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Author Topic: les brown, sheeps wool, high frequency sound, and the pyramids sucker punch.  (Read 8099 times)

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les brown used to have a 30 foot tall pyramid.

the pyramid was mostly made of aluminum.
but had a copper peak on top.

les brown hung a counter-clockwise wire coil,
in the peak of his pyramid.

he tied one end of a long strand of sheeps wool,
to the wire coil antenna in the peak.

les brown waddled his lipids down the pyramids stairs,
and to a second wire coil,
that had leads buried several inches into the dirt.

les brown grabbed the dangling end of the sheeps wool.
intending to tie the sheeps wool to the grounded wire coil.

BEFORE les brown could make the sheeps wool,
touch the grounded wire coil,
les brown was THROWN several feet away.

he said that he touched the sheeps wool,
and the next thing he knew,
he was lying on the ground.

which means that les brown was electrically shocked.

because electro-shock disrupts the nervous system,
preventing the person from remembering what happened,
while the person was being shocked.

i know so from personal experience.

because i got mildly shocked by the lawn mowers battery,
when i was a teenager.

one moment i was about to touch something.
the next thing i knew,
i was sitting on the ground.

i was remembering the above.
and in light of recent information,
i came up with a theory.

my theory is that a large number of electrons,
had built up in the copper peak of the pyramid.

when les brown pulled on the sheeps wool,
the sheeps wool became stiff,
like a violin string.

the stiff sheep string created/conducted SOUND !

especially a high frequency of sound,
which i believe naturally builds up in the middle of pyramid shaped objects.

the middle of the pyramid being what the stiff sheeps wool was positioned through.

though the human body also produces high frequency sound,
and les browns high frequency physical body,
was holding the other end of the stiff wool.

due to my other theory,
of high frequency electricity,
causing lower electrical resistance,
the electrical resistance on the sheeps wool,
became low enough,
that the electrons were able to overcome the wools resistance.

to travel down the stiff sheeps wool,
as if the wool was a non-optimal electrical conductor !

les browns out of shape body,
was more magnetically positive,
than the negative-electron-filled copper peak,
was magnetically positive.

because the copper peak was so crammed full of electrons,
that it had almost become more negatively charged,
than positively charged.

and because les brown was standing on the negatively charge earth.
which forced the electrons out of the lower half of his body.
causing the lower half of his body to be positively ionized.

(positively ionized means lacking electrons,
badly needing electrons,
and strongly attracting electrons.)

so the electrons violently moved,
away from the area of lesser positivity (the copper peak),
and towards the area of greater positivity (les browns unsuspecting physical body).

gravity is electromagnetic.

gravity always moves in the opposite direction,
that electrons are moving.

this massive amount of electrons,
was moving downwards.

away from the copper peak,
and towards les browns lard.

which means that a massive wave of gravity,
was moving up.

away from les brown,
and towards the copper peak.

this wave of gravity was so strong,
that it hit les browns hamburger meat,
like an upper cut from chuck norris.

which is to say,
that les brown was lucky that it didn't snap his spine in half.

the gravity wave merely broke several of his less critical bones.
(rips, arms, etc.)

and put les brown in the hospital for "merely" a few months.
instead of putting him in the graveyard forever.

the key focus,
in sound being used,
to control where electrons are moved.

it looks like the beating that les brown received from his pyramid,
was useful after all.

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les brown got the idea,
to hang sheeps wool in his pyramid,
from benjamin franklin flying his kite,
during a rain storm !

les brown suspected that his copper pyramid peak,
was full of negative ions.

just like the cloud in that video,
was drawn to be full of negative ions !

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gravity is electromagnetic.

gravity always moves in the opposite direction,
that electrons are moving.

this massive amount of electrons,
was moving downwards.

Thing is if your theory was correct then we would see some detectable gravity fields around high voltage power lines.

Also, you are aware that the electrons in the conductors move fairly slow which then can't account for the instant effect that gravity has, and along far distances as well, if relationship between gravity and electrons is to be.

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Edit: Really interesting videos. Thanks for sharing. I wonder how such a large potential difference can be created by a pyramid with these coils. Of course at this "Zap" the potential was equalized at the same moment. However we need constant creation of such great potential for usable power.

The story with the SOUND remembers me again of the Thestatika and some presentation I've seen which claimed that the real power of the Thestatika was gained by extracting certain frequencies of the electrostatic potential and combining some of them. Since Sound is a frequency itself maybe there is a hint how both devices generated produced the amount of power.
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