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Title: Wind turbines
Post by: TROSPER21 on October 22, 2010, 07:57:11 AM
Wind energy is one of the best renewable sources of energy available today. The technologies used in the field of wind energy have advanced over the years. The wind possesses a great deal of kinetic energy which can be converted into electricity using wind turbines, adding to the need for better Wind Energy Investments (  The wind turbines have evolved in recent times. The latest type of wind turbines are the vertical axis wind turbines.

The vertical axis turbines are pointed towards the direction of wind. There are wind turbines that have an average speed of 12 MPH and a start up speed of 8 MPH. The wind turbines need space as well as height. The optimum height that is required by a wind turbine to work efficiently is 100 feet. The space needed for the same is around half an acre of land to make it efficient without many obstructions.

Wind turbines are installed in residents as well as wind farms. In wind farms, there are a large number of wind turbines that harness the wind energy to its maximum. There are wind farms that houses as much as 421 wind turbines that power almost 230,000 homes a year.

Title: Re: Wind turbines
Post by: Cloxxki on October 22, 2010, 12:36:28 PM
The vertical ones could be part of cylindrical ducts at the corners of buildings. Imagine the wind flow around the 4 corners of a garden variety sky scraper. A mile tall, 10m diameter wind turbine, on a 400m tall building.
Anti-sound would kill the buzz, if there is any.
Also, these could channel air UP, to reduce the smog in cities.
And then the glass surface, all those is being done on solar collector film that is see-through. Like a pair of sunglasses that powers you iPod.

It's all not THAT hard.

Look out the window, do it right now, then walk back to read the next line I type.

Were there any wind turbines in direct view? If no, renewable energy was being wasted there there in plain view.