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Author Topic: Spatial expansion matter (and energy) compression theory (or a working tardis?)  (Read 7361 times)

Offline The Architect

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    • Borg Steam factory
ok this is the general idea for it.

say that all matter is nothing more than energy existing on a primordial substance.

lets say that the universe is really a jar of marbles vibrating.

all are identical and can vibrate at any frequency imaginable.

when not vibrating they are essentially clear or black

when vibrating they take on the properties of the vibrational rate.

now here comes the way compression of matter could possibly occur.

say that the smallest particle in existence other than the "marbles" takes up the room of hundreds of millions of the "marbles" due to radiant properties.

if you built a device that forced compression of that radiant property then technically more matter could occupy the same amount of "marbles" since the matter is nothing more than the resonating vibrations on those marbles

I am getting some of this from the Bose/Einsteinium condensation theory that was pretty much proved in Colorado. There they super cooled (removed the energy from) a group of atoms and the whole group started acting like one single atom though this occurred at 60 billionths of one degree from absolute zero. upon adding energy to get a view of the atoms the group resumed their normal method of existing and essentially every atom started fighting for the space they needed to exist causing an explosion 600 times more potent than a plutonium bomb of equal mass quantity minus the more dangerous radiation associated with atomic explosions.

in their experiments they found that frequencies of light that are not matched to the atoms, the light (photons) pass right through the atoms.

this is what led me to see that the vacuum of space is actually comprised of these "marbles" and we can not see them because they do not vibrate at that moment thus everything else is just passing through them or more importantly they are always there and we only see them when they are vibrating. thus we (our atoms) actually are just vibrations moving from one marble to another and only the vibrations of opposing frequencies are what cause the appearance of solidity.


as I think of more I will add to this.

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Offline The Architect

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    • Borg Steam factory
some links to the bose einstein condensate information for those who do not know about it already.

both have decent information on it.

Offline The Architect

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    • Borg Steam factory
all these views and no comments or ideas?

has anyone else brought this up or discussed it? I searched but came up empty though that could be because my seachfoo is not so strong it seems.

on this idea it dawned on me as well that inside the laws of conservation would be completely different I would imagine, any ideas on how?

more conservative or less?

Free Energy | searching for free energy and discussing free energy

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