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Author Topic: 1 Liter Super gasoline at 1.22 Euros !  (Read 5057 times)


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1 Liter Super gasoline at 1.22 Euros !
« on: April 07, 2005, 05:57:54 PM »
Well, today the gasoline reached a new height over here:

1 Liter Super gasoline at 1.22 Euros !

That is

1.22 Euro    =   1.57432 USD United States Dollars 

for just about 1/3 gallon of super gasoline, which most of the cars
over here use !

Well, this is just crazy ! Also 75 % of this money is for the tax !
And what are they doing with all that tax money ?
Nothing, it seems all the streets are nomore repaired
and only the Interests of the banks must be paid...

And the FED is printing again paper money without gold safety to just
loan the money to you to gain even more interests...

It is time that we introduce an Open Source publically
available energy source.
So all inventors, who have got something, please
share your inventions with the world.
You will get much more money and fame, if you go
Open Source, than will make any money with patents !

Regards, Stefan.


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Re: 1 Liter Super gasoline at 1.22 Euros !
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2005, 11:10:24 PM »
Your wish sounds like a command!? ?I hope someone is up to the challenge!? ;)

The gasoline 'Racket' is doing quite well here as well.....maybe it's going to a good cause, like buying $300 dollar hammers and $2,000.00 toilet seats?? (Of course, when one factors in that they are made of bio-mimetic alloys for use on board exotic trans-galactic craft....then, I understand......LOL?)

In the mean time,? I have found the reports of Acetone as a gas additive to carry some merit!

My personal results are posted here....and it should be evident that the process really shines in high mileage automobiles!


TS out