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Title: Electrolysis Cell works well for calorimetry for PAGD
Post by: joegatt on April 07, 2005, 10:36:28 PM
One of the problems with measuring the output from a Correa type PAGD reactor is finding a suitable load.? Most power resistors suffer severe arcing when subjected to a the high voltage of a PAGD pulse. Wire wound resistors with a very low resistance value seem to work best. (Like a heater wire)? I made one myself using insulated garden wire.

Then, I decided to try using an Electrolysis Cell as the load as I wanted to make calorimerty tests.  I was wondering whether pulsing HT levels through a cell would give higher yields of hydrogen than does normal electrolysis. As it turned out, the symmetrical AC pulses produced no dissociation, so all the energy went out as heat. This is bad news for water gas production but good news for more accurate calorimetry.

Joseph Gatt