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Author Topic: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $  (Read 2370 times)

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Offline IotaYodi

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2010, 08:09:17 PM »
Total hogwash to me. How can americans pay for anything when the few rich here have taken their factories to China and outsourced all manner of services leaving Americans jobless. Almost all goods and services,no matter the quality,are overpriced and depleting the common mans bank accounts even faster. The free enterprise system has gone amuck. I dont trust politicians and Corporations even less.

Offline blueplanet

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2010, 09:46:39 AM »
You are right.

Federal reserve prints dollars.

In theory, US Dollar is supposed to depreciate because of its supply in the currency market.

But China has been buying it up by loading up a gigantic amount of treasury debts.

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2010, 09:46:39 AM »
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Offline blueplanet

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2010, 09:58:06 AM »
To say that there is a mild climate change is an understatement. The world is actually being destroyed by a slow dead process called global warming.

Why do we end up with global warming? Because the US fights the wars, and China funds the wars. They do these at the cost of the environment.

Remember, when the air temperature reaches above 40 degree C, our brians would not function properly.

Offline Red

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2010, 08:01:57 PM »
The American plutocracy is going to be its undoing.
Any man knows when the corps take control of government you lose the country to them.
This is a war for oil and Halyburton as much as it is for selling of arms.
Iran is still in focus as it has been for the last 40 years, nothing has changed, just the reasoning and excuses to go and meddle with the people that live there.

You have lunatics in both parties (more so Repugnicans)
You have fanatics (religious) in both parties making intrusive regulation against the basis of America's constitution and choosing the bigotry over reason in the treatment of "outsiders".

You have no money for trams, trains, Internet and telecoms, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. All of these are the basic tenets of a civilized and balanced society yet there seems to be oodles of money for military, R&D on killing people in the most efficient hands off manner, Corn propping up monopoly supply and agro business, meats and chemical foods yet none for fresh,clean and healthy foods. You Health system us bursting at the seams because of this monopoly yet no American even understands its existence, how it works and why a hamburger costs in real term $3 and not $1.30. Why are billion / trillion dollar companies getting taxpayer subsidies when tax payers are dying in the streets from curable / treatable illness? Is that not a sick system run by sick people?

If America had half a clue on its future the first thing it should do is dissemble the mechanism by which government functions, how its able to be so biased to one or the other party and why independents have no chance of Presidency which in a constitutional republic is essential! End the plutocracy = end the lobbying! Become a government of the people FOR the people. Building an empire on a companies credit acccount lasts only as long as the company stays in business.

America, China is about to eat you up and Europe is sitting there waiting for the downfall. They already sell Trams, trains, medical technology, aircraft, the best logistics equipment, every bus in every country is European, every truck in every country is Japanese or European, Every solar panel on every roof is Japanese, Chinese or German, new generator and motor technology is German and Japanese  but America wants to sell the world its bombs and wall street is still betting against America and making a fortune from it!

The corruption, political buyouts by big corps and the corp laws themselves are contemptible to a free people!

Finally, the biggest employer in the world is small business, not corporations who employ just 6% of the total workforce. America has to stop is imperialistic corporatocracy or will consume itself.

China has massive employment being driven by small business and not giant American companies. They barely even scratch a blip on the radar in fact most American companies don't make stuff in China, its in Indonesia and Italy, Taiwan still and the Philippines.

China is making its own way out competing America because it can. America is in my mind a cowardly bully incapable of cleaning its own house and feeding itself anything other than fat and grease because it does not understand itself, it has lost its way and its own moral compass as it stomped on the lives and meaning of far too many nations all in the name of selfish greed and monopolistic imperialism for the sake of (Insert corporation here). Its even too stupid to correctly educate its own people to THINK!

The people are not going to do shit until its too late. Westbro Church will still be protesting gays on wall street while Washington is gunned down by angry farmers from Iowa, telivangelists will still be bullshitting about a fiction novel and taking "donations" while the corporations have quietly packed up and left to a place where the people are not tossing flaming objects through the windows, are employable and the host nation is not bankrupt in all aspects.

When you have nothing to lose, what is stopping you from taking it all...

Karma is a bitch..
Americans reading this will want to pick me apart piece by piece but not once will they think, shit he's right. They will just go Neanderthal mode, full retard and start bashing shit because its all they can do. Hey you! You can't say that! America is number 1~~~

I digress, it never was number one, its just a slogan...100% beef!
« Last Edit: August 25, 2010, 08:36:34 PM by Red »

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2010, 08:01:57 PM »
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Offline infringer

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Re: Who's paying the price for US wars? china! - 1 trillion $
« Reply #5 on: August 26, 2010, 03:53:24 AM »
The question for all of you is what will you do about it I believe awareness has already been raised on several of these issues...

The real deal is America is a great country man with millions of millions of great people willing to fight for this greatness and sure yes the push button technology to demolish the rest of the known civilization if need be...

Everyone talks crap about America but lets face it they did not get this way by sitting back and herding sheep, continuing to pick crops by hand, or anything of that nature America has put a lot of effort time and money into making its country as well as the rest of the world a better place to live. We could have sat back watch all the Jews burn inside a fire or just sat back a let genocides all over Africa run rampant or hell let France do the no pants dance it is really sad all the aid and provisions we have supplied to the world and we always forget this history...

But hell lets not talk about the great things America has done if it wasn't for America you likely would not be typing on that computer that you are right now personal computing pffft who wants that and who wants the internet with free open speech from all over the world.

I'll tell you what if you think your commie buddy countries would have even thought once about allowing the usage of such devices THINK AGAIN because there is no such thing as personal anything.

While I agree we do have an act to clean up here and not everything we have done has been right the people of America in general live and work there asses off daily in hopes of a brighter future not just for America but for the rest of the world as well.

If an American went to another country they would be EXPECTED to know the how to speak the lingo.

If an American went to another country to live they would likely be screwed over, beaten, or possibly killed not in every country but it many yes they would!

If an American went to another country they would have no type of aid what is so ever and if they did not have the proper papers they would be deported without batting an eyelash.

Now guess what we are a great nation. Aside from the corporate poisoning, and lobbying which kind of go hand and hand and are all based off money! This is the thing we need to shut down the exopolitical systems within America!

Believe me I am an American it is my dream for things to get better I stand up against the corporate strangleholds on its workers daily weather it is for my benefit or for another. I work for a growing company and have fought tooth and nail with many of the rules they are instating and won over a few times.

We need to take this thing to real life all this writing on the internet is great for venting or whatever but if you really intend to do something start doing something and I don't mean some dumb radical act because we all know all that does is force more rules to be placed on the people what we need to realize in a workplace and in the nation and world and the universe is that we are all 1 everything is 1 derived from a singularity and we are all energetically connected whether you wish to believe it or not it is 100% proven fact quantum entanglement is just one of those proofs but the rest I will leave for you to search out.

We must all band together and stick up for what is right not hate each other because of what a few politics or should I say demented people are doing for the most part we all live for the same reasons to provide for our families and make the lives of our future generations a better place to live. The more people that do this and teach there children this very thing the better off we are stop the hate and lets start teaching our children we are all one and then some day they will be in that position to make the world a better place to be!

I do not think the solution is NWO or one world government ultimate power is not something we want you want to talk of a not so bright future this would be the worst thing that would ever come to pass. The united nations is more then enough to get the job done. But we do need people with stronger upbringings taught that the life on earth is short and you can waste it by gathering money and things very easily or you can spend it learning and teaching others a better way to live with one another not to hate because when it comes down to the bare minimum of things we are all connected any change we make effects the world even outside of our little 15mile radius we tend to roam in changes happen from small movements as well as large.

Lastly I ask you not to hate me instead join me to help change this world we live in and stop the hatred of one another. We are all one! The forefathers of this nation had it all right united we stand divided we fall. I don't think that just applies to America I think it applies to nearly every great nation out there.