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Electric cars / Re: e-drive platform
« Last post by lancaIV on Today at 02:12:49 PM »
Announced as the most affordable production car in the world, Tata aimed for a price of one lakh rupees, or ₹100,000, which was approximately $2,000 US at the time.
Curb weight600–635 kg (1,323–1,400 lb)
$2000/625 Kg =                 circa $3,2/Kg  industrial controlled mass production selling price , not production costs !
68 Kg x $3,2/Kg =          $217,6        linear mass production calculation ::) x factor 10 :         

                                                  $2500 selling price for electrocopter possible !
68 Kg = 150 lbs
The ElectraCopter is a single-seat ultralight electric helicopter. At 150 lbs empty with batteries, it will fit into the 254 lb limit USA ultralight category for unlicensed aircraft. It can be potentially used in other categories and in other countries, depending on regulations and design criteria.
The helicopter works by means of a solid state battery, powering a 20 kW electric motor acting as motive power (and generator) with fly by wire electronic controls and servo flap blade actuation. Yaw is governed by piezo gyro and rotor speed control by microprocessor. Triple redundant military spec computer control chips for safety. Tail rotor is a separate, directly coupled motor to a fenestron protected tail blade assembly. A ballistic chute is an option. Instrumentation is a HUD in the helmet – no console.

A. which RPMs ?

Siemens 5 KW/Kg edrive for flying objects ,similar Helmut Schiller motors/generators

or :


by 18 000 RPMs for long life coated by
The potential applications include bearings and mechanical pump seals in dry applications as well as in wind turbines. The technology could also be used in the computer industry; specifically, in magnetic disc drives.
Further studies build on this research. In addition to being low shear and highly protective, the application of graphene in bearings prevents oxidation of the steel surfaces due to its relative lack of permeability to liquids and gases. Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory4 shows that the small number of layers in graphene reduces not only friction in steel seven times more, but also wear-and-tear 10,000 times more, reducing tribo-corrosion. in service [/font]life [/font]by [/font]the factor of [/font]3[/font](high [/font]wear resistance  of [/font]tools) [/font]
alternatively : surface treatment

But :
Improve the lifetime of the engine parts:
There is no indication of significantly improved lifetime of the different engine parts tested. 

Beside engines improvement :

Faster production :
the electrocopter also to see as unmanned transporter alternative to transporter-drones
Mag luvin, those circuits of yours arn't they a bit like pie in the sky ?

how do you wind them, number of turns, spacing and what not ?

the other thing the biffilar thing winding them on top of each other, close knit
might strip the magnetic field (cancel it) but if you read your history of the masters
the effect is lost on entry better to make use of it where you can.

NT gave Marconi EM RF tech to Marconi because he knew it was useless
now you have liar twats like the American military junta saying radio waves cant go faster than light
and they would rather distroy the planet than let things change.

The video I dont see ia the one that has an orange ball on the bottom right, it's the one with all the scope shots
and calculations he does on the black board.
Yes I vaguely remember original vid
It was as the very loud fisherman said

Tesla coil experiments

This capacitor anomaly seems to have evolved from that?

Not sure what vid was removed

Channel is fine

And link for live looping demonstration on  1/30/21 Saturday

Also not sure about all the Tesla tower stuff mentioned above

This experiment is based on capacitor anomaly
An extremely short pulse with “VERY” sharp rise and fall ...which causes a mechanical movement within
The capacitor , ?(a gain is apparently seen)

Must have been amazingly hard to get this far with tuning!

Live feed looping “ self run” ?? link for Saturday below

Chet K
Looking forward to the live stream. The initial video link in this thread has been made private Chet.
My reasoning for using the field collapse as the input pulse was in reference to the Tesla Igniter pat circuit, as it is a very low input if the inductor is large and the collapse is high voltage dumped into the trifi.  Dont know where I put it here but I had done comparisons of traditional points spark circuits and the igniter circuit. The traditional circuit required near 70 to 80 watts and the igniter circuit was about 1 watt to get nearly the same spark output.  Here are my YT vids on the subject
looking for the diagram now that I had made that expanded on this idea..  Just found it. Using a trifi coil.  Instead of dumping the input pulse into a low turn primary, I used the field collapse of an inductor to charge as shown. Being there is no conductive load, only capacitive, it accepts the full dump from the collapsing inductor and does it quite well. The output to the far right transformer was just the idea at the time in this diagram and went on with av plugs from there and had to set it on the shelf for reasons I said in my previous post.
What I had seen is that the 2 windings are still bifi and can resonate, even though it is open ended. Similar to the way an AV plug works by charging via 1 wire from an open ended transformer secondary. And actually you can use the av plug, 1 on each end of the open ended bifi and charge 2 caps. I believe I was in the energy amplification thread on this subject, but dont know how far back.
My first reply with the diagram is the last one on the previous page.
So similar to this in the pic below.Got this from here or OUR some time ago.
I tried some things with the config but got sidetracked with lockdowns and work.  Took a bit to find it again as my laptop shows a different pic in the thumbnail than what it really is.

Look at that this way.

Tesla coil with bifilar secondary which is not connected in middle can not output anything.

If it does, it violates laws of induction!

Make your Tesla coil with bifilar secondary, output opposite ends,
it is not connected at inner ends,
and if it outputs anything,
you are in violation of all laws existed.


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