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Title: Centrifugal Pendulum Wheel
Post by: Alexioco on July 27, 2010, 01:05:10 AM
The below design is not designed to perpetuate, but to show that two weights acting in pairs may complete a full revolution around the wheel without the need for any external assistance. If it worked, a way to reset the weights would then need to be sought in order that it may perpetuate.


The wheel consists of a 1 pound weight, a 4 pound weight, a movable peg which can release the 4 pound weight, and a second peg in which the 4 pound weight accelerates to.


Both weights swing down from the top of the wheel. The movable peg swings out at about 4 o-clock, releasing the 4 pound weight. This allows centrifugal force (plus gravity) to snatch out the 1 pound weight, accelerating the 4 pound weight into the second peg, which then holds the 4 pound weight (not detailed). (All of this takes place from 4 o-clock to 6 o-clock when the 4 pound weight is easy to accelerate). The weights then continue, in their new fixed position up and over the wheel. If it works, the weights would need resetting to perpetuate it. Also, same/different weight ratios could be tested.

Comments would be appreciated...