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Author Topic: Eric the free energy skeptic  (Read 34259 times)

Offline headgone

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Re: Eric the free energy skeptic
« Reply #30 on: January 28, 2015, 03:11:00 PM »
Guess I wlll be looking for this 10,000 prize within a few months.
With my Device capable of charging itself while genereating electricity.

my Test Video here:

official sample is currently been built...updates will be here:

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Eric the free energy skeptic
« Reply #30 on: January 28, 2015, 03:11:00 PM »

Offline that_prophet

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    • free energy generators EXIST as electricity multipliers
Re: Eric the free energy skeptic
« Reply #31 on: January 31, 2018, 04:10:27 AM »
When Prophecy would fail=2019.04=1967.44-(Israel takes Jerusalem)+51.6 -(14+14+14 gen)
.   There is a real battle between good + evil going on in this world all around us, and the infamous 7 year peace treaty with Israel MUST start before the first door closes on 2019.04. This is the first of a few doors that we are told that we can know, and in the original Greek, we are even warned that we MUST “know that it is near, even at the doors” –(Mat 24:33). –(Mat 24:33). Did you ever wonder how we can know that it’s near, if we cannot know the day nor hour. What we can know though, is when the door shuts for this to happen within the same generation. This is how we can know that it is near, as we can know when the first door will shut, so that’s how we can know that it’s near to the door.
.   We are even warned when the Great Tribulation MUST start, and it is before the second door closes on 2022.49, . This is when we will truly need to use this GEM free energy technology, especially the people in the northern and southern regions of our planet, where the winters are the coldest. We would need this free electricity to keep us warm, as you could not use fires to help keep yourself warm, as the heat and light would give away your position. Please remember, that all of the regular police and army personnel would be against the saints, as they would be run by the global forces, which would be on the side of the enemy anti-christ’s. People cannot buy or sell without the MARK + All evil forces will be kicked out of heaven -(1.atmosphere + + 3.home of God) + sent to our earth. This is when the anti-christ will be killed + Satan will animate his dead body, trying to imitate the resurrection of Jesus.
.   HOW TO BUILD A GEM = free energy - (AC electricity multiplying mechanism using pulleys) = found in description of a UFO motor in Ezekiel 1:16 = (this can be any voltage, as long as AC generators and the DC motor are of the same voltage) - Here is GEM = a simple free energy technology for the Tribulation Saints (2nd Door = 2022.49) - Multiplying Free Energy is super simple with this GEM-(Geometric Electricity Multiplier) =AC type free electricity multiplying mechanism at This is a device that can easily + cheaply be assembled, by using one 10-100 cm circumference large pulley attached to a DC motor, + at least one of the 1 cm circumference mini-pulleys, (the smaller the better) connected to AC generators, both must be of the same voltage, + 4 diodes to build a crude full wave bridge rectifier-(converts your AC output into DC input for your drive motor), a lot of wire to connect your electrical components together, and a belt, strap, elastic or tied piece of rope or string, to connect the two or more pulleys together.
.   This works on the simple principle that a 100 cm circumference large pulley does not cost 100 times the amount of electricity to rotate that a 1 cm circumference mini-pulley does. Yet the 1 cm mini-pulley could gain you 100 cycles of AC electricity, where this 1 rotation of the 100 cm pulley would only cost you 1 cycle of AC electricity. This could be multiplied further by simply adding more mini-pulleys, so if you added 10 mini-pulleys to the belt, you could gain 1000 = (10X100) cycles of AC electricity. So, through simply pulley mechanics we could be multiplying the total amount of AC electricity.
.   Then you will need to build a framing form out of wood, metal or plastic, to hold your pulleys + motors in the right position to rotate easily. This has to be dirt simple + cheap to build, as the people that will most need to be built this, are the soon coming Tribulation Saints, whom cannot buy or sell without taking the mark. +(but receiving the mark would condemn us to an eternity in the lake of fire = a place even worse than hell) The door closes on treaty signing on 2019.04 - + the door closes for the start of the Great Tribulation on 2022.49. Although it warns us that “the day nor hour knoweth no man”, in the same paragraph we are told that we are allowed to, “know that it's near, even at the doors ” Mat 24:33
.   + There is no torque problem as these massive amount or rotations by the AC generator are like a free running motor, and are the easiest to rotate. The generator rotations are free running as they are just winding up massive voltage, and only need to generate one or a few short bursts of current, (practically zero, when you are talking about current). This is because these 10-100 cycles of AC electricity only need to generate the minimal amount of current, which it takes to rotate a DC motor the one single time. Since torque is caused by generating power, and power is calculated by using voltage multiplied by current, and the current is practically zero, so the total power is equal to practically zero, costing practically zero torque = (which is free to rotate).
.   You can almost think of this generator as a free floating motor, having practically no resistance to rotation at all. So, each side of this AC generator + DC motor paired mechanism will produce more than enough of what the other side needs. You will get 10-100 rotations of this AC generator that gives you massive voltage and since you only needs to produce the smallest amount of current, which it takes to rotate your drive motor one single time. This gives you 10-100 cm of moving belt, to run past one or more of the 1 cm mini-pulleys, with AC generators attached, causing this side of the mechanism to be able to produce more than enough of what the other side needs. This gives you the assurance of this mechanism being able to run perpetually, as each side of this dual power mechanism gives you more than enough of what the other side needs. (you also need a full wave bridge rectifier to convert your AC output back into DC for the input of your drive motor)