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Check it Out.  Fuelless Motor Car.


Hi All,
I got these supportive emails from Konehead ( Doug Konzen),
who is also working on overunity pulsemotors:

Douglas L. Konzen
 an harti
hi Stefan
here is Ismael Aviso's electic car - it runs on "nothing at all" (it loops) and uses a battery only as buffer
plus the car runs on a standard forklift motor ...I dont know if you know about it yet - here is the peswiki article whch has condensed all the public information on it fairly good:
 he uses highvoltage resonating and "shorting" coils in the MEG and gets exponential power increase, maybe its similar to Tesla's electric car...but that antenna isnt really the way it works so much - the antenna is sort of a power-booster to it.
He did some tests of 600 reps of starting and stopping this car, and the battery doesnt go down and those forklift motors are amp-hogs.......its very amazing Ismaels MEG.....

Just tought I would give you heads-up on it...Ismael is good friend of mine we went to Sweden two summers ago to build electric car for SAAB but nothing happened they were going broke and what he does is very hard to believe to be true too...anyways you could put generator in place of car too, and have free energy home gensets easy enough.

Hopefully he will start producing some MEGs for public soon just thought I would let you know.

Basically how it works is he SHORTS coils at sinewave peaks, the coils collapse and rebound with huge voltage increase -then he shorts the peaks of the oscillations created and then you get the exponential power increase (nutshell description)...so instead of oscillations "fading out" the oscillations expand to huge increases in power - its non-reflective type of power increase too - rosens ramp the primary up in extra draw...
ciao Konehead (Doug Konzen)

Hi Stefan
you can post it on OU.com no problem
I know Ismael really well and he has told me how it works on telephone when he gives me his updates and progress...so
I know mabye 90% in general terms, and mabye 60% in "technical terms"

Ismael is a genius - he is microwave engineer and set up all the cell phone system in Saudi Arabia where he went to school.
He can write with his right hand , or his left hand, it doesnt matter so he is one of those guys with two brains going at once...
He uses some "inventions" of mine from my old konehead motors which I am proud of that he is using  - these are "pickup winds" which are simply secondary winds wrapped around, behind, and inside, of the primary winds. (his "core" is actual an inner secondary coil! plus more windings behind and around the "primary" to pickup all the normally-wasted ambient magnetic flux)
Also Ismael has the "repelling force" technology, which I have witnessed in Sweden of demos for  SAAB execs - this alone is really super amazing -  he can shoot a 1 kilo object in air (a coil) 30 ft in under a second and he dows it with a 9V battery and he can do it 16 times over and over and the battery will only drop around .3 V.....when I saw this, I wanted to throw all my stuff away....he has been doing the repelling force for awhile - he has some you tube videos showing it. Basically it is a coil vs coil
 N agains N and pulse is super high frequency resonating pulse of 7500VDC discharge....dont know how he does it really but doesnt use invertor and is cascading DC and pickup winds "recycle" power back to where it came from plus he does coil-shorting in it too "somehow"
So think about  doing this repelling force with no moving parts - just slam a coil against another coil with that much force, and which  requires hardly any power to do - (it is all very much resonating power too, in the repelling force - iron just nearby will throw the resonance off!!)
He made some attempts at motors powered by it, but things kept flying apart from so much power - he started concentrating on the MEG last year, with no moving parts, and it has made the "mechanically rotating" repelling force obsolete sort ot....
 other things he does is that he uses bifilar winds like that famous Tesla patent and he takes out all the hundreds/thousands of harmonics produced from them - he says that most people dont realize what bifilars do - because the increased power is usually cancelled out but Ismale gathers it all up somehow....actually he went to "septfilar" winds lately - 6 wires instead of just two, and now he got much more power that way.
He told me if you realy understand the HUBBARD coils, that is sort of what he is doing in his MEG.
Ther real heart of system, is the "shorting of the coils" at their sinewave peaks - this is also one of my inventions/discoveries I did a few years ago - you can amplify the voltage in a regular generator coil around 20times more voltage doing this - it is REALLY SIMPLE - just use a switch  (must be very low resistance like high-amperage mosfet or a few mosfets in paralell) and simply "touch" the coil leads together with this switch for say 2ms or so - and put FWBR AC legs across the coil and ZING  - a cap on the DC side of bridge goes up in voltage X 20 just like that...."amps" remain the same.....the coil collapses, and "rebounds" with a vengeance is how I describe how it works...
Ismael took this a few steps further - and he shorts the coils 5 times during sinewave peak period - it is very interesting looking at scope at a shorted coil - it is like a Tesla spark gap as it creates oscillations/ringing and what Ismael does is short the PEAKS OF THE OSCILLATIONS CREATED with very quick and accurate switching....this is heart of his MEG system as far as I understand it, and where he gets all his power from the "ambient" you could say....so he gets X100 increase in power doing this from his initial primary-feed....
the gain is in VOLTAGE - and you cant put any resistance on the cap as itr fills - and also like mentioned the switching must be very low resistance....Ismale uses some IGBTs  in the MEG - it is high voltage, high frequency....
it must have a "2-stage output" circuit, where the cap fills from shorting, then cap hits load while cap is disconnected from "source"...pretty simple also....
I will answer your quesitons below:

> Could I post this in my overunity.com forum ?
sure no problem
> Or could you post it ?
you can  do it...

 Have you tested it yourself ?
I helped Ismael do demos of his repelling-force power in Sweden two summers ago, so have witnessed it and have general knowledge how it works (the replling force tech) and it is very real and very amazing jsut that...
As for the MEG, I havent built one - it is way too complicated it needs special microproccesors for IBGT filtering and EMP cancellations in order to do the very fast frequencies the MEG works on - he hired team of top notch computer chip guys to do his special microproccesors - but I have tested the "shorting-the-coils tech" alot, and I know how good that works plus know that pikcup winds around primaries gathers all the "ambient" flux that is normally wasted....so those two things, and also backemf/recoil collection circuits too I know and have tested all that but I cant do the 7500VDC cap discharge in his repelling force tech (I assume alot this is his "primary" in his MEG too)
and I cant do the resonating-high frequency pulse to his repeliing force tech either.
that anntenae on his car I dont really think does all that much - it will do somethign, but the real power is in the resonance, the shorting coils exponenetila-power increase via 5 times at peak coil-shorting, the pickup winds, and all the HUBBARD coil-like tech in his MEG.

> Are you convinced that it works this way ?
yes - I've seen the repelling force, and have been following his MEG progress for the past year and it works just like described - in fact better than you think, since it is so amazing, nobody believes it! I asked him what is the "ratio" of power increase, if you have like 100W system, and you put the MEG "onto" it, just so I could tell people, and he said it is 1000 times more power - and I said come on Ismael you have to tell something to people they will believe!! So just for fun I say it is 100times increase in power - but it is really way more than that....the doing the math on his older repelling force tech - it comes to about 1200HP blasts  from a 9V battery 16 times....which is ridiculous nobody believes it...Hector thought there was rocket fuel in the videos and it was fake!

> The videos are pretty amazing...
Yes - the battery is a BUFFER actually in way to connect high voltage power to lower voltage -
he uses no invertor but something else is going on  - so the battery is-not the "power source" but you got to give something people understand so the battery is in there...you can imagine how much power it takes to run a forklift motor - and battery goes up while he is running it....
they did 600reps  of starting car form stop battery stayed at 13V
His MEG when it puts out power has already gathered-up all the backemf and plasma then will destroy brushes  in the switching - so he runs that forklift motor on very high voltage and very low amps which is also amazing thing too....he has  recent video of this - looking at the brushes in his forklift motor and there si no plasma at all >

> So how does he extract the power from the shorted coils ?
Like described above - at least that is how I do it - he does something very similar but needs very low resistance switch, and no resistance in the caps and must have a two-stage circuit...his MEG is very complicated to me cant really say exacty what he does in extraction of the coil-shorting he does at high voltage and high frequencies but it works I can talk about this stuff forever he has told me lots about it.

> Does he use some kind of transformer hooked up to it ?
No - no invertor and doesnt step-down the voltage to the motor either - it is very "clean" power hitting the forklift motor as described.

> So does this violate Lentz law ?
Yes in that the extra-power gained in the "coil shorting" 5 times at sinewave peak is "non-reflective" to the primary.
I use the coil-shorting tech in my latest Muller-type generators, and with two stage output and "AC series cap" in circuit (like Tesla does with his "resonator caps" in his spark gap stuff) I can get power output form my aircored generator coils, (induced by neodymium magnets in rotor like Muller) to be "non-reflective" to the motor input.....which is "lenz-buster"

Ismael told me that the 5 times at peaks coil shorting does not affect the primary to any extra draw too, and he uses the "AC series caps too, which worked like "high bypass filters" really, in that the 'lug" is blocked" but the high end stuff goes through and fills caps up with no-reflection...I could go into more details on this but this is good enough for now....

> BTW, what happened to your own pulse motors ?

I started doing Muller motors with very strong neodymiums, and  started doing lots of AC rotovertors...best thing that happened with the old konehead pulse motors, is that Ismael took it and expanded it into what he has now...Ismael was one of the first people to replicate one of my konehad motors long ago and got it to work great (overunity) - then he incorporated the shorting coils into them too - ( I just did this with generator coils in Muller generators)  then he got the repelling force tech going (with pickup winds which were from konehee motors) and then went onto the MEG>
> Any progress ?
Doing some good motor-generators right now seem to be 8 times overunity sold a unit to someone in florida but my stuff is like toys compared to Ismaels tech....>

> Many thanks again and keep up the great work.

you too overunity.com is great thing going on!
I am going to replicate Anton HHO tech soon - my friend has reactors, I modified motor already...
Here is cirucit I use for coil-shorting....what Ismael does is "somewhat" similar to it...note the AC cap in series off the FWBR...this is what make it "non reflective" to motor draw:

Here is my site-lots of rotovertors and muller-type generators on their axles

Robert Myrland in Norway has some LOOPING "rotovertor-Mullers" he uses hiperco cores with needle-point design - he is doing some small scale produciton right now like 2 or 3 a month - i might help him make some in may....
Here is the thing I made this summer for cusotomero - an "uperight motor-generator" that uses coil shorting in the generator coils - runs on 5W and puts out about 40W (that is nothing compared to Ismaels stuff!)


This is really a genius trick and it will really kill the Lenz law:


Well done Doug and Ismael !

Regards, Stefan.

This is History in the making ,and opens the door to a new day!
I'm sure Thane Heins is watching this with great interest!


I've been following Ismael and Doug for quite a while as time allows and it's great to see more news and discussion here about this.  All those years Doug's been working with different motor ideas I knew he'd hit on something that would be big.  Add Doug's motor wizardry to Ismael's high tech engineering knowledge equals BREAKTHROUGH! 

   I'd just like to suggest to Doug and Ismael or others close to this that they take the time to put in place a plan to keep this from being smashed, buried, bought out or ending up in the history books like so many other great inventions where 50 years from now a bunch of people are trying to figure out how it was done (like Tesla's electric car and many others) because none of the details were saved and secured in such a way as to get them public in case the PTB try to make it all go away. 



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