say  I'm very circumspect of the powers of supression they are very real . I'm certainly not scared of any success in the field by anyone else - why should I be ? I welcome it with open arms !
As for 'flaming' anything -- not the case at all - I have presented the pictures . the explanation , gone into how it might be done and neutral /earth systems . I was very much on topic - with a TK device and its demonstration . I was rather led off subject by being informed I might be scared and somehow implicated in the death of someone I don't know to much about
kind regards Duncan 
Floors MMM-2 builders board / Re: Possible Magnet Motor Research Ideas
« Last post by citfta on Today at 01:06:34 PM »
Sorry Thay.  I am still learning how to use Vimeo.

Thanks Gyula for clearing that up.

I tried to go back and edit that post with the right links for the videos but my time for editing the post has passed. Sorry.

Ianca IV, I'm not talking about covid I'm talking about killing by some guys two-three years ago.
The one killed is Adrian Dinester,

Hi Conico I'm also aware of folks who have been threatened and some who have been killed and some even worse perhaps who have had family threatened or damaged . I'm sorry you should have been more specific I didn't mean to go off on the wrong track.
not intensional .  Sorry to hear about Adrian Dinester too . I'm afraid there is quite a long list as you probably know.
kind regards Duncan
Ianca IV, I'm not talking about covid I'm talking about killing by some guys two-three years ago.
The one killed is Adrian Dinester,
Nikola Tesla’s Turbine Secrets - Global Open Source Project
Been communicating over the years with Paul ..lately some remarkable developments

more to be added and hopefully a builders section too ,will be speaking with him again over the next few days.   Topic under construction.

respectfully Chet K //// ps, Paul has more ...much more...
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