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Author Topic: Electricity Amplification Device - It's so simple !!! (Hatem Magnetic Cogging)  (Read 42102 times)

Offline Pirate88179

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I am sorry for the way off-topic post here but...since I mentioned Mylow....did we ever find out what his purpose was?  Did he ever appear again?  I was proud of the guys here on OU that investigated that and exposed it for what it was.  I will never, ever understand what would motivate someone to do something like that.  If I had a device that I thought might work...and it didn't....I would never decide to "fake" it so it looked like it did.  I would come on here and tell what I did and how it didn't work hoping that maybe someone...or some folks might be able to make it work.  Let's hope we never see the likes of Mylow ever again.


Offline Magluvin

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Yea, well there are plenty out there that me making another one and putting it on YT does only 2 things.

1 it puts just another nail in the "there is no OU" coffin. I know that is your preference. ;]

2 makes me look like a faker.  Im not about to be part of that club.

When I was a kid, I got this magic kit. Just looking at the box, the wonders that I could do.  But after I learned all the tricks, it all seemed lame. No 'real' magic. just tricking people. Its like practicing lies.

Like instead of asking me to build a fake, you could just build one. No? Its just a pulse motor. Should be a synch for you. ;]

Or you could start a blog with links and vids of all the fakes you have busted. No?

There has to be thousands of them out there. Literally.

What would I learn from building a pulse motor, that runs on a battery, except that I have hidden the battery, so that others might think it is a free energy device(at first). Here is what I would learn...

Daily pages of comments and PMs to deal with every day, even after showing that it is a fake, there will still be amateur hopefuls asking for schematics and plans on how to build this free energy device.

I wont be a part of all that confusion. Why would anyone want to be?  Hmmm?

It is neither necessary nor helpful, to add another 'fake' to the charts. It is so flooded with fakes already, that people wont recognize the real thing if it happens. Needles in the haystack.  Right M?

There might be a couple or a few, good devices or ideas out there and people just overlook them, amongst all the 'fakes'  I wont be a part of fakery. I dont believe in Magic anymore. ;]