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mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by Floor on Today at 12:44:07 AM »
Thank you Gyula
mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by Floor on Today at 12:41:41 AM »

Attempting shrunken size images

mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by gyulasun on Today at 12:37:44 AM »

Dear Floor,
Probably the problem is the picture size. both your pictures have 2556x3300  pixel mumbers and the horizontal pixel number allowed
for this forum is 900x  only instead of your 2556x
You may wish to use Windows Paint picture Editor to down size the pictures and then reupload them. You can remove the big pictures
when you go to the Modify icon on the upperright hand side corner of your post (scroll horizontally to the end).
mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by Floor on Today at 12:25:26 AM »
Sorry... only two ot the drawings would upload
mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by Floor on Today at 12:09:53 AM »
4 drawings / flow charts

As has been explained to you several times in the multiple other threads  you have posted to the problem is not the gravity getting weaker.  The problem is for every gallon of water you pump up there are 3 gallons of water that continue down hill.  So there is no way you can loop the system like you keep claiming.  Ram pumps are amazing devices but they are only able to pump about 25% of the water going through them.  The rest of the water is used to provide the force needed to pump the 25%.  You just refuse to understand the basic principles behind how a ram pump works.
News / Re: Free energy is so simple you would disbelieve it.
« Last post by Belfior on January 16, 2019, 11:17:12 PM »
stevensrd1is a bot
To NickZ.
Every road go to the Rome... :)
Nowhere is Standing at place.
No movement.
FE community is?
In thease days (15 years ago), was idea - Open Circuit = Free Energy.
Open Circuit is High Impedance, No Current state.
It is Bedini type devices, which never worked...
Amplification of Power is possible only in loop.
We have medium, our Planet.
We have energy devices, like Accumulators, Sun, Earth.
We have artificiall generators, which interacts with medium and we have Amplification.
Every transformer works through MF.
We are magictians...
Problem is at the start.
Someone tell bullshit and everyone? agree?
It is no physics field.
It is believing to?
You know, believers sometimes do stupid things...
Very very bad things.
I am free believer.
My God is Love.
He loves us, everyone.
   You mean like this thread, going in circles but getting nowhere???
Thanks, Hoppy!
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