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Author Topic: I have a question about ions ??  (Read 7039 times)


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I have a question about ions ??
« on: September 21, 2010, 01:00:36 AM »
I read alot tv screens and computer monitors are bad for health. The pages say the screens emit positive ions. But from my understanding a positive ion is a molecule missing an electron right. And if screens use electron emitters in them would not some leak and be on the glass giving it a charge, as in it has extra electrons on the screen. And if it has extra electrons on the screen and a positive ion touches it, then it gains an electron, so it would not be emitting positive ions. And since negative charge repels negative charge should it not if anything be emitting negative ions which are said to be good for health. Also here is the strange part to all this. If i take a ground wire from the earth,,and connect that to my digital meter and touch the negative of my meter to the computer screen it shows voltage, and it shows that my computer screen is the negative.????????  So if my computer screen is the negative, that means it has extra electrons on it,,and thats why my meter read the screen as a negative and the earth wire as the positive, as electrons flowed from the screen to the earth through the meter. If I touched the screen and the earth wire I could also feel voltage flowing..So what do you think, are screens bad for health, I thought electrons were good for health like as in negative ions. And is the screen negative as in it has lots of free electrons on it or not, as the meter says it has extra electrons, as that is negative?


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Re: I have a question about ions ??
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 09:25:32 PM »

this subject is difficult to express in words.
so i will type generally.
and let you decide, what is useful.

there are negative electrons,
inside the electronics.

negative electrons,
push away other electrons.

so the negative electrons,
cause the air moisture outside the electronic device,
to become positively ionized.

the electronics is negative,
but the air moisture around the electronics, is positive.

the ground has negative sand/rocks in it.

the water in/above the ground,
is positively ionized water.

the positive water,
is the ONLY thing about the ground,
that is positive.

other than maybe the positive diamagnetic carbon,
in the ground.

electrons are attracted towards the positively ionized water,
in/above the ground.

but the electrons can only get to that water,
if that water is above the ground.

so the electrons move more towards the air moisture,
that is hovering a few feet above the ground.

it is theorized, that a lightning bolt, is attracted to the positively ionized water, that is sitting on the ground.
or sitting a few feet above the ground, as air moisture.
or as positively ionized rain drops,
that are still falling,
a few feet above the ground.

normally the sky is more positive than the ground.

but during a rainstorm,
a lightning bolt happens,
when the ground becomes more positive than the sky.