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Hello Wesley.

Link is to one of many many kapanadze demo videos .
Could you point me to JUST ONE that shows kapanadze device working and a guy taking measurement of current in a ground wire.

According to Corums patents you adjust polyphase probe while taking current measurement at the ground stake.
Unless you use a probe without grounding ( they patented this too ) you should see a current flow.

Video translated by you shows a measurement of 0 (volt? , amp?) before device was turned on, and then once its on  there is a guy touching it with his tongue. No measurement .

If this technology is based on surface wave and air earth interface , and grounding is utilized should we see current in this wire??

My assumptions are based on Corums patents only.
Line 35 to 40 .
22min 25 sec in to video - is this a current measurement in a ground wire??

Resonance Circuits and Systems / Re: 2Sgen "Cook" resonator
« Last post by synchro1 on October 16, 2019, 10:51:52 PM »

                                                                  Tinsel coil

Gotoluc has 4 Tinsel coil videos.  His receivers are oscillators that pick up only one frequency.

Tesla's double tuned resonator broaden's the range of frequencies in the broadcast band.

How much does a broad range of frequencies increase power transmission over a single frequency?

It would take two dozen Tinsel coils in a row to broadcast the power of a single wide band "Tesla Resonator".
Wireless Energy Transfer / Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Last post by x_name41 on October 16, 2019, 06:25:18 PM »
Hello, i going back a few years back when there was one person (with nickname in the forums "Tungus Wiliam") who interesting explained in detail the principle of operation of the Tariel Kapanadze generator with presented schematic diagram. In this regard i provide an archive document in Russian that could be translated into English

and short part from this document referring to the description of the details in the diagram:

На схеме точка А питается от моста и емкости С2, требования к параметрам
тока и напряжения определяются потребителями в виде контура L1C1,
автогенератором G, и генератором питающим ключ VT1.
Точка В является для контура источником тока от моста (точка А) и источником
постоянного высокого напряжения от строчного трансформатора М. Питание на
контур снимается с конденсатора – накопителя энергии С3.
Через строчные трансформаторы M и P продеты полвитка резонансного контура
Генератор - auto G – автогенератор, обратная связь для поддержания резонанса
без ФАПЧ заведена с обмотки L7.
Обмотка L2 высоковольтная, питаемая током колебательного контура L1C1 и
выполняет функцию повышения потенциала в точке В сохраняя баланс
растраченной энергии контура, чем больше ток в контуре, тем выше потенциал
точки B. Для контроля заряда емкости С3 и ограничения напряжения можно
ставить разрядник или варистор. Рекомендуемое напряжение на контуре 800
вольт, этот параметр расчетный и зависит от нагрузки и цепей сброса энергии с
контура, таких как строчник P.
Строчник P выполняет функцию трансформатора тока с мощной обмоткой
съема Lp и высоковольтной L3.
Обмотка Lp является источником тока для повышающего преобразователя
между точками DH.
Ключевание катушки и L(R) производится с частотой 50 Hz с заполнением ВЧ
( например 100 кГц) скважность – 2.
В период отсутствия накачки L( R ) емкость С4 пополняется высоковольтной
энергией от L3, катушка S может не применяться, разрядник W то же, цепь
может быть замкнута от L3 до точки D.
Емкость C4 - основной накопительный элемент , рекомендуемый диапазон
заряда емкости должен быть в пределах 440-880 вольт, при циклах отбора
энергии при ключевании нагрузки заряд не должен снижаться ниже 400-440 v.
Дроссель L(R) со стороны заземления представляет мощный насос электронов,
а для всей схемы от транса тока P - это ФВЧ и апроксиматор для выделения
синусоподобного сигнала 50 Hz.
Провод Q может быть выполнен в виде внутренней обмотки дросселя с
согласованным напрвлением тока, но я бы не стал этого делать, выигрыш не
большой и фронты режет при ключевании VT1.
Номиналы элементов рассчитываются исходя из энергетики блоков питания,
нагрузки и личных предпочтений, все узлы и блоки очень простые.......
P.S. Схему можно усложнить или упростить......по желанию.......
Wireless Energy Transfer / Re: Wesley's Kapanadze and other FE discussion forum
« Last post by groot on October 16, 2019, 05:42:50 PM »
After countless hours of running back and forward in my garage with a glass of water in my hand,
I found that sweet spot Hooray .
Somebody forgot to mention that size of glass matters LOL 
The theory of energy streams / Re: science and prediction
« Last post by ramset on October 16, 2019, 05:08:21 PM »
 Each Topic-beginner( ~ Moderator) can ban unwished posts and please/ demand to delete it. !This is here the forum- democracy rule.
 end quote
nobody likes to ask people to remove comments ,
RE your constructive criticism ?? most experimenters here are much more liberal in what they will consider possible or experiments they wish to do ?
and I have to admit some recent topics of great interest have been swamped with your"investor type stock market" data? and there is no mechanism to remove them except thru administration [Stefan} and such usually causes him Angst and results in moderation.
what to do ?can you be reasonable /respectful  ?[towards the Ehrr Ignorant  ::)
I also admit many of your comments are interesting ?but others are stifling and inappropriate with your  attempts to educate the curious.who are well aware 1 +1 = 2
what to do ??
respectfullyChet K
RomeroUK pulse motor Muller generator / Re: Muller Dynamo
« Last post by hacko on October 16, 2019, 05:02:03 PM »

I think Infinity SAV are using advanced Muller dynamo motor in his motor:

What you think? Is there a connection?
Kapanadze devices and replications / Re: Kapanadze Cousin - DALLY FREE ENERGY
« Last post by soliman on October 16, 2019, 04:48:02 PM »

This is my opinion in relation to Akula setting.
The first reason for saying this is that apparently everything has already been said, but not everything has been given due attention.
The first thing is that according to the photos and videos of some, the system is full of noise. Noise is our main problem, especially that produced by the kacher.
It is necessary to eliminate all noise or harmonic, to have good effect, without noise or harmonics.
1. Short circuit C1
2. Find the maximum possible voltage in C2 using capacitors
  adding and removing until you find the best results.
3.anote this frequency found in C2,
4. Disconnect to C1 and add and remove capacitors until you find twice the frequency, which you found in C2. That this is resonant.
5.change the connections of the 4-turn yoke part to
  that C1 and C2 are in phase.
6. Here is something very interesting. C1 is very powerful (voltage) but C2 is very weak. with the oscilloscope, amplify to C2 to see the signal, move the frequency control, to obtain 90 degrees between C1 and C2. (Be careful not to use batteries, because in these conventions when the frequency is varying, the current is made maximum, and if you do not have current control, the circuit could burn. Please note the duty cycle control, to avoid this, do not use more than 9 amps depending on your case.
7.when you are ready, that is C1 and C2 90 degrees.
 turn on the kacher, moving the delay and pulse width kacher locate the dead time of the sine,
 which is in C1.and continue to look at C2, when the kacher is correct, all the voltage in C1 will move to C2
This makes a characteristic sound, the pulse must be clean without noise, and have the correct width.
 The frequency changes to half (approximately) the operating frequency, this is fantastic the effect of how it changes. Finally, pick up and remove capacitors in C3, to get better result, then deal with the ground wire
The output of all this is a sinusoidal signal without noise and no distortion in C2. (I am seeing some distortion in my output signal, which I need to eliminate, as I have noticed that when I eliminate noise
the output is more powerful.)
8. Until this moment I have not had about unity, but I think I am close, the only problem I have is that mysteriously somehow one of the push pulls is getting double. I'm still working on this, but I want you not to leave me alone, to help each other solve this "free energy" problem.
  Mathematically speaking this circuit is related to the Fourier Transform and the Dirac Equation.
The theory of energy streams / Re: science and prediction
« Last post by lancaIV on October 16, 2019, 01:12:31 PM »
In less than 12 hours to #21 " cities decrease individual traffic"  :
Beside engine exhaust wheel/brake friction particulates and street-surface material/ car weight friction matter. !
90' VW-IAV- ic engine -R&D - technology. :
engine exhaust cleaner than atmospheric  air input : science results are nice,but applying  ?

Inner-city "Maut"-calculation:  :

400000 lives x " premature : ~ 10 years" x "25000 Euros average GDP" =

                                    ~ 100 Billions liquid cash Euros PER YEAR   ! Only E. U. - Europe.  !

Dividing with 365 days = average 274 Mio.  Euros per day for City " green zone" air filtering technology investment !
Ic engine car 100% tax X car weight class , other 50% tax X car weight class:

wheels and brakes and street surface particulates production and emission. !
E-car dirt, hydrogen engine car dirt, compressed air engine car dirt,DRECK ........  !


Knowing the rights, knowing the obligations - national and international Courts decisions and order in                             LEGAL ELECTRONIC ACT. :



                                           AND FAST AND CHEAP AND CORRECT DELIVERY
mechanic / Re: Magnets, motion and measurement
« Last post by ayeaye on October 16, 2019, 12:13:17 PM »
An end on view ,the field curves around and terminates at the middle of the thickness, not at the other pole.

Yes and this is a good thing, this makes it more to one direction.

How can i say it intuitively. The magnetic field is caused by electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom. The force is between these orbiting electrons, like one may think that it is between two circles, though they are kind of clouds. But nevertheless, this makes the force to be more in one direction, than in the Coulomb model. That is, for that reason the magnetic field differs from the poles being just a point charges, in that case it were symmetric, a spherical field is symmetric. As it is not entirely symmetric in that way, one could assume that it is asymmetric. And in theory an asymmetric field should be able to do continuous work.

Resonance Circuits and Systems / Re: 2Sgen "Cook" resonator
« Last post by synchro1 on October 16, 2019, 12:06:59 PM »
Every double tuner "Q" is an Earth resonance harmonic. "Q" is a chord not a note.

 JLN quote: "in this case 200 Hz is the best ratio". We need to tune the "Q" to the pulse frequency. We can connect a Cupola with a trimmer capacitor in series on the secondary output coil and transmit the power wirelessly to receiver resonators tuned to the same frequency..
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