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Title: Renewable Energy: Revered and Cherished
Post by: MellinGoade on August 10, 2010, 12:41:40 PM
The dependence of the world on fossil fuels for fulfillment of its energy demands is rising. There is an urgent need to curb this dependence by shifting to other sources of energy. One key alternate source of energy is the renewable energy. Renewable energy is a revered form of energy owing to its healthy effects on environment. As it is present in abundant amount in the universe, there is no risk of it getting over like the fossil fuels. Keeping aside the initial cost of investment, the renewable energy is also highly cost effective form of energy.

The renewable energy is cherished by the environmentalists as it does not emit any kind of gases on combustion like the fossil energy. Moreover, it helps in curbing global warming caused by the fossil fuels and thereby, saving the planet from ‘slow death’.

One of the main organizations endorsing the purpose of green energy is the world energy research ( It enables the investors to invest in this lucrative field of energy and gain maximum returns over their investment.